T-Mobile One promo with HD video streaming and 10GB LTE hotspot ending soon


Back in February, T-Mobile beefed up its One plan by offering unlimited HD video streaming and 10GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot for free in order to match Verizon’s new unlimited plan. Now that special offer is about to go away.

TmoNews reader Corey today noticed a new message in My T-Mobile that says that the unlimited HD streaming and 10GB high-speed hotspot offer is ending soon. Several T-Mo customers on Reddit received the same notice.

You can read the full message for yourself below:


I reached out to T-Mobile to confirm that this promo is ending soon and was only told that “our offers are always limited time opportunities.” T-Mobile’s website says the same thing about the unlimited HD streaming and 10GB high-speed tethering offer. “For a limited time, you can activate up to 10GB of LTE tethering and HD video streaming for no additional charge by using the T-Mobile app or by visiting My.T-Mobile.com,” the FAQ reads.

So yeah. It’s unclear exactly when T-Mobile will stop offering unlimited HD streaming and 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot for no extra charge, but it looks like could be going away in the near future. So if you’ve been thinking of switching to T-Mo or you’re already a customer and just haven’t added the promo plan yet, you may want to grab this deal soon.

Thanks, Corey!

Via: Reddit

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  • John Doe

    So they will go back to 480p and move it back to One+ or just increase prices? WTH?

    • Corey Jalette

      If you have the plan you’ll be able to keep it, it’s just the promo ending for new customers.

      • ALUOp

        I suspect that it’s not just the new customers. The message, which also appears when you log in to your account online, says “…end soon. Activate …”. So it seems to me it means they’re urging you to activate the feature before they stop offering you the options.

        • Sharti24

          No way do they remove that feature for existing customers

        • ALUOp

          I think this is probably for the people who signed up T-Mobile before they introduced this “ONE Plus Promo w/ HD video & more” plan. They have to manually change to the “promo” plan, which costs $00.00 for them. This option is going away and if they don’t do it now they may not be able to do so later. People who signed up after this “promo” plan was announced should be on the promo plan automatically.

        • Sharti24

          lol ok good. i signed up for 3 for $100 and used the 20% promo code. if you like your cell phone plan, you can keep it!

      • John Doe

        Duh, I know that. I mean what will happen when the promo ends considering that they removed the pay for HD option.

  • Will Grafius

    Has anyone experienced reduced internet speeds after switching to the One plan? I hear rumors of it and am very hesitant to switch.

    • Sharti24

      They throttle after 30gb only if the tower is congested

    • Jay

      Speeds have become absolute crap here in Houston. I have no idea what’s going on with the network. I’ve complained way too many times about it now and may be on my way out. It can be near unusable.

      • eanfoso

        Go by the nrg stadium, their coverage there is A1, pretty much that entire sw area of 610. I streamed 1080p content without lag, but when I went west by Katy it was abysmal at 1 mbps

      • 0neTw0

        Interesting, My experience has been much better than yours in the same area. My Verizon family have been complaining in Bellaire, Greens Point and Highland Village areas. The Super Bowl was a godsend for anyone going to NRG area. Especially for T-mobile users. I never got usable service during Texan games until the past season. I didn’t even have to use the in stadium Wifi. This is using the Nexus 6 & 6P. Wouldn’t surprise me different phones have worse/better reception. My wife’s S7 edge prices this for me.

    • My 4g speeds have seemed worse at times, especially for the billing cycle immediately after switching to the promo. However, I have zero complaints about my LTE speed. I haven’t even activated the HD pass, and it sometimes autostreams at 720 and 1080p, forcing me to switch it down to 360 or less manually (I do a lot of consumption while working, often just listening to content, and so I lower the res to try to stretch my data and avoid hitting the deprioritization threshold).

    • Frankwhitess

      Not really… It really depends if your in a busy area but even then, the speeds are good… I live, work, and play in nyc… From 32nd Street to 196th,… Data works fine…

  • GinaDee

    They would be insane to be the only carrier drop it…. unless they are planning something else like Unlimited HotSpot on T-Mobile ONE for everyone even if you opt out of the International version.

  • Dakota_Offspring

    Good news for Verizon

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  • pops87

    It’s not. T-Mobile has gotten cocky now that they’ve attracted so many subscribers. Considering that their coverage still sucks in many parts of the country and data speeds are getting worse, this is a bold move on their part.

    • matt

      blah blah blah, if you don’t like their coverage then spend the extra 10 to 20 dollars a month for a AT&T or verizon wifi hotspot and use it in combination of your t-mobile phone in bad coverage areas with wifi calling.

      i hate people who troll about t-mobile’s coverage, when it is so cheap to fix. just get a mobile hotspot on your friends mobile share or something!

      how about a cellular iPad? they make good wifi hotspots with their 10 hour battery

    • Brian the populist.

