T-Mobile’s Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge launch could be near


Following its official announcement earlier this month, it looks like the Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge could be nearing its launch on T-Mobile.

Today a source sent along the image you see below, showing that the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge has entered T-Mobile’s systems. The phone is line number three, listed as “SAM G935T GS7 Edge 32G BLUE.” Other new devices listed here include the SyncUp Drive (launching November 18) and Gear S3 Frontier.


Neither Samsung nor T-Mobile have made any official announcements regarding the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge’s launch date in the US. However, AT&T is already accepting orders for the device, and as of this writing, AT&T says that the Blue GS7 edge will ship between November 14 and November 16.

Blue Coral is a new color option for the Galaxy S7 edge, as Samsung has decided to add it to the GS7 edge after discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7, the only other phone that was offered in Blue Coral. Now it looks like the Blue Coral GS7 edge will soon be available from T-Mobile, so hopefully we’ll get something official from T-Mo soon.

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  • MadJoe

    Even though this looks nice, my S7 Edge (like many people’s) is just a stop-gap until the next Note (or whatever they’re going to call it) is released. So they’re going to have to come at me with a Black Sapphire version to get me to switch before then.

    • David Martrano

      I have the s7 edge. It is the best performing phone I have ever used. Display battery & camera the absolute best.

      • MadJoe

        Did you have the Note 7? It was better. I’m not sure why, but it really was good. It also didn’t have the problem where my palms and fingertips are always touching the edges just enough to mess with my display. The Note 7 didn’t have that problem at all, plus the S-Pen (I actually use it, and for a lot).

  • Acdc1a

    I have the S7 Edge now and love the phone. This color is just plain fugly though. What’s the appeal?

    • Big Daddy’s House

      Too little too late. Why buy this now?? At this point most people are just better off waiting a few more months for the S8 instead.

      • Acdc1a

        $400 is a fair price to pay. I’m not paying double for the 8

        • Big Daddy’s House

          They do this crap every year a new phone is out. Just to make more money. This is why I never buy a new phone on day one. Just wait another year when the S8 edge is half off.

        • Acdc1a

          If I buy flagships they are usually for my wife and almost always a generation old. For myself? $400 is at the top end of what I’ll pay for a phone. So far I’m pleased.

    • steadymobb

      I like it

  • FryChickenIsha

    I’m buying this as soon as it become available. It will be my main phone until the next Note8 or iPhone8, X, whatever Apple will call it.

  • Bradley Karas

    Just wait till they release nougat with the grace ux for the edge…pretty much will be the note

  • Big Daddy’s House

    Forget this. The S7 is already old. The Galaxy S8 will be releasing soon. And I’m already waiting for the Galaxy S10. Hahaha!!

  • Banney Ley


  • JLamar

    I had the Blue Note 7 because it was the only one available when I returned my first one. Really liked the color. Turned it in soon thereafter. I dropped my s7 edge a week after I got it. Very fragile. About one foot+gravity, it’s over. Received my replacement s7, slapped a Mophie battery case on it. Dropped it last week. The case popped open. The phone came out. Skipped across the pavement. Shattered again, but usable. In a Otterbox Defender now. My point? Color doesn’t matter, you need to case it…..and the Mophie case sucks ass.