T-Mobile One Plus is now offered in two versions


After originally launching back in September, T-Mobile One Plus today underwent a big split.

T-Mobile One Plus is now two different add-ons. The regular T-Mobile One Plus costs $15 per line per month, down from the $25 per month price of the original One Plus. It includes unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi, double the international data speeds (256Kbps), voicemail to text, Name ID, and unlimited HD Day Passes for high-quality video streaming.

Then there’s T-Mobile One Plus International. This add-on is $25 per line per month and includes all of the perks of the regular T-Mobile One Plus as well as Stateside International Talk, which includes unlimited calling to landlines in more than 70 countries and mobiles in more than 30 countries, unlimited texting to “virtually anywhere,” and discounted calling rates to all numbers in more than 200 countries.

Additionally, T-Mobile One Plus International customers get unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot.


T-Mobile does say that if you already have the $25 T-Mobile One Plus add-on, you’ll automatically receive the new T-Mobile One Plus International features at the start of your next billing cycle after December 20.

While this T-Mobile One Plus split does make the T-Mobile One plan and its add-ons a bit more complicated, it also gives customers the option of saving $10 per month if they don’t care about unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot. With the $15 T-Mobile One Plus, those people can get unlimited HD Day Passes for high-quality video and other goodies and save some cash compared to the old One Plus add-on.

Will any of you be signing up for the $15 T-Mobile One Plus add-on or the $25 One Plus International add-on?

Thanks, Eric!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Will You Sign Up?

    Will any of you be signing up for the $15 T-Mobile One Plus add-on or the $25 One Plus International add-on? No, and definitely no, I have a grandfather plan and it would increase my out of pocket cost to change plans (T-mobile-One or Add -On).

    • lomsha

      Question was probably for people already on a one plan.

    • Acdc1a

      I’m already on ONE. I’ve added the plus during 2 billing cycles when I’ve needed to do a lot of tethering. My MRC is $160 for 4 voice lines and 2 tablets. It’s an insanely good deal but you have to get in on promos when they’re offering them.

  • timmyjoe42

    Is this $15/$25 per line or per plan? If I am reading their site, it’s per plan.

    • enoch861

      I believe it’s per line.

    • Alex Wagner

      Pricing is per line per month.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    Ummm, I thought they started the One plan to uncomplicate things.

    • MadMartigan

      One plan and two optional add-ons.

      Drama not necessary.

  • MORE RE-CARRIER! slowly taking effect.

    • maximus1901

      MORE DRAMA quickly taking effect


  • MadMartigan

    Get rid of the Day Passes BS and I’m in.

    • JMccovery

      With One Plus, the HD Day Passes are automatically activated each day, nothing you have to enable.

      When I was on One Plus, I too thought I’d have to enable a HD pass every day; I’d check the T-Mobile app and the My T-Mobile site, and I could only disable the HD Day Pass, to which it would just turn back on.

      Would switch back to One, but compared to $120 for five Unlimited (until 2019 or so), it was a bit too expensive.

      • Acdc1a

        That’s correct.

  • Mike Thaler

    We are overseas about 4 weeks out of year. SC has been working fine for us. So has the basic 2G data on each of 6 lines. Total of 6 lines $120/mo. + taxes. Original T-One would have been $200! Now that would seem to drop to $140. Of course you get more data – so for most high data users – new T-One makes sense.
    Most of the Pluses now offered would seem to benefit only those small numbers that travel/call overseas.

  • Joe

    To be clear this $15/$25 fee is on top of the normal Tmobile One fee you’re already paying. It’s not a new plan. It’s an addon plan to Tmobile One. So four lines still cost $160. Then if you want you can add the “plus” for $15 more per line for a total of $220 a month for all four lines.

    I’ll stick with my 3 lines for $100 at 6GB a line. At least my work discount still applies making my line fee $85.

    I’m still waiting for the “unlimited tethering” option so people can dump their cable company completely.

    • SirStephenH

      “Additionally, T-Mobile One Plus International customers get unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot.”