      Exactly why I switched

  • Mike Toreno

    It looks to me like this isn’t as bad as it sounds, because there is a non-promotional $5 T-mobile One Plus option for each line that gives you the same thing as the free promotional One Plus, in addition to unlimited (phone) wifi on t-mobile equipped domestic flights. I grabbed the promotional plan as soon as I saw it, but if I were coming in later, I would get the $5 extra option for at least one line. If the $5 thing doesn’t go away, the disappearance of the promotional plan isn’t great, but doesn’t eliminate tethering a what I think is still a reasonable price. And for people who fly a lot and like to be online in the air, it’s pretty good.

    • Corey Jalette

      That $5 option was $15 before the promo but because the promo included some of them they reduced the price. Most likely it will be 15$ for those without the one plus promo after its gone.

      • Mike Toreno

        If I remember right, the $15 option was junk. It included 3G tethering or something. Plus HD as well? Previously, the One Plus plan was $25, and it included unlimited tethering, but it was $25 per month. Then, I think at the same time as the “taxes and fees included” initiative, they changed T-mobile One Plus to some kind of junk plan that cost $15, and added international calling to the previous One Plus plan. And then with the latest move, they put in a good promotional plan (which I have), and provided the $5 plan as an option, and I almost got it, except that on the Promo plan I felt that if I picked up the $5 plan and then the promo went away I couldn’t drop back and I don’t fly as much as I used to.

        I don’t think it’s necessarily true that the $5 plan will go to $15, and I certainly hope it won’t. And if it does happen, I suppose the uproar will cause t-Mobile to shift back fairly quickly.

        • Corey Jalette

          The original tmobile one plan came with unlimited 3g tethering to start.the one plus cost 15$ and gave you HD video access but had to be done monthly to turn on. The 25$ option gave you the lte u limited tethering. So the 5 plan going back up to 15$ makes sense since this will offer more features. They might put the 10gb lte Hotspot feature in that category once the promo ends though. That would be the smart move anyway.

    • Corey Jalette

      Or they will have another type of plan change to the one plan that just includes it all in the base plan.

    • kanakamaoli

      If you have 4 lines of service with the original one plan. Do you only have activate this promo on the main account holders line? Or do you have to activate each of the other 3 lines on the same plan individually? Thanks

      • Mike Toreno

        I don’t have any special inside knowledge, and I changed from Simple Choice to T-Mobile One when they announced the promo, so I didn’t do anything special to get the promo. But go into your account and look at plans, and then for each line, choose Manage Data Add Ons, and make your selection for each line. I think what I’m saying is right, but if you’re uncertain, do more research or ask somebody who knows more than I do.

  • Mike Toreno

    The HD is selectable and I made sure that ours is turned off. My wife listens to Youtube music at work without looking at the screen, she doesn’t need to do that on HD. She will blast past the 30 GB “limit” in a week or two if she listens to youtube in HD. She has busted past it in previous months using Music Freedom, without noticing any slowdown, but there’s no need to rack up lots of usage for no reason (plus the “lighting a cell tower on fire” issue did cross my mind too).

    • Rob P

      How did you turn off HD? I haven’t been able to do so since I switched to this promotion.

      • Mike Toreno

        Go into your account. Profile, Media settings

    • Frankwhitess

      Your very kind and generous to shut HD off… I can guarantee you that on average, 8 out of 10 people has there HD turned on and are streaming the Entire Internet… Even worst, and I am notorious for it, streaming 1080p when am just watching it on my phone and my phone doesn’t even really utilize the full 1080p..

      More the reason why t mobile is putting a end to the promotion…

      NOW… The question is, will Verizon end there promotion as well ????

      Because if they don’t,….. Verizon is going to have fun picking up a lot of new customers lol

      • Mike Toreno

        I don’t understand all this talk about HD on phones being supposedly so important. I did an experiment, I Chromecasted a few minutes of a Netflix movie to my 40-inch TV, with HD turned off, to see if it degraded the viewing experience, and it didn’t, as far as I could tell. I think that making people turn on HD every day was a good strategy. If somebody notices the lack of HD, they can go in and turn it on, but if somebody DOESN’T notice, and “inadvertently” leaves it turned off all day, well, they didn’t really need it much, did they?

        There’s a real practical benefit to watching video in SD if it doesn’t degrade the experience for you, which is that you avoid hitting the “lower priority” threshold (which is now higher than it was).

