T-Mobile band 12 LTE sighted in California, Colorado, and other states


T-Mobile has announced a few official Extended Range LTE expansions in recent weeks, like in El Paso and the Jersey Shore. And there have been a few unofficial band 12 LTE sightings, too:

Cupertino, Calif.


Palo Alto, Calif.


Blackfoot, Idaho


Rexburg, Idaho


Buena Vista, Colo.


Hartsel, Colo.


Bergen County, N.J.


Sources: Reddit (1), (2)

Thanks, tazzman101, Joseph, and Adam!

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  • nearvanaman

    Hands up if you are like me, read the first part of the headline “T-Mobile Band 12 LTE sighted in…” and feel your heart pound excitedly as you hope the next word is “Chicago”.

    But it isn’t. Ever.

    • Cam Fas

      Feel ur pain in Vegas

      • Magenta Man

        Cam, it’s coming soon. I have seen the internal planning documents and Vegas has a ton of towers being upgraded to band 12. The approval for these sites was in the end of May. It takes them time to implement. I am 90 minutes from Vegas, in the same area they bought the licensing for Band 12 that covers Vegas. Our towers were approved for Band 12 at the same time and engineering has said “Around September for deployment” for us, and I would assume it’s the same time roughly for Vegas.

        • Chrftth8

          Question about Band 2pcs Vegas. Are the in the process of refarming it? And what about the remaining aws shutdown?

        • Cam Fas

          So if in the event they began deployment in September how long would it take to complete. Is it far fetched to think they may not have it live until sometime in 2017? Even after the announcement around October of 2015? That would truly be saddening.

        • Magenta Man

          They will have a “Significant” amount of sites broadcasting by years end. They will want the pops added to the total amount of America that is covered in “Extended Range LTE” for marketing purposes. Especially where they have a new arena. So I would expect some Magenta Love for Vegas real soon!

        • SirStephenH

          They generally turn it on as they deploy it so you should see it in some areas before others. T-Mobile declares an area officially online once it’s been fully deployed and optimized.

        • KrisKordova

          This is actually the same as what I was told from my contact. I wish it was started sooner but at least it’s coming and will help with speeds a bit. AWS HSPA should have been shut down by now though IMO. AWS HSPA coverage is really bad and we need more LTE bandwidth right now because larger portions of the city are slowing to a crawl and HSPA is much faster. I’m told we are waiting for B12 before HSPA refarming to LTE but I don’t see how we can wait that long on top of the fact that like I mentioned AWS HSPA coverage is so bad, AWS is or has been sunset elsewhere, and very few old devices are AWS-only. Would be put to much better use in more places taking that away from HSPA and using it for LTE.

    • stasek

      Hang in there! Tmo is in the process of acquiring 12Mhz of bandwidth in Chicago area. Expected to close the deal with Leap Q4 ’16.

    • tony

      they bought band 12 in chicago 2 months ago . hopefully its implemented soon.

  • Cam Fas

    I guess they just never plan to turn it on in LasVegas

    • Joe

      They have an arena built there, so I don’t understand why they don’t have band 12 towers there

      • Cam Fas

        I’d like to think it’s because they wanna do 3way ca all at once with band 12 and cover the entire city that their stadium sits in but I’m not holding my breath. After two announcements about having spectrum here and 9-10 months later jack squat.

        • Adrayven

          Having it doesn’t mean anything if the TV stations have yet to move off of the spectrum. Which is likely the reason it’s still not active.

        • a d00d

          But I was receiving B12 (with CA!!) on my Nexus 6 in LV, according to LTE Discovery. I don’t understand why no one else is. That said, LTED only showed it changing over to B12 like 7 times. Most of the time it was on B4 and sometimes on B2 (like 19 times, going from memory).

          Interesting thing is that B12 is supposed to be on in northern Nevada, but I never saw it once. Instead I saw a lot of non-LTE areas (including EDGE and even GPRS-only!) and got a rude awakening by having ZERO roaming data. Still pissed about that and its enough to make me think about leaving Tmo postpaid for the Walmart $30 plan or Project Fi.

          (Now that I think about it, it may have been Kingman. I’ll have to pull the logs and actually look.)

        • Cam Fas

          Kingman should have lte I remember flying in there in a Cessna and I had great service just not band12.

        • Justin Smith

          LTE Discovery is highly inaccurate and cannot be reliably used to judge a band 12 signal.

        • KrisKordova

          B12 phase 1 is about 3 months out at least in LV.

