Lollipop update for T-Mobile LG G3 approved (again)


Fairly recently, T-Mobile announced that the Android 5.0 update for its LG G3 was available to download. Or at least, the carrier would begin a staggered rollout. It didn’t last long though. T-Mo stopped the rollout pretty soon afterwards. Thankfully, it’s about to begin again (or is already beginning).

Des Smith announced on Twitter just a short while ago that T-Mobile has approved the Lollipop update and that it should be available soon:

If you have the device, keep a look out for the fresh software. T-Mobile’s software updates page still shows it as under testing. As always, let us know how you get on with it.

Source: Twitter

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  • NinoBr0wn

    What was the reason they pulled it? If my phone already received it, is it bugged? Also, anyone know is there any way to shrink the size of the navigation buttons on screen?

    • guest

      you have to root the phone and flash a custom ROM to get the navigation buttons to the size you want

    • kbiel

      It was bugged for sure. Besides the battery life issues that came with 5.0/5.0.1 (thankfully fixed in 5.1, but good luck getting that on anything but a Nexus device), it destroyed Wifi calling on the LG G3.

  • Jwest

    My battery life has been awful since this update. Wondering if that is a reason they pulled it.

    • Jwest

      I was going to stick with her for awhile but can’t anymore with a battery that is down to 15% by the end of my 8 hour shift. GS6 Edge here I come I guess.

      • Ashkan

        what kind of logic is that? good luck even making a worse decision. smaller battery and the same buggy lollipop at the moment. I have the edge, battery is garbage

      • Luck

        Please dont. S6 also has 5.0 and not 5.1. It also has same bugs.

      • Shlomo Boukai

        Do what I did and switch to the G4. It’s running 5.1 and so far has no bugs that I can see and the battery life is surprisingly good so far.

    • kbiel

      That is and was a problem with Android 5.0/5.0.1 in general. I do not believe this new and improved version will make a difference. What I believe stopped the roll out was that it destroyed Wifi calling. I know it did for me and there were many others complaining about it on the support forums. Wifi calling was a must for me, so I ended trading up to a Nexus 6. At the time, it did not have Wifi calling either, but I traded in my T-Mobile wifi router for a Cel-fi.

  • tre killjoy

    Download the LG update software and you can already download the lollipop update for tmo. Personally i think lg really punted when customizing the os. its probably the worst lollipop skin out there. No effort at all. Plus the battery life is still meh. I only wish xposed framework was out of alpha/beta so i could use TweakBox…

    • AS118

      I have the 5.0 update for the G2, and if the G3’s skin is anything like the G2’s, I agree. They made the skin look so much worse! I wish I could have Kitkat back without jumping through hoops and probably invalidating my warranty.

      • tre killjoy

        Have you noticed that you cant expand the notifications in the drop down window by dragging your finger down?

  • hayay

    Galaxy S4 etc etc etc ….sigh

    • Mike Thaler

      What’s in it for TM not to update us S4 users? It can’t be all that profitable for them to “make” users buy a new phone from them. On the contrary – it might give users an excuse to switch carriers if they want to upgrade upgrade.

  • George

    Galaxy S4. Everybody updated to 5.0. T-mobile sucks.

  • ssjchaseutley

    I see another month in and still no Lollipop for Galaxy S4.

    • jonathan3579

      From what I’ve read, T-Mobile isn’t updating the S4 like every other carrier. (Pretty crappy if you ask me..)

      • ssjchaseutley

        My friends on Verizon have already received lollipop on their S4s (with dramatic increase in battery life and fixing sound issue in Chrome). Sprint released it for the S4 active as well.

        • jonathan3579

          I see how my comment might have been misunderstood. T-Mobile isn’t updating but every other carrier is. (So far…)

        • ssjchaseutley

          So far nothing :( repeated inquiries to Tmobile has been met with non responses or referring me to their lame updates page.

        • jonathan3579

          Sounds about right. They haven’t really broadcast the fact that they’re not planning to update the phone. T-Mobile was once really good with updates but they’ve fallen off…and hard.

  • Android_God

    Love all the bugs on the Note 4! Gosh!

    • gar1

      so im glad I didn’t update my note 4. I wish there be a article on this horrible update from google. and more out cry, google really dropping the ball on this update. what do you think is this update been good for you?

  • Luck

    This is the proof that OEMs and carriers should not interfere with software. This is true especiespecially for tmobile. It has lot of areas to work to improve its network. It does not have tech resources to meddle with android.

    • williejackbrainer

      OEMs have to be involved, because of their UI. That is why it either takes to long or never happens. If OEMs stop with their UI’s then the wait would be much shorter.

  • Grandy

    So when is the Galaxy Avant going to get Lollipop?

  • El.

    These double ad pop ups are getting really ANNOYING……!

  • Zod

    New Build number is D85120e is being released

  • Android_God

    Good luck getting any help from T-Mobile. They will try and blame an individual app for your Lollipop issues and tell you that you have too many apps on your phone. They are truly HORRIBLE when it comes to Android support.

    • Android_God

      They are actually worse then HORRIBLE but not sure what word to use.

  • Steve

    Stick with Kit Kat. I just got rid of my Nexus 4 with 5.1.1 and am actually happier with a Lg G3 with KitKat 4.4. The only thing I liked about Lollipop was the batter saver feature, but LG has that feature in its skin already.

    KitKat is actually better than lollipop to me and I pretty much dont see too much difference between the two.

    • romahnae

      true dat! i had upgraded my g3 to lollicrap also, smh.. total mistake. battery drained like there’s no tomorrow and i found out that its entirely the lollipop experience. but apart from battery drainage, the next take away was option to have lock screen widget customization. why take way features? couldn’t stand it and now im back on kitkat after a downgrade. only thing, i think my g3 came out of the box with 4.4.4 but now im on 4.4.2 which, i don’t mind at all. if i want lollipop (the full experience) i would root my device and install a rom like cyanongenmod.. other than that, im pretty happy with kitkat on the g3.

  • Dominimmiv

    I am interested in if anyone has downloaded the new update. Back in April I completed the upgrade and it essentially killed my phone. Wi-Fi problems, overheating and rapidly draining battery. T-Mobile had to send me a new phone. Although I am happy with KitKat the phone did run smoother on Lollipop and I liked the changes as well. Crossing fingers the new update fixed all the problems.


    I Got my update back in April, had some issues with the battery drain and WiFi calling. Today I used LGtool and updated to the current batch, I don’t really see any issues so far. It is running smooth

  • Brandon

    Seems to be running a bit snappier, and I can finally connect to my 5ghz WiFi without problems, but the battery life seems to be an issue. This is only half of the first day on the build so we’ll see.

  • Dominimmiv

    Just waiting for the OTA notice, nothing yet.

  • Brandon

    Use the LG support tool, its faster than waiting for the different waves of the roll out.

  • KChristainsen

    Does the update tool still not work for the White Model?

  • How

    How long does the testing take stage take for T-Mobile ?