One T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 owner appears to have gotten Android 6.0 update


Well, this is kind of strange. T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 owner Danon has reached out to say that he appears to have gotten an Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on his device.

Danon explains that he was having some issues with his IMEI info earlier today, so he used the Samsung Odin tool to restore his Note 5 back to the stock firmware. After restoring his phone, he went into System Update and rather than getting an update to N920TUVU2COJ5, the most recent official update for the T-Mo Note 5, he got an update to N920TUVU2DOK5. After downloading and installing, he found himself on Android 6.0!

The screenshots shared by Danon show that his Note 5 is now on build MRA58K.N920TUVU2DOK5. That MRA58K build is the same one that was previously released to the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, and other Nexus devices. You can check out some screenshots of Marshmallow running on the Note 5 in the gallery below. Unfortunately for Danon, his Note 5 still has no IMEI after updating, so he can’t do much on cellular with his phone.


Exactly what happened here is a mystery. We know that Samsung and T-Mobile will update the Note 5 to Android 6.0, but this update has arrived much earlier than anticipated. There don’t appear to be any other reports of T-Mo Note 5 units getting updated to Marshmallow, so it’s possible that some early build of the Note 5’s Android 6.0 update somehow got pushed to his phone once it was restored.

It’s unclear when Samsung and T-Mobile will begin pushing Android 6.0 to all other Note 5, so for now we’ll just have to sit around and ogle these screenshots that Danon has shared.

Thanks, Danon!

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  • sosarozay300

    lol wtf is this, it looks like shit, the ios 9 power down screen makes no sense, it doesnt fit in at all with the rest of the UI

  • Maxx_75

    Now if they would just release it for the NEXUS 6 !

    • It’s in the testing phase right now, just a little bit longer to wait.

      • Breathe_Easy

        It’s been in the testing phase for at least a month now. Whatever the holdup is T-Mobile isn’t saying. I did the SIM removal trick and have had 6.0 for about a week now. It works great and I’ve had absolutely zero issues so I don’t know WTF T-Mobile is doing.

    • ThatsMrtoyou

      I have it on my nexus 6

      • neospade44

        How’d you get it?

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          Pulled the sim card, did a factory reset and set up the phone on WiFi without the sim card in it. the update came through then……I have xt1103 64gb nexus 6 unlocked from Amazon. I have a T-MOBILE sim card as I’m on the 2for $100 with unlimited LTE data with my wife…..

          Marshmallow is smooth and fantastic battery life…I really like doze feature

        • neospade44

          I tried that and Android 6.0 was showing only as pending for longest time. So I decided to log in, maybe signing in would let it download. Only problem was I had 2 step verification on when I restarted phone, so I had to install SIM to get text code to sign in. Turned off 2 step and factory reset again and was only able to get Nov. 01 security patch, no more 6.0 pending or download.

        • Breathe_Easy

          You should have waited. Mine took forever to get past that screen too but it eventually did. 6.0 runs great so I don’t know WTF T-Mobile is doing.

    • Rodney Coleman

      Stop being lazy and flash it.

      • Breathe_Easy

        Some of us don’t feel comfortable potentially bricking our only phone. One of the reasons we buy Nexus phones is so we get updates quickly without having to flash. I’ve learned my lesson though and am never buying a Nexus phone through a carrier again.

        • Rob

          The only way to brick your phone is if you’re a dumb ass and happen to disconnect the cable in the middle of the transfer of the bootloader which literally is over in the blink of an eye. Anything else can be recovered from. The Nexus has always been a developer device. Quit freaking out and grab the Nexus Root Toolkit… it doesn’t get any simpler.

        • Breathe_Easy

          I’ve read about people getting stuck or the phone being buggy afterwards. I have a Nexus 5 I don’t use anymore (broken power button) that I would have done a test run on but it’s received all the updates.

          Also, the Nexus devices stopped being developer devices with the release of the Nexus 6. The fact that they advertised the 5X and 6P during NFL primetime games only proves this. If they hope for these phones to ever be a mainstream success then they can’t expect their users to root/flash/sideload all their own updates.

        • Rob

          You really aren’t missing much. I did not like the Marshmallow update at all and I went back to LYZ28K. Doze caused my alarms to not go off unless I used the Google stock clock app (which doesn’t work for me because I shut alarms off and go back to sleep – forcing me to solve a math problem to turn off the blaring siren is the only way I’m getting out of bed on time), there were a lot of app crashes, and the signal was terrible.

