Moto Z official with Moto Mods modules, unlocked model coming this fall


Nearly one year after introducing the Moto X Pure Edition, Motorola and Lenovo have taken the wraps off of its successor, the Moto Z. Yep, they skipped Y.

The highlight feature of the Moto Z is its Moto Mods. These are modules that snap on to the back of the Moto Z and connect to the phone using 16 pins at the bottom of its backside. Motorola has already prepped several Moto Mods modules for the Z, like the Insta-Share Projector that can project a screen up to 70 inches in size and includes a battery that can provide 1 hour of projecting before dipping into the phone’s battery.


Another Moto Mod module is the JBL SoundBoost, a speaker with its own kickstand and battery that provides up to 10 hours of sound. And then there are the Power Packs, which are battery packs that Motorola says will provide the Moto Z with up to 22 hours of extra battery life. If all you care about is personalizing your Moto Z, you’ll be able to buy a Style Shell that’ll be available in wood, leather, and patterned fabric.

Motorola says that it’s working on more Moto Mods, and it’s also launching the Moto Mods Developer Program to help other developers create modules.

When it comes to the phone itself, the Moto Z features most of the specs that you’d expect from a flagship Android phone in 2016:

  • 5.5-inch 2560×1440 AMOLED display
  • 13-megapixel rear camera with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus
  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera with wide-angle lens
  • Quad-core Snapdragon 820 processor
  • 32/64GB of storage
  • microSD slot
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 2600mAh battery with Turbo Charging support
  • USB Type-C (No 3.5mm headphone jack, meaning you’ll use this port for headphones as well as charging. Motorola will include a 3.5mm-to-USB-C adapter with the Moto Z.)
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Android 6.0.1
  • 5.2mm thick

Motorola and Lenovo today also introduced the Moto Z Force, a device that looks largely similar to the Moto Z but includes a few tweaks. For example, the Moto Z Force has a ShatterShield display to protect it during drops, a 21-megapixel rear camera, and a beefier 3500mAh battery. Unfortunately, the Moto Z Force will be a Verizon exclusive in the US.

As for the Moto Z’s launch, it’s going launch at Verizon this summer. It’ll be an exclusive to the big red carrier until this fall when Motorola will offer an unlocked GSM model. No pricing info has been disclosed.

Because the Moto Z and Moto Z Force are launching exclusively at Verizon this summer, there’s no word yet on what kind of T-Mobile support (like band 12 LTE) the unlocked model will have when it launches later this year. Motorola did add T-Mo band 12 LTE support to the Moto X Pure Edition after launch, so it’s possible that the unlocked Moto Z will have some T-Mo support.

Based on what Motorola announced today, are you interested in the Moto Z?

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  • harrihuss

    Why would I be interested in a phone from a company that has shown little interest in supporting t-mobile features litke wifi calling (and only very recently VOLTE)?

    • gg55592

      Exactly. I think it is/was great that Motorola wanted to sell their phones direct to consumers, but if they don’t support the basic network technology of the carrier they’re shooting themselves in the foot. A phone that doesn’t support VoLTE and wifi calling on T-Mobile is just pointless. It’s too bad, because I would have bought a Moto X. The Moto Z I don’t know, it gets rid of the design elements I really liked on the X.

      • steveb944

        Can’t really knock them too much as it was an unlocked device on a dying company.

      • kgraham182

        This phone does support the basic network technology, you have to remember all GSM phones that come to our soil are built with AT&T in mind. When you’re on AT&T you never have to ask will this phone work with my network, but with T-Mobile you have to constantly ask does it support B12, wifi calling, and VoLTE. iPhone and select Nexus are really the only phones that support this network, John knows this and he has yall stuck in “no contract” contracts.

        • kgraham182

          Not knocking T-Mobile or John, that man is a genius. Having millions accepting his every word.

        • Mikel

          It’s true that AT&T resembles what most non-united states GSM networks look like; however your statement regarding “ALL GSM PHONES THAT COME TO OUR SOIL ARE BUILT WITH AT&T IN MIND” is BS. T-Mobile uses all the same bands as AT&T. The only difference is AT&T owns more spectrum than T-Mobile. “WHEN YOU’RE ON AT&T YOU NEVER HAVE TO ASK WILL THIS PHONE WORK WITH MY NETWORK” That is also complete B.S. If that was the case why is it that the only phone that works with AT&T wi-fi calling is an iphone 6S, 6S plus, and SE. There are no android/windows/blackberry/ etc phones that work with AT&T wi-fi calling as of this moment. “iphone and select nexus are really the only phones that support this network” ALSO more spewed BS. HTC, LG, Samsung and others make phones that work with T-Mobile. The unlocked version of those phones not necessarily. I’m sorry for the all caps on quoting you but I hate it when someone tries to post facts and they have no idea what day it is.

      • Mikel

        I wanted to get rid of my moto E after finding out what motorola decided to do after pulling band 12. then I finally got rid of the phone after finding out lenovo backtracked on updating the official rom to marshmallow. as of now i wouldn’t care what lenovo tried to do with the moto brand as they have proven to me that they are another samsung wannabe. all they want to do is sell you a new phone without supporting the phone you already spent hundreds on…moto e does not apply to my previous sentence as it was only a 100 bucks but they promised to support the phone up until marshmallow and they decided to screw their customer’s anyway.

