Get a peek inside a T-Mobile Network Operation Center used to respond to natural disasters


With hurricane season around the corner, T-Mobile has provided a look into how it prepares for the worst.

Whenever a hurricane is forecast to hit land, T-Mo sets up an engineering command center near the area that the hurricane is expected to arrive. There are Network Operation Centers that are monitoring network traffic as well as workers that are ready to roll out back-up power and Cell on Wheels.

Here’s what T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray had to say about T-Mo’s hurricane prep:

“We know how critical it is to stay connected with the people you care about—especially in an emergency. Day in and day out, this team works incredibly hard to deliver the best possible network experience to our customers. And, when the weather turns nasty, we go into overdrive to keep our network running and keep you connected when you need it most.”

It’s no surprise that T-Mobile prepares for hurricane season, as it could be pretty disastrous for customers if it wasn’t prepped and then had to respond. Still, it’s interesting to get a peek inside a Network Operation Center and see all of the people and equipment that are monitoring the network during a hurricane or similar event.

To see a video of the inside of a T-Mo Network Operation Center, click here. Have you ever used T-Mobile or another carrier during a natural disaster?

Source: T-Mobile

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