      • Acdc1a

        I use the 3G (ish) speeds tethering most of the time though twice I’ve added the plus add-on when I really needed the speed. It’s a nice option.

    • I have the old unlimited with 14 GB tethering. They’ve reprioritized tethering to the point yesterday I went ahead and signed up for cable internet.

      • That sucks, but they want no part in Tethering. Im not sure why, data is data. Something is up though.

  • SirStephenH

    Still not touching that plan, not even with a 10 foot poll. Simple Choice unlimited til I die.

    • Sushimane

      Select choice until i die 65 dollars unlimited everything we got it made

      • On a family plan the average for unlimited anything drops to half that though.

        • Guest

          But maybe only one in the family will use more 5GB.

        • When the price for unlimited drops to around $32 per person on a family plan does it matter how much someone does or doesn’t use?

    • Corey Jalette

      I’m with ya , I got in on the 2/$100 SC unlimited with 7gb LTE tethering which I never use anyway lol.

      • maximus1901

        No it’s 14

        • Magenta Man

          On his plan it is 7GB of Hotspot.

  • steven berson

    What ever happened to making the plans simple? I can’t keep up with all the new plans. I’m sticking with my old 4 lines for 100$. One of my line has unlimited data $20. Just added the recent 2 lines for free (1 voice/ 1 data) in the previous promo. So currently paying $120 for 1 line unlimited data 4 lines 4GB and 1 Tablet 6GB. Plus get 15% gov employee discount.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Is this data stash of after? If may ask that is.

      • steven berson

        My plan is from 2+ years ago, so i don’t get data stash.

    • Steve Weber

      I was grandfathered on that $20 plan unlimited till T-Mobile decided to change my plan to Simple Choice now I can’t change it back I called they told me they no longer offer that plan T-Mobile is sneaky they will change your plan right out from under you!

      • steven berson

        They did the same thing to me. I called back and told them i never authorized any changes and they ended up fixing it for me.

  • Marco

    i’m waiting for next uncarrier move on the 5th before I decide . The unlimited hotspot and international calling is what makes me want to switch but maby they will have a stand alone add on fee for unlimited hotspot soon:)

    • Kevin Smith

      I really like this feature had it from the start. It’s really fast and even use it @ home because sometimes its faster than home WiFi.

    • SomeRandom

      International calling is such a plus for my family. With relatives spread out across Europe and Africa this could help us keep in contact.

      • CellUser

        Where are you guys finding all of these low cost unlimited plans? I have 2GB SC for $50. 2 lines unlimited for the same price would be great.

  • User

    T-Mobile ONE, so that it’s easy to choose a plan, because there’s only one! Just kidding, you still have to choose.

  • theurbangent lee

    tmo 1 plan sucks

    • Acdc1a

      Verizon’s S, M, L, XL, XXL and 12GB plans really suck.

      • jtothada

        Probably so but this isn’t Verizon

      • Tim

        This your opinion. I’m quite satisfied with Verizon. It provides good signal in many places where T-Mobile and sprint dont.

        • Acdc1a

          Good service is not relevant to the plan.

        • MadJoe

          The same as a good engine isn’t exactly relevant to the way a car handles, but it sure does help you to experience it.

          Please don’t mistake this for me defending Verizon, though. I prefer T-Mobile, but I recognize Verizon’s coverage superiority.

      • Terry Troyer

        I would love to switch to T-Mobile because they have the best coverage in my area but for two lines (and considering my needs and corporate discounts) Verizon and At&T are both considerably cheaper than T-Mobile.

        • Acdc1a

          2 lines for $80 with 2 GB each or 2 lines for $120 with Unlimited on T-Mobile ONE. Medium with 2 lines at Verizon is $90. With a corporate discount it’s probably break even. Now if the Large bundle meets your needs at Verizon, you’re right…But if it isn’t sufficient by the time you move to XL you’re paying more at Verizon.

        • Terry Troyer

          I am paying $99.50 for two lines and 12GB LTE data (Size L) with Verizon. If I could get the same deal with T-Mobile I would switch.

