Some T-Mobile LG G3 owners receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update


After the LG G4 and LG V10 got their Android 6.0 updates, it looks like it’s the LG G3’s turn to get a taste of Marshmallow.

Some T-Mobile LG G3 owners are reporting that they’ve been able to download their Android 6.0 update using LG’s PC Suite software. The update doesn’t appear to be going out over the air yet, and neither LG nor T-Mobile have updated their LG G3 support pages with info on the Android 6.0 update.

T-Mobile said back in October that the LG G3 would be getting Android 6.0, so the news of this update doesn’t come as a surprise. Still, it’s nice to see an the LG G3 getting some love in the form of a major software update nearly two years after its launch.

There’s no word yet on when the LG G3’s Android 6.0 update will begin arriving over the air, but now that it’s available through LG’s PC Suite, the OTA shouldn’t be too far off. If the simpler OTA update is more appealing to you than trying to install using LG’s PC software, stay tuned.

Via: Android Police
Sources: T-Mobile support forums, Reddit

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  • maciejkoziol

    Got it yesterday and it’s running smoothly.
    Seems faster and battery life same as lollipop.

  • SpaceGho5t

    just downloaded and installed, did a factory reset and now restoring all my apps. Seems to be buttery smooth so far.

    • J Cav the Great

      Is it 6.0 or 6.0.1 ?

      • SpaceGho5t

        6.0, April’s security patch.

  • vinnyjr

    Great news, hoping the Note 4 is next. Come on Samsung, don’t forget the Note 4. Have upgraded to the latest but kept my trusted Note 4, last of a dying breed. I barely used it, keep it in its box, maybe will start using it when Marshmallow update finally comes.

    • taron19119

      The t-mobile note 4 is the only one out of the for big carriers that does not have marshmallow

  • Alex

    Anyone knows why I’m getting “cannot upgrade, check phone status” ?

    • CoronaDoug

      Same here on my wifes phone. Mine worked fine.

    • Shockrum

      I’m having the same problem…

  • mrcoolcat

    Got OTA this morning!

  • steadymobb

    This is amazing.

  • Elementoflight

    I’m still waiting…with no answers! I’ve checked my software and all settings are ready and abled…but still no upgrade. Obviously my phone is NOT up to date if it’s not running 6.0 marshmallow…I had never used lg pc suite so I was surprised to find it giving me a warning not to be used with the g3 for security reasons. I decided not to attempt it though others had no “obvious” issues doing so… Why haven’t I received the OTA prompt?

    • Elementoflight

      I got through to several techs today from t-mobile and one from LG… I did eventually have to download the LGpc suite software… Which still offers no update… T-mobile confirmed that i should’ve received it but didn’t…lg tech said they don’t send out updates…when I asked about the updates through LG pc suite she was unaware and unhelpful… So I still have no update to 6.0 marshmallow and no answers.

      • Elementoflight

        attempt three left me with the LG tech telling me to reset my phone to factory specs and it should automatically pickup on the 6.0 marshmallow update. When that left me without a phone and no data…LG replied with… you should call t-mobile and see if they can force an upgrade!!! Ironically that was the advice from t-mobile that led me to call LG!

        • Elementoflight

          so i’ve reset my phone and downloaded all the pc software lg has to offer… but there is currently NO 6.0 Marshwallow Available through lg for t-mobile g3 phones….as of today…so WTF

        • Elementoflight

          right so after one tech has me resetting factory specs and another has me downloading more pc software…finally one arises with definitive answers….it’s a batch roll out…so in waves of, I don’t know thousands maybe, they OTA que the g3’s by batch in succession over a period of time and no one gave any frame of reference for that timetable or how to identify your phone’s batch or whether it has been qued for update.

      • getbackjack

        My G3 has had a 6.0 update waiting for me to install for over a week. I’ve been too scared because it is an unlocked T-mobile phone but I use Tracfone as my carrier. I finally contacted tracfone today to ask them and they said it was my decision. Big help. Anyway, It’s been installing now for about 10 minutes. Oh ya and it said it was for my G4, I have a G3. Hope it works out.

        • getbackjack

          After about 15 minutes, it restarted and then upgraded all the apps which took about 5 more minutes. Seems to be working ok.

        • Jake2324

          Hello. I have the same situation: LG G3 T-mobile unlocked using Tracfone as carrier. I haven’t got the guts to initiate the install. Were you successful?

        • getbackjack

          Just do it. The phone is working fine. You might have to adjust a few settings afterward to meet your tastes but at least it gets that download thing off your phone. It takes about 10+ minutes and after it restarts, it still has more stuff to do for a couple minutes. I think it’s great being able to have a G3 on tracfone. I am saving a ton of money. Is it working out like that for you as well?

        • Jake2324

          Thank you for taking the time to answer. I think I am going to take the plunge and do the installation. I am not a heavy user by any means but I decided to buy a LG G3, use Tracfone’s BYOP program and get one of their affordable plans. So far so good and excellent coverage. Thanks again.

    • gorilla

      Just got my update this morning 5/24
      My phone’s got a severe battery drain issue now :(