          The whole thing is that the Nexus 6 can be reverted to stock out of the box, locked and fully functional with no signs of ever being tampered with. That is a developer device. My Samsung Galaxy Note5 I just got on Friday is forever marred by the KNOX security flag being tripped and HTC devices that don’t have S-OFF show that they’ve been tampered with, relocked, etc. That’s why I say the Nexus line has been for developers but I didn’t mean to say for developers only. Anyway if you backup your data, do a factory reset and pull your SIM and set the phone up on WiFi only, it may take around an hour or so but you should get the prompt to install MM if you really want it.

          I’m glad to be back on a device that has proper silence, vibrate, etc… the Nexus drove me insane with that mess.

        • Breathe_Easy

          I’ve had 6.0 for about a week now. I did the SIM removal trick. I actually like Marshmallow and haven’t experienced the app crashes or signal problems. I have noticed that my battery life has improved too but whether that’s due to Doze or something else I don’t know. My only concern now is how I’m going to get the security patches.

          I love Android (stock only though) so it’s a shame that Google hasn’t figured out how to reliably push updates to their Nexus customers through carriers. I’m about ready to give the iPhone a try for the first time. I feel that the platforms are so similar now that I’m willing to try the iPhone for once. We’ll see.

        • Rob

          To be honest I was faced with the same dilemma when I went and jumped my Nexus 6 64GB but I ultimately decided to stick with Android. I have both of my authenticator apps on Android and I thought the iPhone felt cheap compared to the Samsung. Never thought I’d ever say that a Samsung didn’t feel cheap after the Captivate but everything about the Note 5 screams quality to me plus it would have cost me 100 down plus a higher monthly payment to get a 6S Plus 64GB because Apple is so greedy and won’t bump the base to 32GB. I also like having control over my devices and while Samsung doesn’t make it easy if you’re not quick enough after flashing the recovery, at least in the end I ended up with full control over my device. Also I hate iTunes and to even get third party free ring tones you have to use it. I don’t want to be tethered to my computer and Android gives me the freedom to do what I want anywhere I am and while Samsung doesn’t like OEM unlocking and voids your warranty for it, they still have built in developer tools that support it…. quite the opposite to the situation with jailbreaking iDevices

        • Breathe_Easy

          I can see why it makes more sense for someone like you to stick with Android. As someone that doesn’t tinker so much with their phone, I see no huge difference between the two. I do hate the fact that you have to do everything through iTunes though. That’s the biggest thing keeping me from jumping ship.

        • Rob

          Well I pared down my app collection that I’ve been moving from devices dating all the way back to at least my Evo 4G (the original one on Sprint with Wimax) when I got the Note 5 (I chose the 32GB not the 64GB one) and my app collection is definitely incentive to stay too… I had around 260 apps and after paring down anything I wouldn’t use again I was left with 118. That’s a lot to give up. That’s also why I always need root. I usually run root to restore my Titanium Backup folder and never really use it for anything again. I guess technically if I moved to Helium, I could backup and restore apps and data with no need for rooting but when I tried Helium I didn’t care for it.

    • kcs7272

      I’ve had it on my Nexus 6 for weeks. Although it did get to me about a week and a half after they rolled it out

      • kcs7272

        But I’m should add. I’m not on T-Mobile

  • Rodney Coleman

    Or he has the international version lol.

    Stop being lazy nexus 6 owners

  • ArchangelRenzoku

    I’m calling bs. Official but no baseband? That’s why he can’t do anything with mobile data, there’s no modem or an incorrect one. Like he flashed the image of the Nexus 6… Or installed that newly-working (alpha-ish) Xposed module to change system status and otherwise installed some fkd-up custom rom he can’t recover from without going back to stock lol. At any rate, I’m calling bs. No imei prolly means he prolly cleared EFS partition in ODIN while he was doing this.

    • Danon Brown

      if you find a newly working build send the link. no one has it. everything is changed. to include the recovery. the phone isnt rooted.

      • ArchangelRenzoku

        Wow. Well I figured that imei part was right but that is soooo strange that it happened to you! Glad you got your phone working again tho and thanks for providing the dump for the devs. That’ll help out your Note 5 community alot.

        On my Note 2, the same thing happened to me when kitkat came out. It upgraded early when I accidentally erased my EFS. But I didn’t even have working wifi at that point so you are pretty lucky. I was a super noob back then so I thought that’s what you did to your 5 too. My bad bro. Best wishes.

  • Mr.Hai

    I also got 6.0 Marshmallow update officially on my note 2.

    • EAS

      …no you didn’t.

    • Jose Lugo

      Love this comment! Note 2 is still a bad a** phone!

  • Danon Brown
    • Joshua Suits

      I see arter97 is loading the full system dump as we speak, good shit.

