T-Mobile monthly fee increase happening on June 10


Heads up, folks, because T-Mobile has announced a fee change that’s going to affect some T-Mo customers.

Starting June 10, 2017, the Regulatory Programs & Telco Recovery Fee for select T-Mobile accounts will increase. The cost will go from $2.71 to $3.18 for voice lines, while data lines will see their fee increase from $0.98 to $1.16.

This change doesn’t affect T-Mobile customers on a T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included. It does affect all other T-Mo customers, though. T-Mobile also notes that while former SunCom Wireless customers have been exempt from this fee in the past, those customers will begin to incur that fee on June 10 unless they’re on a T-Mobile One taxes and fees included plan.

Here’s T-Mobile’s explanation about what this fee covers:

“This is not a government tax, rather a fee collected and retained by T-Mobile to help recover certain costs we have already incurred and continue to incur. It includes: 1) Funding and complying with government mandates, programs and obligations, like E911 or local number portability ($0.60 of the total charge for voice lines and $0.15 for data only lines), and 2) Charges imposed on T-Mobile by other carriers for the delivery of calls from our customers to theirs, and by third parties for certain network facilities and services we purchase to provide you with service (Up until 6/10/2017, it will be $2.11 of the total charge for voice lines or $0.83 for data only lines; From 6/10/2017 on it will be $2.58 of the total charge for voice lines or $1.01 for data only lines).”

Fee increases like this are always kind of a bummer, but at least we’re getting a notice about this change a few weeks in advance. For T-Mobile’s full rundown on this change, you can hit up the link below.

Thanks, John!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • I’m starting to think they are just another company with lots of show, and not much go. They offer a lot of stuff for free, and have great promos. But they keep adding things on, and raising pricing every few months or so.

    • achusaysblessyou

      Still enjoying my 4 lines w/ (now) 4GB of data for $100 a month. We’re on one of the OG Simple Choice plans that started off with 1GB of data and T-Mobile has automatically increased our data limits from 1GB -> 1.5GB -> 2.5GB -> 4GB in the 4 years we’ve been on this plan. I don’t see anyone else doing that so, they’re pretty much one of a kind here.

      • Miguel Cuellar

        I have similar. 10gb for 120. It’s unlimited right now until next year, but will be that regularly. That plan, plus the rollover of unused data, just can’t beat that plan with anyone else lol

        • pengko

          actually t-mobile did have a better plan that beat that. Im at 12 lines unlimited everything taxes/fees included. No binge on crap. Full hd streaming. They had 20% off entire account with an insider hookup about two months back. Also got one free line (30 bucks). Comes out to be 22 dollars a line. You also get 10 dollars kickback monthly for each line that doesnt use over 2gb that month which brings the price down even further.

          I was on the original simple choice with the free bonus increase to 4GB before with 10 lines. Just couldnt pass up the unlimited data

        • Luis Martinez

          I’m on the 4 lines For $120 with unlimited 4G LTE with no slow downs and can watch all the HD video I want, still going to stick to my my old plan.

      • Pkmmte

        Same here but with 5 lines all unlimited for the same price! The extra fees and taxes basically cancel themselves out thanks to the PIXEL promotion they had before. :D

    • riverhorse

      So, which carrier would you recommend?

  • Timothy Poplaski

    Bullshit fees that let them claim to not be raising prices when all they’re doing is raising prices.

    Maybe the grocery store will start charging for lights, air conditioning, and rent fees, so that they can advertise fake lower prices on milk and eggs.

    A cost of doing business is a cost of doing business. Bullshit fees intended solely to mislead people about the real cost of something should be illegal.

    • Shawn G.

      I couldn’t agree more. It’s a very un-uncarrier thing to do.

      • Erica Stephenson

        Again you’re talking about less than a dollar increase per line after T-Mobile spent eight billion dollars to improve their Network

        • Timothy Poplaski

          It’s not the price increase per line that is the problem. It’s that it’s a deceptive price increase, “Blame the government!” they say, “We’re just covering our onerous regulatory expenses!”. Which is BS. Every business has regulatory costs, whether it’s a farmer not being able to use cancer causing pesticides, a credit card issuer having to stick to a standard, apples to apples, listing of fees, or a home builder having to adhere to building code. You don’t see a $50k “building code compliance fee” tacked on to the list price of a new home do you?

    • Trueblue711

      We should tweet Legere and ask him to make getting rid of these fees his next Uncarrier move.

