Some T-Mobile customers experiencing connectivity issues following iOS 10 update


UPDATE 2: A fix is now available. If you’ve already updated to iOS 10, you can get the fix by going into Settings > General > About.

UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed the issue on Twitter and is urging its iPhone customers to hold off on updating to iOS 10. T-Mo says that Apple is working on a fix that should be available in 24-48 hours. Until then, anyone that’s already updated to iOS 10 can temporarily fix the connectivity issue by powering their phone down and turning it back on.


Some folks had issues upgrading to iOS 10 shortly following the update’s release, but Apple quickly resolved the issue. However, it turns out that many T-Mobile customers have encountered another problem after installing iOS 10.

Several iOS users on T-Mobile are complaining of cellular connectivity issues following the iOS 10 update. T-Mo customers on Reddit and Twitter are saying that their iOS devices are losing cellular signal and that the only way to get it back is to restart their device.

Neither T-Mobile nor Apple have issued an official statement on the issue, but T-Mobile’s @TMobileHelp account on Twitter is instructing users to follow these steps for completing the iOS 10 update or telling them to contact AppleCare.

Because there’s been no statement on the matter, the official cause of this problem is up in the air. However, many are pointing their fingers at the Carrier Settings 25.1 update that came with T-Mobile customers’ update to iOS 10.

As for how you can fix the issue if its affecting you, customers say that they’re able to get their service back (at least temporarily) by resetting their phone. You could also try downgrading to iOS 9.3.5, but that process involves downloading a .ipsw file, wiping your phone, and restoring from an iOS 9 backup, and so it may not be a process that everyone wants to go through. Here’s to hoping that Apple and T-Mobile can quickly get a better solution to this issue.

Are you having cellular connectivity issues after upgrading to iOS 10?

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  • RustyShackleford716

    It happened to me once yesterday on my 6 Plus. The reset did the trick.

    • Stevechang64

      It will continue to happen if you lose signal. It won’t be able to reconnect. Hopefully the fix comes asap

  • thatuptowncat37

    and here i thought iphones were perfect…..silly me

  • samsung freud

    I updated two iphones, one tmo one at&t yesterday for friends and there were no issues as far as I can tell.
    I asked them to test everything that evening and they both appeared to work without any problems.

    • SP_Jon_M3

      Don’t update your carrier settings on the T-Mo phone when prompted. The carrier settings are the problem, not iOS 10 itself.

  • Kris

    I experienced connectivity issues yesterday. I had to put my phone into airplane mode and when I tried to turn it off, I was unable to connect to T-Mobile service. I ended up restarting the phone and at that point I was able to connect.

  • Captain Insano

    It’s not blow up gate like the note 7 but man is it a bad year for smartphonesphones

  • Petey07

    Yes, I been experiencing connectivity issues with my iphone 6s+ ever since I upgraded to iOS10. I thought it would be network congestion, but seem like its a problem with us tmobile user nationwide.

  • Bearnv79

    Yep having connectivity issues… Instead of the 3 to 4 bars of service I normally have I’ve only been getting 1 to 2 bars and Wi-Fi won’t connect properly. Oh well I’m sure there’s a fix coming

    • NapoPeb

      Yes, I’m sure a carrier profile affects your ability to hold a WiFi connection. Honest to god.

  • Patrick McLaughlin

    I had trouble with the app store not connecting every time. Had to retry a couple of times both on wifi and LTE. But it seemed to clear up later in the day. figured it was congestion

  • Thomas Mullin

    So it’s not just me! That’s a relief, I guess. IPhone SE here.

    It happens when I’m in an area with VERY low signal. I can’t get a signal back without a restart. Doing the airplane mode trick gets my bars back, but no actual signal.

    Unfortunately, there are more and more T-Mobile dead zones for me in the last 6 months. I live in the SF East Bay (Lafayette), and the signal is deteriorating. Is it congestion?Inside buildings it gets really rough. I’m thinking about switching to Cricket. AT&T ain’t perfect, but it’s better than T-Mobile locally. Much better.

    This latest T-Mobile problem isn’t a deal-breaker. Everyone makes mistakes. But when I’m already on the fence… I don’t know.

  • AussieB

    Aren’t these things tested in advance

    • morrisp

      You would think!!

    • SP_Jon_M3

      Seems like an obvious thing to test for as well. Make sure phone connects, go out of range, go back in range and make sure phone reconnects.

  • Thomas Mullin

    Hey, I forgot the important part. My temporary fix that works so far is to turn off LTE. No drop offs, so no need to restart.

    The thing is, since I turned off LTE, I’ve had a stronger, more consistent data connection. I’m going to try LTE when the fix comes out, but I’m wondering if 4G is the way to go in my area…

    • NapoPeb

      Pray tell how you disable LTE for data on an iPhone running iOS10 (or 9)?
      You can’t. TMUS has long hidden that option.

      • Thomas Mullin

        Well, I went to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Disable LTE.

        • NapoPeb

          Not an option for me I’m afraid. It hasn’t been for over a year now since T-Mobile pushed out a carrier update which hid that option.

        • Julio

          Still an option for me. iOS 10.0.1, Carrier T-Mobile 25.1

        • NapoPeb

          Actually, that’s interesting. I have my phone in the Queen’s English, not that American bastardisation. Switching it to American English allows me to turn LTE off. Interesting.

  • M H

    I’ve notice this problem on my iPad mini 4!

    • Steve Park

      Your lucky, my iPad Mini 1 is on the update list, but still says software is
      “Up to Date at 9.3.5.”