    • SirStephenH

      There’s a lot of legal work, scheduling, planning, parts ordering/delivery, etc that has to happen before it’s deployed in any area. Just because they own it doesn’t mean that they can just deploy it right away.

  • Gm

    Az sucks too I’m 8 years with them in the old days with just 4g it was awesome now with 4g it always congested and slow.

    • a d00d

      It can’t be helped if you’re within 100 miles or so of South Mountain (all of Maricopa and Pinal and the southern half of Yavapai and Gila counties–see the map) due to KPPX, but I don’t know the deal with the rest of Arizona. I guess, for whatever reason, they’re dedicating their resources elsewhere.

      Also, I wonder if the map lied: it previously showed B12 in La Paz county, but when I went through there I got no B12 signal.

  • Jimmy

    Ok now how about San Diego?

    • Konor Sacks

      I agree, is band 12 in sd?

      • Jimmy

        Not that ive seen. Coronado island and 32nd street naval base need it BAD!

  • Dark enV

    Waiting to see SC get some Band 12 love. Shouldn’t be much longer now

  • Justin Smith

    Would you please stop using LTE Discovery as proof that there is band 12? The app uses no data from the modem of a phone and only guesses bands with little accuracy for anything other than AWS or PCS. Thank you -Every T-Mobile fan on Reddit.

    • jonathan3579

      Uh, why are we supposed to take T-Mobile Reddit fans seriously again? Oh wait, it’s gotta be due to the fact that everything on Reddit is true. /s

      • taxandspend

        What he said was true. The only accurate way to determine the band the phone is using is in its engineering mode screens.

        • Kenneth Warner

          How do I get to engineering screen on Android

        • taxandspend

          Depends on the phone. Some don’t have the option.

        • Kenneth Warner


        • taxandspend

          I think you can do it with those. Google to search for Nexus engineering mode. I have an LG phone and with these you enter into the dialer 277634#*#

        • Try *#*#4636#*#*

      • BadBatz

        Totally true re: LTE Discovery.
        The engineering screen shows band 12 whereas LTE Discovery shows band 4. I KNOW I’m on band 12 because T-Mob has no other frequencies in my neck of the woods.

  • Matt

    Today I drove I81 South from Harrisburg, PA to Bristol, VA. I was on 4G LTE 99% of the time. T-Mo has improved by leaps and bounds.

  • mavricxx

    Come on T-Mobile, add Delaware to that list please!

    • parinsan

      I get B12 in Newark, DE area… Missing in Wilmington though. Not sure of the South DE

    • Gtech

      Band 12 in southern Delaware for a few months now. Band 2 LTE in most places that had Edge.

  • h_f_m

    Band 12 is a joke for me. When I get switched to band 12 at work in my building in quitea few spots, most likely due to better signal penetration, I pretty much completely lose internet connectivity even though it says I’m connected with LTE at about half or a little more signal strength. I’ve double checked that it’s in fact band 12. When I finally move closer to the edge of the building and get switched back to band 4 everything works great. NYC. I’ve tried even toggling airplane mode on and off to reconnect. Doesn’t work.

    • Guest

      That is the reality of T-Mobile’s 5×5 band 12. But they say the network is almost as good as Verizon’s.

      • KrisKordova

        It’s the reality of B12 density not being the same as B4, and to a lesser extent some phones baseband software preferring B12 even with good B4 signal present.

      • VN

        It is as good as Verizon’s network. Haters gonna hate.

      • Justin Miller

        well at least their band 12 isn’t as good as Verizon’s. I’ve seen decent band 12 speeds in some part, but usually super slow or no speeds.

    • Justin Miller

      yes, band 12 in a lot of areas of Los Angeles is horrible. the signal penetration is better but the data doesn’t move. customer service blames it on de-prioritization, but I think it’s because the band 12 is congested.

    • McJohns

      I always turn LTE on and off. In some places the LTE connection is better and sometimes turning it off is better. I usually run a speed test after switching to LTE just to compare the connection, and keep which ever has better results.

  • Patrick McLaughlin

    RE: Band 12 in Idaho.
    I know that Band 12 is showing up in Eastern Idaho as we speak and that it is slated for Western Idaho in including the Boise Metropolitan Area at some point. Has there been any movement for Boise? On a Side note…. I am starting to see BAND 2 (LTE 1900) in the outskirts such as the Emmett, Idaho area on my iPhone 6s as of a few weeks ago.

    any thoughts on Band 12 here, yet?