Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 official, launching at T-Mobile on November 10 for $469.99


After leaking out more times than I can count, the Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 is now official.

The Idol 4S with Windows 10 will officially launch at T-Mobile on Thursday, November 10, at a price of $469.99. Customers that buy the Idol 4S will get a bag of goodies that includes a virtual reality headset, 45-day trial of Hulu Plus, 30-day trial of Microsoft’s Groove music streaming service, and a copy of the Halo: Spartan Assault game for Windows 10 Mobile.

When it comes to specs, the Idol 4S with Windows 10 is a pretty high-end piece of kit. Included is a 5.5-inch 1920×1080 AMOLED display, 21-megapixel camera with Sony IMX230 sensor and dual-tone flash, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, and a rear-mounted fingerprint reader.


Also included is support for Continuum, the Windows 10 feature that’ll let you plug your Idol 4S into a dock or adapter, hook that up to a keyboard, mouse, and display, and then use your Idol 4S like a full-on desktop computer.

Rounding out the Idol 4S’s feature set is an 8-megapixel front-facing camera with wide angle lens and flash, 64GB of storage, a microSD slot for adding more storage, dual front-facing speakers, and a 3,000mAh battery.

T-Mobile’s selection of Windows 10 mobile phones hasn’t exactly been robust lately, with just the entry-level Alcatel Fierce XL available to fans of Microsoft’s platform. The arrival of the Idol 4S on T-Mobile is a big deal because not only is it a new Windows 10 handset, but it’s a high-end phone that looks nice, and it’s price isn’t bad considering the specs that you’re getting.

If you’re a fan of Windows 10 or are interested in checking out the platform, keep an eye out for the Idol 4S next week.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Alex Zapata

    This just made all 5 of us really happy. And yes, as a long time Windows Phone user I get to make that joke.

    • Steven

      haha!! I always say there are 10 of us out there, add your 5 that makes 15!!! Our population is growing my friend!

      • We might make it to 20, WM users are coming out of the woodwork.

        • Crispin Gatieza

          No kidding. They’re coming out of the woodwork due to the relatively insane prices of other Continuum-ready phones. Even though the Acer Liquid Jade Primo is a better deal ($450 including keyboard, mouse and dock) the camera blows.

        • Mario Muriel

          I still own a 1520 and a 950XL, the camera is priority on the 2 devices, still want to replace the 950XL, if the alcatel has better camera then it would be a no brainer, but I dont think it will happen

        • argenys

          It will definitely not have a better camera. Very few phones do its that good. But I’m sure it wont be bad. I’m thinking on the lines of a LG G4 or something like that. A very good camera from about 2 years ago, which aren’t bad.

  • vplaza

    My last Windows phone was the HTC HD2, one of the best phones ever created for those who wanted to tinker with their phones. I would love to get back to Windows but have gotten used to having apps for lots of things.

    Credit union app for mobile deposit is critical for me. Other apps for work, such as Concur travel, United, Delta, Uber, Hilton, Credit Card, etc. are also important.

    • Hilton GoWahoos Redskins

      I had one of the el cheapo windows 8 tablets (upgraded it to 10) and at first I thought I’d really miss some of the apps. Then I realized I have full desktop browser support. I can just go to the websites. Even the sites like Fox sports that only work on desktop worked on that tablet. true story

    • Earl DePass Jr.

      I feel you vplaza. I owned the HTC HD 2 too; then the HTC Radar. After Microsoft abandoned WM 6.5 and WM 7.5 I went on to the Lumia 521, 63x, 640, and even bought my daughter an Alcatel Fierce. Sadly the Fierce will probably be the last Windows Phone I will ever purchase. After my 640 died,, and I couldn’t find a 950, or 950XL in stock at the Windows store, so I got myself an Android phone. The customizability of Android reminds me of my HTC HD2 running WM 6.5 I got hooked on the convenience of having indispensable apps like my eTix for my daily commute, and now I can never come back to Windows Mobile.

