T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move will be revealed on January 5


It’s official: T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move is coming January 5.

T-Mobile today announced a press conference at 11:00 am on January 5, 2017. The event, which is taking place at CES in Las Vegas, is clearly labeled an Un-carrier event.

As for what’s next, that’s still a mystery. T-Mobile did drop a teaser video for the #UncarrierNEXT event, and in it CEO John Legere says “Everybody’s been asking for this one. You’re gonna love what’s next.”

So, what do you think is next for the Un-carrier?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Hurlamania

    Tax included? North America feature on all accounts? No Merger promise? Free caller tunes?

    • lomsha

      Tax thing would be nice, $7 on my bill are just taxes and fees.

  • Official and formal adopting of net neutrality!!!

    I bet they’re going to introduce a way for ANYBODY to get up to $300 back as monthly credits on ANY phone purchase as long as you keep the phone on a line. Essentially the latest Pixel promo but for any phone. And they’re going to push this as truly innovative. But it’s NEVER going to be compared by T-Mobile as essentially transparent contracts with ETFs just because that would be a PR fail.

    If that’s not what this one is, it’s coming at some point!

    • lomsha

      What’s the point of doing anything about net neutrality at this point since the gop is just waiting for jan 21 to get started on rolling it back.

      • Honestly, that part was a joke. As much as T-Mobile has shaken things up, I think they’re still a bit too short-sighted to see this.

        But if you want to know what I really think, then I do really think that T-Mobile should be (and should have been in the past) pushing really hard for net neutrality instead of taking the industry stance of “net neutrality limits our ability to innovate”.

        Why? Many reasons, but here are three:

        Firstly, as you pointed out, the GOP is going to come in and wipe it out. But frankly, it wasn’t very well established to begin with. The more established something like that is, the harder it is to wipe it out. Look at Obamacare. Love it or hate it, it’s incredibly well established (I use “well” here to mean “deep” and not “efficiently”). And as much as the GOP wants to wipe it out, there’s no way they can wipe it out within just a year or three. Because it’s just too deeply established. Had Net Neutrality been equally as deeply established, then it would take much, much longer for the GOP to wipe it out.

        Secondly, why would T-Mobile *want* Net Neutrality? Not because it will reap them tons of profits. It won’t unless they royally screw their customers. And I know they toe that line but they do work hard to not pass that line. But look at Verizon. Look at AT&T. Look how badly they screw their customers/competition on the Net Neutrality front. And look how aggressively they’re not ramping up efforts to increase those levels of screwing of their customers/competition. They have the wallet and company acquisitions to do this. T-Mobile doesn’t. Even if in a microcosm abolishing Net Neutrality would allow T-Mobile to increase profit margins, in the macrocosm they just cannot compete with AT&T and Verizon in their ability to both screw customers and competition. Because T-Mobile just can’t compete with that, I think it’s in T-Mobile’s best interests to get Net Neutrality established.

        Thirdly, if all things were equal in the industry and politics today, Net Neutrality will fail. Why? Because Net Neutrality is about protecting the in-voiced public and not about protecting the well-funded lobbying industry. As we have seen in a capitalistic quasi-democratic society, big business will win 9 times out of 10. T-Mobile had a golden opportunity with an administration that supported Net Neutrality at the same time that T-Mobile began to become a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, this never happened. And again, as you pointed out about the GOP coming in to kill it, T-Mobile lost its golden opportunity.

        Just my $0.02 worth…

    • Corey Jalette

      If they gave everyone bill credits for any phone hat would mean giving those same credits to people who buy phones through T-Mobile. otherwise people wouldn’t buy the phones at T-Mobile and would buy it elsewhere. Losing them money. Lol

      • I guess you’ve missed the various promotions they’ve had recently where this is exactly what they’ve done? Go check out the Pixel Promo for one example.

        It’s well-known that T-Mobile has increased the average amount people spend per month over the past few years for equal or less service. They now have a much larger profit margin to play with that they can either profit from or re-invest in the company. So think of this as re-investing into the company to keep you longer. Which is exactly what phone subsidies were back in the day. And is exactly what this is – phone subsidies and contracts in “Un-Carrier” terms.

        • Mike Thaler

          About 3 years ago, basic plan was 500Mb of data. Then 1G, then 2G. Then all of N/A calling/roaming was included. Before that, intl roaming added (BIG change). 4 years ago was paying $150 for 4 lines. (incl taxes)n Now just under that for 6 lines with LOTS more service.