      • Timothy Poplaski

        Har har. Taxes and Fees included plans make deceptive price increases elsewhere perfectly fine I guess?

  • steveb944

    So much for our prices never going up. And I actually believed it.
    Penny here, a penny there, it all equals millions of dollars for them at the end.

    • Ray

      It’s going up $0.47 per line, so my 6 lines will cost me less than $3 more. I’ll take it. Spectrum increased my monthly cost $10, and said in a year or will go up another $15. So I’ll take the $3 bump in the 15 years I’ve been with them…

      • steveb944

        Considering cable companies are the most vile thing on earth, it’s a bad comparison. I’ve been paying for service for over 20 years and they’ve been able to get by just fine.
        What bothers me is the lie they told us that as that our bills would never increase, especially given this is their own crafted fee.

    • This only affects those folks who aren’t on the taxes included plan, anyway (which is their main and only plan now). So yeah the price isn’t going up for most people.

      • steveb944

        There’s plenty of people on grandfathered plans as the new ones tend to be more expensive. This is also a move to get us to move to the new plans.

    • Timothy Poplaski

      Prices have been going up for a while. Assuming they merge, there’s a good chance they’ll go up even more. It’s more profitable to stick to 25-30% of high profit market share than it is to continue a price war with Verizon and AT&T for whatever chunk of low profit market share. Monopolies are just as harmful when a few companies decide it’s less profitable to compete with each other than to maintain the highly profitable status quo.

  • Tanika P. Meeks

    Why t mobile are you going on the fees. But when some one do not make an payment. So in a hurry to cut the services off real quick. Can not wait until the person on the account funds be available. But your resprenstative be in hurry to sign a new customers up. Also you need to start charging me the extra twenty dollars per line. I am thinking about after my contact up in September. To go back to my previous carrier. They would not cut me off for a non Payment. Was happy at beginning when I was paying in on time a week early. Not any more. For a,non payment can cut a person phone service real quick. Need to stop all these extra charges.

    • Erica Stephenson

      T-Mobile is a carrier that does allow was called the payment arrangement where you can defer your bill after 14 days or due to payment installments 14 days each apart they do work with you if you let them know that you need help paying your bill

    • Spencer Walker

      Hoping you were drunk while commenting that disaster

      • Tanika P. Meeks

        No I was not drunk when I wrote this and I am telling the truth about this.

  • Philip

    You got fees in cable TV and dish too. I am glad I dont have to pay for those.

  • Christian Flores

    From what I can tell…all carriers charge those fees…some more than others

  • Haggy

    If the money goes to them, then whether they call it a fee or whether they raise the price of the service by the same amount instead, the amount of my payment would end up the same. So it’s really a price increase. It doesn’t matter what line of the bill they put it on.

    • Erica Stephenson

      You’re arguing about a dollar fee per line increase after T-Mobile spent eight billion dollars to improve their networks you can get the coverage you expect???

      • Haggy

        No, maybe you need to reread what I wrote. Nowhere did I complain about the increase. I complained about not calling it an increase.

  • Freedom Kinney

    welp i was wanting to leave Verizon for t mobile screw it tired of no none sense fees .the cell bill inflated enough as it is .

    • Dylan Wentworth

      The only plan that tmo wants you to know about doesn’t charge fees aside from a fee to pay after you see the bill to make sure that there aren’t any fees. The secret backroom plans might have fees but it looks to be well under a dollar increase per line.

    • Alex Ohannes

      Haha, did you even read the article? You basically have to be grandfathered into an inferior plan to be affected by this.

      • lomsha


      • ggfb20

        Again, what makes plans like mine inferior?

    • eanfoso

      Switch to the plan with taxes included, I have 6 voice lines and save over 40$ in fees

  • William Lukens

    Cell carriers are still mostly selected by a combination of service availability and price. A $10 monthly cost is not a bargain if the service is not useful.
    I am constantly amazed at the illogical choices people make and the ignorant comments written by the same people.

    I should stop being amazed.

  • Alex Ohannes

    So, basically most customers are not affected? Or are there really tons of people still on those older and pricier and more limited plans?

    • Matthew

      Those older plans are much cheaper than One for customers who don’t use lots of mobile data. Yes, tons of people have stuck with them.

      • Alex Ohannes

        Or a lot of minutes and text messages. But if you use more than 1 gig of data, you really are ripping yourself off if you are on one of those plans.

