T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 edge now receiving Android 6.0.1 updates


Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge owners, your week is starting off with a bang.

T-Mobile is now pushing Android 6.0.1 updates to its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. As you might expect, the updates are pretty large, with both weighing in at around 1.3GB.


As for what’s included in the update, T-Mobile’s official changelogs are rather sparse, only mentioning the upgrade to Marshmallow. We do know that that includes new features like Google Now on Tap and improved app permissions, though.

If you’ve got a Galaxy S6 or S6 edge and haven’t yet gotten an update notification, you can check for your update manually by going into Settings > About device > Software update. And once you do get Marshmallow installed, be sure to share your first impressions of the update with us!

Thanks, Marc and Joseph!

Sources: T-Mobile Galaxy S6, S6 edge

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  • Trevnerdio

    For all of you complaining about the S6 not getting the update ;)

    • Sm951

      How about those of us with the S6 Edge + or the Note 5?

      • LBJ

        Devices are still in manufacturer development stage. They may get it in May.

        • Mike G.

          Can’t go by the tmobile software update page, they don’t update that thing until the update releases. Seems like there is no in between with some of the statuses.

        • LBJ

          True. I had the S6 (SM-G920TZKAXAR) which is the factory unlocked galaxy s6. I flashed the T-Mobile firmware onto it and it worked. The update is so smooth.

      • Bradley Karas

        Shouldn’t be too much longer

      • Jonson Nguyen

        Honestly the updates for the s6, s6e, note 5 and s6e plus should have all come at the same times. This is super annoying.

        • HeatFan786

          As good as that sounds, you have to realize that the Note 5 and S6E+ feature different concepts with software development and testing. The N5 provides stylus support. The S6E+ is a bigger screen device than the S6 Edge. T-Mobile always prioritizes the previous S generation over the current Note gen too. The S5 got Lollipop before the Note 4, so that was frustrating.

        • Jonson Nguyen

          The kind of support that you mentioned should have been baked into the Samsung software already. T-Mobile should only need to worry about the carrier side of things, like volte, WiFi calling, etc etc.

          Edit: the note 5 marshmallow is already out, so like I mentioned above, T-Mobile should only need to worry about their stuff.

        • HeatFan786

          There shouldn’t be carrier software influence tbh.

        • Jonson Nguyen

          I definitely agree. Not sure why carriers should have any real influences on software updates, but until Google adds things like volte and WiFi calling, we’re at the mercy of carriers :(

        • HeatFan786

          They could do that. With Android M, there is visual voice mail. Wifi calling is built into the Nexus line too.

      • Rob

        I got sick of waiting. My Note5 is now running the Canadian release using the leaked Marshmallow radio and bootloader. Works flawlessly albeit without WiFi calling and VoLTE but I don’t use either anyway. There’s a thread on XDA by jovy23 that walks you through the whole process.

        I don’t like the white theming because it’s a battery drain but its definitely nice putting my phone down at 32 percent when I go to bed and waking up at 31 or 30 instead of dead or near dead. Doze is worth it alone.

  • LBJ

    I have SM-G920TZKAXAR unlocked variant. I hope I get the update soon.

  • dasocialmisfit

    Downloading the update as we speak its about 1.3 gb so make surr you are connected to wifi unless it will not download

  • Guest

    Miracles do happen!

  • kev2684

    Is T-Mobile down? I’m not getting any signal in Jacksonville right now :|

  • Walt

    who here has downloaded the update successfully?

    • Diego Anza

      I just did

  • alexqa123

    Come on Tmobile where is the love for S6 Edge+?

  • Jason Caprio

    Still waiting for my Galaxy Note 5 to receive Marshmallow!! COME ON ALREADY!!!!

  • Frankwhitess

    It’s amazing!! After 3 years of waiting it’s finally here! It is working smooth as butter !!!

  • Apple

    Oh my….All of my iPhones are on the latest software. Too bad Sambumb user’s. Eventually you’ll smarten up and join the rest of the world.





    • Jason Caprio

      Well I know I’m going to smarten up and get a Nexus phone when the next one is released. I have an iPhone for work and I’m not the biggest fan of such a restricted device.

    • lomsha


    • Jeremy Forney

      I just Google’d “Sambumb” and couldn’t find any info on this company. Do they make phones?

    • steadymobb

      Iphones are boring #hashtagsdontworkondisqus

  • Jason Caprio

    I just checked the T-Mobile Software Updates page at https://support.t-mobile.com/community/phones-tablets-devices/software-updates

    It looks like the page was updated. The S6 and S6 Edge are in Completed Status, however the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ are still in “Manufacturer Development”. I am going to be furious if I have to wait until May to get this damn update!