        • October 2013: Grandfathered plans being cancelled, forcing customers to Simple Choice (note: increased services but also increased prices): https://www.tmonews.com/2013/10/t-mobile-moving-to-cancel-some-grandfathered-rate-plans-offer-customers-new-options/

          March 2014: Unlimited costs $10 more (pretty much the same services except for increased tethering, increased prices): https://www.tmonews.com/2014/03/50-simple-choice-plan-to-include-unlimited-international-texting-double-4g-lte-datatethering/

          November 2015: Don’t focus on the promotion in this link (face it, promotions are all over the place and range from crappy to awesome) but pull out the info in this article about standard pricing so we can have a price-check as of a year ago. There are really two sets of standard pricing: With and Without Amped applied (let’s look at both so you or I can have our own opinions about whether Amped should count, but let’s ignore the “free fourth line” promo). If you piece this info out, you’ll find that without Amped, 4 unlimited lines are $95+75+55+55=280 (ridiculous!). With Amped, it’s $80+60+40+40=$220 (still very expensive!). I couldn’t find an article about standard prices increasing to this level but I’m included this as a reference point for a year ago: https://www.tmonews.com/2015/11/t-mobile-simple-choice-amped-plan-pricing-details/

          August 2016: The “standard” plan is now T-Mobile One which is essentially based on the (previously raising) Unlimited prices (decreased services, increased pricing): https://www.tmonews.com/2016/08/un-carrier-12-t-mobile-one-end-data-buckets-single-unlimited-plan/

          Now if we want to look at promos, I admit that they’ve been all over the place. The best ones since we’ve had Simple Choice were probably 4x limited for $100 and 4x unlimited for $140 but right now the best you can do is 4x T-Mobile One Unlimited for $160 which is undeniably more expensive and less service. In order to bring that up to the equivalent of Simple Choice, you’ve got to add either $15/line or $25/line depending on what exactly you call “equivalent”. For many, the standard T-Mobile One is just fine. But for many others, the forced Bing-On or the very low tethering limits are a non-starter or them (Simple Choice Unlimited comes with something like 13GB high-speed tethering so dropping that to unlimited 2G speeds is unusable for pretty much ANYBODY who needs to tether).

          So looking at your situation is insufficient to see that trend over time. The trend has been well documented. For me and for you, we’re probably smart enough to change our plans when an appropriately good promotion comes up so we are bad case studies since we’re in the far minority of their customers. These increases of prices over time have been well documented and I’ve just provided you a glimpse of them over time.

          Have a Merry Christmas! :-)

  • lomsha

    Some gimmicky move that won’t benefit most, we’ll see. Oh and tmo just broke zappos with tuesdays offer lol.

  • Listen closely to the last seconds of the video. He announced the details of what actually is next!

    “Auwuah wuwaua.”

  • Paul Garrison

    Contracts are back and will be mandatory for customers old and new.

    • Francisco Peña

      that’s almost now with the 2yr bill credits for devices..

  • jj201367

    going to be something about family plans, international roaming, or wifi on international flights.

  • Dan

    Plans that are cheaper than Sprint?

    • Phone Guy

      Sprint will simply copy in about 3 weeks.

  • Steven Michaels

    Hopefully it doesn’t include a merger with Sprint

  • Tmo_Fan

    Hope the announcement would be 3 fold:
    1) Confirming no merger with Sprint
    2) Completed the 600 mhz spectrum auction
    3) Full LTE International Roaming not 2G

    • Phone Guy

      That does cost a lot, however. How about keeping the unlimited 2G international roaming, but your 1st GB is free per month internationally, then 2G. If you don’t watch videos or music, 1 GB goes a long way.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Better service, Better service, Better service

  • bluishgreen

    Maybe the reciprocal LTE roaming with US-Cellular that was reportedly supposed to happen in Q1-2017. Or maybe the OnePlus add-on price is reduced, or certain elements of it are now included, like unthrottled hotspot and/or faster international roaming.

    • Eric Edwards

      Actually that happened today. Price went down to 15 but no 4g Hotspot. If you pay 25 you get 4g Hotspot and intl calls.

      • bluishgreen

        Ahh–I must have missed that. I’m still on Simple Choice, so I didn’t notice the new One stuff.

