AT&T borrows T-Mobile Binge On to launch new Stream Saver feature


UPDATE: Here’s a John Legere tweet in response to AT&T’s Stream Saver: “How do we know what @att will do (wrong) a year from now? Just look at whatever we do now & make it suck.”


We’ve seen other carriers borrow features from T-Mobile in the past, and today it looks like AT&T that’s doing the borrowing.

AT&T today announced Stream Saver, a feature similar to T-Mobile’s Binge On. When it launches in early 2017, Stream Saver will optimize high definition video to standard definition (480p) quality with the goal of using less of your monthly data allotment. Stream Saver will be available on AT&T’s “most popular” plans, including its prepaid GoPhone plans.

When Stream Saver launches, AT&T will send a message to customers letting them know that it’s on, which suggests that it’ll be activated by default. Customers can turn it off, though, using the myAT&T account tools.

One big difference between AT&T Stream Saver and T-Mobile Binge On is that the latter service offers a lot of video that streams without using any data. Binge On lets you stream from services like YouTube, ESPN, ABC, Periscope, and Netflix more without touching your data allotment. And if you’re on a T-Mobile One plan, all video streams are optimized and unlimited.

AT&T isn’t the only carrier to launch its own version of Binge On, as Sprint offers “mobile optimized streaming video” on its Unlimited Freedom plan. Apparently AT&T thinks that Binge On sounds like a good idea, too, and now that both AT&T and Sprint have mimicked Binge On’s mobile-optimized video streaming, it’ll be interesting to see if Verizon does, too. One thing that is likely to happen is a John Legere response to AT&T’s Stream Saver, so stay tuned for that.

Source: AT&T

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  • Matt

    Honestly, I am more excited about John Legere’s response. It will likely be dripping with sarcasm and very funny.

    • Done!

      “How do we know what @att will do (wrong) a year from now? Just look at whatever we do now & make it suck.” – John Legere, 11/11/16 1:43PM

      • theforevermachine

        that guy f***s

  • Sheeeeep

    John Legere’s response :

    Something like, “Oh look, AT&T is having the same issues we have with data intensive activities on smart devices. Now all carriers are copying our Binge On concept to alleviate data intensive activities and to maximize network management initiatives. You’re welcome AT&T and Sprint for setting the precedence for limiting bandwidth of data intensive activities over cellular data connections and paving the way for all ISPs to follow for years to come!!”

  • Sheeeeep

    All the carriers have followed T-Mobile over the years.

    T-Mobile was the 1st national carrier to carry Android devices (G1)

    T-Mobile was the 1st national carrier to eliminate service contracts and phone subsidies.

    T-Mobile was the 1st national carrier to bring UMA service and Wi-Fi Calling and Texting service to cellular devices to increase coverage to any Wi-Fi access point.

    • Fabian

      Good sheep!

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    If only it didnt use data Id prolly switch to gophone unlimited

    • Drewski

      AT&T gophone is not Truly Unlimited High Speed 4G LTE Data though Bro.

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Yes it is bro

        100% unlimited cricket ftw

        • Drewski

          Wrong. You said GoPhone knowing GoPhone is not Truely Unlimited High Speed 4G LTE Data. Your statement should have been stated as: “Switch to AT&T Cricket Wireless 70 Dollar Unlimited Data plan.” Makes sense?

        • Drewski

          Not true. AT&T GoPhone does not offer Truely Unlimited Data. Since you are saying Cricket, then your answer could have been stated as being: “AT&T Prepaid carrier, Cricket Wireless are the ones to offer a Truely Unlimited Data plan at 70 Dollars”.

        • Phone Guy

          Cricket is throttled at 8GB FYI. Not a truly unlimited. (on speedtest app only place where it doesn’t show the throttle)

        • Drewski

          No Sir it is not throttled at 8gb of 4G LTE Data. Cricket Wireless 70 Dollar Unlimited High Speed Data plan is Truely Unlimited High Speed 4GLTE Data that can reach in-between 8mbps to 16mbps speeds, depending on where you are located at Buddy. I do not know where you got that assumption from Bud. Delusional. lol

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Yes I said cricket moron

      • Slimm

        Yeah and the contract side isn’t truly unlimited high speed data either why you talking bro!!!

