T-Mobile selling ASUS Wi-Fi CellSpot Router for $59


UPDATE: Looks like the ASUS Wi-Fi CellSpot Router is now out of stock on T-Mobile’s website. I hope you grabbed one if you were interested!


If you’re in the market for a new router, look no further than T-Mobile’s online store.

T-Mobile is now offering the Wi-Fi CellSpot Router for $59 with promo code WIFI40. That’s $40 off T-Mobile’s regular asking price and nearly $100 off the price of the similar but not-T-Mobile-branded version being sold by Amazon.

T-Mobile is also offering free shipping with accessory orders over $20.

The Wi-Fi CellSpot is an 802.11ac dual-band router that prioritizes T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling traffic over other internet traffic to give you good voice calling quality. T-Mobile has been giving these out to customers on qualifying plans for a deposit of $25, but if you don’t qualify or you’re just in the market for a new router, this is a deal to consider. You may want to hurry, though, because this deal may not last much longer.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • While I LOVE this wireless router – everyone should be aware that T-Mobile hasn’t been very good about keeping it updated with the latest security/update patches.

    • izzybrexx

      Yea I agree.. Mine works great , but every so often it acts like a little bitch and gives me a hard time with speeds

    • Chuck

      They are over a month behind right now. At minimum, I would highly suggest current owners change their SSID from CellSpot_PwnMyAss_123 (or whatever that default is) to something a little more generic, or fun :).

      The current vulnerabilities include the following:
      – Fixed XSS issue in WDS page. Special thanks for Jamie’s contribution.
      – Fixed LPR buffer overflow issue. Special thanks for GeekPwn contribution.
      – Remoted DHCP information disclosure.
      …and possibly even these depending how far behind the TMo versions really are:
      – Fixed Samba Badlock CVE-2016-2110 (Man in the middle attacks possible with NTLMSSP)
      – Fixed Samba Badlock CVE-2016-2111 (NETLOGON Spoofing Vulnerability)
      – ASUS firmware did not enable Samba LDAP, and not affected by CVE-2016-2112 (LDAP client and server don’t enforce integrity) issue.
      – The Samba version in ASUS firmware was not affected by
      CVE-2016-2118 (SAMR and LSA man in the middle attacks possible)
      – The Samba version in ASUS firmware was not affected by
      CVE-2015-5370 (Multiple errors in DCE-RPC code)
      – Fixed command injection issue. Thanks for Chris’ contribution.
      – Fixed XSS issue. Thanks for Chris’ contribution.

      The potential impact is far beyond connection issues and user headaches.

  • Timothy Phan

    I went through the 2-hour ordeal of changing the firmware to an open source Tomato based firmware and matching the original ASUS model. It was absolutely worth it and is the best router I’ve ever had for a fraction of the price.

    • Trevnerdio

      Merlin’s was way easier to do, but I agree, it’s freakin’ sweet!

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    Buy one of these, flash the stock Asus RT-AC68u firmware onto it, and you just saved yourself well over 100 dollars on one of the best routers on the market.

    I now use a TP-Link Google OnHub, (which covers my house more thoroughly than the Asus did), but the RT-AC68u is a fantastic router regardless.

    Note: This IS an Asus RT-AC68u. It’s just flashed with funky T-Mobile firmware and has T-Mobile branding on the outside. With stock firmware installed, there is no difference.

    • Can you just flash the stock FW over the T-Mo one? I actually love the GUI on this router, and just would like to be current with updates is all.

      • Yes you can. However it will remove the special sauce that priorities the T-Mo wifi calling. I ditched the stock firmware and loaded DDWRT.

        • Cool. I only got it because it was an awesome router they were offering for free right at the time my DIR-655 crapped out, and I was already a T-Mo customer. I’m in a heavily saturated T-Mo area, so I just use it for routing, VPN and general WiFi.

          I used to run Tomato on my old Asus (RT-N16?) but I never really used any of the advanced features, so apparently I’m not as much of a power user as I’d like to think I am. ;)

        • Trevnerdio

          Whew, it’s a good thing people with a 3mbps internet connection don’t need an AC router, huh?? Prioritizing calls…lol my 180/24 connection laughs at that.

    • kookal123

      How did you flash the stock firmware onto the cellspot router? I’m trying to find a guide, cant seem to.

    • neospade44

      So the TP-Link Google OnHub is better than this router (whether flashed with newer firmware or not for the updates/vulnerabilities)? I have this router, but I’m debating to stay and flash or upgrade to the OnHub.

  • Bonedatt

    Will T-Mobile just bill their customers that want to purchase it $59 if they’re already using the router? Doesn’t make any sense to return the free one I’m using only to re-purchase it.

    • Was wondering that myself. I love my T-Mo router. They offered it free right around the time my D-Link died and I’ve been using it ever since. The VPN service is so easy to use for my home network. Love it.

  • Adrayven

    I’m moving from that router to an Amplifi HD router.. Wireless Mesh networks are awesome for large homes and office buildings. It’s made by Ubiquidi who specializes in Enterprise Access Points.

