T-Mobile Smartpicks will highlight feature-packed smartphones with affordable prices


Alongside the new T-Mobile Revvl, T-Mo today made a couple of other announcements that target affordable smartphones.

First up is T-Mobile Smartpicks. With this program, T-Mo wants to help customers find affordable smartphones “that are raising the bar in terms of features and specs.”

T-Mobile Smartpicks has a dedicated webpage on T-Mo’s website. On it, T-Mobile is highlighting phones like the Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime, LG Aristo, LG K20 Plus, and ZTE ZMAX Pro. When it launches tomorrow, the T-Mobile Revvl will also be a part of the Smartpicks program.

T-Mobile is also amping up its JUMP! On Demand program. T-Mo explains that most of the smartphones available through JOD are higher-end models, but now T-Mobile is making several of its Smartpicks available through JOD, too.

Here’s the list of Smartpicks that’ll be available through JUMP! On Demand starting tomorrow, August 10th:

  • T-Mobile REVVL for $0 down and $5 per month
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime for $0 down and $7 per month
  • LG K20 Plus for $0 down and $8 per month
  • LG Aristo for $0 down and $7 per month
  • ZTE ZMAX Pro for $0 down and $8 per month

Also of note is that T-Mobile recently tweaked its JUMP! On Demand program to allow upgrades once every 30 days.

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