T-Mobile One plan now all-in, KickBack launches today, too


Right on schedule, the new T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included is available.

The new T-Mobile One plan officially launched today, January 22. The goal of this new T-Mo One plan is to simplify customers’ monthly bill by building the taxes and fees into the advertised price of the plan. The new T-Mobile One plan is also now the only postpaid plan that new customers can sign up for.

T-Mobile One starts at $70 per month all-in for a single line. It’ll go up to $120 per month ($60 per line) for two lines, $140 per month ($46.67 per line) for three lines, and $160 per month ($40 per line) for four lines.

Keep in mind that all of those prices include Auto Pay. If you don’t sign up for Auto Pay, you’ll pay $5 more per line per month.

You also have the option of adding T-Mobile One Plus or T-Mobile One Plus International to each line. T-Mobile One Plus costs $15 per month per line and adds unlimited Gogo inflight Wi-Fi, double international data speeds (256Kbps), Voicemail to text, Name ID, and unlimited HD day passes for streaming. T-Mobile One Plus International is $25 per line per month and includes all of the features of the One Plus add-on as well as unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot as well as unlimited calling to landlines in more than 70 countries and mobile numbers in more than 30 countries.

Pricing for adding non-smartphone devices to your T-Mobile One plan is set at $20 per month for a tablet or $5 per month for a wearable. Again, these prices include Auto Pay.

It’s worth noting that current T-Mobile One customers will not automatically have taxes and fees built into their plan. These subscribers will need to enroll in the new T-Mobile One plan with taxes and fees included. If you do move from the old T-Mo One plan to the new, all of your lines will move with you.


T-Mobile has also rolled out KickBack, another major piece of its Un-carrier Next announcement. With KickBack enabled, T-Mobile will credit you up to $10 per line on your next bill for each line that uses 2GB or less of total data in a month.

KickBack is available on postpaid T-Mobile One voice and tablet lines, including both the old T-Mo One plan and the new One. You can add KickBack to your plan by logging into your account online or through the T-Mobile app.

So now that the new all-in T-Mobile One plan is here, will you be signing up?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Acdc1a

    Already switched. The promo plan for existing customers with 2 lines free is $130 for 4 lines all in is a $12 savings compared to my $120 plus taxes and fees.

  • lomsha


  • Mark

    Nope. Paying less for three lines on Simple Choice.

  • The new plans keep getting worst. I remember when T-Mobile plans used to be good. I’m never touching my grandfathered plan.

    • Jay Holm

      What’s wrong with the T-Mobile One Plan?

      • I was paying $150 for 3 lines, plus one free. After taxes, it came up to almost $170. I also have two additional free lines (syncUP, and tablet) that had 6GB data. I also had 14GB of hotspot. On the new plan, I pay $160. No additional taxes, for everything that I just mentioned. The bonus is now I save about $10+ a month on the plan. in addition, my two data lines (SyncUp and Tablet) has been increased from 6GB to UNLIMITED. The only downfall? My hotspot went from 14GB to 10GB. Not bad. it’s not like if I ever go above 10GB hotspot it will get cutoff. So it slows a bit, and I don’t even hotspot over 5GB. I do lose my government discount as well, but it saves me a few bucks. With the additional benefits of Tmobile One, It’s worth it for me. Oh, Two of my 4 voice lines do not go over 2GB a month, so I get the $20 kickback ($10 per line) which brings my T-Mobile 4-line plan from $160 down to $140. It all depends on what you use your data for. If you heavily depend on Hotspot, then yeah, you can stick with the grandfathered Simple-Choice plan. But we are talking about a measely 4GB difference. Again, you don’t get cut off cold turkey with your mobile hot-spot. it will slow. If you use more than 10GB of hotspot, there’s a very good chance you will be blowing past your grandfathered 14GB hotspot deal. Just my .02 cents.

  • My Simple Choice w/10gb is a far better deal. $120 ($40+40+20+20) plus about $17 in taxes. I would have to count on not using more than 2gb on every line on the new plan to come close to this.