        This promotion will go, but everybody that has it will be able to keep it, and there’ll be a new promotion soon enough.

        There is nothing new under the sun.

        One T-mobile promotion passeth away, and another T-mobile promotion cometh: but the earth abideth for ever.

        (I tried to put up a link to an appropriate Youtube clip but it wouldn’t let me, but you can search on “Turn, Turn, Turn”

        Basically, the song is about how there is a time for every carrier. A time for Verizon, a time for AT&T, a time for T-Mobile, a time for MetroPCS, etc.)

      • moss

        I very much doubt that 8 out of 10 users have turned on HD, considering a majority of users don’t even know how to use the tmobile app or website to review their bill never mind turn on hd streaming.

        I can understand why you think that though. Reading forums and comment sections can make you believe that things like hd video and Hotspot allotment are the end all be all for everyone and their mother. But in actuality, the majority of users just want their devices to work without having to do anything, including using the tmobile app or website to turn on hd video.

  • Brian the populist.

    Unfortunately Verizon started it and T-Mobile can’t keep up thats why now they’re saying it’s a limited time offer because they didn’t want to seem like they couldn’t keep up whatever the case Verizon was right.

    • Corey Jalette

      It’s always been a promo plan since they announced it. Promo plans don’t stay around forever. I doubt they would take it away and not add anything since the competition has it still. We shall see soon enough though.

      • There are people here who didn’t think it was a promo? Interesting. I was hoping that the additional line promo was going to last longer than this one. I missed out on that one and regret it.

        • Corey Jalette

          Yeah, it was awesome. I hope they do another add a line deal.

  • Tom@L

    doesnt make any sense when Verizon is still offering full hd access. I guess tmobile is reaching the point where any net new customers with full hd on is impacting their network…

  • Uri

    I have the old promo simple choice plan 2/100 plan unlimited everything I try to switch to the New T-Mobile one plan But T-Mobile one doesn’t support binge on that’s what they told me because it’s all unlimited + HD VIDEO…binge on does help a lot because I do not use your usage stream all you want for FREE without using your data cap but still thinking of switching for HD????

    • Even with BingeOn, there is still a 30gb threshold for deprioritization. Though TMO One includes HD video in this promo, you also still have to activate it each month. So effectively, there is very little reason not to switch. The one thing that you do lose are your Napster credits, and so if you’ve been enjoying that, that’s the only drawback. Other than that, everything is the same / better. I switched last month.

      • francob911 .

        You loose the Napster and the free vudu rental each month by having Binge on turned on for a whole billing period also if you call international its $15 per line on tmo 1 not $10 for the whole account. And if your a Goverment employee you dont get the monthly discount any more

        • francob911 .

          So for me i got alot to loose if i change to tmo 1 oh… And plus I get 14gb of Hotspot and with Tmo 1 its only 10gb

        • Acdc1a

          The $15 or so I saved in taxes alone would be worth the switch.

      • disqus_R5vGq49Ttt

        But wait. I have an on Simple Choice Plan. I have the 5 GB hotspot and unlimited phone data. I use my phone as a hotspot with Chromecast to watch sling TV. Binge on is enabled with my plan and I don’t get the best image…but it works for me. When this new plan was announced, I was excited. After doing significant research and talking to multiple people in tech support here’s what I found. This would NOT be beneficial for me as this new plan does not zero-rate data. So once my 10 GB of hotspot data was absorbed…I’m “done” for the remainder of that bill cycle. I can watch days and days worth of “zero rated items” such as YouTube, Sling, Netflix, Crackle at present and the only data that comes out of my 5GB bucket is when commercials are played during an particular stream. The actual show data is zero-rated (not taken out of bucket). So with what I was told and what I researched, I have to disagree here. If you have evidence that this is not accurate please advise…..I would absolutely prefer to enjoy an HD experience but from what I gathered with no binge-on avail for this plan it would not be optimial for my excessive use….

        • For reference, I switched from the old 2 / 100 SC with unlimited data and 7gb hotspot.

          Anyway, while those items are zero-rated, they still count towards your 30gb deprioritization threshold. I had 5gb LTE Match My Data on my tablet, and used to stream YouTube for days as well with BingeOn activated. I seldom ran up against the deprioritization threshold, but often maxed out my 5gb. When that occurred, the speeds were awful, almost unusable. With TMO One, my bill is actually cheaper and my tablet now has unlimited LTE. I also have 10gb hotspot with that tablet as well.

