T-Mobile offers to pay for Verizon switchers’ phones, two-lines-for-one deal also coming

Yesterday T-Mobile CEO John Legere teased that T-Mo had multiple announcements coming up, and today a couple of them have been made.

Starting May 31st, T-Mobile will kick off its #GetOutoftheRed promotion to help Verizon customers switch to T-Mo. Verizon customers in good standing with their carrier can get their iPhone or Google Pixel paid off by T-Mobile when they switch to T-Mobile and sign up for T-Mobile One, and they can keep their existing device.

The phones that qualify for this promotion include the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL. T-Mobile says that these devices were selected because “phones need certain software to be globally compatible, and some phones don’t yet have that software.” Magenta does say that it’s working with unspecified device makers to make more phones compatible with this promotion.


Additionally, Verizon customers switching to T-Mobile must add T-Mo’s Premium Device Protection Plus insurance plan to their device to qualify. This insurance plan costs $15 per month and includes protection against loss, theft, and accidental damage, McAfee ID Protection, McAfee Content Protection, and other features.

T-Mobile says that it’ll pay Verizon customers that take advantage of this promotion with a digital prepaid MasterCard card that typically arrives within 15 days.

While this #GetOutoftheRed promotion is focused on Verizon customers (because VZW phones are unlocked), T-Mobile is doing something for AT&T and Sprint subscribers, too. Starting on May 31st, AT&T and Sprint customers can switch to T-Mobile and get their existing device paid off when they buy a new phone from T-Mobile on EIP. And unlike Carrier Freedom, those customers won’t be forced to trade in their existing device.

Finally, T-Mobile says that starting tomorrow, May 25th, T-Mobile One customers with at least two voice lines can get two additional lines of service for the price of one. The cost of the second line will be offset by a bill credit. Our friends over at Wirefly have a great tool to compare T-Mobile plans against each other and against other plans on the market.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • resource

    Bill credits, run for your life!

    • (J²)


      I’d found that the system doesn’t consistently apply these.

      • TylerCameron

        Yeah their billng process it’s horrible

    • Steve_NYC

      So true. I actually considered moving to the T-Mobile One Plan even though it would have cost me more money, just to get away from the insanity of their bill credit process. I finally got things straightened out, but I am sure it will be a problem in the future. It’s gotten to the point that I think it’s deliberate.

    • Mike

      I had a free line from November that I had to call in every month. to get credit. They finally fixed it to be automatic this month. best part I got extra bill credits for months since last November and my bill is now negative so I didn’t have to make a payment this month.

  • Al William

    So in order to get the free line, you need to have at least a total of 4 voice lines?

    • Corey Jalette

      You need to have 2 voice lines to get this promo, which you get 2 lines for the price of 1. So in total you end up woth 4 lines, 1st 2 have to be voice, the 2 you’re adding could be whatever you want. So if you’re on the 2/100 plan right now if you add 2 tablets it would be 120 a month (20 per tablet but 1 is free) or if you add 2 voice lines it would be 140 (40 for adding a 3rd line then 4th is free)

      • Al William

        Thanks for the clarification! So minimum 2 voice lines and the other 2 could be voice or data. I just wish they get rid of these bill credits. Sometimes it’s such a nightmare.

        • Corey Jalette

          It can be yes but that’s how pretty much everything is done. Just like they had a free line deal in march it’s listed on my account as a free line on us but I still get the charge on my bill, but it’s auto credited. The only time it wasn’t was the first month because I added it before the end of the billing cycle. Cost $49 but they also credited my account manually that one time. Haven’t had an issue since.

  • AWasserberg7

    This article mentions Magenta. What *is* Magenta? Is that some cute term of affection for T-Mobile?

    • kev2684

      Are you serious? It’s their brand color.
      VZW = Red
      AT&T = Blue
      T-Mobile = Magenta
      Sprint = Yellow

      • Nobody Special

        Cricket (umm, green) lol

        • Genecio

          MetroPCS= Purple
          Black&Orange= Boost

  • The Waz

    Just confirmed by T-Force that if you have a 2 for 100 plus a “this ones on us promo” giving you total 3 lines, you will lose your free line if you take advantage of the promotion of 2 for 1 tomorrow. They stated that they have to move you to a different Tmobile One plan….makes no sense since there is only 1 plan……

    • Corey Jalette

      This is ONLY if you’re adding a voice line people. If you’re adding tablet/smartwatch/mobile Internet plans that doesn’t affect your phone plan promo of 2/100.