  • Whiskers

    No thanks T-Mobile , I’ll keep my 2 lines Unlimited Everything for $100/month .
    And my taxes and fees only add $9/month on top of that.
    T-Mobile One plan is a joke !

    • nearvanaman

      Not for people who pay more for limited!

      • Whiskers

        Depends on your plan , but the two line T-Mobile One plan for $140/month is not a good deal for current customers .
        And to get that you are forced into auto pay , another nightmare people will soon discover once they are sucked into it.

        • Whiskers

          Correction , I meant $120/month for two lines .

        • $40 a line times two would be $80

        • Whiskers

          Reread it again , it’s $70 a line .
          $60 a line for two lines , and $46.67 a line for three .
          $40 a line is for 4 lines , try again .

        • nearvanaman

          I understand. Personally I auto-pay whatever I can and just try and deal with the risks of being overcharged. So far, I’ve survived. But it’s not for everyone. I was paying $74 and change for 6GB. I sometimes use less than 2GB so the One plan with the kickback makes sense for me.

        • Why would you be worried about being overcharged on autopay? You see your next bill plenty of time before they take out the money via autopay. If something is wrong with the bill bring it to T-Mobile’s attention immediately, or turn off auto pay as soon as you see a discrepancy.

        • Will

          Whiskers, you’re right, it all depends on the plan. For some current customers it might be a good deal for them depending on their usage and needs.
          I’m also on the unlimited 2 lines for $100 deal. I’ve also got 2 tablets which don’t get used that much except when traveling. But I’m looking at TMo One for me because my needs are changing. More traveling internationally and more calling internationally. More time on domestic flights where having the extra free Gogo WiFi time would be handy.
          It’s all a matter of what fits your needs.
          The promo plans that we are on, really shouldn’t be compared to current offerings except in how they relate to us on an individual basis.
          As for auto pay. I don’t see where the problem is on that. I’ve been auto pay with TMo and others for ages. The only nightmare is when my card details change. Again, just a matter of personal perspective.

    • Jesse Wilson

      You do realize it gives you more that what you currently pay for right? I mean I’m a frequent traveler, it all depends what you need it for! Works perfectly for me!

    • Phone Guy

      No, not a joke. Just not designed for people in trailers or that don’t travel. It works for many people. I”m sure your older plan has just what you need.

  • Tale 85

    Mine will go live Wednesday. The combination of T-Mobile One and Digits gives me my perfect plan. I was paying $80 for two lines with 2GB of Data each. Now I’ll be able to have two phones on the same number with unlimited data, add Plus International and my new bill is $95. No second line. (yes I realize Digits will probability cost something after the Beta program is over)

    • Bonedatt

      FYI, I just found out that the duplicate SIM uses mobile Hotspot data only. It would be nice if it had access to my unlimited data on the line it’s mimicking. My 5GB Hotspot data has been depleted two months in a row without me ever turning on Hotspot on my S7 Edge to tether anything. Tech support said they are working on language to state this so people are aware. I’m sure I won’t be using digits once they release pricing information for it. Luckily, I have Google voice which is free.

      • Phone Guy

        My phone uses like 2.3 GB per month of data just for Digits, and the digit app on my Tablet uses about 2.5 GB. Funny thing is i talk on the tablet about 3 minutes a month, and maybe receive 50 text message pictures a month. Digits is a disgusting data hog. I may have to shut it off soon.

        • Bonedatt

          Yea, I’m contemplating shutting it down too.

  • Bruce

    In AZ my $100 for 4 lines (2 paid two “free” after bill credits) of unlimited LTE with 7GB full speed tethering with taxes is $120.10/mo total. No thanks.

    • HawaiiD

      I hear ya Bruce, I have the Simple choice family unlimited data 3+1 line free . Then I added the extra free line last black Friday so now I have 5 lines with unlimited data along with 14 GB mobile 4G Lte hot spot each for 127.00(150.00-15%corporate discount) or 134.00 after taxes and fees. I WILL NEVER change from this plan.

  • Kevin

    hell no

  • SirStephenH

    F*** no!