          On TMO One, you not only receive 10gb of high-speed hotspot, after your 10gb are up, you are given data at “3g speeds” (admittedly, there’s some controversy around what that means). We use DirecTV Now, and often use it in conjunction with our Amazon Firestick. We make sure settings are set to “good” quality (as opposed to “best”), and we try not to activate HD for the month. Between three devices, we’ve not really come close to the deprioiritzation threshold, and my wife will watch 1-6 shows each day. On my tablet, I listen to a lot of news through YouTube, and on my phone, I’ll stream a show if it interests me (just finished Taboo recently). I was also watching a lot of the NCAA basketball when it was the regular season.

          I can’t comment on your particular situation, but for mine, I’ve noticed not only no significant dropoff in terms of the plan (other than losing my Napster Premium – never used the free Vudu rental), but things are both better and cheaper. The video quality is also often better than when I used BingeOn (closer to 480 on average as opposed to 240 or even 144 at times). While watching a football game, there were times on SC BingeOn when there wasn’t enough detail to see the numbers on the jerseys.

          I’d say the main drawback at this stage is that, as of yet, once you activate HD for the month, it stays active. If and when they get to a point where you can toggle it, all the better. You also have to consider that any future perks down the pipeline are usually aimed towards TMO1 users.

          There are some things that annoy me but have so far been non-issues, such as bill credits. I love that taxes and fees are included in the pricing now though.

          If you’re happy with what you have, keep it. Just don’t be one of those people who complain if a good perk or promo is directed towards existing TMO1 subscribers but not SC subscribers. At least the extra line deal included SC subscribers.

        • disqus_R5vGq49Ttt

          Well I’d rather be safe than sorry. I don’t have cable or home wifi. So my phone’s data is my “life blood”. I’d rather deal with SD “DVD Quality video” and know that I have zero-rated data and can pretty much watch as frequent as I want. Been doing this for months. Yes I get in the “prioritization zone” but it’s not the worst. If I had solid evidence that in MY situation this TMO one plan would be a better option, I’d move. I know I’d be extremely upset if I changed and continued by current watching habits…that after a few days of use my 10 GB of data is gone and I’m at “3G speeds” which are barely useable.

        • Mike Toreno

          Why do you need to hotspot to use Chromecast?

        • disqus_R5vGq49Ttt

          I have no wifi. The Chromecast picks up my mobile hotspot

        • Mike Toreno

          Try taking the phone off wifi, starting up the sling TV app, and trying to connect to the chromecast. See if it gives you a choice between connecting to “this device” and “nearby device.” If you select “nearby device,” it will listen for a PIN, and if it doesn’t detect it, it will let you enter a PIN which should be displayed on the device you want to connect to.

        • disqus_R5vGq49Ttt

          I don’t have the phone on wifi. I actually have mobile hot spot activated when I cast. I used a tablet (also connected to my hot spot) for the initial set up. This is why I haven’t jumped ship for the new TMO 1 Plan. It’s my understanding that since it does not zero rate data as my current plan does I will eat through 10GB pretty swiftly while my hotspot is the data source for casting sling TV from my phone w/ chromecast

        • Mike Toreno

          First, I have nothing to say against your sticking to the plan you’re on – my wife and I changed from a grandfathered unlimited plan to a 6 GB plan when Youtube got added to BingeOn. I thought it was great, and made T-mobile basically unlimited for everybody, and also brilliant, because it reduced peak consumption.

          But if you want to do an experiment, turn off the hotspot and start up sling TV. Touch the chromecast connect symbol, and if sling TV supports it, you will see “connect to:” and then “this device” and “nearby device”. If you can get connected to the Chromecast as a “nearby device” you should be able to cast without using any hotspot data.

          If that works for you, and if there are additional reasons why you might like T-mobile One, it’s worth thinking about. But giving up unrated streaming is a big deal, and something to be thought about carefully before leaping in.

        • disqus_R5vGq49Ttt

          I will try this tonight!!!

        • Mike Toreno

          It definitely works, but not every app does it (I tried to screen cast like that, and it told me it needed wifi) and not every phone works right (I did it with no problem with a NEXUS 5, but then that lost its IMEI and I am using a Galaxy Avant and why I try, it keeps telling me it failed to connect). So if it doesn’t work the first time, keep fooling around a bit. Also, it’s a great tip to give to friends who are on T-Mobile One, even if you don’t make the change yourself.

        • disqus_R5vGq49Ttt

          This did not work. It asked for the pin to “cast to nearby device” which I entered, but would not connect. I don’t see how this could possibly work since Chromecast needs a data connection to function. I don’t know how it would establish a data connection with my mobile data without hotspot being enabled.

        • Mike Toreno

          Until and unless I manage to get some contrary results, I believe what you’re saying, and I’ve done some research that backs you up.