        • Pkmmte

          I have 5 unlimited lines on the old Simple Choice plan for $100 in total. No caps, no binge on, no restrictions. (2 for $100 promo, plus 3 free lines from additional promos after that)

          I don’t see how T-Mobile One is a better deal…

        • Erica Stephenson

          You’re one of the lucky ones that jumped on the free lines and US bandwagon along with the two lines for a hundred promotion it is a great deal and you should absolutely keep it.

        • Nobody Special

          T-mobile is very crafty at getting simple choice subscribers to dump their awesome plan and get the ONE Plan. As I stated in another Forum… I wouldn’t dump my 5 lines with international text and voice for $110 plus taxes unless T-mobile credited my account the money I would be losing if I switched…. for t-mobile One Plan subscribers…. if they want international calling they have to pay $25 per line…. but all my lines get international calling for $10 Dollars…. just in that aspect alone….. I would be losing $115 dollars in international calling if I switched to the ONE plan… not to mention if I gave up my unlimited everything lines that have binge on with 7GB of tethering. … I will try and keep this plan even when I’m dead…lol…. I will try to make phone calls from heaven…. lol

          “Hello, can you hear me now”

        • Nobody Special

          i have the same plan as you with 5 lines…. but all my lines have international calling for only $10 extra a month…. so thats $110 plus taxes and fees….

    • lomsha

      There are definitely tons of people on older plans, they are cheaper and not everyone needs unlimited data.

      • Alex Ohannes

        Again, only if you use less than 1 gig of data and a small amount of minutes and text messages.

      • Eric Walker

        Actually, if you use less than 2 gigs a month TMobile knocks like $15 off your one bill. It really is the most economical.

        • Corey Jalette

          It’s $10. I have the 2/100 all in promo plan and added a unlimited tablet for free. Both phones use less than 2gb normally so I get $20 off my bill.

        • Sharti24

          Same plan here. But i dont use my third line at all. Tmobile gives me $10 back per month for it. So tmobile gave me a third line for for free plus theyre paying me $10 month for not using it lol

        • Corey Jalette

          You get kickback from your free line? In the faq and asking about it I always heard you can’t get kickback because the line is already free. Hmm. Might have to look into that then. That’d be an extra $10 each month saved.

        • Alex Ohannes

          Where do you get those plans? Is it Tmobile Prepaid?

    • Andrew

      I’m on One, but not “taxes and fees included”, because my bill would increase by $180

    • Mad Llama

      I have 4 lines with 10 gigs a line for $120. Not only that, but I was one they gave unlimited to till 2019. I’ll be taking the fees.

      • Alex Ohannes

        That’s actually pretty good. Unusable for me, but pretty good for most people.

      • dcon9999

        I have 2 mobile lines 5gb each and at home line for 92 after tax. T-Mobile one would be 120

        • Corey Kinard

          They’re still doing the 2 for 100 even all tax and fees included. Just swapped two of the simple choice plans ($65 a piece) to it no hassle. $30+ savings right there and my limit just increased.

    • ggfb20

      My plan is actually cheaper, and T-Mobile suggested that I rain on it rather than switching to the new One plan. Simple choice unlimited family plan. 2 lines at $100. But I have match your data tablet add-on which is $5/mo for each of my two tablets. So I pay $110 before taxes and jump on demand phone leases. But the jod would be the same either way. However, data for my tablets would have cost me like $20 or $25 for each n TMobile one.

      Basically taxes and fees bring my current plan to about $130 but the new plan would have cost me $140 to $150 per month. The only advantage I would gain is 10gb of tethering let long vs my current 7gb, which I have never used more than 3gb of tethering. $10-$20 extra per month just wasn’t worth an extra 3gb tethering per line to me. M sure there’s others in my she situation. So even with the (for me) $1.30 increase per month on our bill, we still pay less than the $140-$150.

  • Tim Graham

    Also known as a cost of doing business.

  • Mike

    To be expected T-mobile just spent the most money at this year’s spectrum auction. The fee increase is to help recoup cost. Comcast does this alot but they raise their fees higher.

  • Eric Harlow

    Fine by me, I will stick to my simple choice plan with my 15% military discount.

  • agitated

    I’d love to reply to some of these comments, but I value my sanity. Removing this site from my feed, hopefully that solves it.

  • Bay_Ranger

    T-Mobile will be shedding some customers over this increase.

