T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 receiving Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update


UPDATE: T-Mobile has now updated its Galaxy Note 4 support page with info on this update. Of note is that the N910T Galaxy Note 4 is getting a Google Voice fix, while the N910T3 version of the Note 4 is getting an anti-theft update.


Galaxy Note 4 owners, your serving of Marshmallow has arrived.

T-Mobile is now pushing Android 6.0.1 to its Galaxy Note 4. As you might expect from a major OS upgrade, this update is a biggie, weighing in at 1506.66MB. You may want to find yourself a speedy Wi-Fi connection before starting the download. As of this writing, T-Mobile’s support site hasn’t yet been updated to reflect the rollout.


With the bump to Marshmallow comes goodies like Google Now on Tap, improved permissions, and Doze mode battery optimizations. The changelog provided with the update also calls out a new TouchWiz with an updated design, a new vibration pattern concept, and more.

I know some Galaxy Note 4 owners have been getting antsy waiting for their phone to be updated and watching other devices like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 get Marshmallow, so it’s nice to see the Note 4’s upgrade to Android 6.0.1 finally arrive. If you’ve got a Note 4 and haven’t yet been notified of the update, you can check manually by going into Settings > About device > Software Update.

Thanks, Fxy and Hector!

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  • Verizonthunder

    Nice finally, but this will most likely be the last update.

  • Aaron

    Wow, I’m actually surprised that you got the scoop on this. Usually everything you’ve been posting lately is just a bunch of stuff that phonedog wrote about 30 minutes before you. Good to see you breaking news again.

  • T Redd

    does anybody know if RAM management is any better?

  • Jose Lugo

    Trying to do the OTA but can’t “The server has reached its daily download limit” Guess I gotta wait till manana!

    • Johnny 5

      Download Smart Switch. It will download the update for you.

      • Jose Lugo

        Cool, thanks for the info!!

  • RJ Scott

    I really hope this will undo the battery draining issue brought on by the update to 5. When I first bought my Note 4 the battery life was typically about 18 hours of use. After the update to 5 it dropped like a rock to barely 12 hours with use.

  • G1andonly

    “Settings for the following have been reset” Themes
    Does this mean the note 4 will get themes?

    • Kevin Stevenson

      I wish but because likely no

  • guest

    will this new update be rooted

  • vinnyjr

    Server reached its limit for me as well. Try again tomorrow. Just happy we finally got it. Hardly ever use my Note 4 but when I do drag it out I wonder why I don’t use it more often. Great phone, have every accessory available. Just going to keep it. Have the Sony keyboard on it. Fastest keyboard I’ve ever used.

  • Pete Cummings

    Not impressed with marshmallow. . It deleted my memory card. .the messaging app sucks now. ..everything is buggy. ..I didn’t get the option to postpone the upgrade, it started as soon as it detected Wi-fi…

  • steve1026

    Updated fine. No issues, until I went into the Native Email app. I can no longer sync with my corp exchange server using the Microsoft Exchange Activesync email type. Tried to delete the account and set it back up, but now I get a “Can not connect to server”. Anyone else experiencing this issue, or know a work around that doesn’t involved using a 3rd part app????

  • You better run charles

    On the 27th I had the server full message for download, but as of yesterday my phone keeps saying my software is up to date. What happened? It won’t recognize an update

    • joe

      same here but I downloaded kies air 3 from my pc and upgraded with no problem

    • Waiting

      Same here.

      • Kevin Stevenson

        Same here

  • vinnyjr

    Getting same thing, Device is up to date…
    What the hell is up with the OTA update? Keep trying but keep getting same thing, Device is up to date. Come on Samsung, waited forever for this update and now you’re jerking me around.

    • Matt

      Encountered the same issue. Tried today and everything updated fine. Experiencing no issues. Software feels “smoother” now. Hmmm…. hope its not a placebo effect.