NAD tells Sprint to end Cut Your Bill In Half ads following T-Mobile challenge


Sprint has been heavily promoting its Cut Your Bill In Half deal ever since it launched last November, but now it looks like the carrier will be doing a bit less promotion.

The National Advertising Division (NAD) has recommended to Sprint that it end its TV advertising for the Half Off Your Bill promo as well as modify its internet and in-store ads following a challenge from T-Mobile. Specifically, the NAD told Sprint that it should clearly state that its Cut Your Bill In Half offer only applied to T-Mobile’s 2GB, 6GB, and 10GB rate plans. The NAD also recommended that Sprint disclose both the material differences between its plans and T-Mobile’s and the fact that consumers are charged an activation fee of $36 per line when they switch to Sprint.

While the NAD was reviewing Sprint’s advertising, Sprint told the group that it had permanently ended its Cut Your Bill In Half claims. Sprint has issued a statement saying that it “agrees to comply with NAD’s recommendations.”

Unsurprisingly, T-Mobile is pretty happy with the NAD’s decision. In a statement to CNET, T-Mo had this to say about the recommendations:

“We called Sprint out on their total BS promises of savings that consumers simply wouldn’t get. We’re very pleased with the NAD’s ruling.”

Sprint did make note of the issues that T-Mobile had with the Cut Your Bill In Half promo when it originally announced the deal, but some of it was buried in the fine print. The NAD pointed out a similar issue with Sprint’s advertising, saying that the limitations of the deal were “blurred by the fast-moving audio and visual elements of the commercials which also make the supers, which refer to rate plans as well as limitations and restrictions, difficult to read, notice and understand.” So while Sprint did get several months of advertising for its Cut Your Bill In Half promo, it’s now permanently put an end to its advertising for that deal.


Source: NAD

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  • tony

    sprint and its deceptive practices.

  • S. Ali

    All carriers should be required to disclose their activation fees and “line fees” in their ads. I’m sick of seeing ATT/Verizon ads quote prices without showing the line fee. Sprint’s ad was particularly bad since their 50% off deal only lasted 24 months. That’s the worst kind of bait and switch. Don’t know why Marcelo still has a job.

    • davidofmidnight

      Marcelo still has a job because anyone else who’s qualified knows better than to join that sinking ship.

      • Melissa

        So, its very possible for any sinking ship to come back to life. Apple proved it could when they brought back Steve jobs. So, anything I possible. But, I agree sprint needs to get its act together.

      • Melissa

        T-mobile was a sinking ship until legere saved the day. No one ever thought legere could bring tmobile to where it is today. And he did.

      • Melissa

        I think the worst part about sprint is they don’t even have voice over lte. And their network is as fast as at&t’s dsl service. Lol. T-mobile from what u have tested at my job in the mall no less where thousands shop a day was the fastest. Sprint would just fail to do anything during rush hours. Verizon and at&t were getting close to 30 down and 15 up. And T-mobile? Well, lets say they were the clear winner with 107.65 down and 86.02 up.

    • Fabian Cortez

      Sprint’s ad was particularly bad since their 50% off deal only lasted 24 months. That’s the worst kind of bait and switch.

      Yeah, that’s pretty nasty.

      I’m sure those bargain hunters will be thrilled once their bills suddenly double. The same anger that people have toward Sprint and their underhanded practices will once again emerge.

      Don’t know why Marcelo still has a job.

      I highly doubt his contract will be renewed.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Tmobile 12445558999- Sprint 0

  • steveb944

    “We called Sprint out on their total BS promises”

    I can’t believe that was the direct quote from the corporation. Guess even PR has adopted a more aggressive stance.

    • gmo8492

      I think that sounds more like a tweet from John Legere than an official statement. But I guess it could be that John just took over the PR department…lol

      • Melissa

        I think John should be president. I’m writing him in when I cast my vote in November. Lol. I actually really like T-mobile. They treat their business customers like gold. I should know. I have 3 lines with them under a business plan. Or what they call their @work plan.

  • abn

    Sprint. Your Ceo needs firing.
    If someone doesn’t get this act together your out!

