[UPDATE: Works over Cellular too] iOS 9 adds Wi-Fi Calling with Mac/iPad Continuity for T-Mobile customers


UPDATE: We got an email yesterday from T-Mobile to confirm that this is in fact just part of the story. T-Mo is the first carrier in the world which will support Continuity over a cellular network. So you can leave your phone anywhere, and still receive and send SMS messages or make/receive phone calls. Sweet deal. 

With iOS 8 and Yosemite last year, Apple launched an awesome new feature called Continuity. It’s made up of many strands including the ability to hand-off apps between iOS and Mac devices. More usefully – for the first time – it allowed users to accept and receive calls and SMS messages on their Mac or iPad as long as their phone was within range. Sadly however, for T-Mobile users making use of their Wi-Fi Calling feature, the phone calls part of Continuity didn’t work.

In other words you couldn’t receive your iPhone’s calls on your Mac if it had the Wi-Fi Calling feature switched on.

Thankfully, that’s now changed. One of our sources within T-Mobile told us to look out for a “surprise” within iOS 9, and thanks to some tech-nerds over on the T-Mo subreddit, we now know what that is. With the next version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, you’ll be able to make and receive Wi-Fi calls right from your Mac.

If you have a Mac and are using the iOS 9 developer beta, let us know if you’ve tried it. If you’re not a registered dev, or don’t have your device registered on a developer account, you’ll be able to try it out for yourself when Apple makes iOS 9 available as a public beta for the first time next month.

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  • Adrayven

    Nice! been annoying that I have to turn on/off wifi calling just to use continuity and back again…

  • Jeffrey Wang

    Does this require OS X Yosemite only or OS X El Capitan as well?

    • Cam Bunton

      It’s an iOS 9 thing, so it doesn’t require El Capitan.

  • Dark enV

    This may seem small to most but as an owner of a MacBook Pro Retina and iPad Mini 2 this is extremely useful. Was disappointed last year when I discovered you couldn’t answer a phone call on my Mac while on WiFi Calling because as much as I love T-Mobile the coverage where my buddy is is horrendous and I rely on WiFi Calling so this will be nice.

  • UMA_Fan

    Now tmobile just needs to figure out how to make wifi calling more stable. It’s really strange it’s not as reliable as cellular yet the wifi calling implementation released back in 2007 on flip phones and blackberries seemed a lot more reliable and back then wifi wasn’t even as good!

    • gabegw11

      I think this all depends on your router / isp etc I don’t have any problems myself with wifi calling.

  • vinnyjr

    Too bad the iPhone 6 doesnt support band 12. Don’t think this is something they can upgrade with any software. At least that is what Ive been told.

    • slybacon08

      Right, that’s what I’ve heard too. Also, I don’t recall any software upgrades from Apple that have added support for more LTE bands…

    • HeatFan786

      No biggie as a 6+ owner. I’ll upgrade to the 6S+ though since I want more RAM. I also will take the slew of new upgrades too.

    • gabegw11

      I heard that the new phone would support even more.

  • steveb944

    I wonder if Sprint has this.

    • Jeffrey Wang

      Nope. T-Mo exclusive… for now.

    • gabegw11

      Sprint will have to jump on the band wagon eventually. “IF they decide to”

  • Ted

    I love tmonews, but the advertisements at the top of the page keep changing, which moves the page up and down when I’m trying to read an article. Very annoying!

    • wirelessnet2

      OMG THANK YOU IM NOT ALONE :):):):):)
      but seriously yeah that ad at the top and the little “interactive” blue highlighted words that come up with an ad are SUPER, FREAKING ANNOYING

      • Seabass8722

        You are right Ads are Annoying!!!
        Ever since Cam took over the site has been changing or it got worse, sometimes I don’t even feel like coming to site anymore, that huge ad from the top always rolls your page view down. It is very annoying!!! I hope this changes.

        • thepanttherlady

          The ads have nothing to do with Cam. If you want to complain, do it to PhoneDog. They control the advertising.

        • Frankwhitess

          I totally totally agree with what she said…. Cam has noo saying on what PhoneDog does when it comes to advertising… (still waiting for that date by the way :)..)

        • thepanttherlady

          You just missed out! Have one on Saturday. =P

        • Frankwhitess

          :'( ….. Can I at least get to send you my resume in case this fellow your going to see messes up??? For all you know, he might be using att or Verizon… Rite there that tells you he is not a good match….

          Hey, one never knows.. The world spins in funny ways sometime ;)

        • thepanttherlady


          OMG!!! What if he’s on Sprint?!!!??

        • Frankwhitess

          EXACTLY!!! see what I mean…i Totally think you should review my resume.. :):) …

        • Stone Cold

          You are funny my friend.

        • Visitor

          As a visitor to the site, I don’t care who is responsible for ad placement, Cam, PhoneDog, doesn’t matter to me. If the ads cause the page to jump up and down while I’m trying to read an article, then I get frustrated, and move on.

        • gabegw11

          Yes I agree with this because I have the same issue and its very annoying.

        • gabegw11

          Yes the ads are annoying on some browsers it causes my page to scroll while reading the page.

  • onstrike112

    So, a feature partially ripped off of Blackberry Blend…… Only I can use Blend on a Windows computer, a Mac, an Android, or an iOS device.

    • gabegw11

      No this is totally different. This even receives real phone calls now.

