Update to fix iOS 10 connectivity issues on T-Mobile now available


Well, that didn’t take long.

Following reports from iOS owners who were having cellular connectivity issues after updating to iOS 10, Apple and T-Mobile have pushed out a new update to resolve the issue. Several Reddit users have confirmed that they’ve received Carrier Update 25.2 and that it fixes the connectivity issues that they were having.

If you aren’t already on iOS 10, you can now update by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your device to perform the update to iOS 10. If you’re already on iOS 10 and were having connectivity issues, then you should go to Settings > General > About to get the fix.

Having cellular connectivity issues can be frustrating on a device that you rely on for communications, especially when you’ve just downloaded a major update like iOS 10 and you want to mess with its new features. The good news is that Apple and T-Mobile were able to get a fix out fairly quickly after confirming the issue so that iOS users didn’t have to battle connectivity issues going into the weekend.

If you were having connectivity problems with iOS 10, let us know if this update fixes them!

Sources: @TMobile, @JohnLegere

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  • LanceTX

    Glad to see that Apple helped T-Mobile get it fixed quickly but they still should call it what it is. It’s not an iOS 10 fix, it’s a fix for a buggy T-Mobile carrier update.

  • Elier Ruiz

    I noticed the fix on my SE just now. It must have just happened automatically.

    • Sienna

      Yes I have the SE and I didn’t see an update available so is it possible that it downloaded automatically?

      • Jeff Martinez

        I think so, I followed General About and I got a message about my service update already

    • beachtrax

      Same on my SE.

  • alexa faeth

    i have been without any access to internet, social media and even the ability to send texts on and off for the last 30+ hours. since 5pm yesterday it began glitching since installing the IOS 10 update. my own fault for switching to an incompetent company and giving in to the latest updates but still very disappointed in t-mobile, i never should have switched from verizon

    • Jess

      What iPhone were you using?

    • krztov

      yeah, its the service provider’s problem that Apple had an OS issue. If your tv breaks I guess thatll be comcasts fault too, should have used verizon.

    • Red

      I am having same issue.

    • slybacon

      Not T-Mobile’s fault. And it looks like you could use less social media. GET OUTSIDE!

      • alexa faeth

        No, T-Mobile should have acknowledged it sooner, not 24 hours after an update was released so customers could be aware. And do the social media for my job…

  • Dean Smith

    Not related to the ios 01o issue but what the hell is wrong with my 6s plus? Almost all the calls that I make or receive go silent during the middle of conversation. The other person says hello helo, r u there and i say the same thing can you hera me? after a while the other eprson disconnects cos they cant hear me. Happens to calls that are 2 mins or longer mostly. Happens on wifi or on data. been going on for about 2 months. Well, I ordered the 7 plus so hope it won’t happen

    • Red

      I did then update 25.5 and no data on my 6s plus at all

      • john

        I don’t know what you mean update 25.5

  • Jimmy James

    Where is the MIMO update for the Galaxy 7 they promised?

  • MagicMiguel

    Google would really benefit from taking a page of out Apple’s book when it comes to fixes. I’m an Android user, but even with a Nexus, Google takes FOREVER to fix issues like this. For example, when the Nexus 5 received the Lollipop update, it had a terrible memory leak requiring a daily reboot. It took them over six months to fix that issue!

    • Bonedatt

      “Google would really benefit from taking a page of out Apple’s book when it comes to fixes”. I agree. However, a memory leak issue (even though it’s terrible) may not be as grave as a device not being able to perform the most basic of all task of a phone… to make actual calls or hold a connection on a carrier’s network.

  • Sienna

    Someone please tell me where to find this update? I went to the software update part of my settings and it doesn’t say there’s an update available.

    • Doug

      Click the about section. If it doesn’t pop up saying it’s available scroll down to carrier (still under the about section) and touch the carrier section. It should prompt to update.

  • Doug

    iPhone 6s+ iOS 10.0.1 had no problems when the carrier 25.1 came out but phone auto updated to the 25.2 this morning and now I have no data or phone connectivity at all to T-Mobile network. Hard reset/network setting reset, nothing fixes it. The update broke what was working for some.

    • Imran Karim

      I am having the same issue, once I went to “About” in the settings it updated to 25.2 and now my calls are dropping/very spotty.

      Would love another update to fix this!

      • Ty Christensen

        Good to know, I won’t update my wife’s 6s to 25.2 then, thanks guys for the heads up.

    • Mony Sambath

      Same here…been on phone with tmobile and apple…it cannot connect to a “secure server”

  • Ty Christensen

    My wife’s 6s hasn’t had any issues on 10.0.1 but my daughter’s iPhone SE on 10.0.1 has had a lot of problems so she’s looking forward to the update.

  • Derek Doan

    Having the same issues since Carrier Update 25.2. Might have to downgrade to 9.3.5

  • vinnyjr

    No problems on 25.1 and the same on 25.2. Guess I’ve been lucky. It must have something to do with the area you are in.

  • Johnny Chanto

    Even with the update I am having the same issue with 2 different Iphone 6s+
    I had to downgrade on one of my Iphones to be more stable . 25.2 made it worst for me

    • Wes

      Same here. 25.2 still not working. Does anybody have any advice?

      • Wes

        Ok. I just tried taking the SIM card out, restarting the phone, put SIM back in. Might have fixed it.

        I’ll report back if it continues to fail to connect. Otherwise, assume that worked and give it a shot yourself.

        • Wes

          It continues to fail. I’ll try a complete restore.

  • Dan

    Has this been fixed? Anybody having any issues on 25.2 Now

    • Richard Steven Patterson

      Yes … having even more connectivity after Carrier 25.2 update. WIFI must be turned off to maintain cellular data connection otherwise you will lose internet access via cellular.

      For example, office or home network (with or without internet access) allows access by iPhone to network printer. When you find a web page you want to print or attempt to view a document attached to an email, and WIFI is on and connected to local network, T-Mobile blocks cellular access to page or document and displays T-mobile mobile hotspot ad page … thus you can no longer have cellular data and WIFI on at same time and can no longer print a page/document accessed via cell over Internet to WIFI printer because T-Mobile thinks you are using the hotspot capabilities of your phone without a mobile hotspot contract (even when iPhone hotspot feature is physically turned off)

      Also, VPN over cellular data is blocked with WIFI on … so, for example, you can no longer connect to your corporate or other secured websites. This is a major business nightmare!

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  • Johnny Chanto

    nope I had to go back to Ios 9, the funny thing my old iphone 6 plus works perfect on ios10

  • Thomas Lam

    Well – really love T-Mobile but where I live used to have LTE but now only 4G at times. My wife is on ATT – she got full bar LTE. iOS 10 update – basically screwed up my phone even after 25.2 update – Oh well – moving back to ATT soon…! Waiting for my iPhone to arrive and then I will be back to ATT.