  • NardVa

    Do people really take ads serious? I always assumed ads don’t tell the whole story and as a consumer you have to do your own research.

    • Matt

      Never take an advertisement at face value.

  • CJ

    Funny that T-Mobile would have an issue with this when it’s the same kind of “advertising” they’ve been engaged in and been told to stop by NAD over the past few years. A clear case of Pot meet Kettle. John is such a crybaby!

    • tony

      your forgetting soething, new customers thought it was cut your whole bills by 50% its not, sprint failed to tell new customers its 50% only data portion of your bill from other carriers its deceptive practice, thy tell you its a whole bill until you signed up for sprint , then they got you, you realized its not the whole bill your too late.

    • tony

      sprint retail sales tells you its for a whole bill you hook you into sprint, then once you signed up and you realzied its too late to back out. they dont give a crap about you , they only care about whether or not you sign up. then sprint makes it super hard to return the devices within 14 days. they really make it super hard.

    • tony

      when hyou request you want to return the device back to the store you pruchase, they will refuse it they tell you to call customer service for returns. then when you call customer service to return device they promise you they will ship you a return back package. which mysteriously never arrive to you. and it goes past 14 days of return and your stuck with sprint.

  • matt

    sprint’s website is still advertising the switch to sprint and save 50 % and saying the offer is extended! “switch to sprint and save 50 % versus Verizon’s , AT&T and T-mobile’s rates is okay. but cut your bill in half is misleading

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      Yes actually that is Better

  • Matt

    Go to Sprint, cut your network coverage by 50%

    • Spike

      As many ways as TMo is better than Sprint, coverage isn’t one of them

      • Uh, yes it is?

        • 9to5Slavery

          No it isn’t.

        • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

          Definitely has better coverage

        • 9to5Slavery

          if you travel by driving all over griffin, then you would know.

      • DKBNYC

        Total coverage area I believe goes to Sprint. Network speed goes to T-Mobile.

        • Not native coverage by a long shot.

        • Acdc1a

          So horribly mistaken. Sprint’s native network is 280 million pops. T-Mobile’s native network is 305 million pops. Geographically that’s a HUGE difference. Don’t take my word for it, go look at the maps. To make it easier for you, go to Boost Mobile and look at all of the colors EXCEPT green. Now how does that compare?

          By the way, meant to hit reply to DKBNYC.

  • Trevnerdio

    The Sprint ads claiming they’re the fastest give me the giggles every time :)

    • AJ2

      Their latest ad campaign released during Nba finals claims only 1% difference between them & Verizon? I want to see that fine print

      • Trevnerdio

        Oh was that the claim? I heard them say ‘does 1% really make a difference?’ and I’m like huh, what bs are they trying to spin now?

        • Ascertion

          The fine print is if you’re connected to an LTE Plus site, which makes up for maybe 20% of the network footprint.

  • MisterSuperGod

    Ironically enough, after reading this topic, i saw one of Sprint’s current ads, the with the woman dancing…
    This is supposed to appeal to whom…?
    i hope they paid her good to sell her dignity, lock, stock and barrel.

    • pops87

      Dude those ads with the young woman dancing are so cringeworthy. Sprint should be embarrassed.

  • AJ2

    You’re trying to attract new customers and the first thing you’re gonna do is sock them with an activation fee? Now, twitter is exploding with sprint hiring the previous Verizon do you hear me now gut. Sprint claims that there’s only 1% difference between its coverage & Verizon sounds like something else the NAD or FTC should look into

    • Count on it. Sprint continues down the road of zero credibility with yet more misleading advertising.

  • Acdc1a

    I like to taunt Sprint on their ads on social media. They simply won’t cut my T-Mobile rate in half.

  • I priced Sprint, and even when they offered free service with their DirecTV promo, it still was going to cost me more than T-Mobile. Three of the five lines on my account have free phones provided by T-Mo. Sprint’s option for DirecTV “free” service was that you had to buy one of four phones. IIRC, one was an iPhone, two were Galaxy phones ($650-750), and I forget what the last one was, but it was also a premium phone. For five lines, it was going to be a killer, even with the “free” service.