Moto X Pure Edition will gain T-Mobile band 12 LTE support with Android 6.0 update


When Motorola launched the Moto X Pure Edition in early September, it listed band 12 among the device’s supported LTE bands. Given the whole brouhaha surrounding the Moto E and the removal of its band 12 support, though, it was unclear if the Moto X Pure Edition would ever actually support band 12 on T-Mobile. Fast-forward to today and there’s finally some good news to share.

Motorola’s David Schuster has confirmed that when the Moto X Pure Edition gets updated to Android 6.0, band 12 LTE support on T-Mobile will be enabled. Schuster makes no mention of Wi-Fi calling support, though. As for when the Moto X Pure Editoin’s Android 6.0 update will begin rolling out, it’s already undergoing approval and is expected to begin rolling out “in the next few weeks.”

T-Mobile has been pushing its band 12 (aka Extended Range LTE) coverage hard lately, and it’s easy to see why with its far reach and improved in-building coverage. That’s why it’s tough to recommend any T-Mo phone that doesn’t support band 12. It would’ve been nice for Motorola to be a bit more communicative about its plans to add band 12 to the Moto X Pure Edition up until now, as I’m sure that a lot of folks have been on the fence about buying one because they were uncertain about whether or not it’d gain band 12 support. Now that matter has been resolved, so if you were considering the Moto X Pure Edition and you haven’t yet bought another device, you can now pull the trigger.

Via: Reddit
Source: +David Schuster

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  • Bryck

    Yes!!!!! Finally. It only took two months. Kudos to Moto.

  • Mark Rivera

    I wonder if band 12 will work in San Francisco because I have read online that band 12 in San Francisco has been having problems on other phones. I will find out when I update my Moto X Pure 2015 edition to 6.0

  • BoogieTurtle1

    Does anyone have a moto x pure that works with verizon? I recently bought a moto x pure about two months ago and verizon said it wasn’t compatible for LTE .

    • Bryck

      I’m pretty sure that the New Moto X Pure works with every U. S carrier.

    • arandomperson7

      Verizon lies so you buy one of their phones, my gf and I bought the moto x pure, I use at&t she uses Verizon and it works flawlessly on either network

      • BoogieTurtle1

        Lol, I figured they were lieing. Creating so much bs when really its not that hard to change an IMEI number and all that. They made too many excuses that weren’t even relevant to the situation.

  • Eric

    I wonder if Xperia z5 will get volte on b12

  • Rob H.

    Should have been supported at launch. T-Mobile can’t pull a VZW.

    • JE_25

      How is T-Mobile pulling a Verizon? I may not completely agree with T-Mo’s requirements for band 12, but they do make them clear so manufacturers know the requirements.

      • steveb944

        “…but they do make them clear so manufacturers know the requirements.”

        Source? Because B12 on T-Mobile is the most arbitrary thing that no one really gives details about.

        • Medion

          Every device working on T-mobile that attempts to support Band 12 must also support VOLTE and E911 services. T-Mobile must certify them, because they’re on the hook if a TMO customer has signal but can’t reach 911.

          TMO now has numerous locations where B12 is their only option. Without VOLTE, a customer would have a signal but no capability to place a call, to include emergency calls. Even if this is the OEM’s fault, TMO would face liability. So, they force manufacturers to disable B12 unless they fully support both VOLTE and E911.

        • maximus1901

          Wrong. TMO has midband spectrum everywhere. They’re CHOOSING to only deploy 700A in some new coverage areas.

        • Medion

          There is nothing wrong with what I posted. You’re trying to create an argument where there is none. Have a nice day.

      • Rob H.

        By only allowing “approved” Band 12 phones on the network. You would think if it didn’t support VoLTE then make emergency calls on the roaming network. Which you would think is easier to have the phone do. My thought was if it supports Band 12 and a fairly recent SoC then why not VoLTE support.

        Then Motorola is to blame too for not getting the phone supported, so they are hurting themselves.

  • FILA

    Yes! Great news, so now this is a option again. Question is, X or N5X

    • Medion

      I chose the N5X. The Moto has the superior customization, and the better feel in hand despite being larger. But the Nexus will get longer software support.

      • FILA

        Yea its kinda odd this time around, this version of Android, Moto was usually on top of updates.

        • Medion

          Not really too odd. They’ve been fast with the first major Android release on every Moto X to date.

          1st Gen – Got KitKat around the same time as Nexus devices (beating some due to Google’s OTA process). After that, it was all downhill.

          2nd Gen – Got Lollipop nearly as fast as Nexus devices. It’s been all downhill since then.

          3rd Gen – Seems to be getting Marshmallow fairly fast (not the first, several OEMs have already beat them). Guess which way I expect updates to go from here? :)

        • Really disappointed in Motorola since the ownership change. I was a really fan boy.

        • FILA

          Marshmallow has been out for a month or so and the X still hasnt got it. Thats why I said its odd, usually they got it a week or so after. Makes me hesitant about the future

        • Medion

          I apologize for misunderstanding your post.

