T-Mobile said to be expanding retail presence to markets in Colorado, Iowa, Texas, and more


T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter said last month that T-Mo had the opportunity to expand its distribution footprint after covering 305 million people with LTE, and it looks like that’s exactly what the magenta carrier is doing.

According to Wave7 research, T-Mobile has been opening new stores in small and mid-sized locales in states like Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Texas, and both North and South Carolina. There have also been some new stores opened in cities like Orlando and Flint.

Carter previously said that while T-Mobile has nationwide advertising, it’s marketing footprint was only around 230 million people because you must be “completely relevant” in a market to actually put distribution there. As T-Mobile continues to acquire more spectrum and build out its LTE coverage, it’s becoming “relevant” in more markets and putting stores in those cities. It’s said that T-Mo is working to add as many as 400 stores in new markets.

In other T-Mobile retail news, it’s said that Walmart has decided stop selling T-Mo services. The retailer had implemented a six-month pilot program that saw it selling postpaid T-Mobile service in 600 of its stores, but Walmart has brought that program to an end, leaving AT&T and Verizon has the sole postpaid services being sold in Walmart stores.

Source: FierceWireless

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  • BreakThaLawFTP

    Brang that ass to Mississippi why don’t you?

    • Willie D

      No thanks! While they’re at it I wouldn’t care if TMobile dropped coverage and retail in North Carolina and Tennessee.

      • Truly the dumbest thing that I will read this entire weekend. Congratulations.

        • Bradley Karas

          I second this burn…really?

        • Ron Burgundy

          why is it dumb?

      • With Band 12 coming they’ll be strong in TN!

      • Chris

        Who cares…

  • Michael Barnes

    They need a store in williamsburg va there service is amazing there but no store I get over 100mb constantly down there

    • Fabian

      Be careful what you wish for, with all the new costumers and without Carrier Aggregation your service will go south. Band 12 gets congested pretty quick. Check Reddit and other threads, a lot of people are complaining about slow speeds and B12.

      • Michael Barnes

        band 12 for me has only been around 8mb total every i have been which i think is still great music and even video still works at that speed but williamsburg va is not band 12 or at least i have not been on it when i am down there i always have 100 mb or higher speeds even during huge events like grand illumination and the 4th for colonial williamsburg there coverage has gotten so much better its one of the only carriers that works in colonial williamburg on dog street and in the parades i can still call and upload pics

        • Richard Darrington

          Even a constant 4mbps well get anything done you need.

        • Fabian

          Yes, but time is moving. We want fast speeds for fast page loads and quick downloads when needed.

        • Trevnerdio

          Well…not everything. HD streaming will need a bit more, downloading things you can’t get to Wi-Fi for. Remember, slower DL speeds = dead battery.

        • Richard Darrington

          I didn’t know about slower speeds effecting battery, I knew weaker signals do.. I guess it’s one in the same

        • Trevnerdio

          I’m approaching it from the idea that it has to keep that port open longer, and the processor has to process information for a longer time, while the RAM has to actively participate for a longer period as well. The quicker things can get done, the overall more efficient a phone is :)

  • I thought Wal-Mart just dropped the postpaid. It’s still selling prepaid right?

    • gmo8492

      T-Mobile must have tried to bring them back in a much smaller scale, but looks like it didn’t go so well. I remember right after John took over they quickly stopped selling postpaid in Walmart stores. The kiosks were quickly removed too. In the end it must have not been popular to buy from them anyway when it came to selling postpaid at Walmart.

    • Fabian

      I’m pretty sure it’s the postpaid, prepaid will continue the same. But what do I know? ;)

      • Fabian

        Clarification: They do sell T-Mobile prepaid and Metro PCS too.

    • Philip

      T-mobile is not at Best Buy too for the post paid. Also not at Sams and I think at Costco.

      • Hiro

        I can confirm T-Mobile is in Costco – Costco recently dropped Sprint for T-Mobile there, and even advertises on the TV demo’s in the stores.

      • MastarPete

        It really depends on the coverage in the area surrounding each store as to whether or not a carrier’s plans and devices are sold at Costco. Chicago has pretty good T-Mobile coverage and is offered in the 3 or 4 different Costcos I’ve been to in the west suburbs. When I travel and visit other Costcos out of state it’s hit or miss, even at WalMart. That doesn’t mean I don’t have coverage but I do notice the coverage isn’t quite as solid as I find it to be back home.

  • Trevnerdio

    How about Pier Park in Panama City Beach? Not everyone wants to drive to Destin or the Panama City Mall to visit a store…every other major carrier has a store there (even Sprint), except for T-Mobile.

  • Mark

    I am personally glad T-mobile is expanding in markets. Verizon and AT&T need competition badly. I have been with Verizon for 16 plus years. I am planning to jump to T-mobile because of price point. Everyone who has T-mobile in my area like the service.

    • Acdc1a

      In my area it’s T-Mobile or AT&T for a good network despite Verizon’s advertising.