T-Mobile LG G4 update rolling out with security improvements


LG G4 owners, you’ve got a software update coming your way.

LG and T-Mobile have announced that they’re pushing an update to T-Mobile’s G4 that brings the phone to software version H81120o. As for what’s included, T-Mo says that it improves messaging security, while LG says that the update offers Google security patches and general maintenance. As you can see in the screenshot below, the G4 is on the June 2016 Android security patch level.


The update began arriving a few days ago, but as with most software updates, the rollout appears to be staggered. If you haven’t gotten the 432MB update on your G4 yet, you can check for it manually by going into Settings > About phone > Update Center > System updates > CHECK FOR UPDATE.

Have you LG G4 owners gotten this update yet?

Thanks, Julio!

Sources: LGT-Mobile

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  • Steve

    No update yet. OTA’s for this phone always seem to be a slow rollout for me.

    • DrakenFX

      The other way to update is using LGUP + KDZ (KDZ Can be found at XDA )

      • Steve

        Thanks do you have a link? I don’t think I’ve done that with the G4 before.

        • DrakenFX
        • DrakenFX

          Sorry , seems like I’m not allow to post XDA links, just look in T-Mobile LG g4 under @Micromood777 (20o debloated) thread page 3

        • Steve

          thank you!

        • thepanttherlady

          All links go through moderation first. The one you posted above was approved within seconds of you posting it. Sometimes you just need to refresh the page to see it.

        • DrakenFX

          Well the XDA link post was remove/not approved (there a little message saying “waiting for approval” and my post wasn’t there , anyways I was just trying to help

        • thepanttherlady

          That is correct. When you post it, it automatically goes into moderation. The minute I get the notification of a post I read it and in this case approved the link within seconds of your posting it.



  • Rooted

    You have to root your phone again after updating, right?

    • MattPortland

      Usually, yes.

    • DrakenFX

      Yes ,need to be re-rooted and is the same process as when the first marshmallow update (meant first cuz that was 6.0 and thus update brings it to 6.0.1)

      The other way to update is using LGUP + KDZ (KDZ Can be found at XDA )

      • Steve

        How do you know if this is 6.0.1? Screenshots don’t see to be clear about that.

  • fuzzmanmatt

    Does it fix the “reboot and never work again” issue?

    • Francisco Peña

      Probably not. I got hit with that (not even knowing about it) in June. Still under warranty and didn’t feel like settling for something else to return it (like the S6 Edge+ which was similar in size but without removeable battery and mSD) so I just used my old Moto X and sent it in to LG. got it back last week and working fine. If you are under warranty, and have anotehr phone to use, send it in. I sent it on a Friday, they got it Monday, begun work on Tuesday and sent it Wednesday. But they sent it Ground and with the 4th, it got delayed in Orlando for a day extra and I got it the following Wednesday (rather than Tuesday).

    • TheCudder

      I purchased this phone for my niece early this year and so far no issues. I was planning to get one myself, but I keep seeing this issue mentioned — how common is this? Any one have a positive opinion?

      • dtam

        there was a hardware issue with the initial batch of them, I think the ones you get now should be fine

        • Joey Maltais Invivo

          I agree the first batch of phones would stop working after 7 months. But the one I now have is fine and works ok. Only issue I have is the overlay error but I can live with it

    • Trevnerdio

      That’s hardware, unfortunately. Happened to my first one, too. Upgraded to the V10 after that. Gave the replacement to my mom.

  • MisterBill

    I got the same security update on Verizon last week.

    • Nicholas Smith

      I doubt that Verizon’s a CDMA phone different software

      • MisterBill

        The update is the Android security fixes. My phone has the same 2016-06-01 patch level date. Maybe there’s more T-Mobile stuff in the one being rolled out here, but the Android update appears the be the same.

        • Nicholas Smith

          T-Mobile has enhanced voice services as well as enhanced text messaging, and up until recently only carrier with wifi calling. The way T-Mobile handles certain frequencies is different than other carriers making it harder for certain updates.

        • MisterBill

          I’ve had Wifi calling on my Verizon G4 for several months now. Actually since January, I believe.

    • Nicholas Smith

      Btw how is the G4 on Marshmallow I never had it in mine only lollipop.

      • MisterBill

        Seems fine to me.

  • George Salcedo

    I hope this fixed the crappy ass stock messaging app that keeps freezing and lagging the phone

  • Roy Harrigan

    Wonder if they have an update for the constant overheating and crappy battery life.

    • Patricio Valdebenito

      I had this problem and fixed it a while ago. I force stopped to app related to the health feature that counts your steps. Cant remember the names of these to app. what I do remember is that one is the app that you launch your self and the other was a supporting app that ran in the background. Hope this helps.

  • KijBeta

    Wow, over a month late. Guess it’s better than 4 months with nothing. But it’s still only one phone out of the 8 G series phones they state are being patching on their own security website.

  • Walter White

    I got it today.

  • Jacques Shakavibes Black

    You guys are lucky. Just got mine 2 months later.

  • ESF

    Hi i was trying to apply the patch 3 times but i always receive an error during the reboot.
    My phone is still functional , but as i said, every time i try to apply the patch, during the reboot (the green robot appears with the error signal).
    Anyone with the same problem?