T-Mobile LG V20 includes LTE band 66 support


The LG V20 has several features that make it worth paying attention to, including a removable battery and microSD card combo, a dual rear camera system, and a high-end spec list. Turns out that there’s another feature that makes it attractive that LG didn’t mention in its announcement of the V20.

FCC documents have revealed that the LG V20 on T-Mobile (and other carriers) will support LTE band 66. This is notable because it makes the V20 the first phone to support LTE band 66, which includes AWS-3 spectrum as well as AWS-1 and AWS-4.

T-Mobile purchased some AWS-3 spectrum in 2015, and it recently said that it plans to begin deploying that spectrum in 2016. The thing is that you’ll need a phone that supports LTE band 66 to actually take advantage of that rollout. These FCC documents show that the LG V20 supports LTE band 66, meaning that V20 owners will be some of the first to enjoy T-Mo’s band 66 coverage.

For a peek at T-Mobile’s AWS-3 spectrum holdings, you can check out this map.

Does this news make you more interested in the LG V20?

Via: Cellular Insights, Phone Scoop
Source: FCC

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  • Gerard Bathan

    When does pre order starts and when do we expect the release date

    • Hoggles

      This is exactly where LG really drops the ball lately. PR, sales and marketing.

      It was the same for the G5 in Barcelona. They unveil the phone, people are excited about it…and then they wait weeks before any hint at a release date. By the time they announced the G5 pre-order/release date….the S7 was in peoples hands. Even though they were unveiled at the same time.

      I think this can’t be overstated. They need to let people know when it will be available….the day they announce it.

      I really hope they change this bad habit.

      • Gerard Bathan

        I agree. Or probably they’re just letting the iPhone products sell first?

    • Chimphappyhour

      There was that rumor here about pre-orders starting today but that same rumor also said it would have bonus gifts including modules. :/

    • noh1bvisas

      i stuck my head into the tmo store after i left the gym today (i was stinky and didn’t want to go in.) they told me it would be in the stores mid-october.

  • PC_Tool

    What LTE band was that again? ;-)

    • Moby

      Band 66. 1710-1780 MHz
      for uplink and 2110-2200 MHz for downlink.

      • PC_Tool

        Band 66, you say? (I was being facetious…they only mentioned it 5 times in the article.headline.) ;-)

  • Fabian

    Oh no! Now we are gonna have bad service because our phones don’t support B66.

    Who said Note 7 and iPhone 7?

    • cloud strife

      Band 66 is the new band 12 lol! People will make a fuss and not buy a phone if it’s 1 band short. XD

      • jsun

        Oh well, that’s life! People will make always make a fuss of something new. What’s wrong with not buying a product short of one thing for another that has something new? In fact, I don’t think that this is a negative fuss at all. It’s kind of good to hear about this new band and phone having capability other signal!

        • Fabian

          Yeah. Its very nice that phone makers are starting to incorporate B66 in their phones.

  • arandomperson7

    I’m still holding out for the new nexus/pixel phone. It’s been reported that it might be sold in carrier stores and I hoping tmobile will be a launch partner

    • makapav

      How does it matter if it’s sold in carrier stores when you’re still paying the full price?

      • noh1bvisas

        some carriers offer a 0 interest payment plan. not everyone has 100s to shell out upfront.

      • arandomperson7

        I’m hoping to be able to finance it and put it on my tmobile bill

  • FryChickenIsha

    Band66? O.o

  • patt

    Why no band 69?

    • a d00d

      That would be one of Sprint’s bands, if it’s in NA. See my link above.

      However, since Sprint went from WiMAX to Chinese TD-LTE, Band 41 is likely the correct designation.

  • BadBatz

    Does T-Mobile actually have the chunks of spectrum (AWS-3) missing from Band 10..?
    Band 10: 1710 – 1770 MHz and 2110 – 2170
    Band 66: 1710 – 1780 MHz and 2110 – 2200
    Don’t they have more of Band 10 than Band 66 spectrum..?

    • Fabian

      Apparently not. B10 covers blocks A-I and B66 blocks A-J. T-Mobile only bought paired 5×5 from the I block.

  • Chimphappyhour

    A good camera is important to me as well as light of a skin over Android as possible. Samsung is too heavy handed for my taste (had 3 Notes) and I don’t really have any faith in HTC to get the camera right on the Pixel XL. So that’s pretty much making this one look like my best choice to replace my Nexus 6.