        One thing I just noticed with my Simple Choice is that I no longer have any options for changing the data level. I know they were going to phase-out that stuff over time, but I still used to be able to switch between 2GB, 6GB, and unlimited, the last time I checked a month ago. Now, my only choices are my current level and “No Data”–so they are starting to turn the screws more on Simple Choice…

        • Eric Edwards

          Even if you call them and ask? That does seem unfair. Hopefully they can find a good plan for you.

        • Brandon Tarabocchia

          I have my own Prepaid plan, and all they have is Simple choice LOL, so if you want simple choice, get prepaid! Although there’s no unlimited data option on their website, I figured out a way to get yourself grandfathered in. Basically from your prepaid phone, call 611, say manage my account, then say change my rate plan, and pay by the month, then press 4. Congrats! You’re on simple choice unlimited!

  • Walter White

    Anyone have an idea of what’s next?

    • Bklynman

      They going give everyone free flagship phones but before you can use them they will have ads on the screen,before you call anyone you will have to listen to ads too. Just like that free computer a company gave away years ago,the screen was full of ads,you couldn’t get rid of them,you will only be able to use the new phones no more than 10 mins aday,another 10 mins.making and getting calls. LoL.

  • pseudoswede

    I’m hoping it’s subsidized phones and 2-year contacts!

    • Eric Edwards

      Kind of already have that with promos of monthly credits on phones to make them free.

      • Richard j

        Maybe make some of the good phones free.

  • Uncarrier Action Figure

    I am hoping it is John Legere Uncarrier action figure for all subscribers, LOL, LOL

  • frank

    Hopefully a price increase. I feel like I am not paying enough for thier service. Paying more will make it like we are paying for a premium service

    • lomsha

      What’s wrong with you lol

    • Bklynman

      If you want to paid more go to Verizon.

    • Tanner

      Haha sarcasm… Love it!

    • Mike Thaler

      We are paying only $10/line for 4 of the 6 lines. That wouldn’t seem to be enuf to be profitable. The new T-One pricing does make sense – not the 60%+ increase they started with. (We will keep what we have, tho!)

    • Bklynman

      How did he get 7 up votes???

      • frank

        People agree, we need to start paying more

    • master94


  • emcdonald75

    I’m hoping for reciprocal LTE/VoLTE roaming deals with U.S. Cellular and C-Spire; then, my coverage needs will be complete…in my local areas anyway. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN T-MOBILE SHOULD STOP EXPANDING COVERAGE OR DATA SPEEDS!

    • Bryant

      They are finally adding band 12 to SL,UT. I’ve seen trucks working on towers everywhere lately. :)

      • Jimmy Roche

        That’s an unfortunate name for a place

    • Zach Mauch

      This! I could really use some low band coverage here in OKC.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    More choice in phones at the stores? Whenever I go I’m not sure if I’m in a T mobile or Samsung store.

    • thepanttherlady

      Or Apple

      • SirStephenH

        I can usually tell I’m in an Apple store by the pain of my soul slowly dying.

    • Panzer

      More phone selection would be awesome.

  • vplaza

    T-Mobile Thursdays?

    • Bryant


  • Jason Caprio

    I know what should be next. NO MORE DOMESTIC ROAMING!!! It is nearly 2017 and roaming in my own country should not be a thing anymore.

    T-Mobile should convert those pesky AT&T/US Cellular roaming areas with capped 2G speeds and 50MB limit to showing up as T-Mobile’s native network. Verizon has been doing this for years with “LTE in Rural America” agreements with smaller regional carriers. I still have my eyes open and I’ll jump ship from Verizon back to T-Mobile if things keep improving. :-)

    • slybacon

      Yes, Master. Also, what do you mean by “it’s nearly 2017?” Like, what was year 0 and why does counting up by 1 every time we go around the sun mean we should be something or someone we aren’t?

    • SirStephenH

      Every carrier, including T-Mobile, has been making native roaming deals with smaller carriers for years…

      • Jason Caprio

        When I had T-Mobile, during my travels, while roaming on AT&T and US Cellular, the data connection was nearly unusable, and the 50MB cap was a huge slap in the face. Dealing with all that was one of the many reasons I switched back to Verizon.

