T-Mobile increases deprioritization threshold to 32GB


A couple of months after increasing its deprioritization threshold to 30GB, T-Mobile has announced that it’s boosting the threshold again.

T-Mobile has upped its deprioritization threshold to 32GB. This means that customers who use more than 32GB of data in a single billing cycle will have their data usage prioritized below other customers for the remainder of that billing cycle.

When your data usage is deprioritized, you may see slower data speeds when you’re at a location where the network is congested. If you move away from this area to a less congested spot or if the location becomes less congested, your data speeds should return to normal.

The deprioritization thresholds of other major US carriers are lower than T-Mobile’s. Sprint’s threshold is currently at 23GB, while AT&T and Verizon both have their threshold set at 22GB.

Source: T-Mobile

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