T-Mobile named No. 1 in Customer Service Satisfaction by Nielsen


T-Mobile’s customer service has been named the best in the wireless industry.

Nielsen Mobile Insights gave T-Mobile the top spot in Customer Service Satisfaction at the end of 2016, with Verizon, AT&T, and then Sprint following. T-Mobile beat out its competition in the Likelihood to Recommend, Net Promoter Score, and Overall Customer Satisfaction categories, too.

T-Mobile has been named No. 1 in customer satisfaction by Nielsen Mobile Insights before, and John Legere and Co. are pretty pleased to win it again. Here’s the CEO’s statement on today’s news:

“We have the best damn care team in the business – at this point, that’s not even up for debate. But like everyone else at this company, our care team takes ‘we won’t stop’ pretty literally. They’ve got their sights on being the #1 care team in any industry, anywhere – not just wireless. That was so 2016.”

You can see the other three charts from Nielsen Mobile Insights’ report below.




Source: T-Mobile

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  • Cellphone Chris

    Any way to find out the actual Net Promoter scores? I checked the press release and didn’t find anything. I’m interested to see how they were actually rated – It’s possible to have poor scores while being the highest among competitors. Some refer to this as the “tallest midget”.

    Interesting that they didn’t include any data on the y-axis.

  • Moe

    I was thinking the same thing – T-Mobile as the best of the worst.

    • Philly Jim

      Definitely the worst!!!!!

  • Francisco Peña

    2 weeks and they’ve yet to credit me properly for the MAgenta Friday deal of 2 lines free.

    • Alex M

      I don’t know how T-mobile can be #1. I have to call them every month regarding my bill. Around Thanksgiving they offered me free tablet and free data on it. I had to call them couples of times to get the credit on my tablet. And now they started charging me for the data. When I called they said that it was only one month of free data (I guess they lied when I signed up for the deal). They are trying to screw you any way they can.

      • Philly Jim


    • Philly Jim

      they tried to charge me 5$ each for those same lines. then I get that straightened out they started charging me 20$ for those same two lines, since when did free become 20$ for the 2 Free lines. I was given all kinds of BS like who we have etc do it like that but before the bill is actually due we credit those two lines, I said since when because the first 2mnths those lines showed Zero, what a joke

  • Philly Jim

    That’s the biggest bunch of BS I’ve heard in at least 5yrs I’ve been with them for 15 yrs with them I caught them playing the nut shell game with my bill so many times I lost count I’ve logged at least 50hrs last yr alone, then I was put on some kind of list no matter what day or what time from 6am to 9pm they would put me on hold for over an hr, at first I thought maybe I’m overreacting but day after day week after week whether I used my cell phone or my house phone no difference, and then I switched from fios to xfinity and got a different number and guess what BAMMMMMM Just like that less then 5 minutes every time I called, if I wasn’t grandfathered in to such a great deal I would of left the yrs ago. As soon as AT$T or Verizon come up with some family plan that’s reasonable I’m Gone I wonder who they bribed to get that BS Rating. Just like every other company once they have there numbers they needed to hit over the last 5yrs,meaning subscribers there customer service went To %@IT.


      I completely agree with your comment. I have been with T-Mobile for over 12 years. How many times they overcharged me and every time i call they find the error and give me a credit for the overcharge. Countless times i sign up for their promotions and i don’t get the credits i was promised and have to waste hours upon hours on the phone with them. Now Everytime i call, i am on hold i swear for 10 to 11 minutes until i get an agent but it’s 10 -11 minutes. I used one of my friends phone by accident to call them and got an agent on the phone in less than 2 or 3 minutes. I thought it was a coincidence until i read your comment. Their customer service used to be awesome. Now i think they care about being in the news and getting these “awards” for publicity. I am still with them because of i leave i will post at least $50 a month more and i simply don’t want to. I wish Verizon or AT&T comes out with a matching deal where they match the service and price. I would leave in a heartbeat

  • enoch861

    I’ve had nothing but an awesome experience calling their support. I always get a human instantly if not less than 2 minutes and they always resolve our issues. We’ve signed up for numerous promos that have all been applied without issue (although it takes maybe a week or two for all discounts to reflect online).

  • Grecha

    Bull sheet #1!

  • MIke

    I get a kick out the pure BS customer services give when calling about poor LTE coverage in my community. FIrst they never know what their talking about, then it’s a check of the coverage map, then it’s the phone, then it’s you need the cell spot to compensate for weak signal. Oh wait I thought I was in a robust LTE service area?? You need to update your phone …just use wifi and you’ll be ok. Story after story with no real resolution. Yeah great customer service.

    • Spanky

      Yup. My favorite line was “we show excellent coverage in your area, let’s troubleshoot your phone.”

  • Robert Bolick

    I happen to be very happy with the service I’ve gotten from t-mobile. It’s not always perfect! I will say nearly every issue I have had has been satisfied with minimal exception, & I have 9 lines of service. Thanks t-mobile

  • Well deserved. Nothing but helpful in my 3 years with them. No problems, just want things to happen and they make it happen.

  • Service Plus

    As a long time T-mobile customer, ten plus years, I received great customer service. For the few times that it was unacceptable, once I was able to reach the appropriate supervisor and/or manager, it was Quickly rectified…

  • Philly Jim

    LOL try a totally different Number like your neighbors, relatives , or friend’s, you’ll be surprised , i knew what they where doing , just nothing i could do about it , now that they finally got my bill right after 20 call’s thing’s seem to be normal , i even asked for a supervisor and asked what’s with the hour hold thing no matter what time or day , got the generic answer we don’t do that . It’s all good at the end of the day i got 400 of my bill and Equipment Fee’s so in the end it was worth it because being Grandfathered in to my agreement, and trying to compare apples to apples to go to another company wasn’t happening , but i think they also got the picture that this guy will never give up . So Answer the %*ucking Phone……………….TGIF