John Legere moves up list of highest-rated CEOs in the US


After being named the 14th highest-rated CEO in the US last year, T-Mobile’s John Legere has moved up in this year’s edition of the Glassdoor report.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been named the No. 12 highest-rated CEO in the US by Glassdoor, which relied on company reviews posted by employees. These reviews are voluntary and anonymous, and in them, employees are asked to rate things like the sentiment about their CEO’s leadership, their satisfaction with their employer, senior management, and more.

Here’s what John Legere had to say about moving up on Glassdoor’s list of the highest-rated CEOs in the country:

“My #1 job is to bring the Un-carrier to life—both for our customers and for our people. Here at T-Mobile, that means making this a challenging, inclusive and diverse workplace where we can all be ourselves and do what we do best—solve customer pain points. And it means making sure our people share in this company’s success by making them owners through annual stock grants.”

Some of the other notable CEOs in Glassdoor’s list of the top 50 highest-rated CEOs in the US include NVIDIA’s Jen-Hsun Huang at No. 36, Apple CEO Tim Cook at No. 8, Google CEO Sundar Pichai at No. 7, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at No. 4, and Bain & Company CEO Bob Bechak at the No. 1 spot.

You can check out Glassdoor’s full list of the top 50 highest-rated CEOs in the US at the link below.

Source: Glassdoor

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  • aceofspades

    Meanwhile retail sales associates make near minimum wage salaries and are threatened and pressured everyday to meet insane quotas or their pay/hours will be cut. Good JOB John Legere!!!

    • Joey

      Retail sales associates dont make near minimum wage i started at 12 and quotas arent unrealistic so everyone in the store is usually able to make their quotas and when you dont make your quota the managers help you to see where you struggle and help fix that. The enviroment is best you can ask for in the wireless indistry and i have people who use to work at at&t and verizon and when i ask them where they like it best they say tmobile has the best enviroment. Ive worked at t-mobile for 1.5 years now and its the best job i have had so far.

      • Philip

        Thanks for the info. It also helps that T-mobile is getting more popular and people just flock in automatically.

    • Andrew Singleton

      brb let me check my paystub real quick. NOPE STILL MAKE AMAZING MONEY.

      • aceofspades

        You must not pay any taxes off your commission Andrew. I wonder what the IRS thinks about that.

        • Andrew Singleton

          Wow. I pay the maximum amount of tax for my income, but thanks for the wild accusation!

    • AB87

      You are so ridiculous. CEO’s are paid what they are paid because they can do a job others can’t. I already know you can’t do the job based on your ignorant post. I own a business but I previously worked for on of the top 20 largest companies in America. I know how many hours the CEO put in. I know how hard his job was. I also know that he made 28 million a year. I absolutely wouldn’t have done his job for 28 million a year. I also know my limitations and know I couldn’t have successfully done his job anyway. Even if I could to me it wouldn’t be worth it. The country runs the way it does is because some people are CEO’s some are salespeople and others can build or assemble. The idea that everyone should make the same wage is completely stupid. Grow up and learn how an economy works before making stupid remarks like the one above.

      • aceofspades

        I actually still work for the company, I wasn’t “let go” like you. I am not a sales associate but I do work over sales associates that I feel for everyday because of how unrealistic it is to achieve these goals that are given. All of the sales associates commission is taxed over 40% and for the majority that is the biggest percent of their base pay. Sales associates are the reason someone cannot walk into a store and leave with just a new phone and the bare minimum plan. T-Mobile is NOT in the business of being affordable, it is in the business of VALUE for what you are paying for.

        • Bud

          I have been sales for a long time. Bonuses get taxed at 40%. Commission are taxed at regular salary rate.

        • AB87

          Wow where did you get the impression I was as let go from anywhere. I never worked for tmobile but I was a commissioned sales person in my 20’s. If it wasn’t for that wouldn’t have the very successful business I have now. Having a background in commissioned sales in my opinion is the most important trait in running your own company. Capitalism is amazing out in the work now and it will pay off big later. Stop bashing the CEO Tmobile is what it is right now because of John.

          Also also bonus checks are required to be taxed at 40% but when you do your taxes it will be refunded down to your actual tax rate. You can blame the government for that not tmobile, not the CEO and not capitalism.

      • Jesus Christ

        “21. If a CEO is capable of outsourcing all the company’s jobs but his, and thus saving the company 200 million, pay him 100 million in bonus.”

    • Steven

      Don’t hate on Market Value. Not his problem he’s worth it and you’re not, sounds like its more so your problem. Welcome to Capitalism.

    • badassn

      It is called a regular job mate. Work part-time with average performance at a T-mobile store to help you get through college, and then start a career when you graduate.

    • Jose Rodriguez

      This is probably a pissed of sales person who isn’t good at their job talking. As a part-time sales associate my self for about 9 months. I’ve already cleared well above what someone working fulltime on a minimum wage would earn in a full year. If you can’t sell don’t work in an environment that’s commission driven.

    • Fhritp

      you just can’t sell, let’s be honest. I make 4x the amount of minimum wage as a sales associate.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    As a sales associate I don’t make near minimum wage at all. I’m making much more then it. The hourly wages are OK but honestly if your in sales to worry about an hourly wage its probably not something you should do. Its about commission baby.

  • Fabian Cortez

    That’s odd. I couldn’t find AT&T’s, Sprint’s, or Verizon’s CEOs on that list.

  • Apple

    Now he need make his way over to Comcast or Time Warner. Cable is completely out of hand.


    • Drewski

      Sorry, but Time Warner Cable has already been acquired by Charter Communications. Time Warner Cable is now known as Charter Spectrum.

      • VN

        Oh yeah honey?

  • VN

    I rather have a lower monthly bill than pizza and frosty…

    • Guest

      If you want a lower monthly bill switch to Wal-Mart Family Mobile, Cricket, Sprint or Boost. Verizon Prepaid has added more data to their plans too. Check Straight Talk also.

    • kgraham182

      I think any sane person would want a lower bill rather than a pizza and frosty, but this is the Cult of John we’re talking about.

      • VN

        What cult? And who is your carrier?

    • Acdc1a

      You don’t want Uncarrier perks and lowe prices? Go to Metro.

      • VN

        That’s the perfect answer for that one guy /troll who wanted a lower bill. Thanks!

  • MO

    Acda1a there’s no need to get all aggressive and suggest that people go to Metro. I think we all would like lower bills rather than pizza. I don’t think anyone woke up this morning hoping for a higher cell bill. Please go peddle you aggression elsewhere.

    • John

      There is no elsewhere for him but the internet. You don’t want his little sister to beat him, do you?

    • Acdc1a

      It’s good advice isn’t it? All of the Uncarrier initiatives have brought more value to people willing to pay for the postpaid service. They have not lowered prices (except 1.0). If you prefer lower prices and want to stick with T-Mobile there are options.

      I know some people here live in Mom’s basement and she’s getting a bit pissed about the wireless bill. I get it.

      • Da Yung Fat

        I agree, fast food could be more valuable to some than a lower bill or more data. If those health conscious people don’t like it they have the option to leave whenever they want.