  • MadMartigan

    This would actually be less for me on the 10GB/month plan for four lines and my $30 unlimited on top of it for my line. ($185 including taxes/etc vs $190 not including taxes/etc)

    …and the unlimited tethering wouldn’t hurt at all.

    Might finally worth it to switch. Looks like I may be the only one, judging by comments though.

    My kids and wife barely touch 1GB a month, so we’d get a $30 kickback on top of that as well. Almost seems a no-brainer.

    • Acdc1a

      Everything depends on what you want to get out of your plan. I like to be able to turn on high speed, unlimited tethering whenever I feel the need.

  • MadMartigan

    Seems to me most of the complaints are from people on grandfathered promotional plans, or plans that haven’t been offered by “Magenta” for 5+ years.

    My guess is that they are not targeting these customers with the ONE plan, but rather looking at drawing new customers or customers on the higher tier Simple Choice plans.

    fwiw: promotional plans were always meant to be a better deal than the normal plans. It’s kind of the entire point. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a new, non-promo plan doesn’t beat promotions. Just be glad you got ’em and can remain on ’em.

    • Locust Gee


      Too many reactionaries who just think it’s all about them.

    • Joe

      Yeah I think people do not understand that t-mobile is a business and they are in it to MAKE MONEY. As one of the people on a grandfathered plan they actually have given us some perks even though they don’t offer the plan such as once they upgraded us from 2GB to 2.5GB than last year we got upgraded to 4GB till 2019 (4 for 100 plan) so I think that is a pretty dam good deal lets just hope it does not expire in 2019 as they say it does.

      • Bonedatt

        Exactly. They have shareholders ( like me..thanks for the free stock T-MOBILE) too. I believe my original Simple Choice 4 lines for $100 plan started out with 1GB data on each line. My line has a $20 grandfathered add on for unlimited data. They doubled that plan’s data to 2GB (500mb free data also included so it’s 2.5GB), and then upgraded it to 4GB till 2019 since I’m so awesome ;). Now I’m at 6/100 since I got 2 free lines last year.

    • Mark

      Given that the last line of the article is “So now that the new all-in T-Mobile One plan is here, will you be signing up?”, and also that most of the posters here are existing TMo customers, it seems that comparisons to existing plans are warranted.

      • MadMartigan

        Comparisons are most definitely warranted. I never claimed otherwise.

        The expectations that this plan should be cheaper, on the other hand, are what defy reason.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    I’ve been a staunch TMo fan for years and convinced many friends to switch (or at least consider). I’ve also been able to sign up a few accounts from my job since I’m entrenched in our mobile phone initiative. My change of thought about TMo solely rests on the lack of a reasonable tethering option. The One plan is fine for LTE enabled devices, but a reasonable 5GB – 10GB tethering option is mandatory.

    I no longer recommend ANY plans on the job (most have gone to V), nor do I recommend TMo when asked about my personal plan. I feel lucky to have gotten grandfathered in on a promo plan, and when I switch, I’ll probably end up at ATT–bad CS and all—if I still have DirecTV.

    • Acdc1a

      Tethering is UNLIMITED, albeit at 3G speeds. For $25 you can get unlimited tethering at 4G LTE speeds. I don’t get your complaint.

      • Rob

        The 3G marketing is such a joke. 512kbps does not equal 3G. When T-Mobile only had HSPA+, I regularly got 15-20Mb/s. If they were talking about UMTS, it would be 384Kb/s – HSPA is 14.4Mb/s. Its throttled LTE that barely goes above the first 3G GSM standard.

        • Acdc1a

          128k is throttled LTE. You’re being dramatic. EVDO and UMTS regularly delivered up to 1Mbps with average speeds hovering around 512k.

          While HSPA wasn’t a 4G standard, it may has well have been.

        • Rob

          You don’t know your standards. UMTS Release ’99 maxed at 384kbps. Release 5 brought HSDPA which bumped that to 3.6Mbps, then it branched off to HSPA 7.2, then 14.4, and HSPA+ 42. It’s throttled LTE either way because it is still going over LTE, it’s not dropping to HSPA or 3G.

