T-Mobile LG G6 already being delivered to some pre-sale customers


The LG G6 may not officially launch on T-Mobile until April 7, but that doesn’t mean that pre-sale customers will be waiting that long to get their hands on LG’s latest hotness.

Some LG G6 buyers have already received their new phones, one day after T-Mobile’s pre-sale began. Twitter user ATW Tech got their unit today after placing their LG G6 order with overnight shipping at 12:30 am ET on March 22, and Reddit user ezcool54 received their G6 today, too.

T-Mobile often sends out new smartphones to pre-sale customers before the devices’ official launch dates, so it’s not too surprising to see that it’s happening with the LG G6. That doesn’t make it any less exciting for those folks that pre-ordered, though, especially since they’re getting their new G6s before just about everyone else in the US.

If you ordered your LG G6 through T-Mobile’s pre-sale, keep an eye out for a shipment notification in the coming days. And if you do get the G6 early, be sure to share your first impressions with us!

Thanks, ATW Tech!

Sources: Twitter, Reddit

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  • CousinSkeeta

    Hopefully we get the same love wit the s8+

    • MunkiLord

      I got my S7 early, so I bet we’ll get the S8 early too.

  • Dan_17z

    Mine should arrive tomorrow EOD.

    • Dan_17z

      Just got mine delivered to work…. No work will be done today lol

      • Techway J

        when did you order / get it?.

  • Matt Macaluso

    Using mine now!

    • Techway J

      when did you order/get it?

      • Matt Macaluso

        Pre-ordered on the first day and had it in my hand the next day. Had them do overnight for me.

  • William Kirschman

    Just got mine. Haven’t had much time with it. This black version is very attractive. It is definitely a fingerprint magnet. Shame I have to put a case on it. It sure feels small compared to my V20. Hard to believe they have the same size screen. Should be easier to use one handed.

  • Teresa Herren-Mcguire

    Got mine today. Love it!

  • mreveryphone

    Hopefully the S8 comes early too!

    • MunkiLord

      The S7 did for me, so I’m expecting the S8 to do the same.

  • Rick_Diesel

    supposed to get mine Monday
    Hype is real

  • thepanttherlady

    My tracking updated from Monday to today. Out for delivery now.

    • Stone Cold

      Let me know what you think about it please

      • thepanttherlady

        It’s going back.


        Feels good in hand design wise.
        For being a 5.7″ phone, you can’t tell. It’s smaller than my Axon 7.
        Fingerprint scanner is flush with the back and not recessed like my Axon 7.


        No notification light
        Don’t care for the plastic feel. If you use s case, this shouldn’t matter.
        Definite fingerprint magnet if you have black. Again, non-issue if you have a case.
        Camera had trouble focusing on up close things like my nails.
        Speaker is located on the bottom right exactly where my pinky curls to hold my phone thus covering it. Even worse if the charger is connected.
        Speaker isn’t as loud as I’d like.

        Those are just my first impressions within less than 24 hours.

        • Stone Cold

          Flawed design on speaker placement still front facing covered and waterproof should be standard. Notification light is a must. Not a fan of the fingerprint any way

  • Glenn

    Got mine yesterday, and just made this post with it!

    Did anyone else notice that you got 100 GB of free Google Drive storage for two years on this phone?

    • bruce

      yeah but it wouldn’t let me do it. said do it from another account

      • thepanttherlady

        I have 4 google accounts so I chose one that I haven’t already used drive for and it worked.

  • Mark Thomas

    ordered mine yesterday evening… just got an email with tracking number for UPS, scheduled for delivery on tuesday…

  • Carlos Loyd

    Mind also updated from a Monday delivered to out for delivery today. Ordered Wednesday morning. It actually shipped on Thursday.

  • bruce

    go mine ordered Wednesday did free shipping

  • argenys

    any way to preorder with JOD?

    • KOLIO

      Yeah,call here:
      Initial JOD’s or upgrades can be done via telesales,in-store is for JOD upgrades only.
      You can have the phone delivered to your local T-Mobile store & turn in the trade-in device while you’re there.
      Just check w/the store 1st,in case,for whatever reason,they may not want to accept delivery of your order (shouldn’t be a problem).

      • Andrew Singleton

        DO NOT ship anything to a T-Mobile store. Under extremely specific circumstances, a manager may approve an inbound customer delivery, but unless expected, your order will be rejected and sent back to the warehouse. This is NOT something T-Mobile offers.

        • KOLIO

          Ummmmmm,YMMV,chill out dude.

        • Andrew Singleton

          No. Stop spreading BS on blogs. Delete your post.

        • KOLIO

          No one died & made you a DISQUS moderator,get over yourself & your undeserved sense of authority/importance.

          I can speak for my own experience w/my local corporate T-Mobile store.
          If your store (you) have the option to choose not to have personal pre-orders shipped to your store,so be it.

          Your experience isn’t everyone’s,that’s why we share our experiences here.

          You need professional help my man,good luck to you.

        • Andrew Singleton

          k, please delete it

  • I was able to snag an LG Watch Sport at AT&T store on Wednesday, luckily without no required line or activation charge. With that, I preordered the G6 and the Customer Care rep waived the $20 order charge, included free overnight shipping, and reminded me that there’s no restocking fees for phone orders, just in case I didn’t like it. I got it Thursday morning and paired it with the Watch Sport beautifully.

    Locked in on the last day of the DIGITS beta and got them to activate my G6 line on an extra SIM and both are working interdependently. Awesome sauce.

    • S6andNote4isBoss

      It’s pretty plain and simple the G6 is an overpriced joke regardless of the freebies, household furniture, cars, and TV’s.

      The G6 is the Government cheese handset no Quad Dac, no headphones in box, less than 22gb of usable storage, 2016 Snapdragon 821, and a wannabe Note5 or S6 copied design from 2015.

      LG clearly hates American users since the international version has 64gb of internal storage, Quad Dac, and headphones in the box you can’t make this shit up.

      At the end of the day the 5 minutes of fame ends on March 29th for the G6. The S8 and S8Plus will easily pimp slap any silly G6 so easily it’s comical.

      S8Plus for me day one of launch then the Note8 in September #NothingBeatsSamsung.

      • Hey, at least I can get a free Google Home, then perform a JUMP! on Demand upgrade to the S8.

  • el_perezo

    Can anyone with LG G6 in hand comment if they compare and notice that the G6 5.7 inch screen really is not that size but smaller. I compared to a LG V20 in store and it seemed way bigger.

    • username112233

      it is that size, as all screens are measured diagonally….but since this screen is longer 18:9 instead of 16:9…it may appear smaller

  • thepanttherlady

    Just watched the video you posted. I’m surprise to see the back is glass. It doesn’t change the fact that it feels like plastic to me. Still going back. :)

    • Debra Spicher

      Mine is out for delivery today. I’m a little annoyed they didn’t release the 64GB version in the US. I am guessing spkr was the major drawback here for you? I really didn’t want to buy a 32GB phone but I just wanted something different than Samsung. V20 is too big.

      • thepanttherlady

        Speaker and camera are the biggest drawbacks for me with speaker being #1. I didn’t spend too much time with the camera but the little I did use it, I wasn’t impressed.