      • Corey Jalette

        Add 2 tablets with unlimited data on your plan for $20/month. They frequently have a free tablet promo with qualifying data plan. Snatch those up and you’re golden.

      • The Waz

        Yes this will affect both. IF you have the 2 for 100 and the “this one is on us” free line….you will lose both promotions…confirmed with t force and John directly.

        • Ben

          Also why can’t the t force reps do this. Seems very simple. chnage to the 4 plan rate, open the C-2 documentation, search this one on us, ask supervisor to open the page, enter the code on my account to reflect the 4th line as being free. And then add the 1 for 2 lines, or 50 percent off a one more line. This way I keep hookup and this one on us promo. and also eligible for future lines down the road. Yea this is very strange

        • Corey Jalette

          Not the case, I was able to add 1 more tablet line to my plan for half off yesterday. 2/100 all in promo with 1 free tablet line from March. Now 1 more tablet at half off. 4/$110 not including any kickbacks which both phone lines usually stay under 2gb so 4/$90 now. Had to pay the sim/activation charge of $25 +tax, and my first month will cost about $40 for adding midway through billing cycle. Then $10 or less(if kickback is on).

      • Ben

        Also why can’t the t force reps do this. Seems very simple. chnage to the 4 plan rate, open the C-2 documentation, search this one on us, ask supervisor to open the page, enter the code on my account to reflect the 4th line as being free. And then add the 1 for 2 lines, or 50 percent off a one more line. This way I keep hookup and this one on us promo. and also eligible for future lines down the road. So yea im wondering is anyone can find a loophole or something

    • Andrew Singleton

      the reason is that you’re on a 2-line promotional plan paying $20 less than everyone else, and you’ve added a line. since you’re unable to add another line on that plan, you are forced to switch to a 3+ line plan, and that will cause activation-related discounts to drop. Corey below is correct, because internet lines (tablet, watch, syncup drive) are their own rate plan and don’t affect your voice configuration.

      • Ben

        Also why can’t the t force reps do this. Seems very simple. chnage to the 4 plan rate, open the C-2 documentation, search this one on us, ask supervisor to open the page, enter the code on my account to reflect the 4th line as being free. And then add the 1 for 2 lines, or 50 percent off a one more line. This way I keep hookup and this one on us promo. and also eligible for future lines down the road.

  • J Gerard

    Yeah! Let’s switch to T-MOBILE because we want to not be able to make phone calls half the time, and not have a signal to look something up when we actually need it. Oh yeah, and to not be able to upload pictures of something fun that we’re doing until we’re at home connected to WiFi later that night or the next day.
    Before any of you “magenta” fans TRIES to defend them… I’ve been a Verizon customer for about 12 years except for 6 months last year, when I switched because of crappy TMobile’s cheap prices and convincing (misleading) advertising. It was HORRIBLE. I used to get pissed and call them to ask why I could never get a signal. After 6 months, I finally admitted to myself that it was a ridiculous mistake and switched back to The Red! NEVER any issues with Verizon’s service. Never. “Magenta” is only good at talking a big game. If anyone’s thinking about switching to T-Mobile, DON’T DO IT. They are the worst. Go to any other carrier. Doesn’t have to be Verizon.

    • kev2684

      It’s all about location, location, location. Just because your area is bad, doesn’t mean everybody will have the same problem as you.

      • J Gerard

        … EXCEPT that I live in a city. Oh, and Verizon’s coverage is flawless here. I happen to also know (through friends) that AT&T and Sprint are good here, too. Oh, but it’s all about location, location, location. Weak argument. T-Mobile just sucks! There’s a reason it’s so CHEAP!

        • Austin8480

          … OK JGerard. Next time, PLEASE use all capital letters to truly get YOUR point across. What I find PATHETIC is that you are a die hard Verizon turd in a TMobile blog. Oh wait, I meant Verizon TURD. Forgot to emphasize that. NOBODY in this room gives a flying —- about your opinion because you slummed it for 6 months and went to Magenta and it was as big of a mistake as…well, I will let you figure it out.

