T-Mobile LG G6 will launch on April 7


UPDATE: If you’re looking at buying the LG G6 on JUMP! On Demand, you can expect to pay $0 down and $29 per month, ending with a final payment of $128.


If you’ve been eyeing the LG G6 and its dual rear cameras ever since it was announced last month, there’s now a launch date that you can circle on your calendar.

T-Mobile will launch the LG G6 on April 7. Pricing will be set at $26 down and $26 per month for 24 months, or $650 full retail.

As expected, early LG G6 buyers will get a free Google Home from LG. You’ll need to purchase your G6 before April 30 to qualify.

The G6 is the latest Android flagship smartphone from LG. One of the highlight features of the device is its display, which is an 18:9 screen that’s taller than most other smartphone screens. The 5.7-inch 2560×1440 display also has slim bezels to make the phone easier to hold.

Other features of the LG G6 include dual rear cameras with one 13-megapixel 71-degree lens and one 13-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle 125-degree lens. Inside the G6’s body lives a Snapdragon 821 processor, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, NFC, a 3300mAh battery, and USB Type-C. The G6 itself is IP68-rated for dust and water resistance.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • DrakenFX

    Verizon = better deals,
    but let’s hope Tmo have something similar or better and if that the case may leave my Axon 7 and get G6 :D

    P.S. i’m not a big red user, but Tmo and if what is been around the net is true , verizon is having a better promo going on with the G6

    • Jeremy Turnley

      The only difference is $200 trade in for select devices from what I can see (and a free TV for new accounts). It’s indeed a better deal, but only if you owe less than $200 on one of those select devices.

    • It’s $22 cheaper on T-Mobile. The only better deal is the free TV if you add a line.

  • JBrowne1012

    That’s a reasonable price with the upcoming iPhone and galaxy expecting to be over $1k

    • Croq

      The rumored price for the S8 is $850. Of course, we won’t know for sure till it’s officially announced and companies announce their specific pricing.

      • Eric Harlow

        I have a feeling T-mobile will be selling the S8 at the minimum price of $779, I have never seen any of their premium phones prices at $850

  • Croq

    Hopefully the promo will be available to JoD (they have always been in the past, or at least mostly always).

    • Ryan Smith

      I agree.

  • Paul Garrison

    Excellent price.

  • Sharti24

    Band 66, 3CA, 256qam and 4×4 mimo Capable?

  • Omar Boyer

    I like this phone but i have a V20 which i know for a fact supports Band 66, which is what i care for right now since tmobile said they start using it soon so i have a future proof phone , and no i havent had any bootloop problems since day 1. Phone works fine but dont know if its worth upgrading to this . Because i havent heard anything about it supporting band 66.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    That price is just a touch high for this device.

    • steadymobb

      Is it though? Pixel xl is more expensive…

  • Brian Richards

    32gb is no pathetic.
    Is the card reader in this capable of uhs 2 or 3 speeds? And is adoptable storage enabled properly?


    $650… no thank you. Even with a $129 gadget that I don’t need.

    Waiting for the SGS8…

  • NardVa

    T-Mobile will run a flash sale for this phone within 6 months. The price will probably be under $500. I’m gone wait until the prices drops a few hundred.

    • Francisco Peña

      yup. me too. never pay premium prices when the price will go down in just a few months.

  • Ian Houser

    Can someone summarize what’s so bad about this phone? I understand 32gb of memory, but $650 seems like a good price. SGS8 will cost much more, correct?

    • Zev Gendler

      Nothing bad about this phone on paper. Unfortunately LG has had a bad reputation of hardware failing and getting bootloops, bad gps, etc. I had the G2 and loved it, had no issues. Didn’t have another LG for a while, currently using the V20 though, amazing device. I would get the G6 if it had the 835 but upgrading from the 820 to the 821 isn’t worth it. Though I do love water resistant devices.

      • Ian Houser

        I had the G2 also and loved it until my touch panel started going out. I’m on borrowed time with my Moto X Pure (2015) so I’m definitely leaning towards the G6. Thanks for the summary – people seem to hate this phone.

    • Mike

      The S8 price is rumored around $850 . Yet your getting the newest processor , 64gb of internal memory, and more bells and whistles. If I were on $650 budget I would check out the G6. On the other hand I can afford the S8 so I’m definitely getting it


    Any word on when pre-orders start & color options we’ll get (guessing black & silver) ?

    • Bay_Ranger

      I read that white is not available in the USA. Only one source though.

  • Bay_Ranger

    $824 if you buy it on JUMP! on demand? Why would JUMP customers pay so much more?

    • KOLIO

      No,it’s $650 regardless:
      JOD has 18 monthly payments vs 24 for EIP……………..

      • Bay_Ranger

        Thank you.

    • Hoggles

      I think you’re missing the point of JOD. No one should ever keep a JOD device, longer than 4-6 months. So that “final payment” makes zero difference… Because you’ll never need to pay it.

      I see this time and time again. People on JOD, should not be on JOD, if you plan on keeping one phone for over a year… Especially…For the entire 2 years of a typical EIP payment plan etc. Totally defeats the purpose of JOD.

      JOD is only good, for people who like to upgrade, or even sidegrade (so to speak) their devices at least 2, but ideally the full 3 times per year. That’s really the only way JOD shines. Get a new device every 4 months…and get those promos with each device. It’s amazing.

      Then and only then does JOD kick a$$. Ya know. It’s that simple. It makes no difference what the total “2 year” price of a device would be on JOD… Because you should never remotely have a JOD device that long. And once you switch to another device under JOD, you no longer pay for the previous device.