    • Dylan Aarhus


      • Romdude

        I agree with you, this increase is like a couple of dollars at most for me compared to my savings and perks.

        • Eloise Cast Lewis

          What savings and perks?

    • Ken

      Probably in the top five dumbest comments I’ve ever read. 48 cents per month… look out for the stampede of customers jumping ship. Seriously, get a clue.

      • Ahahaha “top 5 dumbest comments” ahahaha!

      • Ray

        I know, they gave many, including me, unlimited data till Feb, 2019 without us even asking. They have us 2free lines, and T-Mobile Tuesdays. But look out! I’m gonna bolt cause of a 48 cent increase. Oh, and pay more somewhere else!

    • Bay_Ranger

      You’re right, it is a pretty dumb comment.

  • Robert Jackson

    I guess we joined the mobile one. Customers without the benefits I’m pulling rank on all mobile one customer they got me paying for their bill. I must say I saw that coming. BUT ARE THEY SELLING TO SPRINT

    • Mike

      Dumb azz Sprint is getting out the wireless Market. T-Mobile is taking over Sprint.

  • Ken

    You wrote an article about a 48 cent fee increase? And someone actually said that tmo will be losing a lot of customers. Am I being punked?

    • Corey Kinard

      It adds up. Per line, per month, per year…. It adds. These are people on the budget and too, not the “One” with the fees included.

      • Hmmm~?

        Sure does. This fee also applies to MetroPCS customers as well. My bill for two unlimited lines went from $80 flat to $85.17. It’s not that big of deal, but still annoying.

        • riverhorse

          Mine did not(yet, at least), I’m on the grandfathered $50 Unlimited.
          FYI there’s a new 2 for $50 Unlimited Everything Promo with ONLY one drawback: zero hotspot.

        • Jay Trainer

          Where’s this new 2 for $50 everything promo you speak of?

        • riverhorse

          It’s plastered on store windows, pops up right away on Metro website…


      • Mike

        Where are you gonna go Verizon and ATT fees are higher. People wanted better coverage and TMobile spent the most money at this years spectrum auction. So expect a little increase in your bill.

      • LovenCourage

        I’m on the mobile one plan, but my taxes are not included, they seem to fluctuate every month.

        • Jonathan Pickens

          That’s weird. That shouldn’t be. Everything should be fixed: data, monthly service, device installment plan (if you’re leasing your device) and taxes. What would possibly be causing a fluctuation? THAT’S the whole point and appeal of this program is the no hassle drama of wondering what the bill will be month to month or the taxes. I’d go into Bill details section or call if I were you.

      • Jonathan Pickens

        No one is dropping their service over this miniscule increase! Your math is ridiculous on the scale of the mentality of the CONSUMER! You’re not thinking like a logical rational consumer! These are the common basic principles of supply and demand. And basically someone else nailed it on the head. T-Mo is attempting to push everyone into their new “One Taxes and Fees Included plan”. So is this deceptive? Is that plan a gimmick because the price point is so expensive and higher that it’s already taking into account the taxes and fees in addition to what previously you were paying with the regular rates PLUS A FEE INCREASE for chump change? YES! It’s called BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND AMERICAN CAPITALISM!

        • Corey Kinard

          I didn’t say they were.

          My math is not ridiculous. I didn’t really do any. It really does add up. There’s literally no disputing that.

          There’s three types of people here. People that don’t care, people that care and won’t do anything, and people that care and will do something. Some consumers are notorious Penny Pinchers. You’re trying to pretend like they don’t exist. That’s cute, but not correct.

          Like I said, since this affects people that are on the cheaper plans, there’s reason to believe that there are some Penny Pinchers over there.

        • Jonathan Pickens

          Point being, what are they going to do about it? It’s capitalism! It’s a SMALL REASONABLE INCREASE and the alternative which, though in my opinion we don’t know factually is the truth or not, that what they are saying is in fact the truth OR a huge marketing scam and lie to push everyone into their ONE Taxes and Fees Included Plan” but at least what they are offering, whether deceptive or not, is that in the new plan, one is not affected by the fee increases. What alternative is there otherwise? What’s one’s guarantee that another provider’s fees won’t increase significantly over a duration of time? You’re going to have cellular service virtually forever when you think about it. So yes the fees long term are relevant. But one also must take into account factors that are “intangible” such as quality of service, brand recognition, being a standard in the industry a standing behind one’s reputation, above par customer service, peace of mind knowing that one can easily without hassle return or exchange a device or receive credit on their account for any disputes or service/account related issues. Believe me the hassle of tracking down live agents, supervisors, qualified competent tech support all outsourced to India and the Philippines who don’t understand a word you’re saying and then you having to go through the headache of filing disputes for charges or claims with your bank due to unreceived credits due or promised… All because you switched from a larger industry standard recognized name leader to a low cost substandard provider to save a few cents per month! No thanks!