        • J Gerard

          You were so busy typing a 3rd grade level post that you forgot to make a point. Here’s one for you: T-Mobile is inferior to almost all other carriers.

        • Austin8480

          If T-Mobile is so inferior, why are you even giving this blog the time of day. Are you upset that no kids want to hop in your van and eat your chocolate, so you are going to take out your frustrations on the inferior wireless network?

        • thepanttherlady

          *Tip* Starbursts don’t melt :D

        • theseanteam

          The hate is strong in this one. Those six months must have really scarred you or something.

          When you say almost all other carriers, which ones are you referring to? There are only four major carriers after all.

          And actually, that argument about location is a pretty strong one. T-Mobile’s network is the fastest in many locations, but can be really poor (or even non-existent) in others. The same can be said about everyone–including Verizon. Every carrier has their strong and weak areas. For someone to deny such would have to either be 1) ignorant 2) biased beyond belief or 3) troll.

        • yankeesusa

          Yea, it still amazes me that people complain about coverage and then lump everyone else in america as having the same coverage, like we all live in the same area. Oh well. People never learn. I’m just happy tmobile works for me and that my data speeds are the highest iv’e ever had. At my house i’m getting close to 100megs almost every time. But hey i guess that’s not good enough for some.

      • thepanttherlady

        I moved to Crestline a couple of weeks ago. No service. :'(

        • kev2684

          I had to google where that is lol :D

          Yeah it’s rural Ohio but I suppose Band 12 is coming? I’ve seen sightings on Band 12 in Jacksonville, FL lately as well as other parts of the country it’s currently not available. They’re probably working on it at the moment.

        • thepanttherlady

          Sorry, I should have been more specific. It’s Crestline, CA. I made the same mistake when I called a county office but only Googled Crestline. Guy was really confused as they don’t have my address there. Took me a minute to figure out he was in Ohio. LOL

        • kev2684

          You’re literally live in a mountain! Views must be spectacular!

        • thepanttherlady

          Some of them really are. :)

        • Zacamandapio

          Verizon here we gooooooo.
          By the way, we went to Lake Gregory.

        • thepanttherlady

          I’m literally 7 minutes from there. Went there 2 weekends ago to check it out. Water level is a little on the low side. Met a couple that same night that said they’d drained it for some reason and cited “water politics” because I guess the locals aren’t happy about it.

          Drove up from the Hesperia side this past Saturday and got to see Lake Silverwood. Will have to check it out this summer. Nice drive but hated seeing so many dead trees. :(

          ETA: I had to get Frontier (Verizon) internet so I could actually use my cell phone. What really sucks is:

          1. I literally just got a hotspot through T-Mobile a month ago when they were offering another free line. It’s unusable.
          2. I now HAVE to buy phones that have WiFi calling. Blah!

        • thepanttherlady
        • Sharti24

          Who will you be switching to?

        • thepanttherlady

          I’m not switching. Yet anyway. I lose service 1/2 way up (or down) the mountain so I’ll probably have to get a very cheap pre-paid service/phone for emergencies in case I break down. Not all turnouts have a call box. I still work in Orange County and T-Mobile works fine most places I go. If it starts to be a problem then I’ll have to consider my options.

        • Sharti24

          Have tmobile send you a range extender. Not the one you plug into the internet but the one that has two boxes that boosts signal

    • Berzerker

      Yeah, if you live in Bumblefuck, Montana, don’t switch.

      • Greg Piller

        Shoot, I just signed up in Montana for TMO. Guess I’m “bumblefucked” lol. I have traveled to every state and been in EVERY U.S. major city multiple times living in every timezone and 11 states. My goodness you have a warped idea of “crap state”. Montana is paradise partner. You have to be from either NYC or California with that f’ed up mentality. He is right & not just in “crap” places but a lot of places like Chicago, IL where I was born and raised. Verizon & AT&T ARE better, Considerably better now in most places but TMO is gaining on them quickly & may reach parity in a few years. When THAT happens if TMO is still competitive, one would have to be a lunatic to stay with AT&T or Verizon.

