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T-Mobile One Plus is now offered in two versions


After originally launching back in September, T-Mobile One Plus today underwent a big split.

T-Mobile One Plus is now two different add-ons. The regular T-Mobile One Plus costs $15 per line per month, down from the $25 per month price of the original One Plus. It includes unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi, double the international data speeds (256Kbps), voicemail to text, Name ID, and unlimited HD Day Passes for high-quality video streaming.

Then there’s T-Mobile One Plus International. This add-on is $25 per line per month and includes all of the perks of the regular T-Mobile One Plus as well as Stateside International Talk, which includes unlimited calling to landlines in more than 70 countries and mobiles in more than 30 countries, unlimited texting to “virtually anywhere,” and discounted calling rates to all numbers in more than 200 countries.

Additionally, T-Mobile One Plus International customers get unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot.

T-Mobile does say that if you already have the $25 T-Mobile One Plus add-on, you’ll automatically receive the new T-Mobile One Plus International features at the start of your next billing cycle after December 20.

While this T-Mobile One Plus split does make the T-Mobile One plan and its add-ons a bit more complicated, it also gives customers the option of saving $10 per month if they don’t care about unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot. With the $15 T-Mobile One Plus, those people can get unlimited HD Day Passes for high-quality video and other goodies and save some cash compared to the old One Plus add-on.

Will any of you be signing up for the $15 T-Mobile One Plus add-on or the $25 One Plus International add-on?

Thanks, Eric!

Source: T-Mobile

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