  • tranceformer978

    When, LG? When?

    • gmo8492

      Probably mid October, since it’s rumored that Google will announce their newest phones (Marlin/Sailfish) on October 4. They committed that the V20 will be the first to ship with Nougat out of the box.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Actually, after reading the news today, not sure now. Depends on who they ship with. Hanjin filed bankruptcy and they have something like 60 cargo ships sitting idle until funds can be raised for them to dock and unload. Samsung has something like $40million tied up on Hanjin ships right now. LG is probably in the same situation.

  • noh1bvisas

    ok i tried to google it, but couldn’t find an answer. what is band66 supposed to do? faster? more reliable? i already know the v20 will support tmo’s new, higher data sped 256qam(?) and the service will be rolled out in my area in october.

  • Zach Chadwick

    Am I the only one that thought to myself ‘I didn’t even fuc**** know there was a band 66’ Bahaha.

    • Yes. You’re the only one.

      • a d00d

        Actually there are a lot of people, myself as well until recently. B66 is a very new designation. I still don’t know what the band designation for 600 MHz will be.

        There are several other new band designations and some deletions as well, BTW. Most of them are outside North America, though.

  • Nicholas Smith

    Yes but when will it be up for preorder?

  • kev2684

    As expected, LG V20 is better than G5. I am a huge fan of the V10 minus the UI scaling of LG UX.

    Band 66 is starting to pop up and this is great for people outside the AWS-1 band 4 LTE coverage of T-Mobile when they start deploying the new spectrum on those AWS-3 markets they won. Band 66 will be another band that 3 major carriers will be using in the future instead of band 4. The other 2 being Verizon and AT&T.

    • paulnptld

      Not sure why scaling even matters. I use Apex launcher, changed everything, and the scaling is fine now. Anyway, the V20 has been rumored to have three DPI settings preconfigured.

  • Fabian

    B4 is at AWS (AWS-1), 1710-1755 / 2110-2155

    B66 is at Extended AWS (AWS-1/AWS-3), 1710 – 1780 / 2110 – 2200

    What I don’t know and what’s important to know is where they bought that bandwidth and how much. Maybe you’ll not even benefit from it.

    • Fabian

      According to Fierce Wireless, T-Mobile only got paired 5×5 of the I block of the Extended AWS. But since all the carriers bought the same but more, it’s gonna be good to have B66 in our phones.

      Check the previous article for fierce link to learn more and see the map.

      • a d00d

        Hey, if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere they bought in, 5 MHz is still better than NO megahertz! (Assuming you’re somewhere they’ll actually build it, of course…)

        • Fabian

          Actually T-Mobile has 10×10 aws-3 in some areas and 15×15 in few others, according to the Spectrum Getaway map. But yeah we’ll have to see where and when they deploy it.

  • Javier

    Does anybody know if band 66 will cover central fl area

    • Fabian Cortez

      According to the map: No.

      • Fabian

        I don’t want to upset you by replying to you, but if band 66 covers band 4, then it will cover where he lives, just no new coverage.

        Which map were you seeing btw?

  • Javier

    I would ask fabian but the fake one is here only lol

    • Fabian Cortez

      Fake and spreading a whole bunch of disinformation.

  • kevev

    Nice device. A little big for me. Hoping I can wait for 5″ Nexus/Pixel.

  • steveb944

    Great, now all devices prior to October release will be missing something.

    • eanfoso

      Albeit note 7. It’ll also be missing the s-plode feature.

      • steveb944

        I expect the fixed Note this month, but clever.

  • Richard Darrington

    Milwaukee never gets any of the “bands” etc anyway. I have decent service here but I’m a phone geek with a lust for the newest thing, lol

  • If there was a Windows 10 variant, I’d be interested.

    • eanfoso

      There won’t be. I can’t remember the last time an lg phone came out with Windows support. Better off getting the hp phone. I’m still rocking my lumia 1520.

    • Stevie V

      Jovan, you don’t like apps I take it?

      • You are totally Wrong. I don’t like the duopoly (IOS/Android)

        • Stevie V

          So you’ll play yourself to make a point with zero impact. Cool.

        • skywalkr2

          True, but Windows phone 10 looks cool.

        • HENRY TENDEN

          Well I don’t like duopoly either. But I certainly won’t spend my hard earned money to buy a phone that can only be used for making phone calls, sms, simple browsing, and mp3 player.


          even Microsoft no longer believe in it self and it’s windows mobile platforms by shutting down Nokia that it spent a whopping $ 7.2 BILLIONS on.

