Next T-Mobile Tuesday will offer credit for The Clymb


Before you get your weekend festivities started, here’s what you can expect from next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday.

T-Mobile has announced that customers will get $10 to spend at The Clymb, a website with adventure gear like sunglasses, water bottles, GPS watches, and shoes. That’s in addition to the $15 Lyft credit, free small Wendy’s Frosty, and free VUDU movie rental that were given out last week.

When it comes to the game prizes that’ll be available, one grand prize winner will get a seven-day trip for two to Peru to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. That includes round trip coach airfare, three nights in a hotel and three nights in a tent, which includes setup, sleeping bags, air mattress pads, walking sticks, an oxygen bottle, several meals, a guided tour of the Koricancha temple, and a professional bilingual tour guide. You’ll also get bus transportation from Aguas Calientes to the trail head, return train transportation from Aguas Calientes to the Cusco airport, and a check for $2,485 for meals, taxes, and expenses.

There will also be four first prizes, and the winners of those will get to choose one of the following four trips: four-day trip for two to the Dominican Republic, nine-day trip for two to Egypt, eight-day Himalayan hike and camp trip for two, or a 10-day trip for two to Vietnam.

Finally, 500 second prize winners will get a $25 credit to The Clymb.

Sources: @TMobile, T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Joe

    Just what we all need. A seven day trip to Peru so we can get the Zika virus! Woohoo

    • Jon Peake

      Zika requires mosquitos which don’t typically live above 2000m. The Inca Trail is 2300m at its lowest. The risk of getting Zika from this trip is about as high as it is sitting in your home in the US. Please educate yourself before posting.

    • MisterSuperGod

      Thanks Jon.

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    Awesome prizes!

  • Jimmy

    I want free food!

  • Guest

    I’m loving the new plans with more data and the better network. That’s all we have been asking for instead of the pizzas and this MLB thingy. Thank You Verizon, Thank You Lowell McAdam.

    • gmo8492

      You should be thanking John Legere or else Mr. McAdam would love to keep gouging it’s customers like it did before and still does now since all the base plans are still more expensive than the other three carriers. The only wireless carrier that has been keeping the market competitive is T-Mobile, please get your priorities straight and give credit where it’s truly due.

      • VN

        Yup. Thank you John Legere! Thank you T-Mobile!

  • Pat

    Match your coverage to Verizon first before giving out free stuff. I’ve seen verizon towers going up like crazy over northeast Ohio recently

    • JLV90

      Outside of server costs, and advertising for it on tv radio etc, it’s not really costing T-mobile anything

      • Panzer

        Let me translate what you just said: “Outside of the millions of dollars that customers are paying for, it’s not really costing T-mobile anything”.

        Well I suppose that it is true, it really doesn’t cost T-mobile anything; it in fact costs us, the customers.

        • JLV90

          They aren’t using anything outside of their normal advertising budget most of the freebies are being paid for by the partners.

          It’s like complaining that you’re already a t-mobile customer and have to see their ads for promotions everywhere.

        • Panzer

          Well what’s their normal advertising budget than? And where can you show that it hasn’t increased since the release of the app?

    • gmo8492

      Wait, so you’re saying that T-Mobile can’t give away free stuff to it’s customer’s just because it doesn’t have the same coverage as Verizon. What kind of logic is that. Its not necessarily towers T-Mobile needs, its spectrum.

      • David Bowline

        …and Verizon/AT&T have a monopoly on spectrum. It’s amazing how so many people don’t understand the way spectrum works. What ever happened to the auction that was put off for three years until his past winter? It never happened…..hmmmm.

      • Pat

        Umm no, what i meant was spend the movie ticket/pizza money to build more towers. we all know band 4 2100 mhz won’t reach as far as verzion’s band 13 700mhz so t-mobile must build more towers (or use small cells) to match verizon’s coverage. t-mobile has plenty of high band spectrum it just isn’t cost effective to build towers in no mans land but if t-mobile wants to catch up to ATT/Verizon coverage they must be willing to spend $$$ on towers

    • Moby

      Who cares about northeast Ohio. I’m glad T-Mobile doesn’t waste money in such areas. I’d rather get my free stuff. I would never go to Ohio.

  • Critic4U

    Me personally I love the movie ticket last time, got to have a night out with the wife :-)

  • FILA

    But I have to join this stupid Clymb website to buy any damn thing!

    • Moby

      You don’t have to do anything. Just ignore the offer if it’s too much trouble.

  • steveb944

    Those are some pretty extreme destinations. I guess the gear fits it.

  • Cheesepvff

    Ok, so I joined just so I could see the prices (really CLYMB?) and there’s currently nothing you can get for free with $10 at CLYMB. (If there is, I haven’t found it.) Lowest priced items that are ALREADY MARKED DOWN (like accessories such as yoga strap and socks on clearance/sale) seem to be $6-$7. Marked down water bottle/shaker is $4.98. Shipping is $6.45 at checkout. The clothing that gives your whole order free shipping is $15-$40. You could invite a friend for an extra $10, but that friend needs to make a $50 purchase first. Conclusion: 1 pair of grey hiking ankle socks OR 1 Yoga strap = $2-4 after Tmobile deal. Water bottle about $1.50. If that sounds like a good deal, then go for it.
    Found socks priced at $3.98 in cycling and running. After Tmobile, you’ll pay about 50 cents IF THE DEAL COVERS SHIPPING. Last time with MLB, the credit didn’t count towards shipping.

    • cl191

      Most of the stuff on that site is over priced too, you can get the GPS watches they have there for much cheaper all over the internet.

  • Dark Ages

    Did stub hub work for anyone? Our codes said invalid

  • cortexiphan1

    Clymb is great.. guess it depends what you are looking for but their Smartwool socks are not overpriced…in fact they are already cheap so I can always use another pair of merino wool skiing or running socks…so please, bitch away and feel free to send me clymb codes if you want!

    • BreakThaLawFTP

      I would but you suggested people who know this site is crap are bitching…

  • Mike Palomba

    So I took a look at some products on the climb when I saw this article and saw something I wanted to buy, it was like $15. Redeemed my credit then went to the website to buy it, it was taken down and the prices of everything on the site were raised by about 10 dollars. I don’t think I’ll be buying something from the clymb anytime soon because that’s shady

  • Guy11

    I bet this week the T-Mobile app won’t go down with server issue. HA

  • mani

    sucks big time, most of the prices of items are > $10 + shipping is extra.
    Actual prices of these items are -$10. Marketing stunt nothing else.

  • BreakThaLawFTP

    Ironically everything I saw last week (2 knives) are gone now and everything seems to be more expensive…crap codes, who wants em?

  • Sonika Raj