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John Legere named No. 4 CEO in the U.S., top wireless CEO in Glassdoor top CEOs list

Glassdoor today released its list of the top CEOs in the U.S., and T-Mobile’s John Legere finished near the top. Legere was ranked the number four CEO in America and the number one wireless CEO in Glassdoor’s 2019 Top CEOs report. This marks the fifth straight year that Legere was the top-ranked wireless CEO in Glassdoor’s report. The T-Mobile CEO earned a 99 percent approval rating from the employees that reviewed him. “I’m so motivated … [read full article]

John Legere moves up list of highest-rated CEOs in the US

After being named the 14th highest-rated CEO in the US last year, T-Mobile’s John Legere has moved up in this year’s edition of the Glassdoor report. T-Mobile CEO John Legere has been named the No. 12 highest-rated CEO in the US by Glassdoor, which relied on company reviews posted by employees. These reviews are voluntary and anonymous, and in them, employees are asked to rate things like the sentiment about their CEO’s leadership, their satisfaction … [read full article]

John Legere named 14th highest-rated U.S. CEO, four places behind Tim Cook

John Legere is a popular guy. His use of colorful language at press events, outspoken nature and social media antics ensure that he’s the one wireless company CEO that behaves least like what you’d expect. But there’s more than his general rock-star persona to admire. He openly discusses issues with customers, reaches out personally and shares what he’s actually thinking instead of hiding behind some corporately prepared statements. Perhaps that’s why then –  in … [read full article]