  • Mark

    Still waiting for my Nexus 6P Band 12 activation…

  • Dave Slater

    This is great news. I wish it were available in store to get a better idea of the size. Is there anywhere that stocks them? I’m still very happy with my Z3, but unsure if we’ll ever see M on the Tmo verison… and also concerned that the Moto’s battery life won’t compare well against by Z3.

    • Scott Lowe

      Best Buy carries them in store.

      • Dave Slater

        Thanks! I saw a spot for the Moto X at my Best Buy in Albany, NY but no still no phone. Hopefully they get it in. I’ll check their separate mobile store in the same mall.

  • timmyjoe42

    Too late, I bought the HTC One A9 and got it last week. It’s nice but slippery.

  • Dark enV

    What about the Moto G and E?

    • nycplayboy78

      Here you go:

      Hey everyone…. I see a lot of questions so I am going to answers the ones I can….

      1) There have been a number of questions about our 2013 devices and if they are going to get upgraded to Marshmallow. Moto X (1st Gen) , Moto G (1st Gen), Moto E (1st Gen), and Moto G with LTE (1st Gen) will remain on Lollipop 5.1.

  • steveb944

    About time. Bravo Moto. I can recommend them again.

  • J.J.

    Great! I found out it wasn’t enabled a few days after i ordered and was a little perturbed that it wasn’t obvious on the website. I’ve dealt with it. Had the phone for a few months now and love it (besides battery life). Excited for this update tho!

  • Glenn Gore

    T-Mobile doesn’t have any Band 12 spectrum in Oklahoma, so unless you spend a lot of time outside the state that isn’t a big consideration for users here. I just hope the MotoX gets the Marshmallow update at all. History says that might be the only OS update it will ever receive, which is sad and a whole other Android problem.

    • Chris

      Not really as other Moto products have received consistent OS updates. The only Moto X really that isn’t going to receive 6.0 are carrier Moto Xs. 2014 Moto X PE will still get 6.0.

  • patt

    so guys a friend of mine has the 100$/2 line unlimited plan will the extra line still be 40$ per month? I am currently on Verizon with X Pure edition and was waiting to test tmob with band12.

    On my verizon line I pay around 35$ a month now and have 34GB to share with 5 others 5+1 me is me so 6 lines.

    Would you guys say it’s worth switching to T-Mobile? I would be paying about 10$ more and some tax but have unlimited everything tho. The most I used was around 7-8GB but I was watching myself a little,I stream lots of sports games.

    • Ascertion

      Totally dependent on location. T-Mobile in some areas are better than Verizon, and Verizon in some areas are better than T-Mobile. Verizon tends to be more reliable.

      • patt

        I am in NYC area I tested tmob about a year ago the one place I spend a lot of time has 0-1 bars and that’s why I wanted to test with band12.

    • Chris

      Do a test drive and test it on your own. I don’t really know where you go daily. Since you want to test with your own device, just pop the sim they give you for test drive to MXPE.

      • patt

        yea I need to buy a preloaded simple mobile sim and test again. But what would you do in my position?

      • patt

        20 days later I have the android 6.0 w/band 12 support and phone won’t connect to it only EDGE and sometimes very weak band4,that’s inside an apartment. Any ideas?

        • El Boricua

          Im on 6.0 and not having that issue… I would suggest turning off Volte Calling.

        • patt

          I got it fixed I needed to reflash ota

  • Dylan Gorski

    I really hope WiFi calling is also added with the update. I was thinking the LG V10 would be my next phone since I can’t get a good T-Mobile signal where I go to school. Now that the Moto X Pure might be getting it I’m back on hold til it’s cleared up whether it’ll be getting the feature or not.

  • Jon Sanders

    I’m assuming Moto X Pure 2014, is not getting Band 12 even though we were included in Android 6 Marshmallow rollout? I’ve already got the update to Android 6 and a co-worker also on T-mobile notice that he is now getting band 12 reception in our office in Mountain View, CA (Bay Area). Without band 12 my phone is a paperweight by the time I hit the stairwell or elevator at work.

    Wonder if Dave would comment on this, trying to decide if I need to dump my moto X pure that I like for a Tmobile phone that gives me band 12 and wifi calling. Would be nice to have a phone that works where I spend over 1/2 of my awake hours :(


    • Jon Sanders

      Re-reading David’s post I see my answer, unfortunately only 2015 is getting band 12 approval. 2014 MotoX Pure only gets Android 6 :( Kind of sucks to have to buy a new phone to get a usable network. Good news is Tmobile will give my $25 for my 2014 Moto X Pure with 64G phone – okay more not so good news. The only real good news is that there are three band 12 towers within 2 mi of my office, if I only had a phone. Next one likely not to be Moto due to this issue

      “We have also started the approval process for 2015 Moto X Pure Edition

      (3rd Gen) and expect to push it out in the next few weeks.”