    • steveb944

      New company as Lenovo is running things.

      And they were barely alive under Google so you can’t blame them on their unlocked device not having full support when Google wouldn’t invest anymore.

      • Mikel

        Google has nothing to do with motorola supporting a carrier’s tech. lenovo didn’t want to spend money to make the 2015 moto g and moto e true t-mobile compliant.

        • steveb944

          Google owned them, as does Lenovo now.
          You want to give Google a pass but not Lenovo? Hilarious.

        • Mikel

          I already knew google owned them. the reason why they owned them is because they wanted their patents and IP. Google could care less about their device business. look it up.

        • Mikel

          by the way lenovo had already taken over when the moto E and moto G decisions were made. google had nothing to do with it. You are hilarious.

        • steveb944

          I was referring to prior Motorola models not having full support either.
          And the implementation would have already been in the pipeline. No one is going to invest anymore than necessary for single carrier support.

    • Mikel

      lenovo is trying to save as many pennies as possible since the motorola buy has not worked out yet. i imagine they look at t-mobile and then look at verizon / AT&T and say why should we dole out money to t-mobile for store phone assistance / support when (even if t-mobile combined with sprint and would still be a far cry from those 2) it’s probably not worth to do.

  • B Brad

    Removable back plate AND backplates that add battery. Does that mean it has a replaceable battery?

    • gg55592

      I don’t think so. The back isn’t removable. I think it’s a unibody aluminum design. The leather, wood, etc., backs just snap on, I think, over the real back. That makes sense for the modules. But why would I want a wood back that does nothing but make the phone thicker? Seems like just a half hearted effort to keep the Moto Maker concept alive when what they’re really doing now is the modules.

    • Mikel

      the add on batteries will be removable/swappable but since the battery in the phone to begin with is tiny (2600 mah are you kidding me?) i think it’s a must have for a person that chooses to buy the moto Z


    I’m interested… more so for the Z Force version. But it will not make me switch carriers because it’s only available with Verizon.

    • B Brad

      Sad that the best motorola are available worldwide, to verizon, but not the rest of the usa.

      • rex2745

        I think that’s because Motorola is kinda struggling as a company i mean they got bought out n all that so im pretty sure Verizon pays top dollar for exclusivity plus Motorola phones tend to sell well only in Verizon

        • Mikel

          it has nothing to do with lenovo struggling…..motorola’s previous administrations relationships goes back years with verizon. Moto’s preference to verizon goes back to the 2000’s. After the first “droid’s” were created anything similar for T-Mobile and AT&T always came either later or with reduced specs. Verizon was always given preferential treatment. Verizon probably spoiled moto (now lenovo) and that is why moto could never resist catering to all of verizon’s demands/wishes. The reason why moto phones sell well on verizon is because of all the marketing moto/lenovo/verizon money spent getting the ads all over the net and TV.

  • Ordeith

    I might be interested if you could swap the OS.

    • Guest

      Android is more like a DMS (Data Mining Software) than an OS.

      It’s very important to call things for what they are. ;)

      • Mikel

        enjoy your iphone 25th anniversary edition when it will look almost the same as now.

    • steveb944

      Yeah we all want Windows Mobile. /s

      • Ordeith

        Or really any option that isn’t made by the world’s largest tracking, profiling, and advertising company.

        • Need some tissue? Go spread your agenda somewhere where people actually care.

        • Ordeith

          When people don’t care, Google wins, and that’s bad for everyone.

        • Jose Hernandez

          You are right about Google, but just about every other company out there does the same darn thing. They may just be a little better at keeping under wraps. It is the price we pay to keep up with all of this tech.

        • Ordeith

          Other companies wouldn’t do it if Google didn’t prove that they could get away with it, that people don’t care.
          Other companies would stop almost immediately if Google suddenly faced a credible backlash. You won’t kill the plant without attacking the roots.

        • Mikel

          if you’re so worried about data mining why do you even bother surfing the internet?

        • gmo8492

          I’m afraid to be the bearer of bad news, but guess what Microsoft now does.

        • Ordeith

          Whatever it is, it will always be less than Google.

        • Mikel

          you speak as if you know the facts….microsoft has become more and more like google since nadella took over. If you can’t see that there is no hope for you.

        • Mikel

          it’s only since the snowden leaks that apple decided to go in a different path… the problem for apple now is that their os is so locked down they will have a much harder time keeping up with everyone else. for the record i own an iphone se and a nexus 6P. I will never purchase an apple flagship phone as they are priced more than they should be.

    • gbetbe

      No one cares

  • So I assume, since it has mods on the back that there will be no wireless charging?

    • Stevie P

      If I remember correctly the battery mod will support wireless charging

    • steveb944

      Mods have wireless charging.

  • guest

    thats ugly

    • Random Guy

      Just like you.

      • guest

        And you.

  • Matt

    Only a quad core processor so no thank you.

    • JMccovery

      So, you would say ‘no thank you’ to any SD820/821 device?