      • yourname

        Original iPad Mini is NOT on the iOS 10 update list from Apple.

  • Jeff

    I have the same issue. First had it start on Wednesday so I already talked with Apple too. So I have T-Mobile and Apple cases open on this issue. I’ll let you know when I hear back from one of them on the “fix”

  • teejaysplace

    Yep, same problem. iPhone 6 here. Couldn’t figure out what on earth was happing this AM until I reset the phone and texts suddenly started to arrive. Thought it was an initial install issue until it happened again when I lost the signal. Strangely, it can “see” the carrier network and seems to be connected, but obviously isn’t. Good to sort of know what’s happening, though.

  • noh1bvisas

    this is why i never want to have version one of anything.

    • Adrayven

      Great! since this is version 7 iPhone of version iOS 10! :p

      Bugs happen.. especially when it’s nearly a billion users.. even a small % looks big respectively.. I have iOS 10 on my iPhone 6s Plus.. it’s fine for me.. no issues. /shrug

      • noh1bvisas

        it’s the first version of iOS 10. i know bugs happen, so back to my original post.

  • DaygosTommyT

    I had a rep tell me if I traded in my iPhone 6 Plus and wanted the iPhone 7 plus 128gb, I would pay the $149 down plus tax then $220 would be over 24 months on eip ($120 trade in price plus $100 for storage upgrade), is this correct?

    • Adrayven


  • LanceTX

    It’s a buggy Carrier Update (25.1) that was pushed by T-Mobile that’s causing all of the issues, not anything with iOS 10.

    • tony

      apple is crap, samsung test their for months before actually sending an update to its phones. apple dont test their shit.

      • SurvivingSunnyvale

        “samsung test their for months”

        Like those exploding batteries?

        • Fabian

          They trow phones across the North Korean border, if it explodes it means is good. There so much hate over there between North and South.

        • Adrayven

          or the reverse pen ‘stuck’ issue in note 5?

          or the failed water resistance testing of the waterproof S7 by consumers reports..

          or.. or.. lol

  • Stevechang64

    Having this exact issue. Please fix Tmobile

  • Jeff

    If you phone T-Mobile Support they will give you some “compensation” for the issue and put you on the text alert when they fix the issue. Still likely 48 hours until the fix comes from Apple.

  • Tmobile (Apple) Fix…

    Simply said, I am glad that I held off from updating ipad and iphone. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed soon by Apple…

  • SP_Jon_M3

    I’m running iOS 10 without any problems, but I’m still on Carrier Settings 25.0. I wonder why they haven’t just repackaged 25.0 as 25.2 or something and push that out to fix the issue until they get the perm fix ready.

    I wonder who creates the carrier settings, the carrier (that would be my guess) or Apple? I remember back in the day there was a site that you could write your own carrier settings and then install them on your own iPhone.

  • e

    Having the same issue. Upgraded to iOS 10.0.1 and the new carrier update popped up and I confirmed to install. No data on T-Mobile cellular. Able to get data/wifi calling on wifi. Also, can make calls on cellular but no data. Restarting the phone only works for a shorrt time for me. I get on LTE and get data but then later on I check and I’m only on 4G and no data. In NYC area,withn Iphone 6, iOS 10.0.1, Carrier version 25.1.

    • Patrick

      Same as me exactly, this is BS

  • Fred

    If you dont take the carrier update and keep it at 25.0 you can hotspot tether unlimited data without it counting towards your tether allowance :D

  • Tim

    Hahaha this is why i wait atleast a month before i’m downloading ios 10 on my 6s. Too many bugs in the beginning

  • SP_Jon_M3

    Here’s an old article on how to view, edit, and install carrier settings. Not sure it’ll still work with iOS 10, but it could be worth a shot. If someone can view their 25.0 settings and post them up, then people can reinstall 25.0 to fix their phones. I would but I’m not at a computer that I can connect my phone to currently.

  • tasha

    This may be a stupid question but will this be an issue with the new iPhone? I know it will already be updated to iOs10 but I’m not sure about the carrier settings.

    • Walt

      Not a stupid question and yes it will affect the iphone 7 :(

  • Paul Sousa

    I love that I had every Public Beta with no serious issues, and then the stable release has this happen lol.

  • LanceTX

    And now we see it definitely wasn’t a problem with iOS 10 at all, but with T-Mobile’s own buggy carrier update. At least Apple helped them fix it quickly enough.

  • Imran Karim

    I updated to 25.2 and THEN started to get the connectivity issues. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Mony Sambath

      i got same problem, wiping my phone now after speaking to tmobile rep and apple support smh it was fine until forced carrier update 25.2

    • I got it and it was fine, I also just rebooted the phone after the Carrier update was updated

  • Patrick

    I wasn’t having problems with IOS 10 UNTIL I updated to 10.0.1. Now I am restarting my iPhone 6 constantly.

  • Joshua Goot

    I had issues with my iPhone 7 from Verizon. This is not a problem specific to T-Mobile. It is partly due to the fact that if you downloaded the latest version of iOS 10, which is 10.0.2, through wifi instead of through connecting the phone directly through a computer and updating through iTunes, that is part of the problem. Verizon recommended I back up my phone through iTunes and do a factory reset and then restore all my data through iTunes. It was very easy to do, and it’s how I transferred my data from my iPhone 6 to iPhone 7. But I think it’s only a temporary fix, because now I still see that my phone is switching from LTE to 3G, even in an area that normally has 5 bars of LTE. Apple is aware of the issue and is attempting a fix. Verizon told me yesterday that they have been receiving calls all day long about this problem.