          I did do an experiment using a NEXUS 5, with the NEXUS 5 off of wifi, and not hotspotting. I have internet at home, with a wifi router, and had previously set up Chromecast with that, and mostly (always?) used Chromecast with it. I have never used a Chromecast that wasn’t on wifi (even though I did so some experiments in which I thought I was using it successfully with a phone that was not connected to wifi at the time).

          With my NEXUS 5, I thought I was getting hooked up, and watching Netflix with just the phone Internet, connected directly to the Chromecast. I can NOT do this with my Galaxy Avant, and the NEXUS 5 lost its IMEI so I can’t use it to do the experiment.

          I think what I proved was, I didn’t know what I was doing.

          But you know how great BingeOn is, especially for your needs. My wife would routinely use about 25 or more GB per month, and show about 1-2 GB actual usage. I can’t say enough good things about it, and it took 6 months before T-Mobile One was anything at all other than substance-free marketing slogans.

        • Mike Toreno

          OK, my wife got back and I tried it with her Galaxy Note 3, and it worked, as near as I could tell. As I said before, it did NOT work with my Galaxy Avant. I took her phone, unhooked her phone from wifi, and said connect to nearby device. It didn’t do it automatically; it asked for the PIN. I put in the PIN and it hooked up. I tried it on Google Play Music and on Youtube, and I looked at the data consumption in Settings and I did see data consumption while I was doing that, and did see some data consumption ON YOUTUBE and I wasn’t doing anything else on Youtube. So as far as I’ve been able to tell, what was stopping me before was that my phone won’t do it or has some wrong settings or something, but I did get it done (I think). I’m certainly not suggesting that you give up Simple Choice (especially now that the free T-Mobile One promotion is gone), or spend anytime worrying about it, but if you happen to get a new phone, it’s worth trying the experiment.

        • TylerCameron

          Get a WiFi router.

      • ericdabbs

        Wait I thought it was confirmed that the HD video only have to be enabled only once and the HD pass was good for like 3000 days? And not only that but they had a backup HD pass that will extend it past the 3000 days. Did that change recently where you have to enable the HD video each month?

    • francob911 .

      Having Binge on turned off is like having HD.

    • JJCommonSense

      Is your plan the unlimited 4g plan? Or do u have high speed buckets? If youre on the unlimited 4g plan u can turn off your BINGE ON and stream at HD. Bingeon does nothing for you if ur on the same plan that I’m on..

  • Sharti24

    Tmobile should release a 4 for $100 1plan. 1 line $50. 2 lines $75. 3 lines $90. Game over!

    • Francisco Peña

      I’d jump on that. I too have been saying for a while that if they want they should lower the price to either 70 or $80 for two lines of unlimited. That would bring a whole lot of people. Right now I’m on the two lines for $70 with 6 Gigabytes each. That was a nice deal last year so I’m sure they could bring the unlimited one down too close to that

      • Sharti24

        Look at sprint. 5 lines unlimited everything for $90. Yeah its only good for 1 year then goes up to $160 but you compare tmobile to sprint. Not verizon

        • marque2

          I hav 5 lines for $155 with the current One deal. I wouldn’t trade that for Sprint for anything. Paying $90 a month to Sprint is like donating to charity. You pay money but get nothing of value back.

        • Francisco Peña

          Friends don’t let friends get Sprint.

          The people I know with Sprint, i hate talking with them on the phone. They sound terrible…

    • JJCommonSense

      Im grandfathered into an old Simple Choice Unlimited plan that was 2 lines for $100, then i got the 2 free line promotion that they offered a lil while back… they dont pay for my taxes and i only get 7 gb of streaming tho

      • Sharti24

        What is final cost of your bill each month after taxes and fees?

        • JJCommonSense

          Well I have 8 lines.. but my taxes and fees in Oregon are very low ;)

        • Sharti24

          Oh ok i was curious what taxes and fees would be on the 2/$100 plan. Nvm then lol

        • Corey Jalette

          For me when I had that single choice 2/100 unlimited it was about 13$ with taxes and fees. The new tmobile one is just 2/100 total.

        • Chris Drudge

          I’m on 4 for $100 and there’s an additional $22.10 added on each month in taxes and fees.

        • Darkbob

          I’m great great grandfathered on 2 for $80 plus 3 more free lines = 5 lines for $80+$17 in taxes. Works out to $19.40/line all in. Love my free line Tmo-Tuesday! I’m limited to 6GB/Month with roll-over to 20GB/line but no restriction on tethering.

  • Chino

    would t-mobile still let new customers like myself that pre-ordered the galaxy s8 use the t-mobile one plus addon feature??