T-Mobile will resume Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales on October 5


The Galaxy Note 7 has been missing from T-Mobile’s shelves for a while now following the device’s recall, which means that anyone that’s not exchanging a recalled unit have been unable to get a Note 7 from T-Mo. That’ll change this week.

T-Mobile has announced that it’ll resume sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this Wednesday, October 5. That includes both online and in-store sales.

Before it was pulled from T-Mobile shelves, the Galaxy Note 7 was priced at $69.99 upfront and 24 monthly payments of $32.50 each on EIP. Pricing for JUMP! On Demand customers was set at $0 down and $37.50 per month. Finally, full retail pricing for the Note 7 was set at $849.99.

The Galaxy Note 7 is one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year, and a lot of people are fans of Samsung’s big-screened, stylus-equipped smartphones. The wait for the Note 7 to return to shelves has likely been frustrating for customers that want to buy one, especially as owners of recalled Note 7s were getting new units last month, but the good news for those customers is that the wait for the Note 7 is ending sooner than rumors suggested it would.

Will you be buying the Note 7 when it returns to T-Mobile stores?

Thanks, Leonard and anonymous!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Maurice


  • Bradley Karas

    Love this phone!

  • noh1bvisas

    i like this phone, but it’s too fragile for me.
    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=7sLcN0pDjqg

  • purenupe1

    Not until it has a $200 price drop…so maybe when the note 8 is released

    • noh1bvisas

      if samsung refurbishes the “bad” ones, there might be some sweet deals.

  • vplaza

    The S7 Edge appears to have received a $50 price drop on T-Mobile’s website. The Note 7 looks like an amazing device, but the S7 Edge is also a pretty good device. Sort of torn between the two right now.

    • noh1bvisas

      do you need/want a stylus? pretty much the same phone other than that. 32g storage vs 64g on the note, but an sd card takes care of that. retina sensor important? i wear glasses so that doesn’t work well.

      • vplaza

        Not sure if I really need a stylus, but I was interested in the retina sensor. But I also wear glasses, so if that won’t work well, then the Edge sounds like it makes more sense.

        Also, they are running a promo where you can get either a Gear VR or 256GB memory card if you buy the S7 Edge, so that takes care of the storage discrepancy.

        Based on this, leaning toward the Edge (pun intended) now.

        • noh1bvisas

          i watched some video reviews of the ret scanner with glasses. see if it’s acceptable for you.

        • vplaza

          Hmm, one video said the official Samsung word is they don’t work with glasses, but they clearly do for some of the people.

        • pcriz

          That’s called managing expectations. If it can see your eyes it will work. Glare from the light will make it more difficult but even when I am wearing my polarized sunglasses I can still get it to work.

        • Craig Mayers

          The iris scan has worked flawlessly with my prescription glasses since day 1. I had the Edge as an interim device while waiting for the new Notes and am glad to be back in the N7. It feels snappier and soother than the Edge with the same apps loaded. Just my $0.02.

        • pcriz

          Mine doesnt work if the glare from the light is right over my iris. At least not immediately like it does when I wear contacts.

      • samsung freud

        Yes, I need/want a stylus!
        The note series has replaced the notepad I carried with me at work,
        and the small sketchbook I carried outside of work hours.
        Note 2, 3 and now 7 have served me well.

      • pcriz

        I wouldn’t say the same phone, the UI has changed quite a bit with that Grace UX or whatever it is called. Added AOD features, secure folder. Update camera UI.

    • sickofthepolitics

      Had the s7E as a temp device for the recall. Phone was fine itself. Did not like how if felt in my hand with the flat back. Also did not love the angle of the curve.

  • TBN27

    Well…I did have the note 7. It was impressive I must admit but I wasn’t completely enthralled. It is better than the iPhone 6 with its camera and customizability and the AMOLED made things flashy and more beautiful. This unfortunate needing to return it because of of a defective battery didn’t sour me but I decided to go back to my 6S and save my money. Also It still works flawlessly, it was there as my back up, and the no frills OS grew in me. It doesn’t beat Galaxy on feature and flash but I am alright with it.

  • Chimphappyhour

    And LG misses the boat. Note 7 will be back and the Pixels will have the new phone spotlight. LG, you only have one choice, price the V20 cheap. :D


      I read online it wil be $600 or $599

      • MattPortland

        That must be true.

      • pcriz

        I heard it would be 598.73 on twitter… who knows…

    • tiG

      Google’s Pixel phone looks cheaply made (my opinion) and it also looks like an iphone clone sorta. This is just based off of the pictures I’ve seen online. Looking forward to their event today to see if the device actually will sway me away from a Note 7, but I doubt it.

      • Chimphappyhour

        The new blue backed one almost had me changing my mind… then I saw the front still looked like a white iPhone… and that price. Yikes! Nope!

      • Drew

        So you’re saying the iPhone looks cheaply made? Stop your double talking. I’m not sure based on the 100+ hands on videos of the Pixel that it looks cheaply made. You can not like the Pixel but just stop spewing BS…

  • Philip

    I am waiting for a sale. How long does that take?

    • Prode

      Being that there was a recall on the phone and some ppl may be on the line about getting one, I would say sooner then later. A sale may push someone to it so Samsung can sell more of the phone.

      • vplaza

        That would be great if they did that.

    • tiG

      With the recall, I was hoping they would have a lot of refurbish units floating around with a good price point. If that does happen then I’m all in for one. The only other option I will take is when/if they do a BOGO for the Note 7 with a rebate mastercard or something. Still waiting for that since Tmobile apparently was the only carrier who didn’t do a BOGO deal with the Note 7.

      • Francisco Torres

        I had the same logic, regarding the recall. I’m hoping they offer something to sweeten the deal on a phone I might have already bought anyway, haha.

  • christina_west

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  • gmo8492

    Meh, LG has my money.

  • Francisco Peña

    I want one, but will wait through the holiday season to see if there are any deals. Not paying $37.50 for JOD a month.

  • rprocto2

    I had the original N7, worked great, got the exchange then everything went to hell in a hand basket. The replacement would not stay connected to my Gear 2, even in the same room, it would not push notifications to my Gear 2 like it was suppose to, then the strangest things started happening, I would be texting someone and all of a sudden my phone would be calling them. Or if I was in another program, the screen would be switching all over the place. It would also open up programs randomly without anyone or anything touching the screen. I finally took it back and replaced it with an S7 which is a lackluster phone in my view. I am not happy with that either. I have purchased the Galaxy line since it came out…both the S and the Note…the bad part in this, right now I do not want a Samsung so they may have lost me as a customer. I am seriously looking at the LG V20 to upgrade to.

  • john

    Iris,….OIS great Camera, will definitely purchase next week when new batch arrive. Google Pixel and HTC can go to hell.