        • Biased tech mainstream media is why the Lumia line is being killed off.

  • What’s the price? And release date? That’s what I need to know. If it comes out before the new Note 7s, I’ll be getting the V20 instead

  • Joe

    If these come out before the replacement Note 7’s arrive, then I’ll just get the V20 instead.

    • skywalkr2

      If you don’t need the stylus… why not just the s7 Edge?

  • a d00d

    Still trying to find out if the thing has 4×4 MIMO. If it does, along with Band 2+4 CA (or, better, 2+4+12 triple-CA), I might just pull the trigger instead of next year like I planned. Plus it has the removable battery and uSD. Downside is the smaller screen and not being a Nexus.

    It’s frustrating that LG won’t put out the full specs! Maybe those FCC docs have it (I still need to peruse them as I write this).

    • a d00d

      Update 1: It supports triple-CA, but I don’t know what bands yet. The bad news for heavy video users, while D/L might be Cat 12, U/L is definitely not according to what I’m reading–it stuck at LTE Release 8 specs maxing out at 16 QAM. :( Hopefully a baseband update can fix that, but…

      • a d00d

        Update 2: Triple-CA including intra-band (2+2, 4+4) appears supported with a maximum channel bandwidth of 20 MHz on the high bands (AWS, PCS, AT&T WCS aka the stolen bottom of the ham radio 13cm band, and Sprint Spark) and 10 MHz on low bands (700 MHz B12/13/17, 850 MHz B5).

        There are 3 antennas, one for low bands and two for high.

        802.11ac is max 2×2 MIMO and 80 MHz bandwidth, so 4×4 MIMO on any band doesn’t look like it’s happening (maybe due to using the 820 vs 821 SoC?). No mention of 802.11ad (60 GHz), so that’s out, too.

        • Kaulana1989

          has an x 12 modem

        • Chimphappyhour

          It might have that MODEM which SUPPORTS 4X4 but that doesn’t mean that everything else needed for 4X4 is there. In this case a d00d is pointing out that it does not have the antennas needed so the phone cannot get the full benefits.

        • a d00d

          Precisely: only 3 antennas according to the FCC SAR docs, and one is dedicated to low band (700/850 MHz), so 2×2 MIMO max on both WiFi and LTE. Bear in mind that Carrier Aggregation and Multiple-In-Multiple-Out are NOT the same. The closest CA gets to 2×2 MIMO would be intra-band CA: 2 blocks of the same band (B2+2 or B4+4) separated by some other carrier’s block. This exists in some places, and in more now with AWS-3/B66.

          Oh, and we may be wrong on 2×2 MIMO, it may actually be 2×1 with no multi-carrier uplink. The SAR docs explicitly state that CA is not supported on the uplink and it only supports LTE Revision 8 on the uplink and *SOME* LTE Revision 10 features on the downlink, much less any Rev 11/12 support. Maybe this is why there are no IoT LTE Cat-Zero radios, which were introduced in R.12, yet?

          However, after I wrote all that I check Qualcomm’s web site and it turns out the 820 (and 821, which is identical other than better binning, apparently) doesn’t even support 4×4, while Samsung’s Exynos apparently does (or they’re using a separate radio IC like the Nexus 6, Galaxy Note II-LTE (SGH-T889), etc).

    • Kaulana1989

      It has an x 12 modem supports 4×4 up to 600 megabytes per second

  • John Doherty

    Looks like the V20 will be a great smartphone, I love my G5 but I think I’m trading it in….

  • emcdonald75

    I wish T-Mobile had the money to buy Nationwide 600MHz spectrum, and purchase the AWS-3 and AWS-4 currently owned by Dish Network. That would give T-Mobile low-band for coverage and additional mid-band spectrum for capacity.

    • a d00d

      I wish the FCC would make good on their promise to force Ergen to build a network or sell his spectrum. If you look at Spectrum Omega, the amount that they’re sitting on is absolutely ridiculous!

  • francob911 .

    Is band 66 the same as QAM technology?

    • Fabian

      No. B66 is a set of frequencies. QAM is something else that I don’t know yet.

      • francob911 .

        Lol ok

  • Clippers FANactic

    They need to fix Band 12 first. It’s HORRIBLY SLOW! Not even 1/2 mbps in areas I’ve used it…

    • a d00d

      What do you expect at only 5 MHz? (Assuming no other band is in use.) It is intended as a last resort, but for some reason some devices just hold on to it and use it when they still get decent B2/4 reception. I thought firmware updates fixed this for everyone, but obviously not for you.