  • Alrightythen

    Surely it will be the release of Thier new digits….It’s in beta so seems likely

    • JG

      O, that’s right. That makes sense. I took a look at the beta and felt it needs to grow more in order to be a big deal. I don’t want to use my browser in order send messages. I have an iPhone and use messages app on the Mac pretty seamlessly. I have used browser apps for Android messaging before. I imagine it will be more like that.
      Cool that it’s going to be cross platform though.
      I’d put my money on this being the new announcement.

  • Aleks

    I’m not sure what is coming, but with all the uncertainty over the next 4 years and net neutrality possibly being reduced to rubble, it just worries me how companies like T-Mobile will continue to grow and profit. The CEO’s of AT&T and Verizon are supporters and “friends” with the president elect. Once Trump is sworn in, look for another recession. It will be the Bush era but multiply the effects by twenty. Terrible time for consumers. T-Mobile may need to step on the gas pedal a bit if they want to remain competitive as uncarrier may not be sustainable. They need to give consumers a better reason to switch. At this point, T-Mobile is far from the finish line. My phone bill is the least of my concern once the GOP takes over. It’s my well being and that of my family. Scary enough…..Just my two cents.

    • Dan

      Glad you know what’s coming.

    • Chad D

      Don’t forget nuclear war, and internment camps and worse!! Nice rant though!! Unfortunately every expert has the opposite thoughts that you made up.

      • Aleks

        Says the Trump supporter……crystal clear mate!!! I never predicted the future in my post. So kindly shut up sir. (Thumps up)

    • Tanner

      You say that as if Obamas presidency was a success. All he did was hide a real recession behind more debt than all the other US presidents combined.

    • JG

      Why do you still subscribe to the red vs blue mindset? Trump is nowhere near Bush in terms of political career. I’m not a huge fan of Trump myself, but as a business tycoon that he is I like to think that he is more interested in growing our economy instead of ruining it like Bush did. I imagine Trump’s ego would have him wanting to go to his grave with the success of building a country of the greatest prosperity. What else would a man want to do after he’s already conquered the business world?

      • MindFog2287

        You answered your own question – conquer more. Simple as that. Now he’s been made king, and folks like Gingrich say he shouldn’t be sparing with pardoning anyone who does anything wrong or who has a conflict of interest. Virtually limitless power. Certainly we’ve seen Congress isn’t going to reign him in.

      • Guest

        It will be like Bush, tax cuts for the rich and a promise of trickle down for the rest. Rebuilding infrastructure may help the rest, like Obama wanted to do, but at what cost, debt?
        There’s not too many options.

    • MindFog2287

      Trump’s advisers are openly hostile to the FCC. Expect renewed talks of a Sprint / T-Mo merger and greater consolidation. How that helps consumers is beyond me.

  • Brandon

    I really really hope it is bringing the One plan to Mobile Hotspots. I live in a rural area and use their Hotspot for Internet.

    • Dan

      What do you mean? Just use your phone and you can have unlimited hotspot. No need for a separate hotspot plan

      • Brandon

        Frustratingly enough I am not able to make that work. The T-Mobile network is weak in my area and my phone when in Hotspot mode can not provide enough bandwidth to stream Netlfix and such but my Mobile Hotspot can with no issues. I have complained to T-Mobile several times about this fact and even switched phones. It is my understanding it is a combination of the ZTE Mobile Hotspot having a better antenna and T-Mobile deprioritized hotspot mode on cell phones.

        • Nobody Special

          i have two ZTE Mobile hotspots…. and it does work better than using the phone hotspot. i place my hotspot in the window…. and i get 3 bars, enough to do whatever i need.

  • bkat11

    Interoperability for HD Calling, Advanced Messaging and video calling across all networks (T-mobile, Verizon and AT&T) since “everyone is asking for it”

  • Drewzilla

    A preferred share of Tmo stock, which pays dividends?

  • Chad D

    Most likely a Jump replacement, a plan to get your NEXT phone.

  • NOYB

    CEO John Legere says “Everybody’s been asking for this one.”

    What, exactly?

    • CousinSkeeta

      Pixel more than likely

      • slybacon

        That’s not “un-carrier”….

        • CousinSkeeta

          He said what exactly has everyone been asking for

        • master94

          I havent met anyone outside of the tech sites that has been asking for the Pixel.

        • CousinSkeeta

          Tmobile has had most of the nexus devices. Rumor has it that they gettin display units….but i have no problem being wrong..but im sure customers walk into the store asking about the pixel

      • Andrew Soukup

        Nope. Verizon has that locked up.