      • vplaza

        The ironic thing for me is that I got my first taste of Android on the HD2! I got it to dual boot to WM and Android. I suppose if I could do that with this one….

        • Earl DePass Jr.

          You are on to something. That would be sweet. I would purchase the Idol 4S in a minute if I could dual boot between WM10 and android.

    • argenys

      Some of those apps are available. But you’ll be missing enough of them for it to be an inconvenience.

  • Steven

    600 mhz support? with that around the corner I feel this would be key, if not initially, update-able for it once released.

    • Alex Zapata

      Have they even defined a band class for that?

      • Acdc1a

        They haven’t. It’s all theory at this point as they still haven’t been able to get enough money in the auction to clear the spectrum.

        • Alex Zapata

          So….. Then how could they possibly build it in?

        • Acdc1a

          Obviously they can’t.

  • Ordeith

    The only problem I see with this phone is the carrier. T-Mobile has a terrible history when it comes to their Windows customers.

    • frankinnoho

      You know who else has a terrible history when it comes to the Windows customers? Microsoft! They are, beyond a doubt, the worse. Having owned a Zune, several Media Center PC’s, MC Extenders, Windows Home Server as well as several Windows Phones (including a Lumia 925 with an OLED screen… Best Phone Ever!!), I can personally testify that there’s absolutely no one worse to Windows customers than Microsoft.

      • youseeit

        No no noooo…1520 is the best. And Microsoft change their minds like a drunk chick “consenting” to, you know it’s not legal and binding!

    • Tale 85

      The last Windows Phone from T-Mobile, the Fierce XL with Windows, has been getting all of It’s updates on a regular basis. With all the hype and anticipation about this phone maybe T-Mobile wants to show Microsoft just how it’s done.

      Personally I’ve been waiting for this one since it was a speculated rumor. The specs I wanted fell into place, some even better with the Snapdragon 820. If this one succeeds maybe we can see the Idol 4 (5″ with the Snapdragon 652) as a midranger.

  • Spanky

    Bezel complaints in 1…2…3…

    All kidding aside, this looks like a really nice phone. Alcatel has certainly stepped up their game.


    List of phones with the same Sony 21MP IMX230 sensor:

    Sony Xperia M5
    Sony Xperia XA Ultra[93]
    HTC One M9+ Supreme Camera Edition
    Huawei Honor 7[94]
    Meitu M6 (front and rear)[95]
    Meitu V4s (front and rear)[96]
    Meizu PRO 5[97]
    Meizu PRO 6[98]
    Moto Maxx
    Moto X Force
    Moto X Style[99]
    Moto X Play[99]
    Letv L1 Max[citation needed]
    LeEco Le 2 Pro[100]
    LeEco Le Max 2[100]
    Elephone M3 3GB (Pro)
    Elephone Vowney Lite
    Elephone Vowney
    Lenovo Vibe X3,[101]

    • vplaza

      For the price point of the phone, it makes sense. The newer phones are using the IMX240 or higher.

      • Crispin Gatieza

        The IMX240 is vastly inferior sensor to the 230. Sony’s numbering system is based on release date, not performance. If you really want the 240, get a Blu Vivo 5R. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

        • vplaza

          I’m no expert on sensors, but the Samsung Galaxy S6’s use the IMX240 and the S7’s use the IMX260. Those phones were typically praised for their cameras.

          The IMX230 may very well be superior to the IMX240.

        • PiCASSiMO
        • Drew P. Weiner

          Samsung also used their own isocell camera tech in the S6 and S7’s contingent on how many were being made, plus lenses, post processing etc. I don’t think the I4s has OIS.

  • Elier Ruiz

    I almost want to get this phone to use the desktop feature.

  • Jay Martinez


  • Croq

    Available on JoD?