        • Berzerker


          I never said Montana was a “crap state.” It’s the easiest thing to think of when you think of wilderness where you won’t have service for miles. I could have picked a bunch of states, but Montana has, IIRC, the smallest habitation of humans to state ratio, behind Alaska of course.

          Easy target.

      • Greg Piller

        To me 4 lines for $120 with TMO is enough of a savings to ditch AT&T. Verizon & AT&T and some of their customers can be arrogant & I think John Legere is one helluva CEO. I can pick up a burner sim with AT&T’s Cricket when I travel a bit and use it until TMO improves in Montana & then it’s sianara to ATT. Happy to be back with TMO. I was formerly a customer since the Voicestream days but when I moved west couldn’t keep them. Their coverage improvement in Montana & the nation as a whole with him at the helm has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE. I hope if the Sprint deal happens Legere is retained as CEO.

    • mreveryphone

      Hummm… I travel the country for my job and I rarely have issues with T-Mobile… Is it perfect?? No… But no carrier is.. Verizon worked out for you, that’s great. T-Mobile works for millions, that’s also great. But this butt hurt rant is ridiculous and pure comedy!

      • J Gerard

        “butt hurt rant” is kind of a dumb way to describe what I’m saying. But, I’ll consider the source, eh? Do you know ANYONE who thinks that T is better than V? Nope. So, the difference between us is that I choose to have a better service and I’m willing to pay a little more for it. You are cheap, and you’re willing to have an inferior service because it’s cheaper. That’s it. You know Verizon is better than T-Mobile

        • Francisco Peña

          Anyone switching carriers should NEVER just switch without taking advantage of the initial return period. I was with VZW for yrs myself. Loved it, with my UDP that was grandfathered. Even went through one wave of price hikes to stay. Then the wife wanted a non-feature phone, and the price hike for her would have boosted out then $108 monthly payment, to $160 once we got a basic data plan, her line access fee (joke) and a new phone. So I looked into TMo. I purposely bought a phone the yr before that worked with Tmo and VZW (moto X DE) and signed up for one line of TMo, switched my Moto to Tmo and reactivated an older LTE phone I had back on VZW.

          Then I went around for a week doing speed tests everywhere I went. Stuck in traffic? speed test. Both side by side on the seat. Mall? yup, side by side in my hands. Work? yup. Home? yup.
          I hated VZW at work because my Moto could never get a signal inside the building, which caused my battery to die quickly each day. TMo? got a strong signal. Home, both were weak, but about the same. Driveway? same.

          So after 10 days, I went in to TMo and switched. Got 2 new phones (had a deal on G4s then) and was spending $140 for 2 lines/10GB each (was the $100/2L/10GB deal) with those phones. Has it been perfect? no. Has it been enough to switch back? no. After some finagling, got a $70 plan with 6GB each for 2 lines. Then have gotten a free line on top of that.. so now I pay $130 for 3 lines, with 6GB each (two don’t come close, mine has Stash so I’m good) and 2 new G6 phones.

          So for the price, its awesome. Can I deal with some poor service on the outskirts of town? sure. Oh, that Moto X? got it on the 3rd line…

        • theseanteam

          I don’t think anyone has ever claimed that T-Mobile has better coverage than Verizon, but the point is it has the same quality of coverage in many places. Where I live, T-Mobile has equal coverage and faster speeds. It might not be like that for you, as everyone’s experience will vary. I’m sure if others suffered with bad service, they would switch carriers as well. But your superiority complex is just silly.

        • mreveryphone

          I know plenty of people that think T-Mobile is better than VW… And I know people that think the opposite, it depends where you live. The service was inferior for you but not for me by any means… I appreciate the cheap name calling, I’ll be cheap all day if it means saving money but getting better service FOR ME… I’ve had service in buildings where others on VW had 0, I’ve smoked people on VW in data speeds tests so I’ll be cheap all day long!! Lol

    • Vazaha

      There’s an unwritten agreement when you join T-Mobile that you will refrain from living in or going to crappy places. If you live in a decent place T-Mobile is fine. If T-Mobile sucks in your area, you know why :).

      • Vazaha

        But seriously, I’m always envious of ATT and V when I go to crap places.

        • tranceformer978

          Why are you going to crap places?