      Hopefully that clears things up for ya :) Use the 3 upgrades per year. JOD is a phone geeks dream come true, if used the way it should be used.


      • Bay_Ranger

        Thank you, Hoggles.

      • Matt Macaluso

        Perfect way to put it. I will get the G6 for a month or so then it’s on to the S8!

      • The difference between EIP and JOD is that you’re stuck with your device during an EIP, unless you manage to sell it off to somebody, to which you’d then have to satisfy the remaining financing.

        JOD, while you don’t own the device, is basically the same payments, but allows you to leave if you get tired of it, whether it be a year from the time you get your phone, or a even an hour after you crack open the box.

        I don’t see why anyone would want to go EIP if JOD is an option, especially if the accumulated cost at the end is the same.

        If you do want to keep the phone for whatever reason, they can split out the remaining 6 payments into as much as 9 payments, but by that time, T-Mobile might be offering a free trade-in program like the iPhone 7 previously or Galaxy S7 still running, to which you could pay off the device, then use it as a qualifying trade-in, and get a brand new smartphone for ‘free’ for the next two years.

    • Zev Gendler

      JOD payments are 18 months, not 24. So 18×29=522. Final payment of 128 would bring the total to 650.

      • Bay_Ranger

        Thank you, Zev.

  • Corey Jalette

    Most if not all previous promos have been available with jump on demand. With two lines on JOD we stacked up 2 years worth of free Netflix, a Samsung gear vr, and 2galaxy gear fit 2’s. All from last year. Lol no pre-order info yet though unfortunately. And that free TV deal is only for new customers going to Verizon. A bribe lol

    • Eric Harlow

      yeah I used my JOD on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge last year as a preorder and also got the netflix promotion and Samsung Gear Vr. I might just wait to use my JOD for the Samsung Galaxy S8 + since my next available date of 4/12/17 is when I can use my JOD. Do you think I should get the LG G6 or the Samsung Galaxy S8+?

      • argenys

        Can’t you use yours 3x per year?

        • Eric Harlow

          I used my JOD on 1/12/17 to get the Iphone 7plus gotta wait till next month to use my JOD

        • argenys

          That was your 3rd use and your first use was in april?

        • Eric Harlow


      • Corey Jalette

        I personally would wait for it to be officially released to compare the two. Im thinking of waiting for s8+ depending on the cost. If it’s too high the lg g6 is what I’m going with.

        • Eric Harlow

          Sounds good

  • Matt Macaluso

    They are not going to offer pre-orders.

    • Eric Harlow

      alrighty thanks for letting me know

      • Matt Macaluso

        Now they are due to all the complaints. 3/22.

        • Eric Harlow

          what do you mean?

        • Matt Macaluso

          They were not going to be taking pre-orders, but there have been a lot of people complaining on Twitter and what not. Wednesday they will start.

  • I hope they offer the LG Watch Sport alongside it. Seeing the Samsung Gear S3 as the only wearable option is kinda weak, especially when other smartwatches, even the Apple Watch, have been out for some time.

  • disqus_QatcE3yHaN

    I’m assuming the update means it would be $29 for 18 months, because I did the math and with the final payment being $128 it adds up to $650.

    • Corey Jalette

      That’s correct

  • Bay_Ranger

    T-Mobile pre-orders for the LG G6 start on the 22nd according to a TMo rep.

  • Dark Ages

    Verizon is offering LG G6 with $200 tradein for G4 plus Google Home plus a $350.00 LG TV

    • Mike Thaler

      I might go for that if TM offered the $200 for my G4. That mean $450 for phone. TV has to be worth $200+. How big is it?

      • Dark Ages

        The put TV value at $349

    • Debra Spicher

      You’ll pay the difference in a much higher phone bill so it’s not really “free”. But if you prefer Verizon’s service, then go for it… I don’t personally care if people switch or not.

  • easter.alvarado

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  • Nathaniel Mcmurray

    Alright gents T-Mobile just announced the pre order for the g6 is the 22nd

  • Nathaniel Mcmurray
  • Corey Jalette

    Pre sale will kick off March 22nd for T-Mobile

  • phillyundead

    Don’t get one if you want peace of mind that your phone won’t up and die on you randomly via bootloop. V20 does it. They’re facing a lawsuit for various models doing it. LG stands for low grade.

  • Debra Spicher

    I went to a store after press release and they claimed it wasn’t even announced. Not really the best store, but it’s close-by. Probably they only care if preorders were being accepted or not. Which I can understand… but it is SO EASY to just read tmonews to get all this information in one place.

    • Eric Harlow

      I will never go to a local store, been to three in two different states and the employees aren’t well trained or ignorant towards me. All of my future upgrades will be thru the mytmobile my account website. My dad is eligible for an upgrade so I wanted to go to the local store, but they told me that we didn’t have enough credit on our credit limit and then was told about this $20 upgrade and assistance fee so I walked out. I tried to do the upgrade talking on the phone with no luck either, finally I went thru the process of upgrading via the website as a jump trade in, my disbelief it worked! Both local store employee and care rep on the phone told me that since my dad’s galaxy s4 had already been paid off we couldnt use the jump method as an upgrade and we were going to have put a down payment of $233 to get his new Samsung Galaxy J7. So could anyone explain to me how I was able to upgrade my dads phone online thru mytmobile.com, but not in a store or talking to a tmobile customer care rep?

  • dtehhd