    • Crispin Gatieza

      If you look at the JoD terms, one of the requirements of the new phone has to be equal or greater storage capacity. Being that this is 64GB, few current phones top that.

      • Croq

        I haven’t experienced that limitation. I know that if you want to jump from one device to the same device (like to change colors), they do require that you go to a higher amount of memory. Can you provide a link?

    • Ramblin’ reck.

  • Zacamandapio

    Only thing missing for me is Qi charging.

    • that_guy

      No NFC also but I hope this isn’t true.

      • argenys

        it is true, for me personally not a big deal since I’m saving so much on price compared to a typical phone with those stats. I also don’t really use mobile payments. But I will admit its a weird omission, and personally I slowly may have started to get into mobile payments. But I only expect to have this phone for about a year and those payments aren’t accepted in enough places for me to get upset over it.

  • Hoosier__Daddy

    Curious this article says it has 3.5GB of memory while everything else I’ve read including Alcatel’s own spec for the Windows version on T-Mobile says 4GB.

    • argenys

      W10m is currently only 32-bit which limits the memory to 3.5GB the phone has 4GB and will be unleashed once the 64-bit version of W10m comes out. It’ll either be in March of 2017 or around Oct/Nov 2017.

  • Fish

    I will be picking one up.

    • Earl DePass Jr.

      Make sure you can re-root it with Android Nougat first, because WM10 is a dead end.

  • that_guy

    3.5GB of memory? It’s 4GB.

    • argenys

      you can only use 3.5/4 because the OS is still 32-bit. Once they release the 64-bit version it’ll unlock the other 0.5 GB

      • that_guy

        I see but the article made it sound like the phone only came with 3.5GB RAM which isn’t true. But it looks like it fixed now.

  • eanfoso

    Definitely worth it. Much better pricing than HP’s offering.

  • Earl DePass Jr.

    Sadly I predict the Alcatel Idol 4S will be the woolly mammoth of Windows Mobile 10 devices; a great beast of a phone that is doomed for extinction; the last of it’s kind.

    If Microsoft were serious about WM10, this terrific phone would be available on all carriers, and also be released in Europe and South Asia. I predict Microsoft will soon abandon WM10 for a new line of Surface phones. Mark my word.

    • argenys

      Surface phones that run? You’re silly they’re not going to abandon W10m its the same windows team that does regular W10. It barely costs them more money and keeps development of Windows on ARM and new wireless chipsets. Which can be used for more than phones. There is more development on the OS(W10m) now than at any point since WP came out in 2010… The device side yes they’ve retrenched like they told everyone they would yet so many chose no to believe. You can still get a few 3rd party and assure support by going on the insider program if they get stupid and stop support. They won’t fully go hard until holiday 2017 for 3 reasons; Surface Phone development, W10 development(most major mobile features planned for Redstone 3), and the biggest piece that matters the most and will make the biggest difference is the development of the iOS bridge. Until that is fully fleshed out so developers just basically have to click a button to have a windows app nothing else will matter.

    • Microsoft IS serious about W10M. Windows 10 Mobile comprises of the same team that does Windows 10 for PCs, Xbox One, HoloLens, etc. And a Surface Phone is coming, but likely not before 2018, after Redstone 4 brings the full feature set of Continuum to Windows 10 Mobile.

      That being said, my girlfriend and I will both be picking one of these up.

  • taron19119

    How do u Force the iPhone to use band 4

    • Prode

      I do not think you can. The phone will pick what is best at the time.

  • Phil

    Im so freaking tempted 2 go WM.

    I’m over Googles crap!
    Their political election games – Search result manipulation & youtube censorship is serious stuff that should not be ignored my smartphone friend’s .

  • Dave

    Noticed the camera video settings are limited compared to the DTEK 60; 30,60,120fps, same camera, different screen, etc.
    Is this a limitation of WIN 10 or just the camera app?

  • limeybastid

    Will this be available on JOD? I wouldnt mind trying out a window phone for educational purposes.