    • Phil

      Free Digits

  • gmo8492

    Well since people still have issues with coverage, I’m guessing the expanded rollout of AWS spectrum and more 700mhz acquisitions. But I’m guessing more T-Mobile Tuesday stuff.

    • JG

      Amen. Building penetrating spectrum is on many tmo customer’s wish list. I wish too.

  • SirStephenH

    T-Mobile fully embracing Net Neutrality and doing away with their anti-Net Neutrality programs (T-Mobile One, Binge On, Music Freedom)?

    No more carrier branding of T-Mobile phones?

    The return of VUDU credits to T-Mobile Tuesdays?

    Nah, that’ll never happen.

    • topgun966

      Carrier branding their phones? They don’t put any branding on their phones. Not any.

    • I miss the Vudu credits too.

    • My beard is Kevlar

      Get rid of music freedom? are you insane? video I could care less about, nor do I care about T-Mobile Tuesdays…..I stream my music in my car and love it. Who gives a crap about net neutrality. What’s good for you “aint” good for me.

    • Chris Olson

      I have a hunch that the 480p video optimization will be ncreased to 720p and still not count against your data. They will justify it with some numbers and data about network improvements and how Big Red and Big Blue just can’t match their next gen network.

  • Asael Delgado

    Unlimited 4G LTE Roaming, Globally* (certain areas)

    • Ray

      I was thinking the same. They brought back LTE roaming to Europe. It’s supposed to end a few days before the announcement. What’s your Next destination? Lol

      • Asael Delgado

        I have a 35 day trip to Europe coming September next year – and I would love this feature – and I just switched from Verizon 2 days ago. If I have to pay for the International Unliminted 4G LTE for 30days $100 – sign me up.

        • bigrob

          You shouldn’t need the “extra” speed in majority of Europe. I was there last year for Christmas in Germany, Austria, Czech, Denmark and a few other places but for the most part we had used the included free data and were able to access the needed stuff like maps, uber etc. Uploading pictures on FB was a task but we learned that utilizing café wifi and hotel wifi it was sufficient for our needs.

        • JG

          It may not help much now, but… The EU plans on having free public WiFi in the city center of every city, town and village in the Union within the next four years.

  • Panzer

    Please don’t be another price increase.

  • Critic4U

    Switching everyone’s plans to T-Mobile One and end of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

  • JG

    I came upon an article a month or so back that stated with the new LTE radio array Qualcomm is including in the new Snapdragon 835 chip (expected out first half of 2017) combined with T-Mobile’s carrier aggregation (particularly the MIMO and QAM updates they announced in the fall) they expect devices will have a near 1Gbps connection.

    I could see Legere going on about how 5G is “What’s Next” and how with it, we’ll be getting Fiber like speeds, being able to download a whole bluray disc in a second… And note that Verizon is blowing its horn that they’ll be the first with it in the US…. But… Why should we wait… While Verizon is only offering 150Mbps LTE, T-Mobile customers (*using supported devices) can get almost 10 times as fast data,

    “The data speeds Verizon promises you in 2 or 3 years … Today”

  • mreveryphone


    • pengko

      they wont have digits ready in time. its so fking buggy even though its in beta testing.

      • mreveryphone

        Agree. I don’t think mine is even recognizing my frontier… I set it up but it still comes up on other peoples phones as the watch number and not my main number…

  • Awel

    This is my guess, and its only a guess, but I think they are going to bundle in all the Tax’s and fees into the rate plan like metro dose. Flat rate.. Your quote is your price… I know a lot of people ask for that.

    • T User

      About damn time!

    • Tmo_Fan

      That was be more Simple!

  • Mike

    Free phones with a 2 year contracts including existing customers.

    • Zach B.

      The way T-Mobile has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised. They’ll probably make it for existing customers only too, and still continue to reward new customers with the best deals instead….

  • Joe

    How about instead of T-Mobile Tuesdays, it’s T-Mobile Everyday! The app would have deals everyday.

  • Guest

    How about a Thank you for paying my bill on time?

    • UserName

      needing a self confidence boost from the interwebz?

    • Andy Bell

      They do offer a discount for auto pay. I’m on a simple choice plan and get 10$ in credits for auto pay on my unlimited plan.

    • Guest

      They already thank you for that by not suspending service.

