T-Mobile customer says support rep changed name on his account to ‘IDIOT’


A new situation appears to have surfaced involving a T-Mobile customer that’s frustrated about not getting bill credits that he’s entitled to and a customer service rep that dealt with him.

T-Mobile customer Luke says that a T-Mo rep changed the nickname on his bill to “IDIOT IDIOT.” Luke, who goes by the Reddit user name “ldskywalker,” explains that he took advantage of T-Mobile’s free iPhone 7 offer and waited to get his bill credits, but they never came.


After reaching out to customer service to get the situation resolved, Luke was first told that he wasn’t getting his credits because he bought the phone too late. He explained that that wasn’t true, and so the T-Mo rep told him that they’d try to get it resolved. Luke says that he then logged into his online T-Mobile account a couple of days later and found that his nickname had been changed to “IDIOT IDIOT.”

Luke explains that he originally thought that it may have been some sort of error related to the Illinois Department of Transportation, as he lives in Illinois. He reached out to T-Mobile about the name change and the rep suggested that he might have changed it himself, but he says that he didn’t even know that changing his nickname was a thing that he could do.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has chimed in on this situation, saying on Twitter “We are concerned and investigating this.” Luke says that someone from John Legere’s office has contacted him and asked more questions about the whole situation. As of this post, it appears that T-Mo is still investigating the matter and Luke is still without his device credits.

It’s possible that a frustrated T-Mobile customer service rep made a name change that wasn’t meant to appear on Luke’s account but then did. If that’s the case, that doesn’t look good for T-Mobile, a company that’s recently won customer care awards. We’ll just have to wait for T-Mobile to conclude its investigation and see how this whole thing plays out.

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Source: Reddit


  • Expert

    Fire the rep

    • godisafairytale

      Spoken like someone who’s never worked in customer service. That rep should get an award, he’s a hero.

    • Stanislaus Zbyszko

      More customers should get called out on being jerks and complete aholes. Customers treat those people like piles of poo, even though these are the same people who will help them. The customers truly are idiots.

      • TylerCameron

        Mobile phone service customers have severe entitlement issues, and it’s an issue created by the carriers.

        I should call my power company and demand a free, more efficient air conditioner or tell them I’m canceling.

        Wonder what they’ll say xD

        • JBrowne1012

          I hope candle light works more efficiently for you. lol

        • humpfh

          Ohmygod this. Look at the hysteria on Twitter sometimes!

          “I had slow service for ten minutes! I BETTER GET A FREE YEAR OF SERVICE OR I’M GOING TO ANOTHER CARRIER YOU SUCK”.

          Don’t let the door hit you in the ass…

          Good thing I’ve never been a customer facing person. *ahem*

        • TylerCameron

          I do, as a cashier at Wawa.

    • Darryl Woodbury

      Something tells me you’ve never been yelled at by a customer and called all kinds of names when you’re just doing your job. Customers always shoot the messenger. We don’t make the rules but yet, you take it out on us. Trust me, there are plenty of people in customer service who take crap people give them on a daily basis who would love to do the same thing this rep allegedly did. All customer service reps would be fired if customers were able to read their thoughts. You may not see or hear it but if you’re acting like a jerk, we are calling you every name in the book in our minds.

  • MadMartigan

    Betting the user did it. Either way, they should be able to tell pretty quickly via logs – if they actually keep any.

    • Noremacam

      This is why it’s sound not to admit anything until they know for sure.

  • godisafairytale

    If you throw your employees under the bus and treat them like garbage to please the customer, you get stuff like this. A growing number of reports have been coming out in the past year of disturbing levels of pressure from above for T-Mo employees to sell sell sell no matter what. This is starting to resemble Amazon. One can only imagine the demands placed on these folks.

    • Andrew Singleton


      • godisafairytale

        Yes. All the articles exposing abusive working conditions at Amazon from multiple sources going back to 2013. Do you read the news?

