John Legere named 14th highest-rated U.S. CEO, four places behind Tim Cook


John Legere is a popular guy. His use of colorful language at press events, outspoken nature and social media antics ensure that he’s the one wireless company CEO that behaves least like what you’d expect. But there’s more than his general rock-star persona to admire. He openly discusses issues with customers, reaches out personally and shares what he’s actually thinking instead of hiding behind some corporately prepared statements. Perhaps that’s why then –  in this year’s Glassdoor survey – he rated as one of the most popular CEOs in America.

With a 93% approval rating, our favorite CEO landed 14th place on the list of all U.S. CEOs. And just in case you were wondering: No, there were no other wireless carrier CEOs in the top 50. Not one. Above John in the top 10 were the usual names: Larry Page of Google (1st), Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (4th) and Tim Cook of Apple (10th). But equally, there were many popular characters ranking beneath JL in the top 50 including Howard D. Schultz of Starbucks (31st), Bob Iger of Disney (37th) and Brian Chesky of Airbnb (48th).

You can read the full list of top-rated CEOs over on Glassdoor’s website. Congrats John, you’ve definitely earned it!

Source: Glassdoor

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