        • Vazaha

          I’m in the national guard.

    • Melissa Cardenas

      Well what the hell are you doing on this website then? This is a T-Mobile forum obviously most people on here have T-Mobile and they Happy with it so they ain’t gonna listen to you . T-Mobile did not work in my old house so i had Verizon. Now in my new house Verizon don’t work at all and i had to get T-Mobile again because T-Mobile works here fine , So no carrier is perfect. It all depends on location!!

      • J Gerard

        I get tech news alerts on my phone and things like this come up sometimes and I click on them. I believe that’s allowed! Apparently, what’s not allowed here is proper grammar and punctuation. I almost had to have your post translated in order to read it, but I figured it out eventually. Where did you go to school?

        • Melissa Cardenas

          What ever im in a hurry and didn’t have time to spell check .But seriously don’t change the subject i don’t get why people like you come talk trash on a T-Mobile forum. ?? Makes no sense haha . And what ever im PRETTY sure you understood fine what i wrote in my first comment. Bull that you almost had to get it translated.

        • Omar Boyer

          Melisa hes just being an idiot haha i understood perfectly well your first post. And i see they gave u some thumbs up on that first post so others also understood you no need to translate it . Ignore this lowlife with nothing to do. If he wants to stop making an Azz out of himself he should just block the notifications he gets from here.

        • Melissa Cardenas

          i have better things to worry about ;) omar. And like you said he should just turn off notifications from here then.

        • Eric Harlow

          Don’t give J Gerard the satisfaction in getting a reaction out of you and allow him to control the situation don’t dumb down to his level

        • Eric Harlow

          Get off Melissa Cardenas butt about grammar here. This is a forum! Not a college message board or an college English Composition course. T-mobile has improved drastically within the last 3 years. T-mobile works for me out here in San Diego and in my future home in Missoula, Montana. I have mental disabilities that I got serving in The US Navy for twenty years and I dislike your comments towards Melissa Cardenas. This is a T-mobile fan website to discuss peacefully about T-mobile, so get your BIG RED DUMB AND DUMBER ASS OUT OF HERE.

        • Andrew Addison

          You just made my night with that bomb diggity comment towards that boozo the snow clown filled with stuffy nose, trying to come off as English weirdo professor correcting people on their grammar fool there Bro. Is this guy here serious right now? He had no reason to talk down to someone like that and also talk down on the finest company/carrier, advising everyone to stay away from the best carrier/company which that one being T-Mobile-MetroPCS. We will forever be way Better in USA than any other carrier would have been.

        • Eric Harlow

          OOH REALLY!!! HOW AWESOME!! Glad I made your night!

        • RLB63

          I actually feel sorry for you. How miserable your life must be for you to spend so much time on a site of a company you seem to hate so much. Cellphone companies aren’t making political statements. Seem way to smart for that. Don’t attack social issues.
          Attacking T-Mobile worth while to you and to spend so much time. You must not have anything better to do with your life.

        • Eric Harlow

          I think you were supposed to reply back to J Gerard not me. I have been a T-mobile customer for over ten years and I am happy to be a T-mobile customer.

        • Haze1nut

          English is a 3rd language for me, behind French and Portuguese. Correct my grammar for me, will you. It obviously makes you feel superior.

    • Ascertion

      You think everyone that switches to T-Mobile can’t “Make calls half of the time”? You’re out of your mind!

      • Tony Chen

        agreed, t mobile has gained millions of customers each quarter. if the drop calls were so bad why would t mobile gain 100% of new customers agaIN? another blockbuster quarter by t mobile.

    • moonoverparma

      Funny, I’ve never had a problem.