          It is barely usable for anything which means they might as well have left it off altogether. I never succeeded in using it for anything except Kindle book downloads and the mobile Facebook site.

      • Almeuit

        Unlimited tethering yes — If you use more data on the phone than via tethering. They even say it in the fine print…Primary usage must be on smartphone or tablet — not tethered devices.

        “Tethering: Service may be terminated or restricted for excessive roaming. For customers who use more data than 97% of our customers (currently over 28GB per month), primary data usage must be on smartphone or tablet.”

        • Acdc1a

          You have to be doing some funny stuff to get caught up in that. I’ve pushed 30GB through via tethering out of 40GB total…No nasty texts or anything of that nature except to say I may be de-prioritized.

        • Almeuit

          I wouldn’t say “have to be” — As we don’t know when they will say too much is too much. Also if your phone usage passes your tether usage then using 40 GB isn’t an issue. The point is .. it isn’t like what most think. Some may never use phone data and use all tether thinking “I have unlimited tether right?” then get slapped.

      • eanfoso

        I wish it was 3G, I get 0.12 mbps

      • Jesslyn Hendrix

        I have 6 lines, how much is that going to cost when only one line needs it. The new lack of options TMo has locks me into my current plan. Every time I think about it, I want to switch. All I get from each new announcement is “You mean I can’t…” for another feature.

        • Now you see,now you don’t.

          There are work arounds tethering,you can google,pda net. It works great hiding your tethering. It works great,you should try it.

    • Will

      I see where you’re coming from Jesslyn. If you’re someone who relies on their smartphone for hotspot access the new plan on it’s own isn’t the best fit. Even though hotspot is included, it’s at 3G not LTE speeds, which makes working that much tougher.
      For those people the One Plus International (and possibly the One Plus as well, but I haven’t confirmed that) would be an option as it includes mobile hotspot at full LTE speeds without being limited to 5 or 7 or 10GB.

      From TMo’s standpoint, I think it comes down to how many people are actually using their phone for tethering and how much tethering those people are doing when they are.

      Speaking for my circle of influence (marketing professionals, real estate agents and brokers, restaurant owners, stay at home parents, etc), most people simply don’t tether. The last time I tethered was on the way to the airport last week when I downloaded 2 books to my Kindle.

      I think that, at least partly, has to do with the larger number of decent WiFi hotspots in more restaurants, cafes, hotels, airports and even in parks. It also has to do with battery life. But mostly it’s the massive shift away from computers to smartphones and tablets. For a lot of people, they simply don’t need a computer for home or work outside of the traditional office.

      Based on that, TMo might be ahead of the curve in responding to the major market shift in “computing” but the option is still there for those who need more.

    • Spanky

      I have two lines on AT&T and have never had an issue with their CS. I don’t use it often, but the few times I called them, they’ve been nothing but helpful.

    • Now you see me,now you don’t.

      There are work arounds tethering,you can google,pda net. It works great hiding your tethering.

    • Jesus Christhole

      They now have a 15GB free hotspot promo, just go into your account and change the plan, you have to do this for every member

  • aglee89

    This unlimited shit but they cut your speeds is stupid in my opinion, they say uncarrier but they are acting just like the others, everything has a catch. Why just one plan, people want options and no fine print. Truly revolutionize the way a carrier should be.

    • Acdc1a

      No, people don’t want options. They want to be able to use their devices as much as they want to and not have to worry about what the bill will be.

      ONE still gives you 2 add-ons plus kick back if choice is what you really need.

      • Mark

        No one wants to have to worry about overage charges; I’ll grant you that.

        I do think that different sets of users, with differing definitions of “as much as they want”, have differing expectations and the low-end users (such as my S/O who only has a smart phone for the physical keyboard for texting and has never opened the app drawer) would prefer lower pricing to reflect their reduced data usage needs (i.e., why should someone like her pay the same as someone who streams movies on their device?)

  • Bonedatt

    I took advantage of the black Friday two free line deal last year. I will be sticking to my 6 for $100 with about $9 in taxes.

