T-Mobile raises deprioritization threshold to 30GB


For awhile now, T-Mobile’s network management policy has said that customers using more than 28GB of data in one month will be deprioritized. Today that threshold has been raised.

T-Mobile’s new deprioritization threshold is 30GB of usage in a single billing cycle. While T-Mo didn’t make an official announcement about the change, you can see in the screenshot that I took of the cached page that the network management policy says 28GB:


Navigating to the webpage today now says 30GB. You can read it for yourself by going here and then scrolling to the second paragraph of the Network Management for Extremely High Data Usage and Tethering section.

What this change means is that if you use more than 30GB of data in one billing cycle, your data usage will be prioritized below others for the remainder of that billing cycle. The only time that you’re likely to see the effects of that, though, is when you’re at a location on the network that is congested, during which time you may see slower speeds. Once you move to a different location or the congestion goes down, your speeds will likely go back up. And once the new billing cycle rolls around, your usage will be reset.

To compare, Sprint’s deprioritization threshold currently sits at 23GB, while AT&T and Verizon are both at 22GB.

Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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