    • Nobody Special

      Several years ago i had a verizon phone (when the iphone’s came out they were the only one that were selling them with unlimited data at that time) and i had T-Mobile flip phone that i was using to make international calls. I have to admit, Verizon was more reliable than T-Mobile during my cell phone usage. I chose T-mobile over Verizon because of many reasons…. but it was never due to their coverage, because their coverage was horrible… but since then their coverage has improved. But i switched primarily due to the inexpensive international calls. That was a deal breaker for me, i was content with the terrible coverage with anticipation that they would improve their service. and with Verizon i was paying around $89 dollars for unlimited data and text and 450 minutes of voice calls. my tmobile line (from what i can remember) was around $78 dollars for unlimited talk and text and data. But fastforward to today, I have 5 Unlimited Everything (data/text/voice) lines with unlimited international calling (mobile+landlines) and international text for a low cost of $110 plus taxes and fees. Believe me i checked, Verizon or AT&T have nothing in comparison to what i have with T-Mobile. And i am not bashing you or Verizon at all, Verizon does have a more reliable coverage area but in the end i sided with T-Mobile over Verizon. If Verizon ever came up with incredible deals like T-Mobile has been doing almost every month i wouldnt turn down a great opportunity.

      RECAP: Verizon “Better Coverage”
      T-Mobile “Better Prices”

      It all boils down to what are you comfortable with. Im comfortable with crappy coverage. And My T-Mobile calls do drop often, but what i do is (i press redial) GOTCHA :)

    • Gust

      OK so here’s the deal. In the morning when you wake up if you have T-Mobile you have to get up take a shower have breakfast shave go outside of your house in other to make a phone call.

      If you have AT&T or Verizon in the morning when you wake up you can reach for your cell phone and make a phone call. It is that simple.

      But you know what I have T-Mobile because over one year it saves me about $200 as compared to AT&T or Verizon. So I put up with the crap!

      • Timothy Poplaski

        T-Mobile supports WiFi calling. You don’t have home WiFi?

      • DM725

        How do you not have wifi calling enabled? Maybe you need to buy a phone from the last 2 years… (My Motorola Nexus 6 Supported Wifi Calling….)

      • RLB63

        They have equipment they they will ship out for free with a deposit that will boost their signal on your house if you don’t have Wi-Fi calling.

        My phone automatically switches on Wi-Fi when I get home. Not for signal or to save data. It’s because with all the talk that cell signals MIGHT cause cancer why risk it? It is able to enable Wi-Fi, and it disables it when I leave the house. So that might be an option if you have Wi-Fi….

    • Phone Guy

      All lies. So funny, yet sad.

    • yankeesusa

      LOL, not everyone lives where you live and have bad coverage with tmobile. 4 years ago i would have never used tmobile, now i no longer have sprint and got rid of my verizon line because tmobile is great for me where i live and work. I just recently drove across florida,georgia,nc and tennesse and had no issues. I was able to test it side by side with an att phone and the whole time both phones had coverage except up in the smokies near newfound gap where no one has signal. Don’t lump everyone in the same pile just because it doesn’t work for you.

    • DM725

      LoL, where the hell do you live?

    • eanfoso

      The only one after verizon is at&t because we know that sprint and us cellular sucks more than t mobile

    • Andrew Singleton

      T-Mobile has the lowest churn rate (people trying it and leaving) of all carriers. Could you please explain why?

  • J Gerard

    Ha! Oh, I promise you I don’t feel like an idiot surrounded by people who work themselves up into a breathless rant trying to defend a crappy service.

    • gmo8492

      Crappy for who exactly, churn has gone down to record lows and T-Mobile has over 73 million subs, so if it doesn’t work out you can switch.

    • Brad C

      It’s not for everyone, but has worked damn well for me for 12yrs..

      I *actually* tried Verizon a few months ago, and came back after two weeks after awful LTE performance

    • JG

      You’re cracking me up reading your comments! I have TMo and put up with their spotty coverage because I’m paying less per month staying with them. I can admit that. There is alot I enjoy about TMo, but dropped calls and dead zones IS a reality. I have a band 12 phone in metro PHX. Not sure why others feel the need to berail someone who doesn’t agree with them just for argument’s sake.

      • Timothy Poplaski

        Because you aren’t saying, “Bad coverage in PHX”, you’re saying “Bad coverage”. I can drive for at least an hour in any direction and have solid coverage. It all depends on where you live, and you’re phone. Even phones with band 12 won’t all have the same results because some phones get better reception than others.

        So, I won’t even argue about coverage in PHX. Never been there, likely never will, so it just doesn’t matter to me. My excellent coverage probably doesn’t matter to you. It’s all about where you use your phone.

