T-Mobile LG G6 receiving software update


The LG G6 is scheduled to officially launch on April 7, but some pre-sale customers already have the G6 in their hands. And now it looks like they’re getting a pre-launch software update, too.

TmoNews reader Nick and some T-Mobile LG G6 owners on Reddit are receiving an update this weekend to software version H87210e. The update weighs in as 124.1MB, the only item mentioned in the changelog is a vague “This release includes various updates” statement. T-Mo’s support site doesn’t contain any helpful info, either.


It’s possible that this update includes some under-the-hood tweaks and improvements to help the G6 get ready for its launch on April 7, but we’ll have to wait and see if T-Mobile adds more details to its software update page. For now, if you’ve got an LG G6 and haven’t yet updated, you can check for the update manually by going into Settings > About phone > Update Center > System updates > CHECK FOR UPDATE.

Thanks, Nick!

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  • IamDefiler

    Went into a T-Mo store Sat to buy a G6 and even though they had them in stock, they wouldn’t sell me one. Guy brought the box out from the back to show me but nope.

    • KrisKordova

      Did you want to pay MSRP? You’d have to be a fool. He did you a favor. $599 at launch for the suckers, then $199 two months later, MSRP! no credits no trade in no port in just PLEASE BUY THEM!!! We need more room for Galaxys and iPhones!

      • IamDefiler

        The situation was driving the reason. My wifes phone was all but dead and she needed something. I didn’t mind buying at full price considering it came with a Google Home. Something I was looking to buy anyway. Maybe the guy did do me a favor but I still thought it was odd they wouldn’t sell them if they had them in stock.

        I think it dropping to $200 in two months is a slight (read “big”) exaggeration. yes, I can see it dropping in price but not to $200 anytime soon.

        • vplaza

          $200 in two months may be an exaggeration, but consider that the V20, released in September, can be had for as low as $450, it might pay to wait.

    • Kaulana1989

      Wait till they come discounted $200

      • IamDefiler

        OK. Let me know when that happens next year.

        • Acdc1a

          Next year? This is an LG product. It will be $200 off by June.

        • IamDefiler

          He’s saying selling for $200 not $200 off.

    • Kaulana1989

      Don’t blow your money on a G6 get a axon 8 it’s going to be amazing Google Daydream compatibility VR

      • IamDefiler

        I have an AXON 7 and even though the build is nice, the software leaves A LOT to be desired. I had to roll back to MM after the crap they released for N and I hate MM due to the over aggressive app monitoring/shutting down for battery performance. I’ll be watching for the AXON 8 but I will be very cautious before even thinking about buying it.

    • Sammaad Shams

      I ordered mine today on JOD. They said it was back ordered. I guess they may he holding till April 7 for the official launch.

  • William Kirschman

    I am staying at a hotel where I was getting only 1-2 bars. After the update I am getting 3-4 bars. Maybe a coincidence?

  • Tabs2IsBoss #SamsungKnights

    Definitely glad to pass on the G6 with it’s less than 22gb of usable storage out of the box, 7month old Snapdragon 821, No headphones in the retail packaging, no QUAD DAC, an old 2015 wannabe Note5 or S6 copied design.

    S8 and S8Plus are the best handsets of 2017 period till the Note8 in September.

    My S8Plus Orchid Gray is days away from arrival. #NothingBeatsSamsung

    • squiddy20

      I love that you keep saying the same utter crap over and over and over, without ever thinking about what you’re saying.
      Like the S8, the G6 has a micro SD slot. The paltry 22 GB of usable storage can easily be mitigated with a high capacity SD card. Additionally, if you throw your pictures, videos and music on the SD, and leave the onboard storage for apps, data, and cache, you won’t have any problems. But who am I kidding? I’m talking to the Samsung fanboy who makes outrageous claims about everything without knowing anything.
      Seriously, who gives a crap about included headphones? They’re cheaper and of lesser quality than a $20 pair you can buy at any music or tech store.
      And finally, you must be blind or horribly impaired if you think the G6 looks anything like an S6 or Note 5.

      • T Redd

        nothing beats Samsung. lol