      • Rob

        I wonder how long before we see a release… looks like the same kernel base so there’s a good chance it will be pretty soon

        • thespacecowboyx

          The ‘leak’ I saw said December for TMo Note 5 and S6, then the others would follow in January and February.

        • Rob

          Well we have it now. I’m about to flash back to full stock and sideload the update

  • Eric McMillan

    I have nexus 6 on T-Mobile. I took out sim and reset phone so that Google would push the marshmallow update to my phone. It’s the carrier sim card that keeps Google from sending everyone the updates. I have been on marshmallow for a couple of weeks. T mobile screwed the pooch on nexus 6

  • Richard Roma

    Having issues with his IMEi, in other words, he’s used a custom rom and screwed his phone.

    • Inajet


    • Rob

      Yeah well Samsung should have fixed that problem by now, it’s been around since the first Galaxy S…

      He should have backed up his EFS partition first but it can be fixed… it’s just a real pain.

      Either way if it wasn’t for his broken IMEI he probably wouldn’t have gotten that update and we wouldn’t know about it.

      By the way you just have to root to screw up EFS… Any file manager with root access can delete it.

  • Breathe_Easy

    T-Mobile has screwed up my faith in Nexus phones. I’m seriously considering the iPhone for the first time ever. Google needs to stop letting carriers mess with their Nexus line of phones.

  • Garry TURDeau

    This is why Apple’s iOS updates are superior to Android.

    • lomsha


      • Apple


    • Dylan Aarhus

      I don’t think so Apple has to launch 5 software updates to actually make the phone worth while

      • Shahrez

        Exactly this.

        They have only one line of phones, but each new software upgrade makes the previous generation look a century old.

        Not to mention the battery and lag issues that come with every upgrade.

        Source: Have used iPhone (with last being a 6+).

        • Dylan Aarhus

          Yeah that’s why I dropped out of the Apple game

    • RealShmalex .

      Let me tell you something about apples ios… you can’t even browse system folder lol. It is so limited and locked down… ugh

      • thespacecowboyx

        don’t feed the trolls

  • Greg

    If you have a Nexus device the update should already be there. If you factory reset your phone and remove the SIM before booting it up for the first time your phone should prompt you for the update since you would be connecting straight to Google instead of T-mobile. After the update maybe simple things like wifi calling may not work properly (I can’t say for sure as I haven’t done it yet) but I do know this method worked when I was on AT&T’s network and they were holding an update back. I cannot say this would work for any other device, but who knows

    • Rob

      WiFi calling never worked for my Nexus 6 until Marshmallow. Works great.

      • logical

        my nexus 6 has slowed down A LOT after the marshmallow update (i sideloaded factory rom). It was super fast at first, but i look at my buddy’s 6p and it’s blazing fast. I have a 6p on my desk right now, just waiting to put it in a case

        • Rob

          The Nexus 6 is just a piece of junk. I picked up a Note 5 and I was blown away by the night and day difference. Motorola cheaped out on the RAM and flash chips.

  • RealShmalex .

    He fooled yall pretty good lol, he is just good with photoshop but, as you can tell the icons don’t appear to be the same style, some icons have material design some dont, look closer… internet and messages are complete different from each other. He just used icons to make it it look like as if he got a marshmallow update. Simple as that.

    • Rob

      Tell that to the devs on XDA who just dumped it off of his device, particularly arter97 who did it himself through TeamViewer.

    • Danon Brown

      i got the update a total of 5 times in 24 hours. No photoshop here.

    • Jake

      It’s legit. Running 6.0 now. Need to flash the odin tar. Ive been using it for 2 days now. Need to 1st wipe data, than flash COJ tar than flash MM tar. I got it running with TWRP and SU installed. Hit up xda for more info.

  • Cgilder

    Marshmallow build is now MRA58N. Those screens and icons he shows with Marshmallow do not appear the same on my Nexus 5 running 6.0. Not sure why an old build with security issues would load.

    • Rob

      Look, it’s legit. He has posted pictures of the actual phone as he’s getting these updates, he’s even had a newer build of Lollipop show up. Somehow his loss of his IMEI has marked his device to get updates it wouldn’t normally. Go read the XDA thread in the general forum of the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 5 section… 20 pages and counting. Right now we are waiting to see if he can get it a third time and get the URL.

  • humpfh

    I really hope it restores some of the features eliminated in the latest update. Like the ability to use a settings, button, add custom ringtones, load music as a ringtone and have it show up in the ringtones list, bringing back app folders drawers and mute conversations (so they don’t alert, but you still get the message). That last update was a DISASTER.