T-Mobile kicks off Mother’s Day sale


After announcing a Small Business Month deal yesterday, T-Mobile has now kicked off a holiday that more of us are able to celebrate: Mother’s Day.

T-Mobile’s Mother’s Day sale is now live, offering discounts on Android and iOS devices. On the Android side, you can get $60 off the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with the promo code DEAL60, which brings it down to $639.99. The LG V10 is on sale as well, with promo code DEAL75 knocking $75 off the price of a Certified Pre-Owned LG V10. That leaves its final price at $394.99.

Next up in T-Mobile’s Mother’s Day sale is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A Certified Pre-Owned version of the Note 4 normally costs $449.99, but you can knock that down to $374.99 with the promo code SALE75. Rounding out the Android deals is the LG G Stylo, which is normally priced at $289.99 but can be had for $214.99 with promo code STYLO75.

If iOS is more your thing, you can save $100 off the 32GB iPhone 5s with promo code SAVE100. That’ll knock the price down to $399.99.

Rounding out T-Mobile’s Mother’s Day deals are offers on the ZTE Falcom mobile hotspot. The ZTE Falcon is available for $20 off with promo code HOTDEAL, which will knock its price down to $59.99.

There are some decent deals to be had in this sale. While the Galaxy Note 5 and V10 may have both been upstaged recently by newer flagships, they’re still high-end Android smartphones that should serve most folks just fine for a long time to come. The Galaxy Note 4 is an older flagship with notable features like a 5.7-inch 2560×1440 display and microSD slot, and the G Stylo is an affordable option that was recently updated to Android 6.0.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Your Mi Boy Blu

    Still seems that AT&T’s Cricket brand is a better deal. I got an additional $100 for porting a T-Mobile number to Cricket, and $25 referral too.

    I learned yesterday that not only are Cricket employees Unionized but they also have an unlimited rate plan for less cost than T-Mobile. I rarely tether and HD video; with no limits on an iPhone is amazing!

    Say what you want about them being a Union organization, but AT&T sells unlimited service at a more reasonable price than T-Mobile.

    A lower-cost bill is something any mother would better appreciate. She’ll see that every month. She’s an AARP member which saved $25 more..!

    • Verizonthunder

      Your statement is incorrect (no limits). Cricket wireless limits download speeds 8mbps for LTE and 4mbps on 3g/fake 4g.

      • Hurlamania

        to be honest that’s not bad at all. I only get 2mbps with t mobile that is a better deal than getting knocked down to less than 2g speeds, I’ve always said T Mobile should do something like that..
        not planning on leaving T-Mobile but to be fair it’s not a bad deal for people since unlimited feature is now $45 add on.att took advantage of that. In the same way metro goes after sprint. Metro needs to go after cricket with there $60 unlimited.

        • VN

          I get an average of 2Mbps too with my B12 phone, but with my old B12-less phone I get an average of 15Mbps. I don’t know what to do: switch to Boost or Cricket; wait for Carrier Aggregation; get an unlocked B12-less phone; see if B12 can be disabled on my phone; etc.

          If 8Mbps is the limit and the average is 5 Mbps then that would be good for me. Sometimes 15Mbps is too much for when browsing videos and hotspoting, I’ve seen videos fully load in full HD in a couple of seconds before you even decide if you want to watch that video or not. I know there is Binge On, but 1.5Mbps is too slow.

          What I would like to see is 3 levels of data maximizing throttle: 1.5Mbps, 3 Mbps and 6Mbps, or something like that.

    • Adam

      Cricket is competitive with T-Mobile. If T-Mobile did not grandfather my corporate discount, I probably would switch to them. I don’t need T-Mobile’s high speeds either.

    • Mike

      Metro PCS unlimited is a better deal then Cricket unlimited. Also Cricket is limited to 8mbps and they’ll slow you down to 3G just like AT&T after 22 gigs

      • Mollek216

        Actually it’s not 3g it’s 4g. After 22 it goes to 4g which isn’t 4g LTE but it still does the job.

        • Mike

          BS Cricket limits you to 8 mbps then they’ll slows you down to 128Kbps (3G) after 22 GBS on the unlimited plan google it and see how their customers are complaining… Metro PCS de-prioritize customers after 21 GB only if your in a congested area. You will experience a slow down which is temporary depending on where you live otherwise you’ll not be affected…. Metro PCS plans also include hot spot for unlimited data users.

    • riverhorse

      Inferior phones on Cricket too… When Tmo / Metro get a model’s 16/2gb version, Cricket’s is often 8/1.

      No thanks, you can keep your six lines for $100 @ speeds that boogle down even app updates.

      And as far as unionizing, that usually works better for jobs that require a college degree or skilled trades license.
      Otherwise you end up rewarding for the most part unmotivated people possessing subpar professionalism and social skills.
      They can then be as obnoxious as they wish, the union protects their job; they pretty much have to kill someone to lose it.

    • gmo8492

      Why should customers care if their cell carrier is unionized or not. It has no direct correlation with the service you are purchasing. Get whatever suits you, but if people already get excellent service or coverage without throttling speeds like Cricket, then they should just stick with T-Mobile that offers better perks overall.

  • Wolverinexmen9

    Are these deals only online or offered in the stores too?

  • Jsun

    Not a huge deal but a deal regardless. The buy one get one half off is even better if you have more lines. So I took advantage of 2 iPhones by giving one to my sister and the other to mom. Plus with tmo’s family plan, I don’t mind paying their monthly either. I’m sure they can appreciate that and I certainly appreciate tmo’s family plan for allowing me to do so. However, I hope to see more deals come.

  • VN

    Is this for real?! How are people supposed to prove that they have given birth to at least one child?!

  • guest

    can i add another phone to my plan without having to add a new line?

    • taron19119


    • Andrew Singleton

      yes you may. ignore taron. each account has a credit limit and you may finance as much phones and accessories as you’d like so long a that credit limit is not exhausted. the phone will technically be “attached” to a phone number for identity purposes, but t-mobile doesn’t care who uses it.

      • VN

        Will that type of transaction affect the unlocking process, since your phone will not be active? This in a supposed case that you’re buying the phone just to look at it but you want it unlocked in the future.


    • mustang8918

      I’ve been asking reps that all day and each one tells me that I have to add a line.

  • JLV90

    Does T-mobile think I hate my mother? Why would I get her a preowned phone?

    • Loco Mole

      But it’s CERTIFIED!

    • Acdc1a

      I must hate my wife. She gets a CPO every 18 months or so.

      • JLV90

        I see a divorce in the future /s

        I want to know why they don’t offer sales on both new and CPO doesn’t make any sense to only offer the discount on used phones it’s like them saying they know their used phones are overpriced

        • OZ

          All the CPOs I’ve got have looked like refurb to me. No scratches, no sign of use.

  • bitguru

    Since new iPhone SE models start at $400, I can’t think of why anyone should pay $400 for an iPhone 5S. (Even if you need the extra storage, a 64GB SE for $500 is arguably the better choice.)