        • Andrew Singleton

          I would have used Wells Fargo as a more similar example due to the nature of the direct sales environment but that’s just me.

        • godisafairytale

          Yes, that’s an even better example. It incorporates willful deception and contempt of customers at the core. To my knowledge, Amazon has treated its customers with nothing but respect and honesty.

  • Joseph Torres

    It’s not hard to figure out how to change it, and I also don’t think a Tmobile rep changed it. Also everytime they ask me what line will we be working on, they never ask me or mention the names I gave them only the number or last 4 numbers of the phone line. So I don’t think they can change it or even really see it easily at least….

  • bkat11

    T-Mobile has been jerking my gf around in her credit she was supposed to get for switching from Verizon…been going on for months. I’m really getting sick of them to be honest and I used to be their biggest supporter

    • Acdc1a

      A single email to executive care will take care of it. No need to get jerked around.

      • Marius Maries

        What is ‘executive care’? What’s that email? I received my Pixel credit, but it would be good to have it, just in case.

    • Corey Jalette

      Contact customer service. Should only take a few months. And you have to pay the bill on time too as a requirement to get the payment.

      • bkat11

        It’s the phone credit to be clear….sorry should have clarified. She has contacted them non stop now I have to escalate this up the ladder

  • StevenM

    Assuming a rep did it, it was one idiot that did it (no pun intended), not the company, and it certainly doesn’t represent the company’s customer service team as a whole. This isn’t even a news story.

  • Stanislaus Zbyszko

    Every year they change their plans. Right now they have about 5 different plans still active on their service. Jump! 1, 2, Simple Choice, One, One Plus, Pre-paid. This is not friendly customer service.

    • lomsha

      Jump is not a service plan, it’s an equipment upgrade program.

  • Philip

    LOL! That is funny!

  • lomsha

    Sure way to get fired.

  • Darryl Woodbury

    Although I don’t condone what was done, I can understand. I’ve been yelled at and cursed out by so many customers (I don’t work for T-Mobile) and it’s hard to fight back the urge to say something back as I’m being berated and called all sorts of names, like it’s my fault for whatever problem they’re having. I do think this is funny though.

    • Squad50

      Exactly, people never talk about the customers behavior, which has been just horrible the last couple of years. Then complain about how they are being treated. I think you should be treated the same way you treat people.

  • steadymobb

    He prob was being an idiot

    • Not a reason for customer service to change his name…better to bullycide him on Twitter anonymously.

  • (J²)

    Just an FYI,

    These types of name changes can be made on My T-Mobile under the Profile by the customer or by Customer Care. These are known as line names (for each member of the family).

    Names in the addressee field of paper and electronic bills can be updated only by Customer Care and are subject to verification and credit approval (for postpaid accounts).

    Line names is unique to T-Mobile and many people don’t understand the difference. I’m not buying this one.

    • Entry into the Account….

      Well stated, also, T-mobile should be able to determine who (customer or representative) made the entry and/or change into the account. For me, it is unacceptable, whether it is the customer or representative, to be ill towards anyone…

      • (J²)

        I agree yet I’m very concerned that this was the customer who did this. I don’t even believe T-Mobile has the ability to change the line names.

  • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

    Just so everyone knows that I’m still waiting on my device credits as well. T-Mobile says they can’t find the device in there warehouse I sent back in for my $650 bill credits I sent it back in October. And I am still dealing with this!!!

    • Aaron Davis

      Do you still have the tracking number? If it shows that it was delivered, then you held up your end of the deal, it’s not your fault if the warehouse looses the phone afterwards.

      • SirStephenH

        The problem is that all that proves is that a delivery was made. That doesn’t mean the device was in there.

        The only safe way to return a device is to take it into a T-Mobile store.

        • Panzer

          T-mobile store wouldn’t take my JUMP device exchange. They said they would only take JOD phones. Everything else I’m told needs to be done through the mail. They of course took the Note 7 though.

