T-Mobile’s FCC filings reveal a bit about its 5G test plans


T-Mobile recently confirmed that it plans to begin 5G testing later this year, and now more information on T-Mo’s plans have come to light thanks to the FCC.

T-Mobile has asked the FCC’s permission to test 5G in four different locations. Some tests will take place at T-Mo’s indoor labs in Bellevue, Wash. so that it can understand the characteristics of millimeter wave transmissions for indoor 5G use. There will also be testing done at its Bellevue headquarters and two outdoor locations near the HQ, which will help T-Mobile understand signal propagation between buildings.

The filings also goes into details on the kind of equipment that T-Mobile will be using in its testing, which includes fixed transmitters and mobile end user equipment that’ll operate within 2 kilometers of those fixed transmitters. The testing will be conducted at different frequencies, including 28GHz. During all of its tests, T-Mobile plans to investigate signal strength, transmission, and reception characteristics that’ll help it to better understand millimeter wave spectrum and how it can support its 5G operations.

T-Mobile expects its 5G testing to continue for two years. T-Mo CTO Neville Ray has said before that we’re unlikely to see any real consumer benefit with 5G in a smartphone until around 2020, and these FCC filings show that T-Mobile plans to spend lots of time before then figuring out how 5G tech can be deployed in the real world.

You can check out both of T-Mobile’s filings for yourself at the FCC links below.

Via: FierceWireless
Sources: FCC (1), (2)

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  • Cam Fas

    Nice but it think I’m more excited that they are continuing to roll out lte and carrier aggragation.

  • mreveryphone

    Hopefully they will have the country covered by then. I usually get great service everywhere I go, but since I’ve been in central WI for work for the last several months I’ve had 0 T-Mobile service. Offline Google maps has been getting a workout and it works very well. On the bright side T-Mobile has been giving me a credit on my bill every month since I haven’t been able to use my unlimited data…

    • John

      Guessing you must be in the Wausau area. Odd that they don’t have coverage there.

      • mreveryphone

        Good guess lol. Nope no coverage at all. You either have to go towards Minnesota, Milwaukee, or I think Madison to start seeing tmo coverage again.

    • Phone Guy

      That’s awesome. How much credit are you getting and how did you swing the credit. By the way, I used to think you couldn’t buy more roaming data for domestic off network roaming but I just saw a blog somewhere on T-Mobile’s sight that says you can use the international data roaming packages (expensive) for domestic data roaming. Interesting idea as a last resort for those remote US areas.

      • mreveryphone

        I get my $20 back every month that I pay for unlimited data… I called cs and told them where I was and they tried to tell me about the roaming data add on’s but since I am doing an extensive project and it would cost a fortune to keep purchasing roaming packages I said just credit my account and they agreed. I’ve also been with T-Mobile forever and they actually care about their long-term customers. I had a friend that had a problem with ma bell and they basically said there’s the door… Verizon does the same thing with their customers as well…

        • Jay Holm

          Not surprised one bit….when a company has 95m+ customers they can careless about 1…it’s a shame…it’ll effect them eventually…T-Mobile should be around 70m customers by now…

  • Paul

    Forward progress.

  • Jason Caprio

    28GHz?! Am I reading this right? It wasn’t a typo of 2.8GHz? A frequency of 28GHz wouldn’t penetrate a paper bag! I assume it would only work properly if there is a clear line of sight to the tower, or only at very close ranges. Interesting….

    • Steve

      I think it’s just for testing and maybe open areas.

    • Steve

      2/ Or vertical deployments.

    • enkay1

      28-39 GHz are set to be standard frequencies for 5G. AT&T and Verizon are experimenting with them as well.

  • YABD

    They haven’t deployed 4g completely neither LTE and they are talking about 5G? That’s why I am not anymore with less reliabable network in America.

    • Phone Guy

      They are not deploying it. They are only studying it in a lab and the surrounding campus area. It takes years to develop this while they still work to roll out the 4G everywhere else. Its all baby steps. Not sure what part of the story you didn’t understand.

    • PC_Tool

      Are you saying there’s some reason that they cannot prepare for future tech while building out the present technology at the same time?

      Sounds like that’d be a bad idea to me…

    • Durandal_1707

      Until I see some evidence of a new standard, I’m not completely convinced that this “5G” isn’t just LTE-Advanced.

      After all, LTE-A is the one that will finally meet the ITU’s definition of 4G, so why not call it 5G?

  • mikeZo6

    Tmo talking about 5G when their 3.5G sucks inside buildings lots of dead spots, let the big boys take care of 5G

  • mallard1967

    Dont know about 5g but surely would be very grateful if T-Mobile even braught 3 g to my area in freedom ny 14065 so I could subscribe and get the wonderful services like binge on and unlimited music

  • Jay Holm

    All this talk about 5G, and dual-band or tri-band carrier aggregation still hasn’t been deployed!!!

    • MisterSuperGod

      There’s still so much more they can do with 4G.
      i think they’re (TMO) just trying to keep up with Verizon’s 5G shenanigans.

  • Mike

    Before going to the next step, TMO should focus on the status of its currently disarrayed network. spend the time and money to get 4g/LTE fully implemented. THere is plenty of room to improve the existing network!!!