  • HawaiiD

    End deprioritizing for unlimited plans!

  • John

    Ditching T-Mobile One and going back to Simple Choice for better pricing and hotspot tethering?

    • Nobody Special

      why did you ever give up your Simple Choice Plan????
      Getting the newest plan isn’t always the best thing to do…

      • John

        Oh, trust me, I didn’t. But now all new phone special offers, etc, are only available if you’re on the new plan. They’re trying to lure us away but I won’t do it.

        • Nobody Special

          im glad you didnt switch… we have the best plan ever due to us being with T-mobile when they were up and coming… now they have improved greatly as a cell phone carrier and now they are looking to switch the simple choice users to Tmobile One users to make extra money from them.

          i have 9 lines and i only pay $145 per month plus taxes…

          4 unlimited text/4G Lines with 7GB hotspot (includes the two free phone lines)
          2 Mobile Hotspots (6GB and 2GB) Note 6GB includes video/music binge on
          3 Tablet On Demand Lines (200 MB for Life)

          im very happy with my simple choice plan, and im happy with my monthly bill.
          and i almost forgot, I have unlimited Family international calling and text for all 4 lines for only $10 a month for ALL PHONE LINES…. why would i go to Tmobile One????

          Several months ago a tmobile rep at an authorized retailer told me that i would save money by switching to the tmobile one plan…. im not sure what calculator he used, but i did my calculations and i would pay about $300 Dollars a month plus taxes for similar features if i switched over to the Tmobile One Plan… i save $155 per month for staying with my Simple Choice Plan !!!!!!!!!!!

        • Christina

          I have the Simple choice plan $100/2 lines and want to add 2 more lines but the price is $180/4 lines. How did you get 9 lines for $145? Thanks!

        • Nobody Special

          I figure you missed the 2 free line promotional deal that went on about a month ago…. if you had taken advantage of that deal you would havebeen able to have 4 simple choice lines for $100 plus taxes….

          well, i started out the same as you. i signed up for the simple choice unlimited family plan for $100. and years ago they had a promo Stateside International Family plan to text and call other countries for only $10 and that covers ALL VOICE LINES ON MY ACCOUNT…. i snatched that up because i was already paying $15 for one line to have the international text/calling…. so when a tmobile rep told me they had an available promotional plan for only $10 dollars for All my boice lines as oposed to me paying $15 for one line… i snatched that up….lol

          I then opened up 3 free ondemand tablet lines. Well, it cost $10 for each line but you get a $10 credit fir each line…. so each month its free. I signed upfor 2 mobile hotspot lines when the ZTE mobile hotspot was on sale on the tmobile site. I got the 2GB mobile hotspot Plan and a 6GB mobile hotspot plan. I actually don’t need the two hotspot lines, but i was figuring Tmobile was going to do away with the plan or increase the price when the introduction of the Tmobile One Plan so i snatched up two of them!!!! I havealready racked up 20GB in my stash because i dont use it at all…. the 2GB Mobile Internet plan cost $20 but i get a$10 credit so the overall cost us $10…. the 6GB Mobile Internet Plan cost $35 dollars but there is a $10 credit for having a Tmobile Voice Plan. I signed up for the 2 free phone lines promotional deal that was offered last month, and I saw there was an option to get another Ondemand Tablet Line on my account, so i did…lol…. If ever i see another available Tablet line,,,, i will snatch it up because you get the 200mb for life with it. If you need more GB later you can add more in small increments for $$$$ for the day, week, etc.,.

          check your account online…. look to see how many available voice lines and tablet lines you can add. If you have available tablet lines you can get, get those and fir the data option choose the “on demand” plan…. you should see you get a $10 credit for having it…,

          so… i only pay $145 for everything plus taxes…. most of what i have is due to some sort of promotional deal…. you have to keep your eyes opened every week for any type of promotional deal you may be able to take advantage of…. if they ever give out another 2 free phone line promo deal… snatch it up!!!!!

        • GinaDee

          Keep your plan. From now on just finance any upgrades at the Apple store using Apple financing or other outlet. That way you keep your phone and phone service separate.