  • quist

    I was really excited about wi-fi calling for my Nexus 6, but it proved useless. When I turned it on, every call went straight to voicemail. It would get fixed with a restart but would revert back to not ringing. So that’s not a solution

    • gabegw11

      It sounds like maybe your ISP was blocking something or router.

      • quist

        This happened using the Cell Spot router. Any special settings for that?

        • gabegw11

          There are actually two things you want to check. One would be your modem there is an admin panel you can login to and make sure that the built in modem firewall is not blocking the protocols needed for VoIP to work correctly. Then the other thing to check for is to make sure your actual ISP is not blocking it as well. In my case when I first started using wifi calling I would get disconnected and phone calls would go straight to voicemail. It had turned out my actual modem had a very picky firewall that was blocking the VoIP traffic causing some packets to be dropped. Now my friend she was having issues and her problem ended up being the DSL company was literally blocking VoIP. Those are the two things I would check out because they are what cause people the most problems. There is no reason for wifi calling to not function otherwise.

  • mooch

    As someone who lives in an area with poor T-mo coverage, I think the wifi calling is a godsend. My only complaint is that you drop the call when you walk out of the wifi range and does not seamlessly switch to cellular. So if I’m on the phone and I need to run out to my car, I have to tell the person I’ll call them back. Yeah, I know, first world problems. ;) But to have a seamless transition would be pretty sweet.

    • jimmysalg

      It does seemless handoff, but your cellular signal must be LTE and VoLTE must be enabled.

  • VG

    Just saw Cam’s update about Continuity working on T-Mobile cellular for texting and calls in the future. If this is true, this has HUGE implications for the Apple Watch (which I have no interest in presently). If there comes a day when a person can leave their iPhone at home and continue to use their Apple Watch for phone calls and messages, this would be a BIG selling point for the Apple Watch!

    • Nearmsp

      This is already working on the Apple Watch as long as both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. I never miss a call or sms now.

      • VG

        Cool, but if someone can leave the house with just the Watch and be on a completely different WiFi network (or via cellular), this would then be an absolutely fantastic feature.

        • gabegw11

          Just tested my T-Mobile phone was off the iPhone and I was getting a regular cellular call to my Macbook even though my cellular phone was off. They have switched the feature your talking about “ON”

        • Joshua Eron Miller

          I’m all updated to iOS 9 beta and El Capitan on my MacBook… I turned all the settings on and my phone off, and calls go directly to voicemail as they normally would have. Turn the phone on it works like it used to (with WiFi calling and via the Mac).

          How did you get yours to work with your phone off?

        • gabegw11

          I updated to the latest beta on both Mac and on iOS and when I enabled wifi calling on my iOS I then enabled it under FaceTime on the Mac and then it popped up asking if wifi calling would like to associate with my iCloud account and I say yes. That’s the new part. Then everything works. It will ask if you want to enable wifi calling with *icloud devices*

        • Joshua Eron Miller

          And just for clarification your iPhone is complete off (hold power button, then slide to turn off) and not just screen off? Cause I’ve done everything you said and still when my phone is off off, calls go to voicemail and not to my mac.

        • gabegw11

          Yes correct.

          In fact I can even make outbound calls to other real phone numbers without my iPhone on. If my iPhone is off and someone calls it or I call it from my home phone as long as one of my iCloud devices running the new beta is on it will ring those devices if I don’t pick up the calls eventually go to T-Mobile voice mail.

        • Joshua Eron Miller

          ok, I finally got it working :)

          Discovered I still had my old Sprint iPhone 6+ still linked to my iCloud account. I had to log out of everything on that phone before everything started working properly. Then I logged back into everything on the Sprint phone and the continuity over cellular still works.. yay!!!

        • gabegw11

          Glad to know you got it working! It’s a pretty amazing feature!

        • Jacob Lee

          Yeah like what google voice has been doing for years…

        • Brian Stone

          Does T-Mobile wifi calling work fine?

  • gabegw11

    I don’t think people are understanding how awesome this is, you can literally turn your iPhone off and get regular calls on all your devices of people that are not even apple users. This really opens up a lot of doors.

  • Brian Stone

    New here. I just wish to confirm. I don’t have a Mac so handoff isn’t key for me, but the ios 9 beta supports the T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling/texting right now?

  • Jace Cole

    Just tried this using my MacBook running the GM of OS X El Capitan and my iPhone which is on iOS Public Beta 9.1 … I’m on United WiFi inflight, I was just able to make a call from my Mac and text outside of contacts on iMessage. All of this done while my iPhone remained in Airplane Mode. Pretty freaking cool!

    • blakedunc235

      how did you get it to work?

      • Jace Cole

        I upgraded my MacBook to El Capitan GM yesterday, my iPhone 6 Plus was already on iOS 9.1 Public Beta 1. When I logged into my Mac after upgrade FaceTime asked me to enable WiFi calling by prompting me to enter a 6 digit code from my iPhone.

        I can now make calls from my MacBook with my iPhone in Airplane mode. In fact, yesterday on a United flight I got regular SMS and a couple of inbound calls while on United Wi-Fi in flight.

        Pretty amazing feature.

        • blakedunc235

          Ive already been on those betas and haven’t gotten anything yet!

        • k_comments

          Maybe a silly question, but did you set it up on both devices and turn everything on? It doesn’t happen automatically.

        • blakedunc235

          never mind i just went to FaceTime and went into preferences and saw the option!

        • Jace Cole


        • blakedunc235

          however i made a call to my phone and it didn’t go to my mac. does it work like that for you?