      To put this in perspective, assuming you have access to a full 20 MHz Band 4, you would get 1/4 or 25% of the speed if you were on the cell by yourself. A more loaded cell would slow down even more until you reached the resource limit for the cell (equivalent to Cat-0, where you’re stuck using only one carrier stream). This limit would be reached 4x faster on 5 MHz B12 vs 20 MHz B4.

      In other words, it can’t be fixed except by buying more spectrum or putting a cell closer to you so you can access the higher bands and not be stuck on B12 only.

      Sorry, but this is simple math. IMHO, if you’re in a city and you’re stuck on B12, your phone’s baseband is borked and needs a re-flash. If you’re in the country, you may need an outdoor amp with max gain at the higher (PCS/AWS) bands.

      First-hand knowledge from me: my Nexus 6 is stuck on B4 here in Phoenix as it doesn’t support CA with B2 (i.e, B4+B2) and we don’t have B12 yet as we’re waiting for KPPX-DT on Channel 51 to finish moving (by next month, hopefully). At night I get great speeds, especially since the move to 256 QAM, which works better than I thought it would, at least very close to the base station; but during the day and evening, I get knocked down to 512kbps–half a meg! This is just all the hotels and being next to a major freeway–a LOT of users!

      Thus I’m seriously considering the V20 as it has most of the radio I want with triple-CA AND AWS-3 support (which TMo says they should start–or maybe complete?!?–turning up by the end of the year) plus features I really want on a phablet like the removable battery and storage. And I tell you that if your device is over a year old like mine and can’t do that triple-CA at a minimum, you consider upgrading as well to one that does and make sure it has Band 66. (Only Sprint has no Band 66.)

  • skywalkr2

    Until LG has a full year of devices without crippling bugs (bootloops)… I will not buy their products.

    • a d00d

      I hadn’t read about it until your comment. It seems it mostly affects the G4 and some V10’s and is almost entirely a combination of a virus/trojan/rootkit and some sort of hardware fault as LG was covering it under warranty.

      In any case, it DOES make me wary of buying one although the hardware is a generation or two newer so hopefully this issue is fixed.

      • My experience with LG repair(s) have revealed what a poor organization LG has for dealing with these issues. Honestly, Motorola was easier to deal with. Sent my phone in for a Wifi/Bluetooth issue (also pretty well documented issue for the G4), it was sent back two weeks later with a gouge on the screen. Contacted support, they had me send pics, said OK, we’ll fix it. Three weeks later (was lost by FedEx for a week because it was sent ground by LG), got it back with the gouge still on the screen. They had replaced the board instead (I have heard MANY stories of similar issues from others). Contacted them immediately, they said send it back. I asked for a loaner, since I was without a phone for a while now. They said no. I asked for overnight service, they said fine, but it would take 24-48 hours to get a label. Three days later, nothing. I contacted them, they said another 24-48 hours. Still nothing. Contacted them, and they said there was a processing mistake, another 24-48 hours please, but definitely this time. Nothing. Contacted them again, and gave the guy a hard time and it took me 45 minutes, but they finally sent a label while I was on the phone.

        Keep in mind each dealing with support I had to explain the entire history of this situation again. Infuriating.

    • Alfonso Manuel Avalos

      I haven’t bought anything LG since the g2x hahaha

      • Cole

        That was my first high-end phone then the Samsung Galaxy S2 for Sprint came out and I got that because it had a gig of RAM instead of half that

    • Mark Nance

      My LG G4 did this after only 6 months of owning it, so 650 down the drain and LG now where to back its product. Samsung now and always

      • thepanttherlady

        One of our IT guys is one his 4th LG G4 for this very problem. Glad I sold mine when I did!

  • Fabian

    It doesn’t include AWS-4 (2000-2020 and 2180-2200).

  • Chimphappyhour

    It’s finally listed on the T-mobile website…. as coming soon.

  • Landon

    Ok is this like band 4+ or something what is gonna improve speeds coverage also will this be incorporated with 4×4 mimo

  • anonym005e

    band 66 is apparently the only national LTE band for Freedom Mobile in Canada, aka ex-Wind. They will deign to prvide some band4 coverage in TORONTO (of course) but the rest of us are fucked.

    So.. ONE phone that supports the entire network.