    • Loco Mole

      Yup, your getting punked — by yourself. You spent more time commenting. This type of news is appreciated by many of us.

      • Ken

        I pity you then. That’s just sad.

  • Spencer Walker

    Simple mobiles 47.50$ unlimited plan is great

  • Jesus Rosales

    I would be seeing a $5.17 increase in my bill. People say it’s nothing but it adds up also they keep increasing their fees. I do believe that it will cause people to switch.

    • Mike

      Verizon and ATT fees are higher then T-Mobile’s fool. Also the T-Mobile one plan is unaffected since fees are included in price.

      • riverhorse

        “I don’t suffer fools, and I like to see fools suffer”
        Florence King

        She also opined that voters, like drivers, should be tested before being turned loose…

    • AS118

      I agree with you. I’m still on the “4 lines with 10gb for $120” plan, which still has fees. For now, it’s cheaper than T-Mobile one even with the fees, but if that changes, I’d consider shopping around with other carriers before just flat out switching to T-mobile one.

  • Jonisha Powell

    When the announce these changes how are the customers notified? I have been a customer for years and im only knowing my reading this article. They need other ways of alerting their customers of thess “surprise charges” .. no sms or mail..

    • J Cheney

      It is probably in your bill that you’re supposed to read entirely every month. Who really does that I know I never have I gave up after getting a headache trying to understand my bill.

  • Luis Martinez

    They tried everything to get everyone off the better previous unlimited plan onto the new one plan, I guess people did their research and said screw the T-Mobile one plan, so this is their second attempt to get everyone to switch, I’m still not doing it, I’m staying with my old plan.

    • Wayde Philpot

      Or ppl just dont know any better/are complacent lol.

    • Vee M Dee

      Exactly…im keeping things the way I have them now.

    • Jonathan Pickens

      Finally someone who gets it! Stick with your grandfathered plan for $50/mo! I don’t know what these people are yammering about! With my Jump! security and having a top of the line smartphone running about $700-900, including the phone’s monthly payments, for a single line, with “unlimited” 2 gigs data cap (I rarely go over and for an additional 10 bucks I can get 5 gigs unlimited), taxes and fees, my bill runs about $107/mo! And to be able to upgrade every 6 months for $12.99/mo including protection of the phone, that’s a bargain my friends! You can’t find that anywhere!

      • Alex Ohannes

        You sure can. Unlimited everything for 60 bucks a month (or 50 if you are okay with forced 480p video streaming). MetroPCS.

        • Jonathan Pickens

          You’re not taking into account the fact that those are “rent-a-tower” inferior companies whose signals suck and that you’re NOT getting: Insurance, premium phones, high quality AMERICAN CUSTOMER SERVICE, post paid plans, Jump! Upgrades/device financing (however you choose to define it). There’s a lot that people fail to take into account when attempting to save a few bucks by going with those insta-pre-pay MetroPCS Cricket companies where the customer service agents are in the Philippines or India, you can’t ever get a live agent on the phone, don’t you DARE think about getting an extension or payment arrangement or technical support for any issues or having to turn a phone in or cancel service! Everything is paid in advance as they autodebit your checking visa debit card and you have to go through hell and back to dispute or get a refund, credit or reversal. No thanks! I’ll stick with being a loyal T-Mo customer and having that peace of mind that any issues, I can send the phone in, get credit for the account and make payment arrangements no hassle!

        • Alex Ohannes

          1. Who needs inurance? Phone “insurance” is usually a rip-off.
          2. Signal is equal to the network that runs the towers, but sometimes there is a difference in speed due to throttling. It often is unnoticeable though.
          3. Show me a consumer support hotline by any American cellular network that is run by Americans. Not Verizon, not Tmobile, not Sprint, not AT&T, what’s left?
          4. LOLOLOL, you are talking to a longtime MetroPCS customer who used to use Tmobile back when their pricing was actually good, and not only it it pointless to do any payment stuff over the phone, but I have called MetroPCS support multiple times and have been impressed with how helpful they were (activation, SIM transfer, etc).
          5. Autopay is off by default with MetroPCS. And one time, I didn’t realize that if I didn’t pay and they shut off my service that when I reactivated it would keep the old date, so I only had about two and a half weeks on one pay period. I called up to complain, and they gave me that whole month for FREE by refunding it.
          6. No premium phones” LOLOLOL. Then how do I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and explain why MetroPCS is offering the latest iPhones and the Galaxy S8 on their website.