    • ancho84

      Did you already get the two lines as free on your December and January bills? Mine is charging for the lines :/ I called and was told credit applies in 2-3 cycles.

      • Bonedatt

        Yes, I have been getting the credits ($20) applied to my account. It applied automatically in December, but I had to call about it in January and my bill was adjusted. Then weeks later (same month) it applied automatically. I’m sure they’ll readjust it again next month once they realize they applied it twice in one month.

        • Queen Bee

          I’m still being charged since Nov! also we did the black Friday deal for the iphone 7 and I’m being charged $27.09 x 4 plus taxes! Now they claim they don’t know where the phones are that we sent in for trade in. I’ve been getting all kinds of excuses and blatant lies from them. I’m so disgusted! I’ve been with T-mobie for 14 years and am seriously considering leaving them.

    • Are you on Simple Choice Or One Plan? I have a very old legacy plan myself & pay $90 a month plus taxes for 5 lines unlimited everything!

      • Bonedatt

        Simple choice.

  • Donnie Martinez

    T- mobile has horrible coverage nation wide

    • gmo8492

      Completely anecdotal and without facts. If that were true, I wouldn’t have been able to use 30GB of data this past month.

      • Jay Holm

        I’ve seen 110GB’s, I watch a lot of Netflix & Xfinity, security guard, work 3 night shifts a week. Pretty boring job.

        • Pitahson

          Makes sense. I started watching more YouTube and directv now, at 35GB a month with my heavy usage on WiFi

      • Phone Guy

        What uses 30GB of data. That slows it for everyone else. Are you downloading the National archives? :)

        • Brad B. .

          I use 100s of GBs.

    • Jay Holm

      Really? I drove from Ct to Tx, 1,720 or so miles, using Google Maps the whole time…no problems at all, and no I didn’t drive along the 95, drove through rural Va, Mississippi, Alabama do so on, a large portion was pretty country, not urban sprawl.

      • Sectime

        When T-Mobile has that coverage out west then ok. Lots of no coverage sadly

        • John Kiser

          You need a band 12 capable phone for their better coverage and will need another new band for increased coverage that they will be able to roll out with their new win at specturm auction.

        • Sectime

          Yeah the someday argument, my 7 Plus has 12 so “someday” :)

    • Joe

      You can’t generalized that they have horrible nation wide coverage. Yes there map is a lie 1/3 of the time in rural places but there coverage is fantastic in urban areas as well as most main freeways and has gotten much better in rural parts of america over the past year.

  • nearvanaman

    Re the auto pay $5 “deduction”, does that kick in at payment time? My first One bill shows $75 for the plan. Will they only charge $70 if the payment is made using auto pay?

  • JMF_mobile

    No way I’d change from my Simple Choice plan to TMO One. It’s better and cheaper.

    • Phone Guy

      If you are standing on your left foot in one of the three places Sprint works, true. Kidding.

    • Brad B. .

      Actually tmobile one is better with promos.

  • eanfoso

    Would it drop more per line with a 5th line?

  • gg55592

    For years, T-Mobile would come out with new plans and they would be great and I would want to switch to them.

    But with T-Mobile One it really is the beginning of the end. Complicated schemes that are hard to understand and designed to charge people more money for the same services. It’s just back to the old shell game that every other company plays. Move the pieces around so people can’t tell they’re getting charged more for less.

    Now I’m just glad I’ve got my old Simple Choice plan, which does not include the illegal throttling and violations of net neutrality found in the new T-Mobile One plans.

    • Phone Guy

      the throttling is now gone. It wasn’t illegal, actually. Very legal, and could be turned off. Completely, completely legal. But now its all open speed.

    • Brad B. .

      I have Tmobile one with Promo Plus. 6 lines. Netflix. Hookup. Pay 160. It is stressful though. Any little thong becomes huge problems.

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  • ChelleBelle

    I switched back to T-Mobile this week after being with AT&T for several years. The all in plan was just too good to pass up and I am saving over $60/month. HOWEVER, the process was extremely stressful and frustrating. Hope it’s worth it.

  • Brad B. .

    Do not turn this on if you have any promos. Not worth it