T-Mobile wins out in Computerworld carrier report, but doesn’t fare as well in JD Power network study


Today two new reports have surfaced that grade the performance of the major US carriers. One is a sort of all-around study that covers network performance, support, phone selection, and billing, while the second is focused on network quality.

First up, Computerworld has shared the results of a survey that it conducted from June 3 through August 31, 2015. T-Mobile came out on top in several of Computerworld’s user satisfaction ratings, which are the result of the 786 Big Four customers that participated in the survey. T-Mo won the “Overall rating” category with a rating of 3.94 out of 5. The next closest was Verizon at 3.75, then AT&T with 3.57, and Sprint finished with a rating of 3.54. T-Mo also won out in the “Technical support,” “Customer service/billing,” “Performance relative to cost,” “Average upload speed,” and “Average download speed” ratings.


This report also dives into more specific questions, like what kind of plans customers have and how much they pay each month. The report shows that 42 percent of T-Mo customers have a monthly bill of $80 or less, and 65 percent of T-Mobile respondents said that they’ve got an unlimited data plan.

You can check out the full Computerworld report and all of the other stats that it has to offer right here.

Meanwhile, JD Power today chimed in with its US Wireless Network Quality Performance Study. This report is the result of responses from 41,400 wireless customers given between July and December 2015.


The JD Power study doesn’t crown one overall winner, opting instead to break the US up into six regions: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, North Central, Southwest, and West. Verizon ended up winning all six categories, with ratings of 9 PP100 (problems per 100 connections) or 10 PP100 in all six regions. T-Mobile finished second place in the Northeast with a rating of 14 PP100, but it didn’t do quite as well in the other regions. T-Mo finished fourth in the Mid-Atlantic (13 PP100), third in the Southeast (13 PP100), fourth in the North Central (14 PP100), fourth in the Southwest (14 PP100), and third in the West (14 PP100).

JD Power’s report also notes that the percentage of customers that indicate that they’re experiencing “slower than expected” data speeds has dropped since 2014. However, customers that do experience slow data connections are faster to change carriers in 2016 than they were in 2014. JD Power reports that customers who say they’ll definitely switch carriers in the next 12 months experienced slow data at a rate of 22 problems per 100 connections. In 2014, customers would wait until they hit 28 problems per 100 connections before making the decision to change carriers.

The full JD Power report can be found here.

Sources: Computerworld, JD Power

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  • ArchangelRenzoku

    I bet T-Mobile could be doing better if they stopped whitelisting Speedtest data. People are just doing speed tests all day long to see when they are getting slow speeds or to see if they’ve been “de-prioritized”. The number of people posting their Speedtest results on local media is a perfect example. I can only imagine how much data is going thru the system with BingeOn and Music Freedom too. Plus you have subscribers from prepaid and other networks like METROPCS and Google Fi. Now the network has hella people and problems that are getting slowly worked out with all the new subscribers from 2015. I mean, Tmo couldn’t get cut a break if it wanted to. But at least the survey results show the current duress the network is under.

    • marque2

      I live in the West, and have been pretty happy with T-Mobile. When I get way out in the boonies I still have trouble, but the reach is much greater than 3 years ago when I first joined. Data is fine in most locations where I hang. They are doing a great job of catching up, getting ahead, while offering more free data than I could imagine possible with the BingeOn and the Music Freedom, as you mentioned.

    • walt

      I do about 20GB of speedtests a month. I gotta know my data speeds so I can brag to my friends and try to convince them to switch to T-Mobile ;)

      • John Wentworth

        lol, I do a lot myself.
        But I don’t push T-mobile exclusively on my friends because different people have different needs
        For my wife and I and some of our friends unlimited data that works great the vast majority of the time for a low price is great. In NJ we have deadspots inside some big buildings, but it doesn’t bother us too much given the immense value the service is.

        For others it’s all about coverage and they don’t use much data, they get really annoyed if their someplace where coverage goes in and out, even if it’s very infrequent, for those I normally recommend prepaid gophone or cricket.

    • Acdc1a

      They stopped courtesy of the FTC.

  • YABD

    Those tests were done in a downtown, lets try highways and counties where you really need service, Verizon will win.

    • guest

      They should also do tests with low end and mid range phones. That way carriers will stop releasing crappy phones, like T-Mobile selling a lot of phones without CA when they know Band 12 is pretty congested. In that case I’m pretty sure even Sprint, Boost and Cricket would beat T-Mobile.

    • Matthew T Wagner

      Not a problem anymore, not with (band 12)

  • vinnyjr

    Never been happier. Strong signal everywhere I work & play, dada speeds that are shockingly fast and keep getting faster. Very happy, Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

  • Matthew T Wagner

    Just like J.D. always gives Chevy an award every year.. When the F-150 dominates in sells every year. P.s. Just got my #GalaxyS7 (Upgrading from a T999L SIII) couple days ago powered by #TMobile and I must say the ‘Band 12’ is amazing.. Plus I live in rural area.