        • Trevor Traub

          I have had a store lose a phone too and I was on the hook until they could “find it” for about 6 months until I got to a manager who would override it and wipe the EIP. There is a risk of this situation no matter what you do. I blame assurant honestly.

    • Daniel Stoddard

      I went through this and got credits, I did 4 phones… thats $2500 in eip I had wiped out (no “monthly credits over 2 years) Check out this thread on slickdeals.

      Also, the # to call WAS 1-844-899-6086 (may not work now), the person I talked to was AMAZING! But they never called me back because the process changed that week for re-reimbursements. I kept calling and eventually someone credited my account on the spot. T-mobile screwed up on this one… created a HUGE mess..but they made good on it! It seems they push out these promo’s without proper training/setup in their system.. and then it is always “too late” to fix.. Hence I got credits up front and not over 2 years. Now I am dealing with the 2 free lines promo, another disaster I bet..

  • Sense of Civility…

    I really think across the country, we have lost our Sense of Civility towards one another, including at the highest political levels. Simply said, verbal abuse, name calling and any type of abuse is unacceptable and should Not be tolerated by any us…

  • jay

    Similar but not same how I got treated shitty from them. Not only that I am disability and they threatened my sister with terminting her account. They act classy only when legally in a bind. They are two faced.

  • jay

    Somebody needs to take these people on legally fcc boli attorney general something.

  • jay

    Real change happens with law inforcement

    • JBrowne1012

      there’s nothing illegal about calling a customer an idiot it just makes the company look bad.

      • jay

        That’s true. I reiterate my response. Thanks

  • Cai

    This is why I don’t care for “free” things. The holes you must through to get it isn’t worth it.

  • Kevin

    LOL the rep was probably under a lot of pressure.

  • impasse

    let’s not forget that the developer tools for most modern browsers enable you to edit text on a page. it’d be a pretty poor way to try to get what you want, though, since it’s only locally for a screenshot to rile the internet up, so there may be some truth to his story..

  • Grecha

    Welcome to the club luke! Took me a few months and millions of call to CS to get that credit. Few ppl were involved with promises to follow up and none of them did. That’s T-Mobile customer service for you. I was ready to leave until I called again and finally one of the supervisors said he will credit my account for the amount.
    I left tmo several years ago for poor CS. Now I’m back and it still sucks!

  • JoeKerr

    I call T-mobile every month for the last 7 months to get the credits for the 2 Samsung J7’s I got as part of the promotion. I have spoken with at least three “supervisors” whom all claim it will be fixed “next month” Yea right.

  • ImHomeNow

    Likewise… here I am FIVE months later without my device credits. I have to call in EVERY month to get them. It’s just annoying and they tell me it’s because I didn’t log in and out in a promo code. No one ever told me to do that until five months with no credits. I’m sorry…do I work there? Am I supposed to put in for the credits myself?? Seriously GFY!

  • noh1bvisas

    It can be a major PITA to get your credits. After waiting the required 8 weeks I was calling every day about the $200 trade-in credit for my V20. I finally got it, but it was a bill credit (lump sum) instead of the e-check that was advertised.

  • Mario Muriel

    “He reached out to T-Mobile about the name change and the rep suggested that he might have changed it himself, but he says that he didn’t even know that changing his nickname was a thing that he could do.” This doesnt add up to me, if he called again after a couple of days, how did he land with the same rep to say that they changed it, seems a bit farfetched.

    • Kristi Brown

      The wording of that sentence is very confusing. My interpretation of it is that Luke reached out to tmobile about the name change and the rep that he spoke with during that conversation suggested that he (Luke) may have changed the name himself. Not that he (the rep) may have done it. Given that distinction, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that it was the same rep as in the first call. I understand your confusion tho! The way they worded it is indeed confusing. Given that both the rep and the customer ar simply referred to as ‘he’ it is hard to know which ‘he’ they are referring to.