John Legere named 14th highest-rated U.S. CEO, four places behind Tim Cook


John Legere is a popular guy. His use of colorful language at press events, outspoken nature and social media antics ensure that he’s the one wireless company CEO that behaves least like what you’d expect. But there’s more than his general rock-star persona to admire. He openly discusses issues with customers, reaches out personally and shares what he’s actually thinking instead of hiding behind some corporately prepared statements. Perhaps that’s why then –  in this year’s Glassdoor survey – he rated as one of the most popular CEOs in America.

With a 93% approval rating, our favorite CEO landed 14th place on the list of all U.S. CEOs. And just in case you were wondering: No, there were no other wireless carrier CEOs in the top 50. Not one. Above John in the top 10 were the usual names: Larry Page of Google (1st), Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (4th) and Tim Cook of Apple (10th). But equally, there were many popular characters ranking beneath JL in the top 50 including Howard D. Schultz of Starbucks (31st), Bob Iger of Disney (37th) and Brian Chesky of Airbnb (48th).

You can read the full list of top-rated CEOs over on Glassdoor’s website. Congrats John, you’ve definitely earned it!

Source: Glassdoor

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  • itguy08

    Struggling to see how Page and Zuckerberg rate so high. Page’s company is a disconnected mess. Facebook doesn’t listen to its users and is trying to be all things to all people and failing.

    • Paul Garrison

      I think it is loved by their employees. Also, how are they out of touch?

    • Nate55568

      says who? a loser like you? gimme a break…

    • Mike

      Rankings are based on employee feedback not investor or public sentiment. Approvals can be sky high when the stock is sky high and compensation is tied to such.

    • John Doe

      You can find so many articles online that tell you about how Google and Facebook treat their employees… it is unbelievable. But they do it because they have lots of money and can afford it, John Legere on the other hand can’t afford what Google does but his employees still love him.

      • archerian

        John Legere on the other hand can’t afford what Google does but his employees still love him

        you mean the ones who signed up on Glassdoor and rated him, more like 2.5% of the total employee base.

        • Prod1702

          I would agree with you on the Glassdoor thing. I work for Tmo and have never heard of Glassdoor and I am sure all the of the people I work with haven’t as well. So kinda shows how it is such a small number from the whole.

      • Ordeith

        Google also does experiments on their employees through HR, called People Analytics, where they use their treasure trove of personal data to keep tabs on their employees and try to glean what (other than compensation) would contribute to their sense of life satisfaction. Many of Google’s employees are carefully manipulated and controlled into loving the company. As an Ad company Google has become very, very good at psychological manipulation and they employ it to the fullest. (pun intended).

  • TK – Indy

    Sing it with me, ” I am beautiful, no matter what they say ….” #shovefingerdownthroat

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I’m not surprised. John is the real deal, just follow him on Twitter or Periscope and you’ll see why

  • Justsomecommentator

    If Steve Jobs were alive today, how would he rate?

    • Joe

      Probably not very good as a lot of ppl thought he was an ass hole. Thats also what he said in his book.

      • NapoPeb

        Complete crap. Jobs is revered as one of the greatest visionary CEOs of all time. People who knew and worked for him could loathe him personally, but we’re inspired to do their best work under him.

        The books released really tell us nothing new about his personality. That was very public very early on in his career.

  • KoseKid

    When was the last time you guys browsed your own site? Sellout doesn’t even begin to describe the travesty that has become tmonews. The ads have taken over, and created an experience only describable by sitting in Ricky Bobbies race car with the Fig Newtons sticker on the windshield; he never met a sponsor he wouldn’t push. As a loyal tmonews fan for the last 5 years, i’m begging you to please stop!!

    • ad blocker

      I agree, as a result, I started using ad blocker And it made a big difference on this website…

  • Haverhill_John

    I reached out to Johns office. after getting his email address from someone else,about frustration with signal in m home. I explained all the solutions that I tried, all t-mobile solutions, to no avail. the response was not what I expected. I will not go into it here because it may cause an influx of requests. Thje response did not completely solve the problem but it did make my family feel that they were heard and respected. After that I am a tmo faithful.

  • Scot Mahoney

    I wonder if they polled the Chinese employees for apple? Bet u they wouldn’t have ranked very high.

    • Julien

      Well certainly still way better than other CEOs of companies that use Chinese people to manufacture their products…

      • Kusgan Kaayo

        Chinese people to manufacture their product, just like Apple?

        • Julien

          What are you trying to say ? Apple is far from the only company to manufacture products in China. Who’s to say they are the worse ?

    • NapoPeb

      Given those Chinese employees you refer to don’t work for Apple*, I’m not sure how valid their opinion would be?

      * they work for Foxconn.

  • shamatuu

    Larry page is number 1 which means Google is that good

  • HR

    Wow! Glassdoor!! What an honor!!!


  • Freddy

    where is the list for worst places to work for?