Next T-Mobile Tuesday will offer UE speaker discount, grand prize trip to American Music Awards


The next T-Mobile Tuesday is all about music.

The T-Mobile Tuesday for November 15 will offer 25 percent off any UE speaker at T-Mobile. There are a few different UE speakers available from T-Mobile, including the UE Megaboom for $299.99, UE Boom 2 for $199.99, and UE Rol for $99.99.

Other gifts coming on Tuesday next week include a a free small Frosty from Wendy’s and a free FandangoNOW movie rental.

The grand prize for the T-Mobile Tuesdays game next week is a trip for two to Los Angeles to attend the 2016 American Music Awards (AMAs) on November 20 or the 2017 AMAs. That includes airfare, hotel accommodations, two tickets to the AMAs, the Party on the Red Carpet, and a pass for the AMAs After Party. Also included is $500 for meals and a $2,915 check for taxes and other expenses.

One hundred first prize winners will get a UE Megaboom speaker, while 200 people will win a UE Roll speaker.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Croq

    I wish they would switch back to Vudu instead of FandangoNow. Most of what I want to rent from FandangoNow is $6.99, which means I’d have to pay $1.99 on top of the credit. With Vudu, they were generally $5.99 which meant I was only paying 49 cents to rent in HDX.

    I also liked that you could apply the $5.50 Vudu credit to purchasing a movie too. It was not limited to just rentals like FandangoNow seems to be.

    • ☁Zack LaMarsh☁☁

      Exactly I prefer vudu bec it has better selection and streams better then fandango now and most of the movies I buy are synced to vudu

      • SirStephenH

        They’re actually synced to Ultraviolet. Both VUDU and FandangoNow are part of Ultraviolet and owned videos can be watched on either service.

        Ultraviolet is the main industry standard for digital movie purchases and maintains a central collection that other services such as VUDU, FandangoNow, etc can access.

  • Tmo_user

    Every Tuesday, $5.99 statement credit to your monthly bill! That would make me super excited using your app.

  • SirStephenH

    This has to be the most useless T-Mobile Tuesday to date. It’s like they weren’t even trying.

  • Gilbert Anthony Erentreich

    Yeah, I haven’t “taken advantage” of any of these Tuesday deals since they started with this fandango now bull shhh.. rather get the credit towards actual fandango and go to the theatre instead of their wannabe vudu service

  • Bill

    Maybe 25% off my bill would be nice instead of a bluetooth speaker with unreasonable price.

    • Mike

      Well, the megaboom and boom 2 are actually really good speakers. It blows other similarly priced and even higher priced Bluetooth speakers out of the water. Literally. (Because they are waterproof.)

  • Nobody Special

    T-Mobile Coupon Tuesday (TCT)when you have to spend money to obtain a product is nothing new, how could this in anyway be a Thank You to consumers. These products will be 25% off on Black Friday and for the Christmas Holiday.

    I guess we should thank T-Mobile for Christmas too!

    • TXMO

      LMFAO @ “T-Mobile Coupon Tuesday”

      T-Mo Tuesdays have sucked since they did away with the free pizza and switched over to that dumb ass Fandango Now which is a rip off of Vudu.

      How about showing thanks by giving us a percentage off of our bill? I’ll take bill credits over 2 years instead of buying something and crediting that t-mobile. Thanks.

    • I’m not really mad at it because I mean we are getting something, so we could not be getting anything at all. Something is always better than nothing to me. But I had an idea and felt like, why not give us discounts off of new phones? Like since they want to consistently give us some of the same things, some things that we still have to pay our own money of, making someone a profit, why not tie it back into T-Mobile? Why not give us like $15 off a new phone every week? I mean they did get rid of Score! Why not give us a discount off of a new phone, and then we get a cheaper new smartphone, manufacturers get increased sells, and T-Mobile wins in the end.

  • DalekG

    I wish the Vudu credits would come back… I’ve been using them to get classic Doctor Who episodes on the cheap…

  • Aaron Sangster

    T-Mobile needs to bring back Vudu. Fandango sucks, the movies are all $6.99 and half the time I can’t get the website or the app on my TV to work. PLEAS bring back Vudu!