        • RLB63

          MetroPCS IS owned By T-Mobile… Lol

          T-Mobile does have Americans in cs. They also send calls of shore she it’s after hours or peak times. You don’t teach people southern accents to hide the fact they are off shore. If also had people with other American accents when calling in.

        • Jonathan Pickens

          Clearly you’re not American nor is English your native language. Hence what you’re saying isn’t coming across as logical or rational. I’m aware of the fact that Comcast and T-Mobile have cs agents in the Philippines to offer 24 hour customer service without paying Americans to have to work those shifts and pay the shift differentials and the fact that those ethnicities are efficient and speak English. But my point is that they’re US BASED. NOT BASED IN INDIA like so many companies nowadays where ALL TECH AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS outsourced and based in India, the Philippines and actually, some companies use Canada. I know D-Link or maybe Canon did at one point.

  • Loco Mole

    For 5 lines, 1 data, that’s an increase of $2.53/mo or $60.72 more going into T-Mobile’s pocket over 2 years. Sigh.

    • Government or roaming partners pockets*.

    • (J²)

      T-Mobile isn’t pocketing anything. It’s a “Recovery Fee”, which translates into cost of operations. T-Mobile pays for you to roam whether domestically or internationally. T-Mobile also has to pay for access to towers through leases.

      Although carriers own a percentage of their towers, most prefer to lease them. By leasing towers, carriers are able to reduce the cost of upgrades, maintenance, legal or government cost.

      Verizon Wireless may own a tower and allow T-Mobile access this tower through a lease. Why not? It’s more revenue for Verizon Wireless. There are actually companies that exist to act as “tower land lords” – if you will.

      BUT… That obviously comes at a recurring cost…

      Most in the TV/Phone/Internet/Wireless industry wouldn’t bother to explain and have customers believe that these are government or mandatory charges. Please thank T-Mobile for the transparency.

  • dsw

    Been with tmobile since 2003 and fees have become ridiculous. I’m onot to another carrier

    • Berzerker

      Or you can switch to a Taxes and Fees included plan and not be affected by this.

      • Richard j

        Yeah that makes sense yo go to a higher cost plan to avoid the higher fees.

        • Frank Pelletier

          Assuming that it would cost more to switch right?

        • Berzerker

          Except it’s not more money for most people.

  • Bigg6987

    I’ve got 5 lines, unlimited everything for $150 per month. I think I’ll make it. No other carrier can touch my plan. They can add a couple pennies to my bill.

  • Ray Ray

    I just don’t get people… Most of you probably use some kind of high-end smartphone and spend hundreds of $$$ on them, but want to complain about pocket change SMH

  • Ray Olmeda

    Still better than Sprint ,they have been raising my bill every two months ,and its hell trying to talk to a real person about it . Im paying for 2 lines with shared 8gb for $210 a month .

    • J Cheney

      Well that is your own fault for continuing to pay. You are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

      • Ray Olmeda

        Actually im not part of the problem , I have 2 months left on my lease with them . It would be stupid of me to dish out 440 plus the cost of that months bill. Instead ill wait out the 2 months and then go somewhere else .

    • gmo8492

      Holy crap, I pay the same price for 6 lines completely unlimited on T-Mobile. I took advantage of the two free lines promotion and that’s how much I pay after taxes. Even though the fee increase is going to bump it up a few more dollars for me. But still that’s crazy.

  • Randy W

    This is a story??? I don’t think people who spend up to $800 for their phone are going to worry about $1.16 !!
    If this is your best writing I suggest you quit and do something else.
    Big deal a rate increase –T deserves it–I haven’t had a rate increase in over 3 years.

    • Frank Pelletier

      He’s telling the news, not an opinion.

  • ImDeepInside

    So it’s a $0.47 and a $0.18 jump.

  • Jason Caprio

    I think it’s time to submit your #feeface to T-Mobile lol

  • Vee M Dee


    • I completely agree! I can only use my phone with my wifi in the first place even though I was told it worked where I live. Lies! My husband gets 30% off at AT&T so we’ll probably be switching anyway.