    • navi harriram

      Dude you could of tested the network out on a $10 weekly plan or $3 daily. You don’t buy cell phone service every day so do the work. The sales rep just wants a commission check so they’ll say anything to get you to switch. That’s why I don’t work for wireless companies anymore. Too much bull to deal with

    • yankeesusa

      Not everyone is defending a company that may or may not work depending on where you live. But many people actually do research and pick a company that specifically works for your needs depending on your area. I had verizon and sprint before tmobile and i have never ever gotten the speeds i get now not to mention i have great coverage ‘WHERE I LIVE”, YOU SEE, that’s the important thing, i researched and made sure it worked for me. I don’t just blindly select a company just because their commercial says so.

    • Screamin

      That’s strange because T-Mobile has been #1 in customer service AND satisfaction for well over 2 years now… and yes, that includes coverage.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I am thinking about switching to Verizon due to poor coverage. In San Diego area I get one to bars. I moved from Minnesota and T-mobile coverage in MN is excellent there with all bars. In San Diego it’s very poor in some areas. When iPhone 8 is release I am switching to Verizon. I love T-mobile plans but coverage in my area is poor.

    • Sharti24

      Agreed. On base (32nd street) forget about tmobile coverage. sprint excels on 32nd. go over to corando island its even worse! just throw your phone over board. no tmobile coverage on the air base at all. im using an iphone 6s Band 12 which is deployed in SD

    • yankeesusa

      I agree, if in your area tmobile is not good and is affecting productivity or just not letting you use your phone to its fullest your’e better off changing. I have great coverage where I live and work and when i travel over 99% of the time i have no issues. But i got my wife on cricket which is att so for the times where tmobile may not get signal i have the att towers just in case. I’m on an old grandfathered single line plan that allows work discount so i’m keeping as long as i can.

    • Screamin

      Sometimes it’s not always the cell coverage causing the issue, but the phone itself, especially if it’s an older device that supports fewer cell bands. With T-Mobile’s latest acquirement of spectrum you can expect a huge improvement in cell signal, both in range and structure penetration, within the year. Of course you can switch if you want, but they’re only going to get better. They’ve more than doubled the coverage in the past 2 years and have just as much coverage as Verizon with a network that’s actually futureproof unlike the other guys.

      • DM725

        Agreed, I know people that don’t realize they are using a phone without band 12, that doesn’t have wifi calling or Volte support, and has an extremely weak antenna.

      • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        My phone is iPhone 7 and not an old device:

        • Andrew Singleton

          if you hold an iphone 7 next to a galaxy s8, the s8 will have more bars every time. that’s due to a more powerful signal on galaxies and the fact that bars don’t mean anything with low-frequency spectrum.

        • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          My roommate is on T-mobile and his current phone is galaxy s8. We experience the same issue.

        • Hoppysport

          I have an iPhone 7 Plus and my previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I live in Manhattan and did an experiment. In my office building I usually get 3 bars on the iPhone. I popped my SIM in my S7 Edge and it was also 3 bars.

          I also tried it in a rural area and both phones got 1 bar. Signal and reception were the same.

          One thing I do love on T-Mobile is WiFi Calling. Makes a huge difference in no-reception rural areas.

    • RLB63

      Have you talked to T-Mobile C.S.? If they get people complaining about certain areas they tend to look into those areas.

      Is it outside or inside or both where you have problems? Inside out could be the building. They can seems you a device to boost the signal for your phone.

  • You couldn’t pay me to use a iPhone .
    And why would I switch Verizon to T-unmobile.
    So I can have a sub par data connection with hardly any coverage….

    • Andrew

      Why are you on TmoNews, then?

      • Andrew Addison

        Lol I was just thinking the exact same thing. Lol

    • DM725

      I’m sorry you live in a place that T-Mobile doesn’t prioritize. Here in NY, we have no such issues.

    • Andrew Singleton

      the offer is also good for pixels, and you don’t know anything about the network. in 1 year, verizon will wish it had t-mobile’s network.

  • browne81

    I cavy take this anymore. There is always someone in these forums going miss information. I have to speak up.

    As awhole some networks are better than others. I’m not going to get into my opinion on which is better nation wide.

    What I will say is this. The best carrier is the one that works where you frequent the most.

    No matter what carrier a person loves there is another person out there that thinks it terrible.