        • Drewski

          Yes it is Truely Unlimited High Speed 4G LTE Data with AT&Ts Unlimited High Speed Data for those that purchase both AT&T Mobile services with either Directv or other TV services. Your information was incorrect.

  • Croq

    So, for AT&T, the only one that benefits is AT&T, since Stream Saver still uses data from your allotment. At least with T-Mobile, Binge On didn’t use your data.

  • SirStephenH

    “Stream Saver will optimize high definition video to standard definition (480p) quality”

    I bet they’ll “optimize” it by simply throttling your connection to 1.5Mbps just like Binge-On does.

    • Fabian

      Of course. They optimize s***, all they do is throttle and hope the providers are adjusting their streams properly. Screw small and non commercial providers.

  • Adam

    I am more worried about “Game of Thrones” becoming only available to AT&T customers as they try to use overpriced wireless and DSL service to subsidize a failing TV business.

    • lomsha

      If they do that, people would just go to piracy.

      • theforevermachine

        absolutely without question

    • KrisKordova

      Exclusives that are not extremely easy to access do more harm than good

    • Prode

      I am not sure if HBO would ever do that. I feel like that would hurt HBO more and they know it.

  • matt

    My binge on constantly causes sling tv to buffer and pause. I was considering canceling it. Netflix never pauses or buffers.

  • Irfan

    this will help At&t customers that the provider is offering instead of willingly placing speed cap on netfilex etc
    at the end basically they are scared , afraid and because buying buying more companies they lost its mind which direction to go …
    T-Mobile don’t worry no one can beat u

  • Aaron Davis

    This is at&t trying to get around net neutrality by letting the customers opt-in to the throttling.

    The same could possibly be said about t-mobile, but binge-on at least gives unlimited data with that throttling, which leads to potentially MORE Netflix consumption, which is what Netflix really wants.

  • gmo8492

    Wow that’s terrible and a cheap imitation from AT&T, John basically summed up their business strategy over the last couple of years.

  • Joe

    Opt-out too? Lame. Seems like this is mostly a benefit to AT&T and not customers.

  • Felix Fernandez

    Am I the only one who hates Binge on. I have T-Mobile One and my speeds are never over 3mbps. I know that the area I live in is probably slow but I’ve been everywhere and almost same results. I get speeds over 45mbps at like 2 in the morning when people usually are sleeping by then. Oh and I have a galaxy s7 edge so I’m sure it’s not my device since we have 5 lines activated with T-Mobile. The only thing I can think of is people take advantage of binge on because before binge on was available I used to get constantly 25mbps at all times pretty much.

    • Clippers FANactic

      I agree 100%

    • Lit

      Yup. It’s the price you pay for not using up your data.

    • vinnyjr

      I’m getting over 50mb down and 35 up. My signal is 5 bars all the time and that is inside my house! At night my speeds are even faster!! I had a brief time when my speeds slowed down but that was because of updating the towers in my area. Hope things change for you. Call T-Mobile and find out why you are having slow data speeds!! Maybe sim card change??

      • Walt

        You forgot to thank John Legere and T-mobile

        • theforevermachine

          and thank mr skeltal 4 good calsium

        • ^fake fabian troll-same person

          You forgot to use your other troll name :)

      • Pal

        I’m experiencing the same as the people above you and did call. They said it was network congestion.

    • tvtv

      Yep I get about 3MB 90% of the time too and I have the personal cell tower too.
      Bars on my iphone are 3-4.

  • Justin Miller

    I loathe ATT and its originality – such an awful company.

  • joemail

    “optimize high definition video to standard definition” you mean MINIMIZE! what a crooked practice by ALL carriers to stomp innovation.
    Can anyone get on the mic these days and spew bs? Seems to be the theme now with everything in the great USA.

    • AP Mustard

      How does (optionally) compressing video to save bandwidth stomp competition? Tell me what you think words mean.

      It seems anyone with a *keyboard* can spew B.S. joemail.

  • MastarPete

    R.I.P. Net Neutrality
    Hello Fast Lanes.

  • Craig Foster

    Net Neutrality is dead anyway. The Republicans will take care of that little problem for their corporate overlords.