Android 7.0 updates for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge move into T-Mobile testing


Good news, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners: Your Android 7.0 Nougat update just got one step closer to release.

T-Mobile recently updated the statuses of the Android 7.0 updates for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Both updates are now in the “T-Mobile Testing” phase of development, which means that T-Mo is testing the software before releasing it to its customers. The “T-Mobile Testing” phase comes after “Manufacturer Development” and before “Completed” in the update process.


There’s no set release date for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge’s Android 7.0 updates, and T-Mo hasn’t yet shared any of the details of what’ll be in the updates either. They are one step closer to being on T-Mobile customers’ phones, though, and that’s something worth getting excited about.


Thanks, Mike!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Jerry Rich

    So bt the time the next version of Android launches, the Galaxy s7 line will be getting Nougat 7.1?

    • Brian Richards

      My past experience with Samsung phones is that it’s often not even a good idea to update to new OS versions. Every phone I’ve had, and I’ve had most of the Galaxy’s, has gone from pretty good to slow and annoying when I’ve done OS version upgrades. The timing of this one says to me that will be the case again. The cynic in me thinks they will put this update out and make our S7’s feel like slugs JUST in time for the shiny new S8 to be released to help us “fix” the problem.

      • bassman418

        I’ve been running the beta and only with the 2nd update patch (Verizon stopped there on their variant)out of like 5 or 6. (I manually flashed it, never made it into the beta) havrnt had any issues ans live that it looks and functions like my Note 7 did.

  • substance

    They sure are taking their sweet time with this one, smh…

  • Kendahl Titcomb

    I’m still waiting for the Note 5… I figured with the Note 7 gone there would be a faster turn around for Note 5 users to get their update

  • Jason Caprio

    My last Samsung was the Galaxy Note 5. Had to wait until April 2016 to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow while Google Nexus devices had it since October 2015. My Google Pixel XL had Android 7.1 since I bought it in late October 2016 and received the 7.1.1 update in December. Never again will I have to wait for the latest Android nor deal with the immense amount of bloatware in Samsung phones!

    • Shane Bloomfield

      Sweet! You should wash it with soap and water daily to keep it nice and shiny!

    • V2THE1

      It’s exciting and everything but what are we so anxious for? These incremental changes really aren’t that relevant in my opinion. You wait like crazy to get the update and after about 2 weeks you barely notice the difference. I’ve had the Beta for months and it really isn’t that spectacular.

      • Sam Rojas

        Actually all this update is comes from the note7 all s7 and edge phones will have UX 8 which came stock on the failed note 7 with a few more tweaks and visual changes should make your phone much better being you can now change from 1080 to 720 which you can’t do now only gives you the option to change visuals like you would on TV from super AMOLED to normal and they also added the same option from the iPhone to lower the screen resolution for night time viewing which is easier on the eyes

    • JJ

      Jason you need to get out of t-mobile news, like your annoying, and by ANNOYING I MEAN IT. ITS GREAT THAT YOU LIKE YOUR NEW PHONE AND PROVIDER, NOW SHUT UP!

      • Sam Rojas

        Lmao this is true but he’ll be pissed off when the s8 comes out wishing he had typical assclown talking nothing but nonsense

        • Jason Caprio

          I have no desire to ever buy a Samsung device again. I couldn’t care less about the S8. In 2 years I’ll buy the Pixel 3. After using pure Android, I never want to be held back by any OEM, whether it be Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, etc.

        • DKBNYC

          I can’t explain the joy and happiness I feel for you. You’ve found the perfect phone FOR YOU. I understand the need to want to tell others. Like an ex smoker whose kicked the habit but why not share your happiness with others who feel like you do? It would not be fair for us Samsung users to show up in a Pixel forum and speak on the lack of features this butt ugly device has. And that the only thing more boring that pure Android is watching fungus grow on drying paint? It’s an iPhone made my Google. I’m not missing much.

        • Jason Caprio

          Obviously you’ve never used a Nexus/Pixel device to bash it so much. My mother’s 4 year old Nexus 5 outperformed my 1.5 year old Galaxy Note 5 because it’s a much cleaner interface.

    • Dylan Aarhus

      Bloat ware I’m sure

  • Brian Richards

    When this releases, will it be safe to install on phones using adoptable storage?

    • jake

      that’s a great question! I’m wondering the exact same thing.

  • dtam

    this might be exciting if my phone wasn’t with Samsung for the pink line issue

  • Sam Rojas

    I love reading all the comments how everyone is angry they didn’t get the update yet but will be pissed off if theirs something wrong with their device once they get it Jason your an assclown first off Nexus and pixel phones will always have the update first their Google phones Einstein their always the first phones to get the updates omfg what an idiot and now years later bloatware is now in your vocabulary hahahahaha gimme a break it’s so easy to disable all those apps you will never use god forbid if you had to give up snapchat for 30secs of your life to disable those apps oh no what would my life be if I didn’t snapchat or missed one lmfao anyways I’m glad that T-Mobile is going thru stages to release a stable reliable update so we don’t go thru the nonsense China and over sea countries did on the day of the global release

  • mreveryphone

    I’ve been running the 7.0 beta test that Samsung sent out on my tmo S7 Edge for months now and it’s ready. It’s basically the Note 7 rom and it’s really smooth and responsive. Samsung got the optimizations right with this one.

    • bkat11

      I left the beta program cause I was having issues with my phone locking up and chromecast not working correctly…hope they fixed it

      • Dave

        On the latest beta, and I have to say is a horrible experience. Phone is always on a delay. In a regular basis the phone will just become unresponsive. Many random reboots. Had it where the phone froze and I couldn’t do anything when I reset the phone took 2 more resets and almost 20 to load. If this wasn’t a secondary phone I think it wound have ended up in the wall from frustration. Been using the iPhone 7 as my daily driver. What a difference from the galaxy s7 wow.

        Can’t really see the final version being much better as I find this typical for Samsung updates.

        • mreveryphone

          I have two S7 Edge’s. One on the beta and one on marshmallow. The one on the beta is faster and smoother. I never experienced any random reboots or unresponsiveness with the beta. iPhone’s are just app launchers at best. They do provide a good user experience due to the bare bones OS which is cool, but I prefer my phones to do more than just launch a app or two…

      • mreveryphone

        I haven’t had one issue testing the beta out on mine. Every updated beta has been better then the last. I stream to my xbox one s and it has worked just fine. Hopefully I don’t experience any of these issues.

  • SBacklin

    Does anyone know if Nougat for these Samsung devices will finally bring an updated phone app so people can use the built-in VVM that Pixel and stock android users now have? Having to use a separate VVM app is annoying and not wanting to deal with GV either.

    • Encino Stan

      I have been running the 7.0 beta from Samsung, and it still has the T-Mobile VVM app. The app was updated to support Nougat.

      • SBacklin

        It would be nice if Samsung would finally update their damn app so people don’t have to utilize a separate app for VVM or go through GV.

  • bkat11

    Almost two weeks later and still in testing phase SMH!!!

  • definitely-not-spam

    We tested this in the beta ad nauseum. They must be testing extra bloat in a non-public beta.

  • IJK

    These updates will turn these hot phones into really explosive ones. Expect nothing but a flaming success for them. I dare say that Samsung is on fire, and hell-bent on searing the competition.