  • Screw Verizon! T-Mo is the fasting growing carrier and should be treated as such. Poor form by Lenovo, pandering to the evil red empire.

    • Mikel

      if trump becomes president they will tell the FCC or whatever company agency that approves telecommunication mergers that they must approve a sprint/t-mobile merger. once that happens…then maybe you might get your wish.

  • FILA

    This would be a first, they should make a printer back, like the Polaroid portable instant printers. Would be a little beefy but they could do it. I was shocked to see how sexy this phone looks in the video. Im interested in this, but if it doesnt support Daydream, Im all for that hopeful HTC Nexus this year

  • kevev

    Not considering another Moto device until Lenovo/Motorola fixed the VOLTE audio jitter on the Moto X Pure Edition. 6 months is unacceptable. We are now being told to wait for N, if that ever comes…..

    • Mikel

      I wouldn’t bet on it. i’m a t-mobile customer and as of this moment I see no reason to entertain any lenovo moto devices no matter what.

  • riverhorse

    Storage is insufficient.
    And this bs game they’re playing with Verizon exclusivity, by the time the releases for other carriers come out, the Note 7, among others, will have eaten their lunch.

    • Verizon is doing the dumb phone exclusive thing because like AT&T they’re still pretending it’s 2008. Exclusives don’t work anymore.

      • Mikel

        Brett, I say this with utmost respect. In the eyes of AT&T and Verizon they don’t care what works for you the consumer.

        • And yet… they are scrambling to compensate?

        • Mikel

          are they? Verizon is totally ignoring the pre-paid market. they acknowledged Total Wireless (owned by tracfone, carlos slim) as their official pre-paid brand withers away & takes additional losses by the day. AT&T tried to charge higher per line fees (40 dollars, now it’s only 25 but it depends) on top of the service charges. plus their official pre-paid brand (AT&T GO) has been pushed behind cricket wireless down the totem pole which is awful because cricket limits LTE speeds to 8 mbps. what a joke. I’m so thankful for t-mobil. but if I still lived where i grew up I wouldn’t have a choice as verizon and at&t are the only choices there.

    • Mikel

      It’s not a game…to them it’s business as usual.

  • S. Ali

    2600mAh on a 5.5″ screen even without a headphone jack. Are they serious? This is dead before arrival. At minimum it should be 3200mAh, but I suppose they want you to buy the add-on. No buy for me. Even junkers like the ZTE ZMax 2 have 3000mAh. Why would you pay $600+ when a $50 phone is better.

    • Ascertion

      It’s a nice looking phone but anything below 3K MAh battery is pretty much guaranteed to have bad battery performance and no headphone jack is quite a deal breaker for me. Not to mention Motorola’s been having issues with replacing/repairing units for other user’s who have warranties. I’d probably just stay away from this company.

      • Mikel

        totally agree with you on staying away. the reason for the tiny battery is to sell moto mods. that camera bump without a moto mod attached is awful. it’s almost like lenovo is daring their potential customers to ignore them.

    • Mikel

      this phone is a Verizon store salesman’s wet dream.

  • Fabian aka Christina Legere

    Oh my God! Its too thick!

    • monkeysoup

      Actually, it’s very thin. The modules merely attach to the back of the phone when in use, which adds the girth. Remove the module and you have an exceptionally thin phone. The nice thing is that you get the option. You don’t have to use the modules if you don’t want.

      • Mikel

        why would you want to though? the back is awful with the camera bump sans a moto mod.

    • Guest


      • lomsha


  • Panzer

    Motorola needs to get it’s head out of Verizon’s a$$

    • Mikel

      you have a better chance of samsung releasing faster updates.

    • ummduh

      Indeed! The exclusivity issue means I’ll be passing it up. By the time I can get it, I’ll already have something else…

  • Sandra Arreola

    If the Z Force wasn’t exclusive to Verizon, I’d sell my Note 5 and get one. I still think my 2013 Moto X is the best phone I’ve ever owned. But, I’m not giving up T-mobile… They’ve been my carrier since college (at least a decade). The regular Z does not really interest me.

    • Romdude

      I agree, the force is strong.

  • I don’t get it, why did Alex write about a phone we can’t get? Slow day? Looks pretty cool but not worth switching to Verizon for.

    • Alex Wagner

      I wrote about it because while it’ll be exclusive to Verizon initially, it will be offered as an unlocked GSM model later this year.

      • MikeS775

        I wish T-Mobile would start offering Motorola phones themselves.

  • George Salcedo

    Fuck the moto and Verizon, definitely getting the Axon 7 now.

  • Critic4U

    Figured they would of learned from LG’s G5.

  • Mikel

    in a sense lenovo pulled an apple. they give a tiny battery…tell everyone how slim they made the phone and then create an add on for additional battery since they purposely didn’t put enough battery capacity in the phone to begin with. also lets face it…the moto xper…x uh z (ugh) looks awful without a mod attached. that camera bump is hideous.

  • T Redd

    i wonder how the battery is going to hold up.

    • JLV90

      Theres a battery mod for an extra 2220 mAH.

  • guidomus_maximus

    I predict a ‘fire’ sale on these…..