T-Mobile HTC One M8 now receiving its Android 6.0 update


UPDATE: T-Mobile has updated its HTC One M8 support page, but it doesn’t contain much in the way of new info.


Right on schedule, T-Mobile’s version of the HTC One M8 is receiving its Android 6.0 update.

Several One M8 owners are reporting that they’ve gotten their Android 6.0 update this morning. The update bumps the T-Mo One M8 to software version 6.20.531.5 and weighs in at a whopping 1.14GB, so you should probably find yourself a speedy Wi-Fi connection before starting the download.

As for what’s included, HTC One M8 owners can expect improved app permissions that let you decide what to share, Google Now on Tap, and Doze power management. T-Mobile hasn’t yet posted its full changelog, but I’ll be sure to update you when it goes live.


If you’ve got a T-Mobile-flavored HTC One M8 and you haven’t yet updated to Android 6.0, you can check for the update manually by going into Settings > About > Software update > Check now. The update to Android 6.0 is a big one, adding new features and bringing the T-Mobile One M8 to the latest version of Google’s mobile OS, so it’s worth grabbing as soon as you get the chance.

HTC One M8 owners, be sure to let us all know when Android 6.0 hits your device!

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  • PC_Tool

    Anyone know if this update includes adoptable storage, or was it removed?

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Id like to know too….

      Cant wait for a rom to slap on my att m8

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    now the wait for 6.0.1 lol

  • Jack Packlaian

    I just get disgusted how an old phone gets updated “faster” than newer models! Still waiting for the g3!

    • George Salcedo

      Buy an HTC and you won’t have that issue

  • Dylan Wentworth

    If you had the unlocked version, you’d have this update a week ago.

  • Wolfman007

    I got my update last week on my Tmo M8. I was happy to see it come thru but wasn’t sure what new surprises awaited me. So far it’s been ok but my one big issue is battery life. Since the update, I can’t make it thru the day without draining the whole battery! Before the update my battery had been great. Would usually go all day without charging. But now, if i’m using the phone for a few hours I can see significant battery drain which didn’t happen before. (I spend lots of time with tech support folks for my job so hours on end on the phone).
    Other than that I do like that they finally added back the phone call detail so I can see exactly what day and time i called someone BUT then they went and took away the detail on text msgs!!! WTH!!! Why take one thing away like that??? Also, new color scheme on the apps. But so far those are my two biggest grips! Hope the new M10 is worth getting. If not, this may be my last HTC phone. The M8 was such a great phone till the messed it up last year with the new version of software running on it. Oh well….