Some T-Mobile customers getting RCS support in Google Messenger app


UPDATE: T-Mobile responded to me and said “T-Mobile was the first U.S. operator to launch RCS with our Advanced Messaging in July 2015. We don’t currently support Google’s RCS offering.” 9to5Google found that the supposed sources of this report turned out to be one person.


ORIGINAL: Some T-Mobile customers are getting a new messaging feature to play with today.

RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Services, appears to have gone live in Google Messenger for some T-Mobile customers. Those folks are getting a notification in the Messenger app to tell them about the “enhanced features” that come with RCS, including messaging over Wi-Fi and data, high-res photo sharing, and read receipts.

These features can be toggled on or off in an “Enhanced features” section of the Messenger app’s settings.


T-Mobile launched its own RCS-based Advanced Messaging feature back in July 2015. That feature is now available on several T-Mo devices, including the LG G5, LG Aristo, Samsung Galaxy S7, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The RCS that’s hitting some T-Mobile customers’ Google Messenger app is different. Google acquired Jibe Mobile in September 2015 and began backing that RCS profile, but so far Sprint is the only US carrier that has officially adopted it. With today’s news, it looks like T-Mobile may soon adopt it as well.

The bad news is that it’s currently unclear how you can get Google’s universal RCS profile in your Google Messenger app. One Reddit user suggested that T-Mobile is testing this feature with early Digits users, but T-Mo hasn’t made any official announcements about this news. I’ve reached out to T-Mobile for more info on the matter, and I’ll be sure to update this post when I hear back.

Utilizing Google’s universal RCS profile in Messenger would be an interesting move from T-Mobile. While T-Mo’s RCS works between supported devices on T-Mo, adding support for Google’s RCS profile would enable T-Mo customers to also use RCS when messaging customers on other carriers that support it. That’s currently only Sprint, but it’s possible that other carriers could adopt it as well in the future.

Have you ever used RCS, like T-Mobile’s Advanced Messaging?

Via: Android Police
Sources: Reddit, Twitter, Google+

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  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • jmfos

    I wonder how it will work with IOS imessage users?

    • steveb944

      It won’t.

    • Joseph Cathey

      Apple has made no mention of supporting it. T-Mobile may support the universal profile, but it’s useless if Apple doesn’t make use of it on their devices.

  • Bonedatt

    I’ve had the advance messaging (aka RCS) on my Note 4 and LG G4 for a while now and on the S7 Edge since March 2016. Sometimes it works well where the recipient can see you typing your response and other times it doesn’t function as it’s supposed to. Don’t use SMS as much anymore. Almost everyone I know seems to be on whatsapp or Telegram these days.

  • Phil7474

    Been using this fire a while now on my galaxy J7. Works when another smartphone has it on tmobiles network. Doesn’t when you don’t. Eh…..

    • Joseph Cathey

      That’s why this is important. Their migrating support away from individual devices and making it a carrier feature. Your phone just has to an app that supports the standard. It also means interoperability between carriers, which was not possible before.

  • Mariano Moreira

    Been using on Sprint as RCS in Google Messaging started rolling out with Sprint 1st.

    It made SMS/MMS delivery more convoluted as at that time only other Sprint Android devices were compatible.

    Hopefully it will be better with more Carriers using RCS.

    However the cross-platform issue still arises:
    Hangouts, BBM, Facebook Messenger, What’s App, etc.. were able to address different OS platform.

    Google made things more worse by basically deciding to move away from Hangouts. (They even removed Threaded Merged Hangouts/SMS &MMS to where these are now treated as separate accounts)

    BBM had end-to-end encryption and somehow let their advantage completely slip…Allowing iMessage and even Allo to catch up and compete.Yet BBM is better for iOS to Android encryption because it works cross-platform.

  • steveb944

    Great news, but is it the same originally supported devices only?

    • Joseph Cathey

      T-Mobile is launching Google’s universal RCS profile on the backend. The big news is that it’s no longer device specific, the messaging app itself just has to support it.

      • Andrew Addison

        That is a lie. T-Mobile-MetroPCS does not support Google Messages. It was all a false statement there.

  • Philip

    I use Whatsapp alot. Asian people use Wechat alot. Viber is in the middle.

  • lion7718

    I’ve used Chomp for years, but have turned Messenger back on. Have to wait & see if notice shows up on my Nexus 5X.

    • TylerCameron

      Try signal. Best app I’ve used for messaging. As long as the other person uses signal, it’s fully encrypted

    • Jason R

      Do you have RCS on your Nexus 5x yet?

  • bkat11

    I’ve been using my S7’s native messaging app and noticed yesterday that customers on Metro PCS now have advanced messaging support not just T-Mobile customers. Some sort of software update was released for them. Also my S7 should be getting Nougat this week as its been in “testing” for about a week now.

    • iCn2u

      T-mobile owns Metro PCS.

  • Zach Mauch

    Wow, there are so many commenters here who don’t get the difference between this and T-Mobile’s previously released advanced messaging. This is despite it being clearly spelled out in the article. Sigh…

  • SpookyTunes
  • TylerCameron

    How about support for Signal private messenger?

  • Jason R

    Is this available yet for Nexus 5x?

  • iCn2u

    Say what u mean & mean what u say. If u can’t I will. If u are a Metro PCS customer, U ARE a T-MOBILE CUSTOMER. Is this obvious enough lieutenant?!

    • Julio

      ROFL. ^^ perfect

  • Josh Luttmer

    Any updates on this. I just brought a Pixel2 XL with me over to TMobile and no new enchanced menu has appeared.