    So all these people saying bad things about T-Mobile should get the facts straight.

    Lastly I due example I don’t like sprint but I know there are people that have a great time with them. You don’t see me on a sprint site saying how bad they are.

    Is my spelling perfect no. Is my grammar perfect no. It’s this a college paper? No. So I really don’t care.

  • AJ2

    still waiting for them to do a $50 deal for single customers.

    • browne81

      They have a prepaid plan for 45

    • Sharti24

      4 for $100 sounds better

      Line 1 $50
      Line 2 $75
      Line 3 $90
      Line 4 $100

      • Andrew Singleton

        T-Mobile is responsible for the entire industry’s growth for much of the last few years, and it wasn’t because they’re a bargain carrier. You won’t see T-Mobile competing on price for much longer.

  • John De Leon

    I have Verizon and would switch IF T-Mo had better in-building coverage. Several of my fellow employee friends have T-Mo and they have horrible coverage in our work locations. They have to step outside to recieve/make calls.

  • Chris Siegell

    I don’t see the Galaxy S8+ mentioned? You would think that this phone would be “globally compatible” for the switch?

  • Ming Chang Chuang

    did they say how long to keep the T-Mo’s Premium Device Protection Plus insurance plan? Can i remove this coverage after 2 months?

  • Hoppysport

    I live in Manhattan and often drive to either the Berkshires or the Hamptons. T-Mobile coverage in NJ, NY, and CT is great…also in the Boston area. T-Mobile used to have awful coverage in the Hamptons…now it’s pretty good.

    When I travel to Vermont, some of the coverage gets spotty, but it’s generally good.

    T-Mobile has incredible customer service, albeit their Philippines call centers. They are very earnest, but the language barrier and comprehension can get dicey. But they do try.

    I guess it all depends where you live. 95% of my time is spent in Manhattan and the 5 Boroughs of NYC…and I always have coverage.

  • Neoprimal

    Let me make this very clear.

    TL:DR – If you got the free line in March or whenever that promotion was, you CANNOT get the 2 for 1 deal.

    Do NOT let what ANY rep says fool you. They either don’t know or they’re getting some monetary perk from adding the lines.

    Here’s my ordeal.

    I called and I asked the rep if the promos worked together. Was told yes. I asked the rep to make absolutely sure, because I value my free line, as it also had Tmo One HD grandfathered into it for free. She said, “absolutely”. I asked if it would convert or change any of the old stuff on the account and she said, “no”, it will simple add 2 TMo One lines (without the Plus HD stuff), which is fine.
    I added the lines and within a day got a txt msg saying the promos don’t work and my free line would no longer be free.


    I called in and spoke to a really great rep. who said that in the system, the promo shows as compat. but she’d escalate to make sure and call within a few days with the result. She actually did! She called yesterday, apologized bigtime and said that the promos were NOT compatible, my options are to either keep my free 3rd line and pay the full price for the 4th and 5th, aka (bait and switch, 2 for 2), she can remove 1 of the lines and I just pay for an extra line or I can remove both lines.


    She was really nice but at this point I’m getting a bit upset, not at her, but thinking back to my initial conversation and asking the rep to verify if the promos worked. Aaaanyway, I asked to speak to a supervisor and did and it was like cookie-cutter script. The same thing, summarized as, promo from March and 2 for 1 promo now just don’t work together and my option is remove one of the promos – kill the free line, that is, pay for the line and activate the 2 for 1 or pay for the 2 lines or remove the 2 lines and get a line credit for the sim cards I paid for.

    All in all, at the end of everything, It’s really just saying the same thing, I am now paying $40 extra on my bill for 2 extra lines of service. I gotta keep the lines as I already gave them to family members but man do I feel cheated. I love TMo, I’ve been with them since 2003, ups, downs and arounds, but this really sucked for me.

    My wife made me feel a little better though, $40 for 2 unlimited voice/txt/data lines is still better than anything else out there. It’s not like I could hop on Sprint or ATT or Verizon or even one of the prepaids and get 2 lines with all the fixin’s for $40. Still, it’s a crummy way to sucker folks into adding lines. There’s no warning anywhere as of right now that the promos aren’t compatible and if reps are telling people they are, it’s going to get ugly soon.