        • Terry Troyer

          I pay $99.50 for two lines with 12GB LTE data (Size L) with
          Verizon. If I could get the same deal with T-Mobile I would do it.

    • Paul

      Quite subjective, but please elaborate on why you think they suck.

  • Brian

    I am actually checking with T-Mobile to see if the 2 for $100 SC Unlimited will also get the Full-Flight Free GoGo. Yes, I know that everything says TMO One but it never hurts to ask. Those of us on this promo plan seem to be the ones always questioning new benefits, whether on Twitter or directly to John Legere on Periscope.

    • Brian

      The 2 for $100 promo is not included with this. Still fine with me since we still got the benefit of the 2 free lines the weekend before Black Friday.

  • Walt

    Lower the 1 plan to $60 to Compete with Sprint. Consumers love competition

    • Sprint isn’t competing with anyone, they still can’t even do voice and data at the same time.

      • Critic4U

        Exactly what I said till they get VoLTE they will never be in the same playing field, same with the boost mobile company they own.

  • Paul Garrison

    So should they rename it ‘T-Mobile Two’?

  • Chris Lazarus

    I am actually dropping them. Because they charge 120+tax total 142 per month for two lines when boost charges 80 pm metro PCs is 100pm and simple mobile is 100pm for two lines no tax??? Then every month there is some new charge that I have to dispute which they do remove but why do I have to go through all that.

    • Acdc1a

      You’ll hate yourself if you go to Boost. Imagine being de-prioritized on the dumpster fire Sprint Network.

      If you don’t use the international features of your T-Mobile account, Metro is the way to go.

      • Asael Delgado

        This cracked me up so hard. I use to work for Sprint, and I had Verizon Wireless. Maybe 20% of my customers return their devices back, and 80% are subprime customers that got lucky they got approved for services.

    • junkcorreo

      Paying 130 for 7 lines on Tmobile. Not sure why you paying so much??
      Simple Choice plan.

      • Chris Lazarus

        I have the simple ONE plan??

      • Asael Delgado

        Maybe w/ EIP?

    • Walt

      Go with metro or cricket. Screw boost

    • Boost sucks. If you can’t do a T-Mo family plan go Metro PCS or Cricket.

      • Critic4U

        Boost is owned by Sprint

    • teckel

      Heh, Metro PCS is T-Mobile.

      • Chris Lazarus

        Technically no they are not. Metro PCs only uses T-Mobile tower’s they are not even parent company just like sprint no longer acknowledges BOOST Mobil but same deal they use there towers

        • thepanttherlady
        • Chris Lazarus

          What’s your thoughts on simple mobile? I used them for awhile?

        • Acdc1a

          A step further, since it was a reverse merger, T-Mobile is really Metro PCS.

        • thepanttherlady

          Some people still don’t understand it so I omitted that part. =)

        • squiggleslash

          Nope. T-Mobile bought MetroPCS a few years ago, partly to gain access to MetroPCS’s spectrum, but mostly because they could stage what’s called a “reverse takeover”: legally, the corporation that survived the merger was MetroPCS, which was being traded on the stock market. It’s supposedly easier than doing an IPO.

        • teckel

          “In October 2012, MetroPCS Communications reached an agreement to merge with T-Mobile USA, Inc.” – Wikipedia. I pay $120 with T-Mobile for 4 lines unlimited everything. You must have the wrong package.

        • Chris Lazarus

          Wow did not see that.

        • Tony Lee

          120 for 4 lines for me too unlimited everything

        • Stewey

          Tony Lee – T-Mobile website on 10/31/16 showed a T-mobile ONE plan promotion of 4th line free = $120/mo. I entered 4 lines and added an iPhone 6S and it said my total for 4 lines is $120/mo. I called the T-mobile sales dept to ask questions before switching. The sales rep said this T-mobile ONE promo 4th line free was $120 after EFT $5 off each line. (4) lines at $140 – $20 EFT discount = $120/month + my new iPhone + tax. After EFT, the lines would be $70, $25, $25, free.

          Elevated to the Retention Dept in Nov. She said she never heard of this deal. A credit was supposed to be issued on current bill, which it wasn’t today. Instead, the bill came in even higher!