    • Philly Jim

      well no wonder why no update for mr i have edge + Also………….i hope HTC comes out with one hell of a phone , i passed on the S7 hoping to see a S7 Edge plus , which still might happen toward’s the end of the summer early fall , just have to wait and see just ONE MORE DAY for the HTC , i really htink it’s either Do or Die with this phone HTC can’t stand another Fail ,or from a financial standpoint they will be done , and then there’s the whole Nexus 7 thing but who know’s HTC was my first, and second smartphone i really hope they pull this off .

      • Jason Caprio

        It might be a win-win for ya because rumor has it that HTC will be making the upcoming Nexus phones.

    • Amberly Jones

      I have a note 5 and we aren’t even in test mode yet. Ugh!!!!

  • Philly Jim

    Not here yet south of Philly , i mean like in the suburb’s not south Philly……..lol

  • Joe

    So one thing I immediately notice is how much faster the fingerprint reader is.

    • Frankwhitess

      Totally true! But your group texting dies not work any more…

      • Joe

        Iv’e had no problem with my group texting. It just sometimes takes a while to send but that’s nothing new to the update.

  • Buddyth

    For people that have done the update is it running good still? The s5 lollipop update totally ruined that phone so I’m afraid to do marshmallow on the s6 before I hear people have tried it

    • FILA

      lollipop ruined all phones

    • gmo8492

      I keep hearing positive things about marshmallow update across the board. Better battery like what it used to be on kitkat, smoother performance, and better app management. Lollipop was just rushed and a lot of bugs ruined many phones.

    • My phone is working so much better. I can’t believe it. It feels like the phone I had hoped I bought.

  • siztite

    Did the update this morning on my S6 edge. This update has gotten rid of so many bugs in my phone. EVERYTHING is better. The phone runs smoother, battery life better, finger print scanner faster. I was about to have t-mobile replace my phone because it kept freezing up during multitasking and the battery life was horrible. I guess it had a buggy software before and all the clutter has been removed after this update. Glad I waited for this update before I had them replace my phone with a refurbished unit.

    p.s. all the edge screen customizations from the S7 edge are included in this update.

    • FILA

      Lollipop was filled with slow bugs anyways. My Nexus 5 with Marshmallow cured all the Lollipop horrors. KitKat was still the smoothest version yet

  • Joe

    So after having the update for almost 48 hrs I can say I am very happy with it. First thing that I noticed was that the finger print reader is faster and the device seems to be a bit faster in response. Now for the big one battery life…It looks like they improved battery life by a good bit with this update although it will take more than 2 days to see how much its bin improved, but this is the first time I made it till 9:00 PM on a single charge in a very long time.

  • Joe

    That is really unfortunate for you as I have not had any problems with Group messaging. (I use textra)

    • Frankwhitess

      sorry buddy ,.. textra cant revieve mms via wifi on tmobile … thats why i am using Google Messenger to replace samsung messaging app …

  • Ambulur

    I have the exact same problem!!!! Any solutions??

    • Frankwhitess

      YES !!!! the best way around this is by downloading Google Messenger ..activate Google Messenger as the primary text messaging app for you phone and everything will work perfect ! even over WiFi ! including getting your mms and pictures via WiFi … other messenger apps cant receive messages via WiFi .. feel free to ask me if you have any questions !

  • Frank B

    anyone having issues with email after this update? Before when I opened my email on my PC and all my mail came down to my outlook, the email app on the phone would sync and all emails would be removed from phone. Now they don’t get wiped out anymore. You have to manually delete the emails on the phone.

  • franzl

    Anyone notice that the split view does not allow you to select an existing window front the recent apps? You can only select from a select set of apps from the recent window. Different from lollipop. That is bad.

  • TylerCameron

    Who uses the stock app? Signal is the best app. Period. I’m sure group messaging works on there.

    • Frankwhitess

      i am going to try it …thank you for recommending Signal …

  • Jenn

    What do the text message colors mean? When I send a text the bubble is an off white, later it turns yellow…does that mean it was read? Why do they change colors?

  • vanuser

    Hi, Why I am seeing mobile data and wifi on phone after upgrade. Is there way I turn off mobile data while connected to wifi?

  • slop101

    This update killed my S6. Everything was fine. Phone updated (didn’t care for a lot of the changes). Turned it off for the night. Turned it on in the morning, and it now keeps turning off and on by itself. Even in safe mode. Gonna have to do a factory re-set. What a pain!

  • Sky Leach

    gonna root my phone after this POS update.
    Samsung has overlay on EVERYTHING. It’s doing sync updates for marketing metadata.

    Done with that.