Deutsche Telekom reportedly considering emulating T-Mobile US strategy with T-Mobile Netherlands


The Un-carrier movement has been big for T-Mobile, winning it millions of new customers and helping it to leapfrog Sprint to become the number three US carrier. Now it looks like T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom may be planning to try that same strategy elsewhere in the world.

Sources speaking to Bloomberg say that Deutsche Telekom is thinking about giving T-Mobile Netherlands a makeover to style it like T-Mobile US. T-Mobile Netherlands has lost more than 1 million subscribers over the past three years and was recently part of a failed attempt at a sale. Making T-Mobile Netherlands emulate T-Mobile US is said to be one of several options that DT is currently weighing as it tries to turn things around for T-Mo Netherlands’.

Deutsche Telekom declined to comment on this rumor, but CEO Timothy Hoettges has suggested in the past that T-Mobile Netherlands might imitate its US sibling. “We have a great network in the Netherlands,” Hoettges said in February. “We could offer something like we have in the US, being quite aggressive on that one.”

T-Mobile Netherlands is facing some stiff competition on both sides, with smaller operators going after them with aggressive pricing as well as Royal KPN NV, the largest carrier in the Netherlands. Deutsche Telekom is said to be weighing several options to revitalize T-Mobile Netherlands, and if it does end up choosing to emulate T-Mobile US, it’ll be interesting to see which Un-carrier moves that it decides to mimic.

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Source: Bloomberg

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  • Enrique Escobar

    since weed is legal there, they should probably offer a bundle.
    something like, 10gb of LTE and 1 ounce of weed and if you get unlimited data you’ll get 5 ounces and a 25% discount there after lol

    • VN

      Throttle On = Smoke Stash

      * Turn Throttle On ON and get a Smoke Stash kit each month. We also have a Rollover room at each store. No Overdo… Overages!

      ** Throttle On speeds are 3Mbps. All data is throttled.

      • VN

        *** 3Mbps because we over here have a little more shame.

        **** We throttle all data because it’s simpler and to evade a possible fine.

        ***** You can opt-out of Throttle On anytime, but you’ll lose it’s benefits, including access to the Rollover room. (where we shoot the pics for our ads… whatever resonates with the market.)

  • VN

    So. What is the strategy really?

  • Willie D

    I think something they should focus on is International Calling and Data across TMobile networks in Europe and America for one. Second perhaps the music and video streaming aspect. Netherlands has a lot of music festivals and DJs and the Dutch love their music so a focus on that would do well.

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      Willie D your right on target! Exactly my thought to get them under one network agreement!

  • jefferywilliams

    I do hope they spread the fair practices as well. I had been a happy customer for 13 years that will be ending today.

  • Kyle Thompson

    i would definitely use Binge On with TMO-Netherlands with a fresh bag of weed each month.

  • Durandal_1707

    T-Mobile US is turning things around, adding customers faster than any other carrier, and shaking up the whole market. Sell them to Comcast!

    T-Mobile Netherlands is struggling, and losing customers. Don’t sell them, have them adopt the strategy from the US branch that you want to get rid of!

    • maximus1901

      TMUS pays out no dividends. It’s pointless to add customers if you can’t monetize your investment.
      This is what you and the rest of the clueless gang don’t get.

      • VN

        Do you think if things start to slow down for T-Mobile, will people start selling their shares?

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        Wow I was totally clueless about that thanks Maximus1901.

      • Bradley Karas

        Not a driving factor in choosing cell service

  • Fox Gabann

    T-mobile is great and all, but AT&T is still king IMO.

    T-Mobile better watch out for Sprint.

    • 9to5Slavery

      At&t and their grandfather-style running telecom with the old hag vz. At&t is so slow and wouldn’t upgrade for sh*t if it wasn’t for competition. They are extremely stubborn. Ran by a lot of greedy idiots from baby boomer generation.

      • Fox Gabann

        Not too sure where you get slow. I’m getting great speeds and have no complaints. It’s all a big marketing gimmick at the end of the day only except AT&T and Verizon can back it up with coverage and reliability.

        • 9to5Slavery

          I second that last part. If you havn’t traveled rural to city across the country and especially in the midwest don’t bother saying at the end of the day except yada yada and tweedle dum. Your opinion just lost a lot of credit because so opinionated.

        • Brian the populist.

          I live in west Michigan and traveled across state with my T-Mobile service via 196 to 96 and no signal issues.three bars super fast speeds and VoLTE etc.. They continue to expand and trust me all this bs about vz this att that will mean nothing. Two big carriers they took our unlimited internet limit us to how much we can use without pay out the a**for it not fair and definitely not cool I need a cool hip company that cares about 21st century millennials and our needs for data.

    • Bradley Karas

      They already passed Sprint last year and AT&T is garbage! Their network is old, congested and their pricing model is a day late and millions short

  • steveb944

    I hope it works for them. Competition keeps things lively.