T-Mobile wants to buy more 700MHz spectrum, raising $1 billion to do so


Lately there’s been a big focus on the 600MHz auction, which T-Mobile will be participating in, but T-Mo is still working on acquiring some 700MHz airwaves, too.

T-Mobile announced today that it plans to offer $1 billion in senior notes that’ll be due in 2024 in a registered public offering. What does T-Mobile want with all that cash, you ask? T-Mo says that it plans to put that money toward acquiring 700MHz A-block spectrum and other spectrum deals.

T-Mobile has already snapped up quite a bit of 700MHz spectrum lately, spending more than $1 billion on licenses sprinkled throughout the US. Now it looks like T-Mo has plans to snatch up even more 700MHz airwaves. We don’t yet know where it’ll pick up more spectrum from, but the news that it’s working to get more cash to buy more 700MHz spectrum is exciting news for anyone that loves Extended Range LTE coverage.

Via: FierceWireless
Source: T-Mobile Investor

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