        • MEDDY SAID

          That is not true all phone specials are for T-Mobile one or qualifying unlimited simple choice plans which includes all unlimited plans before Tmobile one

        • John

          That’s true they did add Unlimited Simple Choice a bit later but so far none of the other data levels (2gb, 6gb, or 10gb)

    • Josh Fredlund

      You get unlimited 3G tethering on Tmobile one and unlimited 4glte tethering on one plus…

      • John

        Can’t stream video on 3G and then One Plus option gets even pricier than One, which is already pricier than Simple Choice. Not saying One is terrible if you weren’t on Simple Choice, but it’s a step backwards from it and more of a “Carrier” move with all the add on costs rather than an “uncarrier” move like we’ve been used to the last couple years. They’re pricing is now much closer to Verizon and AT&T but rural coverage still not as good.

  • izzybrexx

    How about offer the pixels

  • Alex Zapata

    Is it more rural coverage?!?

  • enigmaco

    roaming on carrier towers would be awesome!! Would really help with the coverage issues they still have!

    • emcdonald75

      That would be fantastic! When I drive to see my parents, I have about 10 miles between me and them where I do not have coverage at all. My iPhone 6S Plus indicates “No Service”. Even in the city of Jackson, there are spots where my service goes to nothing. I almost wish T-Mobile could do with their spectrum what Sprint is doing with their 2.5GHz spectrum.

      Dubbed High Performance User Equipment (HPUE), Sprint said the innovation is a modem-level technology that works along with power level amplifiers and software optimization in user devices to enhance uplink coverage capabilities. In the field (and indoors, for that matter), Sprint said that will translate to customers remaining on 2.5 GHz coverage longer before falling back to its 1.9 GHz or 800 MHz spectrum.

      Sprint CTO John Saw and COO Gunther Ottendorfer on Tuesday said HPUE can improve 2.5 GHz coverage by up to 30 percent, allowing it to cover 99 percent of the area covered by its 1.9 GHz spectrum outdoors and around 90 percent of its 1.9 GHz coverage indoors.

      “What HPUE will do for us in the future with the customers getting those devices, it will make our 2.5 (GHz) like our midband, or very close to it,” Ottendorfer said. “Without changing anything on the network, customers will have better indoor performance, better cell edge performance, overall capacity will increase. So there’s a lot of advantages we get out of HPUE.”

  • DarkStarPDX

    T-Mobile will announce plans to release an updated version of the Sidekick. You heard it here first!

  • Nobody Special

    T-Mobile will announce plans to thank us twice as hard for T-Mobile Tuesdays with a 25% Discount on all items in the tmobile store when you sign-up for a T-Mobile One Plus Plan minus Two.

  • Gregory Shortings

    Competitively priced individual plans would be awesome!

    I currently share a plan with 10 other friends, which brings the cost down to $30 per person for 10GB and all the other great T-Mobile features, but it’s a lot of work to manage such a large group (coordinating payments, managing people’s problems etc.). However, an individual plan would run me $70 per month – more than double of what I pay now – so it’d be awesome to see a more reasonable gap between the two!

  • Steven Michaels

    Glad I. Kept my simple choice plan

    • Chris

      I have simple choice. What is the main difference between T-Mobile one and simple choice unlimited? Besides T-Mobile one having increased hotspot.

      • Corey Jalette

        Price and being able to turn on/off binge on. I have the 2/100$ deal and if I switched I’d only get 3G tethering instead of the 4g lte I get included that I never use, lower video quality, and I’d end up paying 20$ more.

  • I was right on DIGITS but I have no idea this time.

  • Nobody Special

    Dominos Pizza is Back for T-Mobile Tuesdays… Everyone Has Been Asking For The Return of The Pizza…lol

  • Robert Roll

    maybe the ability to Roam On US Cellulars LTE network if T-Mobile dose not own the 700mhz A block in a market it is owned by them.

  • Corey Jalette

    Tomorrow guys! Woohoo the wait has been killig me! Lol

    • William Backy

      Me too!

      • Corey Jalette

        What sucks even more is I’ve got a friend who works for T-Mobile and since last night she found out what it was and won’t tell! There’s a chance we won’t find it amazing but I’m still excited to see what it is. No leaks online yet either. Lol

  • Alex Pilaia

    11:00am Las Vegas time, or Eastern?? Any one know if there is a streaming link to this announcement??

  • Alex Pilaia

    I am gonna guess either 1) All Taxes and Fees included or 2) Tmo will be bringing the Google Pixel into its Lineup and offering it at a discount for current customers with a trade-in.

    • Walt

      Nailed it alex. #1 nice :)