LG G Stylo now being updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Looks like the HTC One M8 isn’t the only phone getting an Android 6.0 update today.

T-Mobile is now pushing Android 6.0 to its version of the LG G Stylo. The update bumps the G Stylo to software version H63120b and is 767MB in size. T-Mobile says that it’ll roll out over the air between March 7 and March 21, so it may some time for the update to hit your G Stylo. If you’d like to check for it manually, you can go into Settings > General > About phone > Update center > System update > Check for update.

While the LG G Stylo was included in T-Mobile’s Android 6.0 update plans, it’s still good to see the mid-range phone getting a Marshmallow update, just like its high-end LG G4 sibling. Plus, now we can cross another name off of T-Mo’s Android 6.0 update list.

Thanks, @PhonesReviewer!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • DominiMMIV

    Nice, my Stylo is getting an update. Now on to the G3.

  • riverhorse

    This saves the phone big time.
    Between MM & the extra custom development it will attract, the sky is almost the limit.

  • Very nice…

  • unfaix

    LG v10, is it still relevant?

    • AS118

      I believe it is. It’s bigger, newer and more expensive than the G4, so I’m betting more attention will be paid to it.

      • unfaix

        I dont really believe that they’ll release it for this phone, it was hard enough for LG to create the framework to mask the SINGLE screen in order for it to look like it has two screen.

        If they do release it, itll be another 6 month before tmobile approves it with their non removable apps.

        #min#, #web#, #bll# for status of your account, why on earth would you need a persistent app that tell you that?

    • Jimmy James

      No update since I had purchased the hardware 6 months ago. This is obviously a throw away phone to LG, with the G5 being released.

      • unfaix

        Im pretty sure youre right, the best thing to this phone is its camera, and ability to manual everything.

        Kind of the the Nokia Lumia 1020 with its awesome camera with xenon flash, and it was killed.

        • Jimmy James

          Yeah. Millions use their phone’s camera, but not enough care about quality or fine tuning.

  • Zod

    Glad T-Mobile created a ‘Software Update’ page that they don’t update!

  • Nick

    Is LG G Stylo from Metropcs will also get update?

    • riverhorse

      It’s here but hold off until Devs release their version.
      There’s a previous smaller mandatory update that locks bootloader.
      Depends when you got phone too… unlocked were only the firstly released with 5.0.2 instead of 5.1.x Lollipop.
      Neither the website or LG Updater allow bypassing to MM.

  • Jack Packlaian

    So good the flagships are getting MM!

  • Apple

    What about the s5 s6. The Note phones?


    • Prode

      If you want timely updates change from Samsung then.

  • Omar Boyer

    i have the lg stylo will it get advanced messaging and video calling on the dialer with this update? Thats the only 2 things its missing everything else is the same as my moms tmobile galaxy s6 edge . Just gonna wait for it n see what changes. …

  • BreakingData

    Hopefully I get it soon.

  • riverhorse

    Metro too available.

  • Jack Packlaian

    Going to get the V10 but waiting for announcement of MM update…have the g3 currently.

  • Matt

    I’m hoping this gets rolled out to MetroPCS customers aa well.

  • Metropcs

    Email the ceo if u want the lg stylo to receive marshmallow ASAP email him cuz there’s a petition going on john.legere@t-mobile.com

  • SK

    Apr. 3, 2016:

    So my T-mobile service LG Stylo updated several weeks ago and it is a complete disaster. The newest battery saving features of Marshmallow 6.0 now some how change my wi-fi status from CONNECTED to SAVED. As a result, I do not get emails nor can I get IM nor make & receive calls over wi-fi when I have have no T-mobile network connection.

    There are no provisions in the LG Stylo to defeat Doze or whatever the other App kill features are.

    My battery is always above 90% now even if it hasn’t been plugged in for days because 6.0 puts my wifi in SAVED and email, IM and phone apps do nothing!

    What a freaking nightmare !!! :-(