      • ‫אברהם סלומון‬‎

        Well as someone with 8 yrs in cellular design I know its never 100% to know if it will work at any given spot, but good news is tmobile just got 600mhz added to their network and this means once its added and you replace you phone with a new phone with 600mhz you should get better coverage nationwide wide this also means better indoor signals too.

        • Alexander Z Great

          It’s going to take a couple years to utilize their new spectrum. Lots of work to be done yet.

        • ‫אברהם סלומון‬‎

          Very true, but once done it will improve tmobile a lot.

        • Alexander Z Great

          Yep, maybe by 2020. by then all the carriers will have moved on to 5g

  • Bo Mathis

    Ah yes, T-Mobile. Just when I thought Sprint was the worst company in the history of business, T-Mobile takes the crown. I regretfully switched recently and I will tell you TMobile staff only knows how to be deceitful. Document and take pics of EVERYTHING when disputing a bill or return. They are unscrupulous and make Sprint look like the king of customer service and integrity.

    • zeth006

      For 47 cents? They’re unscrupulous for raising prices by 47 cents?

      • (J²)

        My thoughts exactly!

  • Steve Cole

    I have been a T-Mobile customer since 1997 when it had just become Voice Stream from Western Wireless. At that time most of the other carriers charged a lot more and all had there good spots and bad spots. Every carrier dropped calls!
    I stayed with T-Mobile because they have always been great to work with.
    I would never change!!! Why because I want to support a company that is pushing to give me a better product and is forcing the other carriers to change the way they do business!! The changes T-Mobile has brought to the industry has helped lower prices and increased service and benefits!!
    Yes! And they are about to make another huge change! They are going to have there own phone! Cheaper and with a lifetime warranty! AND you can upgrade at anytime!!
    I hope all you carrier hopping whiners luck, but I am going to continue to support T-Mobile because they have changed cell service for the better!! And they are THE ONLY ONE!
    Just one more thing! Why are you bitching about this tiny increase??? ESPECIALLY when you can switch to the T-Mobile One plan that has NO fees!!! Does any other carrier pay your fees and taxes??? F&(& NO!
    Those that are smart enough to get it and agree give me A T——-Mobile!!!


    • Mike

      Guess you never heard of the Tmobile sidekick

  • Valentin Lorien

    Does this mean that T-mobile will no longer charge their customers when dialing conference call numbers? My job requires my colleagues and I to conference in once a month for work phone calls and those of us with T-mobile have to pay a fee to conference in. Everyone else who has AT&T, Sprint, Verizon doesn’t have to pay this fee.

    • Acdc1a


  • brandenlee87

    Good I have T-mobile One and I’m Grandfathered in. I think T-mobile One ends in July

    • Sharti24

      What do you mean ends? You think they will go back to data plan buckets

      • Acdc1a

        Not a chance. I’m curious if brandenlee87 forgot his meds.

        • brandenlee87


      • brandenlee87

        T-mobile One ends in July it was just a promotion. They will go back to paying extra $5-$20 for data on top of your monthly bill like it was. Unlimited everything will go back to it’s regular price +tax and fees

  • Mike

    T-Mobile still has the lowest fees. Ppl complaining and threatening to leave will come back once they see the other carriers charges. Heck Verizon data access line fee is $20 and the upgrade fee is $35.

  • 이용관

    I wonder how much taxes and fees add up to on a simple choice plan.
    Tmobile advertises that Tmobile one rate plan is cheaper becuz taxes and fees are included but Im curious how much I am actually saving in taxes and fees.

    Can anyone share their experience, please?

    • Adam
    • JG

      I have 8 lines on the Simple Choice North America 10 GB plan. With taxes and fees we are about $30 less per month than if we went to the One plan.

    • Acdc1a

      Too many variables. Pretty much anyone that signed up for the 2 for $100 plan on forward would be better off on the One plan. My taxes and fees worked out to be about $20 per month for 3 lines.

    • Stephen C

      About $5 total fees per line.

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  • ericdabbs

    Tmobile needs fees to help build out their nationwide 600 MHz network. SC customers already pay less than One customers so I don’t see why the complaining.

  • Jason

    Yeah.. So get on a Tmo one rate plan. Ridiculous carping about fees when they have taxes and fees inclusive plans. Fake news. Melodramatic style.

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I am switching to T-mobile one before it ends in July.