          Spoke to a different girl in the Retention Dept today. She also said they have never ran a promo like I am explaining. I told her I have everything in writing with the discussions I have had with all representatives. She said there has been some training issues and delays on updating promotions. Well, gee, not my problem! Since she would not esculate the call higher, which pissed me off more, I told her to get other credits applied to my account and I am not done discussing this issue. She said I can fill out a form online with my complaint, which I plan to do.

        • MindFog2287

          $145 for 6 lines unlimited everything (well, until Feb 2019, then it goes back to 10GB/line, which is fine with me).

    • Philip

      You dont care when you go oversea you can use in 140 countries, but at 3G speed n unlimited text?

    • John J. Gianfortune

      If u go to metro or boost you will notice why they only charge that much enjoy dropped calls and slow speeds.

  • Warp

    It should be called T-Mobile One ++
    I can understand them fine-tuning the package to reduce the number of unlimited LTE tethering users.

    • Acdc1a


    • Philip

      Do you mean reduce the amount of 7GB and 14GB hotspot users or the unlimited data on the phone?

    • It is all a trap. Nothing on T-mobile but older plans with truly unlimited is actually unlimited without paying a lot of money. Zero Rating has become a trap rather than a benefit.

  • Chris Lazarus

    I have the t one plan…

    • Critic4U

      Sorry for your loss.

  • WTF?

    So, they are 3 plans. one, plus and International?

    • calcu007

      No, 1 plan with 2 add on

  • DM725

    I am pretty annoyed at T-Mobile for only offering phone deals during the holiday season on One and Simple Choice Unlimited Plans. Unliited HD day passes? How about just unlimited HD content. Don’t make ppl have to add a day pass to watch a few HQ videos…

    • It is always in the hope people won’t turn them on.

  • brybry

    Do you guys remember when they changed off the family time etc.. to simple choice, They said they were doing it to simplify the plans and offerings?

    Now it’s even more confusion and convoluted than ever.

  • nycplayboy78

    I have T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan:

    Unlimited 4G LTE per line
    Unlimited Talk & Text
    Detectable video typically streams at 480p; disable any time. On all plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization.
    More T-Mobile benefits
    Free video streaming with 3GB or higher data plan
    Free music streaming
    Unused data rolls forward with 3GB or higher data plan
    No annual service contracts or overages
    Canada & Mexico included free
    Free overseas texting & roaming
    Wi-Fi calling
    Gogo in-flight benefits
    Mobile hotspot

  • ES

    Too bad the $15 dollar option isn’t available for Tablets. Those still only have the $25 upgrade.

  • WittyPixel

    what international countries can you call?

  • CellUser

    Where are you guys finding all of these low cost unlimited plans? I have 2GB Business SC for $50. 2 lines unlimited for the same price would be great.

  • Paul

    Literally taken from the site:

    “T-Mobile ONE $70.00 Monthly Using Autopay saves you $5/line.”
    – UUmmmmm, no. No need to autopay my bill, I pay it early and in full.

    “On all plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>28GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). Tethering at Max 3G speeds. Sales tax and regulatory fees included in monthly service price.”
    *sigh* oh, the fine print.

    I’ll pass, and stick with my grandfathered plan that is cheaper, as I don’t autopay, and less restricting.

  • Ubiel Seara González

    RIDICULOUS – CUBA: Cuba is not on the list of the 70 countries for free calling unther the One Plus International. It’s on the list of discounts… BUT I don’t see any discounts ($1.68/min) Many 3er parties as Rebtel, HablaCuba or CubaLlama offer around 50c/min. That’s 3 times cheaper than T-Mobile. If you keep reading the lists you see Haiti (56c/min), Jamaica (20c/min), Martinique (free), Dominica (20c/min), etc. They are all in the same geographical area! How that the price per minute is so different between these countries and Cuba? There are more of 2.5 million of cuban ONLY in Florida. If T-Mobile wants to grow and get more customers, T-Mobile should pay more attention to these details.