    • Jerry Rich

      You wasted your money, you should have bought Netona’s excellent UAP-AC-LR-US 802.11ac.

      • NapoPeb

        What? Netona is not a thing. Ubiquiti on the other hand, very much is, and is in a different league to this Asus consumer junk.

        • riverhorse

          That and different spelling variations do not appear in any search results.
          Another Internet absurdity.

  • M H

    If you talk to t mo and you are a post paid customer you can still get this for free

    • Bonedatt

      Yeah but you’re loaning it, and will have to return it to T-Mobile once you’re no longer a customer.

      • Clifton K. Morris

        Yep. We had to send back two of these routers and a 4G LTE CellSpot.

        To compare, when we switched internet providers, we were also told we needed to return the DSL modem. When we changed TV providers, they wanted the box back also, but we just put it in a neighborhood garage sale.

        T-Mobile however sent us a nasty demand letter and threats to be sent to collections even though we still maintained a $10/month iPad data plan.

        When we received that letter, we cancelled the final number on the 15-year old BAN account we had with T-Mobile, switched the iPad to an AT&T Cricket rateplan and sent the “Coverage Enhancement Devices” back. Overall, we’ve learned to be satisfied with the AT&T Cricket Rateplan. No fancy marketing of “Free Stuff” paid for via a more expensive T-Mobile bill.

        Hopefully Cricket will bring back the $150 credit they give people transferring from T-Mobile and also keep the additional $25 referral credit. That would be icing on the cookie. It’s a great reason to get everyone on my neighborhood block to switch– because neighbors are now asking why the signal is terrible now that I returned the Microcell. I just show them full bars on my iPhone which works great in Band 5.

        • Android_God

          Always love when people come along and claim that they can get their entire neighborhood to switch service providers. As if anybody gives a s***

        • riverhorse

          Would have to be an entire stupid neighborhood to enmasse downgrade.
          Then again, he’s pretty old – he may have a bunch of rednecks bamboozled & buying NetZero Dialup from him / Avon from the missus.

        • guidomus_maximus

          You are a fool. Did you think you were just going to keep it?

        • riverhorse

          Wah, wah… Tmo won’t let me steal…
          Dollars to doughnuts has 585 credit rating + a rap sheet.

    • SirStephenH

      It’s not exactly free when you count the deposit. Still worth it and you get your money back in the end.

      • natewsmith

        they waived the deposit for me.. I believe.. haha

  • I would imagine it’s going to be at least another year or two before I leave (unless they double down this re-carrier road they just embarked upon), so maybe it just makes sense to keep it free and figure there will be better options for not much more than $60 if and when the time comes?

    • Acdc1a

      As long as they’re not forcing me to switch they can recarrier all they want.

    • Bonedatt

      Lol @ Re-Carrier. Speaking of re-carrier, I believe you can keep your current plan if you like it, no? Anyway, thanks for the advise. I’ll keep it “free” until a better one comes along (maybe one that supports 802.11ad)

      • Yep. So they say. I just hope they never try some garbage like “oh, Music Freedom and BingeOn no longer apply to Simple Choice – but you can still keep your Simple Choice plan!” ;)

  • Tung Nguyen

    I use my tmo cellspot as a media bridge for my printer ;)

  • Shadowleo

    I’ve had this router for almost a year. Wish I would have bought a second one. My current setup has the Asus asain router downstairs, piggybacking a Netgear Wndr3700v2. Maybe I should switch my Asus to merlin

  • Richard Darrington

    Main is collecting dust unplugged, I don’t see the point in it since I still need my pos from at&t for it to work

    • The “pos from at&t” is much slower since it has wireless-g 450mbps and the reps very recently received a new hardware upgrade with wireless-n 600mbps within the past year or so, but both only have 2.4ghz Wi-Fi. The Cellspot has wireless-ac 1900mbps with both 2.4ghz and 5ghz Wi-Fi, and it will also allow for many useful software features like UPnP automatic port forwarding and Wi-Fi Calling prioritized handling, which AT&T removes from their firmware.

      In short, the Cellspot is faster, can handle more devices, has more features, can be managed more easily, and has MUCH better wireless range (due to using 3 strong external antennae, rather than one weak internal antenna like the AT&T modem’s inbuilt Wi-Fi).

      • Android_God

        I hope you’re aware that this router is not supported by the Asus app in the Android store

    • SirStephenH

      https ://www. att. com/esupport/article.html#!/dsl-high-speed/KM1044640

      Try this. (Remove the spaces from the link.)

  • mikeZo6

    cause they stink

  • Android_God

    Maybe not a big deal to most people but the Asus Android app to control Asus Routers will not work with this T-Mobile branded router.

  • natewsmith

    so what happens if we did get one? I got the “free” one when it was available! Do we still have to “turn it in?” or is it now ours?

  • Willie D

    They’re no longer carrying this product.